Raiders fire Hue Jackson


In the end, the fact that Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie and coach Hue Jackson share an agent meant nothing.  PFT has confirmed that the Raiders, via a decision made by the newly-hired McKenzie, have fired Hue Jackson, after one 8-8 season.  The news was first reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Agent Kennard McGuire has been trying hard to throw water on persistent speculation, first hatched right here only four days ago, that Jackson could be fired.

We continued to add details in recent days, pointing out that McKenzie will control the football operations — and that he will possess the power to hire and fire the coach.

And so the termination of Jackson comes even before McKenzie’s formal introduction as General Manager.  It’s unknown whether McKenzie’s press conference will include an explanation of the reasons for the decision.

The next question becomes the identity of the next coach, and speculation has centered on Packers assistant head coach/inside linebackers coach Winston Moss.  Then the question becomes whether Moss, or whoever the next coach may be, will want to keep quarterback Carson Palmer, the man for whom Jackson gave up a first-round pick in 2012 and a second-round pick (which could still upgrade to a first-round pick) in 2013.

199 responses to “Raiders fire Hue Jackson

  1. WHY?!

    he was the last REAL RAIDER ,the last hand-picked coach by Al,

    he did everything to WIN this year, made the trade,

    he was going to be fine in his 2nd year,

    the Raiders are not going to be run AL’s way anymore,

    thats what made the team unique in professional sports,

    bigger Davis fan then raiders corporate fan,

    new day.

  2. Oakland was 7-4, and only needed to win two of their last 5 games to make the playoffs. They won one.

    Add that to the Palmer deal, and this is what you get.

    The Palmer deal wasn’t necessarily bad; it was just high-risk, high-reward. Jackson couldn’t make that gamble without expecting consequences if it didn’t pay off.

    Is Bresnahan gone yet?

  3. McKenzie is not wasting any time is he?

    Hue. Next time you get a HC gig remember not to throw your players and coaches under the bus during press conferences.

  4. yeah that agent theory really panned out for you guys…

    i think everyone saw this coming after Hue started acting like Tom Cruise on Oprah the last month…

  5. Not too surprising. It was a bit disconcerting that he was so willing to throw his players under the bus. They really should stop cleaning house year after year if they want some kind of stability, though.

    I wish Cowher wanted to come back. He would be the kind of coach to set this team straight. They need someone with actual power over the players, not someone so insecure he’s not willing to take any of the blame.

    I’m totally unbiased when it comes to the Raiders, but I kind of miss them being a winner. Every year it’s Steelers this, Pats that, Ravens this in the AFC… parity my butt.

  6. Mckenzie cant be in a position where he’s constantly butting heads with his head coach….mckenzie was hired to run the team and it was pretty obvious that hue jackson is the type of guy who is going to want things to be done his way. this thing wouldnt have worked….mckenzie did what he had to do.

  7. Sure, because the last thing any franchise on the verge of competitiveness needs is continuity at the head coach position. Does anyone remember the time when the Raiders had a head coach at least two full seasons straight?

  8. Is anyone really surprised by this? I mean Hue set himself up for this.

    When he started his posturing about want to have more control of the team and have a say in the GM decision, he was almost begging to get fired.

    It should be interesting to see what they do for the coach and players for this year.

    Maybe the Raiders could be headed in the right direction for a change.

  9. Hue seems to be a likeable guy, but this doesn’t come as a surprise. I’m hoping they will clean out the whole house and make dramatic change. I’d also release the top 5 players in regards to number of penalties called last season and send the message it won’t be tolerated anymore. Discipline is sorely needed not only by the players, but the coaches too.

  10. Since the Raiders are now fully into regime change mode, an interesting scenario comes up:

    Say Reggie McKenzie signs Matt Flynn to be the franchise QB for 2012. If Carson Palmer was traded, to say Pete Carroll and company in Seattle, how would this affect the terms of their trade with Cincy? What’s the contingency for that scenario?

  11. Shouldn’t have thrown the team under the bus after that lackluster performance vs the Chargers.

  12. As I understand it, next year’s second round pick in 2013 to the Bengals cannot become a first round pick in 2013 unless the Raiders won a playoff game in 2011. That didn’t happen, therefore the Bengals get a second round pick in 2013, not a first.

