Jay Gruden decides to pass up head coaching interviews


Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden feels loyal to the organization that gave him a chance to jump from the Arena League.

Jason La Canfora of NFL.com reports Gruden has informed the Rams and Jaguars that he will not interview for their head coaching positions. He wants to stay in Cincinnati.

It’s a huge win for Andy Dalton, A.J. Green, and the Bengals. Gruden seemed like a long shot in St. Louis, but he was rumored to be a strong candidate in Jacksonville because they wanted someone to work with Blaine Gabbert.

If Dalton continues to get better, Gruden will have more shots for interviews in the future. Heck, maybe Jay Gruden will wind up being an NFL head coach before his brother comes back into the league.

28 responses to “Jay Gruden decides to pass up head coaching interviews

  1. Good for him. I’d think he would want to build his resume before jumping into head coaching after a year in the league and possibly ruining his name.

  2. Good decision. From a Jacksonville fan’s p.o.v. Not that there was any imminent threat they were going to hire Chucky, Part Deux.

  3. Let’s hope he does.

    In the meantime, let’s also hope he gets some decent backs. Benson really doesn’t cut it – he’s gotten 1,000+ three years’ running through sheer volume/persistence – he’s not a very good runner.

    I’ve been rooting for these guys since the early ’70s and – like Andrew Wintworth – this is the first time in a number of years I’ve had hope…

  4. Very good news. Gruden has been very good this year. What he has done with an very young group is a credit to him. Hopefuly we can get some more pieces in the draft OG / RB would be very nice.

  5. you can’t blame him. he’s got it pretty good right now. stick with the bengals, who seem on the rise or bail and go to some team like the raiders who mortgage the future for mediocrity. his bengals job probably looks pretty good about now

  6. Coaching is all about jumping while your name is hot…..It is nice to see loyalty but he might wind up regretting this. Just ask Brian Schottenheimer. He was a hot candidate the last two years and now nobody will touch him with a ten foot pole

  7. He is gambling that he will remain successful and still be on the radar in the future but I think it is a good gamble. He probably isn’t ready to be a HC and he knows it. If he were to to look like an idiot as HC he may not get another shot so better to build the resume and learn.

  8. Smart move Jay. Lots of ability, football sense and player management, No need now to take any job just to be a HC, God forbid he end a first gig like Raheem Morris.

  9. So the Jags feel if they take either the Panthers or the Bengal’s OC that whatever they did for Cam and Andy respectively will be worked on Blaine…I guess the Jags fail to realize that both Cam and Andy have to the NFL with natural talent and confidence. No OC in the world can teach confidence in the pocket to a QB.

  10. Jay is easily the better Gruden, huge win for Cincy, huge loss for the Jags. If they could somehow draft someone like LaMichael James, he could have an even scarier offense.

  11. I think this is a great for the Bengals and the city of Cincinnati. With what the coaches and players were able to do in such a short amount of time to prepare is an amazing accomplishment. I support Marvin and think he’s been tremendous doing what a GM would be doing for other organizations by building a team and personnel. However I question if he has the killer instinct to compete with the NFL elite and succeed in the playoffs. Too many times the Bengals have played down to their competitors level, and have been unable to rise up against better opponents. I believe that his decision to challenge plays in the Texans playoff game show that he had very little belief that his team would be able to win that game. We will see what next season holds with a few good draft picks and free agent signings, the balance of power could shift back to Cincinnati next season. WHO-DEY!

  12. Man i hope cincy drafts a corner and saftey with the 2 first round pics dennard and barron. The secondary was horrible all year. Leon gets burnt and clements is a good leader but too old to cover a rookie or young guy and crocker omg talk about no help over the top…. ever i was so happy to see pacman yelling at crocker. Pacman did get burnt that one play but he has so passion and can make plays!

  13. I have been impressed with Jay and think he can be even more productive with the pickup of a decent guard and RB. My long term concern for the Bengals is actually Marvin Lewis. I appreciate his defensive-minded approach to football, but at times it has cost us dearly. If you review the regular season game against the Texans, we had the lead in the closing minutes of the 4th quarter. We switched to a “burn the clock” type offense and it came back to bite us. It’s the same philosophy that almost cost us the Arizona game and it’s cost us many loses thru the Lewis years in Cincy. Hopefully, Jay can have an influence on Marvin (or Marvin can simply be fired) and they can start running the Offense like an Offense and not a Defense.

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