Tom Coughlin’s transformation

Bob Glauber of Newsday joined PFT Live Monday to start the week-long hype building towards Packers-Giants.

We talked a lot about the Giants defense and the transformation that Tom Coughlin has made over the years. This transformation included Coughlin asking Glauber for advice, which never seems like a good idea.

The interview is below. You can catch our interviews talking Broncos with receiver Eddie Royal and previewing 49ers-Saints with Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans-Times-Picayune at the PFT Live homepage or you can download the show on iTunes.

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6 responses to “Tom Coughlin’s transformation

  1. Coughlin is a great coach.

    I couldn’t stand his no sunglasses philosophy in Jacksonville but he has adjusted as good coaches do.

    You have to start out tough… you have room to loosen up but never room to tighten up.


  2. A true leader sees his organization through the eyes of the team members.

    Tom Coughlin has constantly looked in the mirror and changed for the better, even at his age.

    Maybe some other coaches in the NFL, specifically the NFC East, should consider doing the same.

  3. I know this, every time there is serious talk about Coughlin losing his job the Giants transform into a juggernaut.

    Players, like children, interpret structure and discipline as love and respect. It seems to me as the Giants players are responding.

  4. .
    what does coughlin have to do with ELI not throwing completions to the other team?

    ELI not having constant DELAY OF GAMES….

    although it would be really nice if Coughlin would call a timeout once in awhile instead of letting ELI stand back there with the play clock counting down right in his face 5 4 3 2 1 0 0 0 -1 -2 hike DELAY OF GAME again…

  5. Most teams would love to have Coughlin as thier HC, it’s the NY media that blows everything out of proportion.

    This Giants team really reminds of the 07′ team, peaking at just the right time, again.

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