  13. If Winston Moss gets the job he won’t have any chance of working a deal with the Packers to get Matt Flynn since the Raiders don’t have any drafts picks to give for the next two years. McKenzie has a quite a hole to climb out of.

  14. If he had only kept his mouth shut and not thrown everyone under the bus he would probably still be the head coach

  15. I think trying to prevent something like this is why Hue Jackson wanted to have a say in who the GM was . I like the move . Oakland needed a GM and he needed to be able to pick his head coach . Just get on the same page baby !!

  16. shoulda gave him another season.. the offense was red hot and only gonna get hotter.. they were lookin like the raiders from the past..
    could of hired Winston Moss as DC since Chuck Breneshan was gonna ge fired anyway, and then if Hue was doing a bad job, Winston Moss could of been hired as an interim and than eventually permenantly..

    DAMN… “I” should be the Oakland Raiders GM!

  17. I’m already not liking our new GM, I thought hue provided alot of spark for our team and had to deal with many injuries and alot of bs personal foul calls. I will admit he did show that he was a rookie head coach at times but I liked his aggresiveness. I think our offense will suffer and who knows if carson will be so motivated to stay with us, dont forget he gave up a lot of money to come to oakland. Thanks alot Bresnahan for our year!

  18. Not sure if I’m happy or not….I know McKenzie knows his stuff but I also like Jackson’s intensity…can’t blame the D troubles on him. Whatever McKenzie wants, McKenzie gets! GO RAIDERS!!!

  19. This is just the 1st head that should roll. Half the defense should be receiving pink slips in there lockers. Starting with Flagford Routt and Nomanslando McClain!

  20. Wow, dude coaches the best season the Raiders have had in a while, and he gets fired.

    And here I thought Al Davis was the problem. Looks like it’s a cultural thing over there. No patience, no attention span. It’s like watching a ten year old play franchise mode in Madden.

  21. Hue –

    Thank you for the Two Draft picks and taking Carson “Pick 6” Carson plus his $100 Million Contract.

    Happy New Year!
    Bengal Fans

  22. Lmao what’s wrong with the raiders ? So they been losing 12 games for the last 7 years or so and when they win 8 games the last 2 years they fire their coach ? Smh that’s not how you run a team .

  23. The dwarf-sized Barry Bonds with the Hue-gest ego ever is gone!

    Good Offensive coordinator & mind but when he got the power he was drunk off it and wild with decisions.

    Winston Moss head coach.

  24. Damn. Fired by the GM he helped pick. Hue overplayed his hand, he should have just shut his mouth and coached. Now he can go back to being a life long assistant coach.

  25. I think the Raiders are heading in the right direction. Hue’s bravado was not well placed. He will do well somewhere else but I think the raiders needed to do this to set the tone and move forward. Much respect…as long as they get a competent HC

  26. I think you HAVE to keep Palmer, if only because of the draft picks you gave up to get him. He played fairly well, especially after sitting out the first half of the season and having no real offseason.

  27. So much for building a Bully, We will not blink and broken promises.
    This means a whole new Head Coach & staff that could 8-8 next season or miss the playoffs entirely. I’m not sure what Winston Moss can bring to the table…. Sad & Confused Raider Fan!

  28. Hue Jackson talked about “Change” for the 2012 season in his press conference after the San Diego loss.

    Well Hue….Here is your “Change”. Welcome to the Unemployed Head Coaching Carousal. Get your number right behind Spags.

  29. Had it not been for the Carson Palmer trade and Hue Jackson’s tirade at the end of the season demanding more power in the organization, I would have been surprised by this move. Jackson is not a bad coach by any means, but his ego needed to be put in check. I guess firing him was the only way to do so.

  30. The Oakland HC has to be the worse job in all of football. Don’t know why anyone would want it. Tom Cable took a bad team to 8-8, and they fired him. Hue Jackson took a team of rejects to 8-8, and they canned him too. Plus without much much draft choices, rebuilding this group could take 4-6 yrs. Good luck to the poor loser that inherits that mess!

