Titans won’t let Bears talk to their quarterbacks coach

Titans quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains will remain the Titans’ quarterbacks coach, despite overtures from the Bears about a job that would give Loggains a better title and more responsibilities.

The Bears were interested in Loggains as passing game coordinator, but Loggains is under contract and Titans coach Mike Munchak denied the Bears’ request to interview him, Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports.

Although assistant coaches are never prevented from interviewing to become head coaches, different teams take different approaches when their assistants are asked to interview for other assistant jobs elsewhere. Some teams simply won’t allow assistants to leave. Other teams allow assistants to leave if it’s for a promotion (like position coach to coordinator), and the Bears hoped Loggains would get that permission from the Titans. But the Titans said no.

Loggains has spent six years with the Titans, two as quarterbacks coach, two as offensive quality control coach and two as a coaching administrative assistant. Prior to Tennessee hiring him he was a scouting assistant with the Cowboys, and before that he was a backup quarterback at Arkansas.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is friends with Loggains and wanted him to join Chicago’s re-shaped offensive staff under new offensive coordinator Mike Tice. But that won’t happen.

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  1. Not a Bears fan, but can’t say I like this move by the Titans. If Loggains was in for a promotion (and likely an increase in salary), they should have let him go interview. Ask the Buccaneers (well known for hanging on to ALL coaches until the contract winds up, regardless of opportunity) how that works out. Coaches are less likely to re-sign with teams if they know that their careers may suffer because of it.

  2. Ok, I admit I’m not an expert on Quarterback coaches but it seems to me like the Titans are not exactly known for their outstanding quarterback play.

  3. I’m sure he will keep doing a great job, if the Head coach would understand that some day he may want a coach from a team who didn’t like the way this was play out, every one knows how one sided it is with teams, you have to be loyal to us, we will dump you at any time, the old one way street. Bill

  4. That candy-as owner Bud Adams will not let any team near any member of his team, well, sorta team.

    He likely didn’t make this call but the one who did didn’t want to lose their job with Bud Adams being Bud Adams.

  5. “passing game coordinator”? This is new. I guess Lovie has given up on “get[ing] off the bus, running the football”.

  6. Word on the street in Titan-town is that Loggains is being groomed as the replacement for OC Chris Palmer, who is expected to step down in the next year or two.

    For what it’s worth, Loggains also assumed the role of de facto OC during the latter part of the 2010 season, after former OC Mike Heimerdinger was diagnosed with cancer mid-season and started chemotherapy.

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