Jerry Jones promises to look in the mirror and make some changes


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has made clear that he has no intention of firing himself as general manager. But he also promises that after falling short of the playoffs, the Cowboys will make changes. And he hinted that those changes will include evaluating his own performance.

We’ll make some changes. I’ll assure you we’ll make changes,” Jones told WFAA. “When you work for yourself, there’s not but one thing to change — that’s what’s in that mirror.”

But if Jones has already ruled out delegating the personnel decisions to someone else, it’s tough to see what changes he can impose on the man in the mirror. Jones has built this roster, and the roster he built fell short of the playoffs. If he’s not going to delegate the personnel authority, then the changes he’s making to himself will be merely cosmetic.

Jones’s comments came on Sunday night after he had watched the Giants beat the Falcons, and he said he was impressed with the Giants and disappointed that it wasn’t the Cowboys representing the NFC East.

“You just realize when you’re watching these playoffs how important it is, and I really hate it for our fans as much as I do my feelings, because it’s just a different game when you get in the playoffs,” Jones said. “But we were particularly proud of the Giants, because boy are they playing well, and they’re peaking at the right time, and certainly their defense really were imposing against Atlanta’s offense — their front — and they did the same against us.”

Ultimately, Jones is the one who has to make the changes for the Cowboys to get better than the Giants next season. Because he’s not giving anyone else the authority to make those changes.

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  1. Is he talking shirt, tie and hair? Extreme makeover? Clearly he cannot be talking about the roster…I thought they were them typical selves last year….Average.

  2. The weakness of that roster is the defensive backfield and maybe the o-line. Overall the roster is good, real good. It’s that they’re not all in sync…. And that’s coaching and the front office leadership. But it’s not lack of talent for the most part that kills them, it’s a lack of discipline, lack of football smarts…..

  3. It’s real simple. Unless JJ hires AND empowers a “football guy” to make ALL football decisions , the Cowboys will continue to be the dysfunctional team they have become. Nothing changes……, Nothing changes !

  4. Hasn’t he already made a lot of changes after looking in the mirror? Maybe they can give his face lift a face lift.

  5. When you keep starting over, you never get anywhere. Make some more “changes” Jerry, that’ll fix everything….(I think he’s been consulting the “Matt Millen’s Being a Successful GM for Dummies” softback)

  6. the cowboy’s problems are not from lack of talent as from lack of brains. every big loss features some critical moment with a specific mental collapse. i suggest that tragic flaw starts with jerry. and his blinding adoration of self is the cowboys’ original mental sin.

  7. Undoubtedly an appointment with his plastic surgeon.

    Would any owner tolerate the incompetence shown by JJ as G.M.? Time to hire a real football guy and let them run the show. Jerruh has already shown he’s not competent.

    JJ reminds me of George Steinbrenner. Steinbrenner got lucky on a couple of free agent trades, won a championship, and immediately considered himself a baseball genius. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that the real reason for the championship was the core of quality role players, not the fancy free agents.

  8. For all the flaws on that team, it boils down to they will never get anywhere behind Tony Romo.

    It’s really that simple.

  9. I enjoy my football Sundays watching Dallas implode. I’d miss Jerry squirming in his seat as Romo throws another huge pick 6. I enjoy the so called “AMERICA’S TEAM” die a slow death. I love watching Jerry on the sideline AS HIS ULTRA EGO; MICRO GM MANAGEMENT STYLE STENCH permeates the Cowboy sideline. I love it when the TV camera shows Jerry prancing his STUPIDITY to the national TV audience. Most billionaires flaunt their wealth. Mr. Plastic clown face flaunts his arrogance & his blessed stupidity. I find this the best sports reality show on TV!!!!

  10. the changes he’s making to himself will be merely cosmetic.

    absolutely great line…how apropriate..

  11. I wonder if Jerry Jones is noticing that the “hate” is no longer just coming from bitter Cowboy haters. If there is one thing I have noticed is that Cowboy fans, including myself, are fed up. Reminds me of the situation here in DC with the skins. Once the fans started to do simple things like bringing signs into the games, a GM was hired… Hint, hint to those with season tickets!!

  12. Jerry, the best change you can make is to stay out of the football side of your business! Your performance as GM over the years would have gotten any other GM fired! Get a good GM, a good coach, they keep your nose out of the football!

  13. “Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has made clear that he has no intention of firing himself as general manager. ”
    on behalf of the other 3 nfc east teams… thanks mr. jones.