  31. as a raiders fan, this is the worst news you can hear. hue deserved a year with a full roster and palmer with training camp to prove himself. this blows unless the raiders hire an elite coach such as cowher, fisher, gruden or the like

  32. I think Hue Jackson deserves 1 more year. That’s a pretty raw deal. Not many teams lose their starting QB and RB and have a chance to go to the playoffs.

    Next year with a potentially healthy Run DMC, Denarius Moore, etc. as well as a Aaron Curry showing some skills they will be able to compete in an improving division

    Carson Palmer trade is still a bad deal whether Hue is there or not

  33. I’m sick of the Raiders doing this. You have your first decent season in years, be happy. You can’t expect to have a revolving door of coaches and find success.

  34. At least he was able to pull the trigger on a big deal that dumps a lot of high picks in exchange for a slightly above average QB.

    – Sincerely,

    Chargers, Broncos, and Chief fans

  35. “…has been trying hard to throw water on persistent speculation, first hatched right here only four days ago…”

    Do you ever write anything here that isn’t purely speculation?

  36. wheres all the uneducated raider fans now? and im not talking about the level headed ones even though you guys are few and far between. i guess we wont see any more of Singletary 2.0.

    Hue Jack City lasted 1 disappointing 8-8 season. his team didnt improve and his loud mouth couldnt bank on his promises.

    this is probably a good thing for your organization in the long run, but where are you degenerates now?

  37. Man, that is hilarious.

    Hue: “I want more control.”
    Raiders: “You’re fired.”

    Classic Ghost of Al Davis move.

  38. As a Raiders fan, I don’t know how to feel about this. On one hand, the offense wasn’t really the problem, and that’s his expertise. Plus, he worked without Darren McFadden for much of the season. On the other hand, the Raiders were the most undisciplined team in the history of the NFL. He made some boneheaded errors. And he started sounding a lot like Rex Ryan, just without two AFC championship appearances. He’s a talented guy, and I’m sure he’ll find another offensive coordinator job in the NFL. I’m glad Reggie McKenzie made the move now, because he would’ve fired Jackson eventually anyway. I hate to say it but I think it’s a good idea for McKenzie to blow everything up. We’re a an 8-8 team, without draft picks this year. Nobody wants to be mediocre. The next few weeks will be interesting.

  39. When u guarantee playoffs at the beginning of the season, break the season record in penalties, lose the last 4 out of 5 to eliminate yourself from the playoffs, then demand more power….ummm, see ya!!

    Hate the constant changes in Oakland and I did like Hue, but I’m gonna trust the Raiders on this move. We’re finally putting the right pieces in place to bring this franchise back to its winning ways. We have the talent on the field…we need the coaches to match that……Chuck Bresnahan??? That guy shouldn’t be a high school coach.

  40. Speculation is Winston Moss as head coach and Darren Perry as defensive coordinator. Problem is neither one has ever coordinated a defense before. I wonder what they will do on the offensive side of the ball

  41. Ladies and gentlemen your new head coach of the Oakland Raiders: Jordan Palmer! (Carson insisted…)

  42. So Jackson starts out 7-4, lost the starting QB, RB and DE, had numerous injuries at CB, LB and Safety, had a terrible DC forced on him by Al Davis and had little to no control of the roster until after the death of Davis… AND HE WAS STILL IN CONTENTION FOR A DIVISION TITLE.

    If not for late defensive collapses against the Bills and Lions, the Raiders win the division by 2 games…

    So I guess we are starting from scratch, with a first time head coach and a stacked roster on offense that will have to struggle to learn a new system…

    Great first move…


  43. This was the appropriate move. His press conference at the end of the season, while not Dennis Green or Jim Mora, Sr-ish, certainly exhibited an immaturity for a head coach. And it’s widely acknowledged that he allowed thew Raiders to get fleeced on the Carson Palmer trade.

    The Raiders do need stability but the very fact that they have a professional now in the GM position is a good sign. While I have read the rumours about Winston Moss, I hope they’ll look at other excellent possibilities for those without HC experience, notably Russ Grimm. But personally, I think they should opt for someone with established HC credentials.

