Kubiak says Phillips interview won’t be distraction


Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is interviewing for the Bucs head coaching position on Friday, which strikes a lot of Texans fans as odd timing.

It’s two days before the team’s biggest game in franchise history. Isn’t Phillips busy?

“It will not be a distraction,” coach Gary Kubiak said Monday. “Nothing will change about our schedule. I want everybody to understand it that nothing will change about what we do.”

Phillips will interview Friday afternoon after his work is done with the Texans. It’s usually a time that Phillips would be relaxing at home.

Houston Chronicle readers don’t seem entirely convinced. In a poll accompanying the information above, the paper asked readers for their feelings on a scale of 1-10 with one being “not a big deal” and ten being “beyond furious.”

26% went with not a big deal. But 21% said “beyond furious” and the next two highest answers were on the “furious” side of the scale.

It’s a weird time for assistant coaches. Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy was not able to travel to Jacksonville for an interview Monday because his team won. It’s believed the Rams will talk to Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen on Thursday.

With Phillips’ experience, we would certainly vote that his interview is not a big deal considering the timing of the interview.

More importantly, it’s a big deal to Phillips.

42 responses to “Kubiak says Phillips interview won’t be distraction

  1. Didn’t the Bucs learn anything from the cowboys? Some guys are better coordinators than Head Coaches.

  2. Why would anyone want to hire Wade Phillips as a head coach? He proved with the Cowboys that he is terrible at the big job. He’s a GREAT defensive coordinator, but some guys are just made to be that…coordinators. Guys like Wanddstadt, Turner, Nolan, Greg Williams, etc. They are great at what they do, but they are not leaders of entire teams!!

  3. You would think that coaches on playoff teams shouldn’t be allowed to interview until their season’s over.

  4. Why would he even want to try this again?

    I can see an assistant wanting to find out if he had what it takes to be a head coach.

    I could even see an assistant who was once a head coach and failed wanting to see if he could do better the second time around.

    But Phillips has been mediocre in THREE different cities as a head coach.

    So people just need to know when found the place the place they belong and just settle in that spot.

    And Wade Phillips’ place is defensive coordinator, not head coach.

  5. if the bucs hire him or chilly or any of the other losers they are looking at then they are saying they will be happy with a mediocre team at best. all because they want somebody who will not make waves and just do what he is told. if they want to build a winner then the logical hire is Marty. yea losing playoff record but more importantly look at the teams he took over and made better. all losers turned into winners except the skins.he was fired after winning 14 games with the chargers all because he was not a yes man. every year since that team struggles to make the playoffs let alone win when they do. easy choice if you ask me and I am not a bucs fan.

  6. Wade is the perfect example of a VERY good DC and not a very good HC. He has really turned that defense into something pretty darn respectable. I hope he sticks with Houston and continues to build that defense up.

    That being said, good luck to him if he gets another HC position.

  7. I am absolutely astonished that anyone would even consider Phillips for a HC position. Has anyone been paying attention for the past couple of decades? Wade is an outstanding Defensive Coordinator and an awful Head Coach.

  8. Well that’s good new it will not be a distraction…but what makes this diffrent from any other coach interviewing during post season play that won’t be a distraction? Better news is they are playing at Baltimore and they don’t have a chance so, uh, yeah…

  9. The nfl should not allow any coaches to interview while their current teams are still playing. I don’t believe for a minute that it isn’t a distraction. If I were the owner and one of my coordinators went to interview with a competitor during the most crucial part of the season he better land the job because I would fire him in the locker room immediately after the last game is played.

  10. I thought there was some kind of rule that said that assistant coaches had to be out of the playoffs or in a bye week before interviewing.

  11. If you want to have the best assistant coaches, you can’t block them from opportunities for advancement. Same goes with players. Most GMs and owners know this and accept it.

    It’s not perfect but the alternative is being out of the playoffs with coaches no one wants anyways.

  12. The guy has been the head coach of no less than FIVE NFL teams (two on an interim basis). He is the living embodiment of the Peter Principle, a guy who consistently gets promoted to the level of his incompetence.

  13. As a diehard Texans fan,

    I think its much more of a distraction to the fans than the player/coaches. Friday evening is their off time. Players and coaches are already done with all the prep work.

    Yeah it sux we may lose him and not have him back for 2012 season, but I don’t see it deciding the outcome of the Texans Ravens game on Sunday.