  14. People act like Jones has been a complete moron of a GM. Be real. This Cowboys team is pretty good. If Jason Garrett knew what a timeout was they would easily be in the playoffs…JJ isn’t a personnel genius, but he’s not horrible either.

  15. “If he’s not going to delegate the personnel authority, then the changes he’s making to himself will be merely cosmetic.”

    That’s wrong. First of all, it allows no room for self-improvement. And second of all, it ignores the possibility of process improvements. Jones could retain ultimate decisionmaking authority, but hire a consultant, or a team of consultants, and use their input to make decisions. As just an example (and I’m not suggesting this would ever happen), he could hire Cowher as a consultant on personnel matters, and decide to do what Cowher says unless he really, strongly disagrees (and unless he has some support from Garrett). He’d still retain ultimate personnel authority, but wouldn’t that be a dramatic improvement in the process, something a great deal more than cosmetic?

    I’m not saying he’ll do either of those things … in fact, I highly doubt it. But you don’t have to delegate the personnel authority to make real, substantive improvements.

  16. I promise to change baby. I swear!

    I can change baby….honest. I can change!

    Can you believe in me? Believe in me to change?

  17. With all the work he’s had on his face through the years what will he see?

    A pulled back face clown who knows nothing about football, who thinks its 1992 not 2002.

  18. Dream on Jones. I hope you remain the cowboyz general manager forever. That way the rest of the leauge will never have to worry about the cowboyz ever becoming competitively relevant again. They’ll just remain competitively irrevelant! Ha Ha! Geaux Saints!

  19. Please stay the GM Jerry. It’s nice only having to worry about 14 teams in the NFC. I never worry about my team, and with you in charge, the cowboys will remain a non issue. Glad I’m not a Dallas fan, almost feel sorry for them.

  20. .
    best change he could do is…
    Get off the sideline, get out of the teams ear….

    cant coach when u have a JJ in your ear, either SHUT UP or be the coach yourself…

  21. Trade Jones for Jeff Lurie and Howie Roseman for one year so the Philly mob appreciates what they have.

  22. He needs to take a good hard look at his Quarterback before he does anything….. and stop trading away draft picks….

    Rest in Peace Al, but it looks like we have a new resident Owner/GM in the NFL…..

  23. @musiccirymiracle IF Garrett knew about timeouts? That like me saying IF the eagles had gelled faster they’d have won the division. The giants managed to win two games they needed to I can’t stand them but they’re playing and the best team in the division took too long to get it together. It’s ok greenbay will thump them the way they would’ve thumped any NFC east team. Every four or five years the east has to be bad it balances out the conference.

  24. “But we were particulary proud of the Giants”
    What the hell is he saying here?….Tell my Cowboys fans, after another season of underachievement

  25. Ok so we know he’s not giving up GM. I guess that leaves us fans with nothing but frustration. I wish he could somehow get a dose of humility.

  26. Facelifts are cosmetic, on teams as well as persons and don’t change what is underneath.

    Take a hint from that other car salesman that owns a team in the Big Easy.

  27. I actually like the Cowboys roster, lots of talent on that team. I think the changes with the Cowboys need to be centered on the culture. They’re like Jets South – lots of yapping for a team that hasn’t actually accomplished anything. I think Jerry needs to step back from the day-to-day running of the team, get a strong coach and let him run the team. Good GM’s don’t dominate a teams culture, they’re in the background. That’s where Jerry needs to be.

  28. I live and die with this team and I suffer Jerry. I suffer and have been suffering since I walked out of Erickson Stadium that afternoon in January after the Panthers beat the Cowboys in the 1997 playoffs and our downfall began……

  29. Headline: Jerry Jones promises to look in the mirror and make some changes…

    Translation: Mirror, you’re fired!

  30. No Romo or no-go to their next season.


    Romo had a really good year, it was the defense that was horrible….blew 4 games in which they had a double digit lead in the 4th quarter.

    Do your homework dude.

  31. The first thing you should change is allowing Romo to be the face of your franchise.

    The interviews with this arrogant moron, stating that winning the big one is just “going to happen” in Dallas, is pathetic.

  32. Like mike Jackson says if you want to make the world a better place you gotta look at yourself and make that change lol. This guy isn’t changing squat I say prove it fire Garrett and throw our hard earned money at a real head coach. Seriously the Dallas cowboys have trotted out as head coach chan gailey wade Phillips Dave campo Barry Switzer really what are we the f’n jags. Pathetic simply pathetic chump teams hire chump coaches

  33. As a life long Cowboys fan I’ve had to tolerate this individual for way too long. With the exception of the Jimmy Johnson years, the Cowboys have failed miserably.