  44. Jeezus H Ballz – some consistency in coaching, perhaps? Hue coached ONE year, and in spite of making a little headway he gets whacked. Apparently Reggie, the new GM, knows something that we don’t, which is fine I suppose but ONE year? The next coach had better be a “rock star” at his profession then.

    Go Raiders (I think….)

  45. Should have fired old palmer instead. 8-8 and canned? geez, al would be mad. rip Al. add Hue to the vikes, it would be an inprovement. ha

  46. Wow, the Raiders were finally becoming legitimate and now this happens. Just like that the pendulum swings and back to the laughing stock of the NFL. Hue was about as easy to like as sucking on a porcupine but he got results despite some crazy injuries and next year was looking bright.

    Hey Reggie, maybe take a page from Holmgren on not firing the old coach to see what the franchise can do before blowing it up.

    RIP Al Davis, Reggie has just sunk your Raiders again!

  47. McKenzie is not messing around.

    Hue looked bad throwing the team under the bus after the Week 17 loss.

    You have to have your players backs.

  48. Great initial move by McKenzie. Hue Jackson let the thought of running the entire organization get into his head after Mr. Davis passed away(clear from his season ending press conference comments about running every aspect of the organization) and made a brutal trade based on desperation more than football knowledge. I think the Raiders have a ton of talent and finally putting the right GM/Coach in place will set this organization up for success for the long haul.

  49. The Palmer trade was a poor decision, and Hue may have talked a bit too much.But is more instability in the coaching ranks really what oakland needs? So much for continuity……..

  50. Huge Mistake. Hue Jackson is a GOOD coach, and made that offense with NO WEAPONS besides mcfadden, into a contender who DOMINATED their division going 6-0 in it when he was OC. If Jay gruden is hired elsewhere, come on back to cincy. Heck come back to cincy and take Jim Lippencott’s position, and when marvins contract runs out, we’ll promote you or jay to head coach, the other to offensive coordinator, and marvin moves to GM, Mike Brown moves to the rest home (we can dream right? 🙂

  51. Someone feels salty. To bad you can’t give those picks back.
    Campbell will be the starter next year.

  52. I’m gonna really put myself out there as well as Foolio and tell everybody that Bill Bellichick “could be fired”. Very very bold statement. Every coach in the league “could” be fired.

  53. Don’t tell me the Raiders are going to start acting like a professional football organization! This is going to be hard to get used to.
    I like it!

  54. Hue didn’t deserve to be fired. It’s only one
    Year!! Hue has great potential to be a good head coach
    If given another opportunity.

    But I will say trading for Palmer for 2 1st roun picks
    Is stupid. Palmer is washed up and Campbell is the better
    Option. Just win baby

  55. Didn’t the raiders have to make the conference championship to have the 2013 pick become a first rounder? Pretty sure that ain’t happening anytime soon

  56. Great Move! This guy is going to make the Raiders a playoff team. I firmly believed that Jackson lost his guys around the mid-point of the season after he supposedly threatened to fire them all a night before the game in yet another tired, blathering rant.

    Get a solid coach and start drafting well, especially on defense. The Raiders aren’t as far away from being good as many of you will suggest.

  57. The Raiders seem to fire coaches every coulple of years or less. Why would anybody even want a job at that dysfunctional organization? Then, when they fire you, which they WILL do before your contract is up, they don’t want to pay you.

    I have loved the mystique of the Raiders for years, but the Raiders have gone through more coaches in the past 20 years than any team. Then, when they DO want to hire someone nobody wants do go there so they end up hiring someone who is a post turtle.
    An old rancher is talking about politics with a young man from the city. He compares a politician to a “post turtle”. The young man doesn’t understand and asks him what a post turtle is.

    The old man says, “When you’re driving down a country road and you see a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a post turtle. You know he didn’t get up there by himself. He doesn’t belong there; he can’t get anything done while he’s up there; and you just want to help the poor, dumb thing down.”

  58. Isn’t he the one that wanted full control of the team decisons making process???!!! Guess he got canned for being to demanding!

    Oh well, another ex Head Coach that the Rams can interview!

  59. I don’t get it.

    He isn’t the best coach, but he got them to a 7-4 start when all the injuries started to hit…

    At least give him another shot.