    Should be a great game and a defensive battle… IF Wade does a great job again vs. Balt and gets a chance at the Patriots/Broncos he would get a much, much better job than the Bucs.


    Texans 16
    Ravens 13

  14. I think Tampa is just publicly recognizing what everyone else knows. Maybe the Dallas experience wasn’t all Wade Phillips’ fault. Jerry Jones is a HC’s nightmare in Dallas.

  15. Yo Wade! … Take a note from DOM CAPERS!

    You are a DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR! … You have enough experience to learn to excel by not reaching beyond your failing point …

    Competent … but please just compete with guys like Capers and Gregg Williams. Beyond that, the Houston D could still use some improving to get to the next step …

  16. How many chances does one guy need to convince people that he is not an NFL head coach?

    The Tampa Bay organization seems to be interviewing every former head coach who has been fired in the NFL in the last 40 years.

  17. .

    It might work if Wade hired an assistant head coach who was a no nonsense, strict disciplinarian type. Remember, you don’t just employ a head coach. You hire an entire staff.


  18. I never could understand all the anti-Wade sentiment. Is it because he is so laid back and kind of overweight?

    You people who are sooooooo ASTONISHED that anyone would consider him as a head coach…

    I challenge you to ponder:
    1) When was the last time the Buffalo Bills posted a record better than 9 wins and were in the playoffs?

    2) Did the Bills ever have a losing Record under Wade Phillips?

    3) What was the Bill’s record the year AFTER Phillips left?

    4) How many times did the Cowboys make the playoffs in the 4 (full) seasons he coached them?

    5) How many times did the Cowboys make the playoffs in the years the EVER SO GREAT Bill Parcells coached them?

    6) How did you like “them boys” this year with the ever so great, up and coming, ever-so-better-than-Wade Jason Garret?

  19. Stay home Wade! You really want to interview with a team who will face the Saints, Falcons and the up and coming Panthers twice a year? It will take you 2 – 3 years just to take 3rd in your own division.

  20. Clayton reported that the Bucs are looking for a new coach with experience and a disciplinarian.

    Wade ain’t it.

  21. He hasn’t been a terrible head coach in the regular season. His winning percentage is better than Jeff Fisher. It’s his playoff record that is terrible, but if you’re a team that could potentially trade several losing seasons for a few one-and-dones in the playoffs you would probably take it.

  22. Wade Phillips has a career record of 82-59 (.581). Not too many HC have career winning records.
    He was the last HC of the Bills to have any success going 29-19 with 2 playoff appearances in his 3 years as HC.
    He took Dallas to the post season 2 out of 4 years as the HC including 2 NFC East titles.
    I’d suspect Bills fans wouldn’t mind having him back. They have not been to the playoffs since Wade was fired.
    Is Dallas in any better shape under Garrett?

  23. 4 years in Dallas – 2 division titles…Was playing for the WC in the final week of 2008. Had a bad year in 2010. All coaches have bad years and miss the playoffs once in a while. Phillips is a good head coach. I’ve never heard a player say he didn’t enjoy playing for Phillips, and if you’re going to say it’s about Super Bowl wins – there are 31 coaches each year that don’t win the big one.

  24. Wade’s bad year in Dallas last year may have been due to Garrett tanking the offense long enough for Wade to be fired. Since Garrett remained as the play caller, what else explains how the offense went from garbage to pretty good the week after Garrett was named interim HC? Don’t give me the excuse of Wade not overriding Garrett’s play calls anymore either. He was hands off concerning the offense. That was all Garrett before and after the fact.

  25. Bucs fan here. I don’t think it should be allowed for a current OC, DC or HC to speak with any other pro or college team while their NFL team is engaged in meaningful games that season. Monte tanked the Bucs season when players found out he was leaving for the college ranks and quit on the season, losing the last 4 games of the season and going from a top ten defense to bottom of the league. Nothing good can come from it and as a Bucs fan I feel bad for the Texans.

    A lot of Bucs fans (including myself) are on the Marty bandwagon at this point. Not perfect but Marty is far and away the best option of the available bunch — assuming the Glazers want a former HC rather than first-time HC which is the current line of thinking. (Of course none of it matter if the Glazers don’t spend any money. Glazers spending is more of an issue than a HC.)

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