    What took Tex Shramm and Tom Landry years to build, Jerry Jones has slowly destroyed.

    Jerry’s overblown ego is the problem here, and regardless of how long he stares at himself in the mirror, nothing is going to change while he’s is in charge of the team.

  34. Could you idiots make anymore stupid comments about JJ and plastic surgery? I’m a Cowboys fan and I can’t stand the guy. I’m tired of the let downs every year. We shows flashes of brilliance and other times we look like a Pop Warner team out there. There needs to be an attitude adjustment for the team and JJ needs to hire actual football people to run the operation and he can stay in the owners suite and sign the pay checks

  35. Maybe this is the root of Jerry’s problems. The mirror! Everytime the ugly SOB looks in the mirror, it breaks. Then 7 more years of bad luck. At that rate, the Cowboys won’t be winners until the next century.

    Stay off the field you ugly SOB and let football people run the team like the vast majority of the other owners (with 1 or 2 exceptions). Those exceptions are not going to Super Bowls either. There’s a message there.

    I’m definitely not a Cowboy fan, but I do feel sorry for those that are with this ass-clown using the team as his playpen.

  36. Jerry don’t change a thing. As long as Dallas sucks, the NFL won’t show the games in CTZ and we can see other central time zone teams play.

    I heard an unconfirmed rumor that there are a couple of teams called Houstan and Tennessee but not sure they really exist or not since the preference is to always put Dallas on the tube instead.

  37. “But we were particularly proud of the Giants, because boy are they playing well,”

    Are you kidding me??!!! You are the owner and GM of the Dallas Cowboys and you are complementing the team who kicked you out of the playoffs, talks enormous amounts of trash to your players, and have been bitter foes of the Cowboys long before you were owner. Please stop talking and transform your new playground of a stadium to a place where opposing teams are scared to play. It seems that there is no home field advantage in the new stadium, mostly vs. the Giants.

  38. The first thing is looking in the mirror, the second is talking to your self and the next step is being considered crazy. If Jerry has already looked in the mirror once, he obviously is going to be talking to himself the second time, which leads me to believe that the bridge for step three has either been crossed or is about to. Oh well, it is only money and none of it is mine.

  39. Man in the Mirror? Why does referencing Michael Jackson seem so fitting here?

    Could it be that he also had half his face cut off and reattached elsewhere?

  40. Predictable outcome for the Plowboys when a rich fan-boy buys a team and thinks he’s a qualified football genius.

  41. There are only about five out of the thirty guys in one of my fantasy football leagues who couldn’t do a better GM/HC then has been done in Dallas and half of them are attorney’s

  42. Wade Phillips with the Texans proved what he can do when he has enough talent on defense. The reason the Cowboys defense isn’t good enough is because of poor decisions by Jerry Jones on making sure the team has enough talent to win consistently.

  43. It’s always fun how every Cowboys article brings out the anti-Romo crowd. Their defense couldn’t cover a crippled grandmother, but the quarterback who had a good year needs to go right now.

  44. Jerry buys the team, on October 12, 1989 he trades Herschel Walker to a hapless Vikings for a King’s Ransom. Starting the next year, the first year the effects of the trade could start to be felt –

    1990-1995 –

    .698 winning %, 2nd best
    591 point differential, 2nd best
    3 championships, best

    The effects of the trade gave the Cowboys about 5 starters over and above what they already had rights to. Five years is about right for that extra boost to wear off.


    .508 winning %, 12th
    164 pt differential, 13th
    0 championships with one playoff win

    Just hair above mediocre the last decade and a half.

    Clearly the man is living on old glories that have their roots more in the fact that the Vikings were idiots versus real genius on his part.

    So how does the fact that JJ took a dump in Landry’s fedora seem now? All appeared to be forgiven with the success, but how about now?

  45. Jerry “wink of the eye” Jones is a rich rich man who doesn’t understand he is the closest thing the NFL has to Al Davis now, an out of touch ego maniac who while he will spend away he will never win as consistently as he wants as long he is in charge, or anyone related to him. Really a shame he is a respected owner, palace of a stadium but an absolute buffoon of a GM and it will never change.

  46. “he could hire Cowher as a consultant on personnel matters”

    Yeah, cuz Cowher has NEVER made any personnel errors, cough (Kordell Stewart).

    I bet any of the coaches JJ has hired and fired over the years would win ONE SB if he had as long as Cowher did to win his ONE SB.

    FIFTEEN YEARS he took to win his SB. You people act like he won it every year.

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