  60. They were 1 game away from heading to the playoffs. Given the Raiders last bunch of years, I would have considered that an improvement.
    Philosophy of the Raiders: Win now or YOUR FIRED!

  61. Wow. There truly is a NEW sheriff in town. From what I am hearing, Hue lost the team and there was no coming back from it.

    When you are an undisciplined team who sets a record in penalties and yards, there calls for a change. Whether it is 1 year on the job, or 10.

    McKenzie knows how to evaluate talent and personell. As a Raider fan, I trust in what McKenzie is doing. There are wholesale changes coming. This is just 1 of many. The culture needs to be changed, and from this move alone, it looks like it is changing as we speak.

    It’s a brand new day in the post-Al Davis Raiders…

  62. New GM or not, how is this upside-down organization ever going to get off the ground if they fire coaches after every mediocre season? Ya gotta give somebody the right tools and a decent amount of time.

  63. Tough business. I guess the defense getting gashed/the Palmer trade trumped the loss of RUN DMC…I would have let Hue stay on one more year but hey, I’m not a GM.

  64. Probably a good idea eliminating any future power struggles. It probably made sense just to end it now. As for Palmer, that was a desperate move. But it’s not as if there are much better alternative to Palmer out there. Of course, they probably could just have traded a 2nd round pick to get Flynn and kept Campbell.

  65. Too bad for him! But even tho I hate to say it as a tired raider fan, he made too many questionable decisions and was not prepared for the many probs that came this year. Hopefully our next coach can stick around

  66. And the Raiders coaching carousel keeps on spinning!

    Jackson gets fired after a year in which his best player(DM) goes down and their starting QB is loss for the season. Can you blame him for going trying to get Palmer and win now?

  67. Demanding to be involved in the management of the team’s decisions probably doomed him. It would be hard to fault him for his request, harder still to ask the new GM to comply.

  68. YES! YES! YES!!! (from a Raider fan)

    Wow, he didn’t even wait for his presser at 2pmPST to get introduced.


    Next up, John Herrera and all the Al minions and lemmings and untouchables.

  69. Hue is an idiot that got fleeced by the bengals. He should be fired for just that bonehead trade.

  70. .

    Reggie ” dude, where’s my draft choices ” McKenzie

    We won’t hear from him again until round 5 of the draft.


  71. wtf! He coached one year! We finally started to have an offense that puts points up. before 2009 we couldnt score at all! Now we had one of the highest ppg in the league.

    You needed to fire the whole Defensive staff and just take away Hues GM rights and let him COACH for atleast another year. we were at least going in the right direction. our DEFENSE lost us games

  72. mjbulls45 says:
    Jan 10, 2012 2:08 PM

    he was the last REAL RAIDER ,the last hand-picked coach by Al,

    he did everything to WIN this year, made the trade,

    he was going to be fine in his 2nd year,

    the Raiders are not going to be run AL’s way anymore,

    thats what made the team unique in professional sports,

    bigger Davis fan then raiders corporate fan,

    new day.

    The move to get Palmer was a very dumb move. He was an average coach who continually made dumb mistakes. The Raiders will be far better off with out him. Trust McKenzie, he knows what he is doing. Don’t be surprised if the Raiders return to a dominate force in just 2 or 3 years.

  73. If Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie announces at todays press conference…. “I’d like to welcome Jeff Fisher as the new Head Coach of The Raiders”….. I’d feel much better!

  74. HaHa the Raiders are and will always be a laughing stock!! Not even the broncos had to rebuild like this.

  75. So what now? Hue was the biggest cheerleader for the Palmer deal. The new coach is going to want “his guy”, so the Raiders will either need to recruit someone who likes Palmer, will tolerate him for a couple years, or convinces the new GM to let him get the QB he likes. Let’s not forget that Oakland’s upcoming draft has been gutted and that they are handcuffed by Palmer’s new deal.

    I’m not saying that Jackson would have been a good coach, but when has constant turnover ever worked for any franchise? Sheesh. Give the guy another year. Oakland just took a step back as far as I’m concerned.

  76. It was inevitable. Any time you make a power play and it fails you’re gonna lose out.I didn’t think Hue was a bad coach, just made the wrong moves in a difficult situation. Raiders fans should be happy maybe you can get a coach and GM that can work together for once now.

  77. I agree with this decision. He will want a big name that buys in to his philosophy. I am NOT a Raider fan, but id I was I would welcome changes that follow the Packer model.

    Give him a chance Raider fans. Remember Packer fans wanted Ted Thompson’s scalp, be he has built a young, consistant winner.

  78. So an ex-linebacker with no GM experience fires the head coach and send us back to the drawing board. Good move!

  79. This is a bold move that I think was made too soon.. Even Lane Kiffin got a shot at a second year.

  80. trbowman says: Jan 10, 2012 2:08 PM

    Horrendous decision by McKenzie.

    Hue Jackson should be around or at the top of every other teams list. Miami should get him.


    What a stupid thing to say.

  81. Sweet! Now when a team is dumb enough to hire Jay Gruden as their HC, we can hire Hue to take his spot as OC. I’d love to keep Gruden but apparently teams are stupid enough to think he’s ready to be a HC after only one year as a coordinator in the NFL. BTW all you fools who are going to say he worked for the Bucs for 6 years, he was a non-paid intern if my research is correct. So he got ZERO experience in that position.

  82. azskinsfan says:
    Jan 10, 2012 2:27 PM
    Hmmmm…….yet another system for Jason Campbell to learn? On the other hand, he must know them all by now.

    Good thing he won’t be back then, isn’t it?

    Everyone bringing up Flynn: the Raiders’ lack of picks doesn’t matter. Flynn will be a UFA. They simply just need to throw money at him and he’s theirs.

    It wouldn’t be out of the question for McKenzie to begin to model the franchise after the Packers, and he might just start with the head coach and QB positions, by signing Packers.

  83. I hate this move! As a raider fan he deserved a second shot, we had the 9th ranked offense, if we didn’t have the 29th ranked defense we would have been in the playoffs and this move wouldnt even be thought of. I trust in reggie, but im not sure winston moss is the answer… gb is one of the only worse defenses, if they didnt force turnovers so consistently they would be done for.

  84. I am done with the Raiders, maybe McKenzie can purchase the 8 Season Tickets my Family has held since 1995 because we will not be renewing.

    You think I am going thru another rebuild or coach, Dream On. My LOVE OF THE RAIDERS HAS DIED WITH AL DAVIS, tell them for me they can *&^ YTRE.

  85. Back into turmoil…………..Some things never change in Raider land! My only question is, did Al give his permission for them to do this?

  86. Man, that tackle on Jason Campbell may have been the biggest play of the season in the NFL. Knocked Campbell out for the season, caused Palmer to be traded for a boatload of draft picks and cost Jackson his job. Wow.

  87. All he had to do was beat San Diego and he was in. If you couldn’t do that in Oakland with the playoffs on the line then you don’t deserve the job.

  88. The guy was a terrible coach. Every time the game was on the line he was panicking and looking away. The guy made one bad decision after another. Not everyone is cut out to be a head coach.

  89. It’s unknown whether McKenzie’s press conference will include an explanation of the reasons for the decision.
    Well, gee, let me give it a shot. In the wake of Al Davis’ death, Jackson basically attempted a palace coup. He traded away a king’s ransom in draft picks (even more valuable since the change in rookie contracts) to get Palmer, a QB who clearly was never going to play again for the team trading him. To make matters worse, it was deep into the season, and Palmer was coming in with no training camp or organized practices. In other words, Jackson mortgaged the Raiders’ future for a rusty QB whose abilities many already questioned. When the Raiders came up short and missed the playoffs, Jackson threw his players under the bus, and then when on a rant about how he was going to claim even more power over the organization. As if that weren’t enough, he openly sought (and failed) to prevent ownership from bringing in McKenzie. Moral of the story? If you’re going to attempt a coup you’d better be brutally effective about it, or you’re the one who will end up on the firing line.

  90. That would be hilarious if the Raiders ended up cutting Palmer.

    Mike Brown for Executive of the Year!


  91. southpaw2k says:
    Jan 10, 2012 2:11 PM
    Sure, because the last thing any franchise on the verge of competitiveness needs is continuity at the head coach position. Does anyone remember the time when the Raiders had a head coach at least two full seasons straight?


    Tom Cable. That said, as a Raider fan, I see both sides of the issue. As many people have stated, the problems with this team were on Defense. 21-3 halftime lead at Buffalo. A 24-7 lead against Denver going into the 4th quarter. Allowing Detroit to drive 98 yards in less than 2 minutes. After scoring against SD and pulling within 6 and stopping them on the kickoff return at the 1/2 yard line, then allowing them to move 99 yards in less than a minute to effectively kill whatever momentum the Raiders had. Those are all defensive breakdowns. And those are just the games they lost. They were usually up fairly big in the games they won and had to hold on and pray that they won. And that was all on Breshnahan. But Breshnahan was a placeholder, as Rex wouldn’t let Al talk to Dennis Thurman, who is who Al really wanted as his last DC. Until Al died, every D co-ord looked bad in Oakland, as they were forced to run Al’s D. That said, after Al died, Hue never forced Chuck to man up and at least try to do his job. He also never got a handle on the penalty situation, as much as he said he was going to. He went 3-5 at home, including 0-3 against the AFC West, which everyone knows wasn’t exactly a powerhouse conference this year. Essentially the same team went 6-0 against the division last year. His throwing the team under the bus is overblown. I remember Bill Parcells and Jimmy Johnson doing the same and no one batted an eye. What is wrong with a coach saying his players have to play better? If I’m not doing my job, I want my boss to say I need to do better.

    Oh well, fun times as always as a fan of the silver and black. Hopefully it is the start of a new era. I’m sure Cowboy and Redskin fans are wishing they had these problems right now.

  92. Wow!!!! This guy must’ve been more full of himself than I originally thought!!!!

    The first possible black offensive genius that I ever saw is now out of a job!!!

  93. What some people aren’t getting is that Hue did throw the team under the bus, but the TEAM obviously made a statement about playing for Jackson with their half dead performances…

    Good move,Reggie.

    Now… Trade or release whatever players apparently are willing to lay down to prove a point.

    McFadden comes to mind. There’s more to his injury and why he wasn’t placed on IR than we know.

  94. Hue personally blew the playoffs by not going for the FG in the Detroit game. You have the best FG kicker in the league, maybe in history and early in a game you go for it from well within his range on 4th down instead of taking a guaranteed 3 points and then after deciding to not go for 2 pts when 1 was useless, loses the game by 1 point. Hue Jackson is to blame for that and the let down VS the Bills and the listless performance VS the Dolphins and Packers. Dont tell me we couldnt beat the Pack when KC did the following week with a brand new coach and QB. Coombine that with the failed effort to get Palmer to get us into the playoffs and the record setting penalties (poor coaching) and he is fired. I liked him too, more than Cable but I can understand this even if they only went 8-8 without the aforementioned details. New GM, new coach. Makes sense.

  95. Oh yeah, and the Denver game. If Hue was so smart, he would have picked up Gaither who blanked Wimbley in the last game of the season and was probably the biggest reason we didnt win that game outside of Lito’s inability to be a stud CB anymore. Gaither was a beast int hat game and we would be a btter team if he and Veldy were our starting Tackles in stead of Barnes the penalty machine.

  96. McKenzie firing Hue Jackson had little to do with Jackson’s record as coach, but instead with McKenzie being able to find a coach who work be of the same winning philosophy as McKenzie. If Hue was petulant and throwing his team under the bus in public, how much worse was he behind closed doors? You can’t build a winner if you have a coach who will question the GM’s every move and not trust the GM to supply the roster with talent.

    It is a slow, methodical process, Raider fans. Be patient.

  97. mjbulls45


    It’s the raiders baby… It’s the raiders way… Who knew that Al’s incompetence would live beyond the man himself…

  98. GM and a coach have to be on the same page, true. But, man, look at all the coaches that Oakland has been through since Gruden:


    That’s 6 coaches in 9 years. Not good.

  99. You see Andy Reid supporters????

    Now you know why it was okay to fire him!!!!!

    Because the Raiders just fired Jackson!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Not a fan of firing a coach after one season. It’s amazing the team even went 8-8 with the amount of injuries they had.

    People may have thought Hue was brash, but he was in the position of having to completely change the culture of the team. He had to display supreme confidence in himself in so that he could demand it from his players. Alot of the younger players don’t realize what it means to play for the Silver and Black because they’ve been bad as of late. Hue had to make them realize…you’re playing for one of the most storied and winningest organizations of all time.

  101. @wipackman1265, he won’t go for a big name necessarily. If he learned from Ted Thompson he will do his homework and look for some younger coach who is hungry, probably from the Green Bay staff.

    Didn’t see Ted go hire a big name now did we, he hired a coach most of us didn’t really know when so many wanted one of the big names from the Holmgren coaching tree.

  102. You know, I don’t care who you are, you’ve really got to feel like QB Jason Campbell is snakebit. The poor guy can’t catch a break, other than in his leg, and now he’s going to have yet ANOTHER OC and HC. How many of each does that now make for him? He probably knows more offensive systems than anyone in football.

  103. I always thought this would be the way Rex Ryan would leave the Jets. Looks like someone beat him to that tactic.

    Seriously I hope Rex is aware of this. You keep yapping, not backing up results and passing the blame to your employees, this will be your fate same time next year.

    As for Hue, he’ll be the next Jets OC

    I am a clear Giants fan but it’s great for the NFL and the city of NY when both teams are good.

    Rex just needs to let the X-O’s do the talking instead of him, or use Hue as your designated trash talker when he gets here

  104. Bring him on as OC Romeo… I know he’s stirring for redemption!! Up with the Chiefs and down with the Fadeerz!! LoL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. What coach doesn’t want more control of his team?
    Hello … that’s why Al traded Gruden or Lane fired because he did not want JaMarcus.
    Who wants to keep overpaid useless players?

    As for throwing his players under the bus after the Chargers game … he should have cut half of them. Seriously Hue struck up for his players all season long and they rewarded him by playing like crap against the Chargers with the playoffs on the line.

    In the end Jackson does have to take some of the blame for the 8-8 record. Jim Harbaugh took a non-playoff team and with the same players made it a 13-3 team.

  106. Sorry to hear that Hue got fired. I was hoping he would give up a few picks for Adam “Packman” Jones! Thanks Hue for the picks and getting Carson Palmer out of the closet in Cincinnati. WHODEY!!!! Oh, Thank GOD! Jay Gruden is staying in Cincinnati cause we sure as hell didn’t need you and your mouth in Bengal Land os the OC!!

  107. The Palmer deal wasn’t necessarily bad; it was just high-risk, high-reward. Jackson couldn’t make that gamble without expecting consequences if it didn’t pay off.


    High-risk, high-reward. You make the deal, it better pay off, it didnt, so you lose. He’s said he’s a gambler, and he crapped out.

    McKenzie wasn’t risking his opening bid as GM on that guy. I will say this, often times, the coaching turnover itself results in the team “tuning out” whomever comes in, so there is likely going to be significant player turnover.

  108. This should come as no surprise. How do you have that much of an ego to throw you team under the bus, trade away valuable future first round draft picks, and then talk about taking MORE power in the organization after your big risk failed?

    Isn’t it ironic that he made that huge trade for Palmer only to lose the division to the team with Tim Tebow as quarterback.

    This makes a lot of sense.

  109. Not a Raiders fan but this is a wise move by ownership. Let’s face it Al was an NFL legend but was waaaaayyyy past his prime. The league passed him by. Getting a solid football guy from a classy winning organization was the best thing to do to change the culture from the top down and start rebuilding the right way. Clean house and move forward with a plan. Everybody’s job is at stake and the HC was 1st to go. Raider fan should keep the Halloween costumes for game time but expect more housecleaning and a different clubhouse atmosphere.

  110. One more thing…Reggie should be able to get a good HC because Al was a deterrent to bringing in anyone legit because they knew they would have to kneel to kiss his ring and he would be making crazy trades, draft picks and FA acquisitions while giving away their future in draft picks. Al was old and desperate to “just win one more baby” so he sold his team down the road. The Raiders have tradition and would be a prime gig for a top notch HC.

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