Winston Moss looks like early favorite for Raiders job

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With Hue Jackson out in Oakland, we’re left to wonder who the next head coach of the Raiders will be.

It sounds like Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie will gut the Raiders and pick a coach from the Packers staff with which he’s comfortable.

We’ve seen various reporters come up with various candidates, but they all mention the same favorite: Packers assistant head coach/inside linebackers Winston Moss.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter mentions Packers secondary coach Darren Perry, quarterback coach Tom Clements, tight ends coach Ben McAdoo as other options in Oakland.  But Moss is viewed as the favorite.

Based on his long history with the Packers, McKenzie is surely rooting for Green Bay to keep winning and make it impossible to actually hire any of the Packers assistants for another month.

37 responses to “Winston Moss looks like early favorite for Raiders job

  1. How is Joe Philbin not even mentioned here when he is mentioned everywhere else? Unless he withdrew his name due to the family turmoil, he should be the favorite.

  2. Proof positive that Hue Jackson’s firing was not about Hue Jackson but rather about Reggie McKenzie making Reggie McKenzie comfortable by bringing in a personal buddy.

  3. Wow they about to change schemes dramatically. I’m not sure my boy Carson Palmer fits a west coast scheme if Moss hires one of those Packers offensive assistants. I think Jason Campbell would be a better fit. But we’ll see, Carson has talent and will get a full training camp to learn whatever offense. Hue did a great job giving the injuries and he barely got to use his best weapon Mcfadden. I hope the Bucs take a look at Hue. He’d help out Josh Freeman a lot.

  4. This is no surprise to anyone here in Packer Land.
    Most of those guys mentioned have been getting college offers or rumors of such for several weeks already.

  5. What is the track record of success for position coaches that jump to head coach? Let’s see, with the Vikings we had Les Steckel and Mike Tice. Why is this guy only considering Packer position coaches? Can you expand your options just a little?

  6. He’s a Cane. And Miami isn’t interested in him because……….why? I mean, he’s no Mike Mularkey, but still.

  7. After being used to dysfunction for years, this all makes sense.

    Players like Huff & Wimbley & Routt and the rest of the overpaid players were lucky to get AL contracts.

    A new GM is supposed to bring/hire his own coach. Why retain a guy that in response to blowing a division demanded more power? really Hue? Go get your nails done Hue.

    A new GM is supposed to clean house of all the staff/coaches/players that hid under AL’s cloak for so long and got away with slouching contracts, players, penalties, no run D, nobody wanted to touch Oakland except for desperation of a job.

    That all changed.


  8. With Hue gone as he says ” it’s next man up!” I am happy with Moss coming up as a head coach. Look at the Packers organization it great. I have faith in Mckenzie after all it was the advise of Madden who led him here. Go Raiders let’s get back to excellence.

  9. Nevermind, at first did not like the firing but they replaced him with another great coach.
    Tony Dungy

  10. Hopefully Al Saunders remains if Winston Moss is the HC. The young WR (even DHB did fairly well) under Saunders.

    Worries me that Winston Moss doesn’t have any experience as a Coordinator (ala Rahem Morris in TB).

  11. They should hire Mike Sherman, and leave all the Packers assistants in GB. I’m okay with losing one coach from each side of the ball, but that’s about it.

  12. I would hope McKenzie would think outside the box and at least consider someone other then who he’s worked with… I think he is open minded.

  13. Love the Raiders, sorry that Al has passed away but glad that we can now move into the 21st century. Have needed a REAL GM for many years. Would like to see Saunders stay as OC and Spagnuolo, Del Rio, or Nolan as DC. Now let’s be smart in free agency and get value with what few draft picks we have. So many stupid personnel decisions have killed this team…hope to see that change! Go Reggie, Go Raiders!

  14. as far as winston moss, he has been on the raiders radar for years, not a surprise, but would not be surprised if he does not get job either.

  15. Just listened to the press conference.

    Simply sounded like Reggie wanted his “own” Head Coach and lets be honest…Coach Jackson was (and always be) “Al Davis’ guy”.

    He referred to Ron Wolf and Mike Holgrem’s relationship in Green Bay…No way he would ever feel that way with Hue.

    In order for Mark Davis and Reggie McKenzine to guide the franchise THEIR way (not Al’s), Hue
    had to go.

    Interesting tidbit is that Reggie McKenzine will let his new Head Coach pick his own staff…Something Al Davis NEVER let happen towards the end!

  16. Why would we want any coach from the defensive side of the packers? The packers are all offense. These Raider moves all have a higher probability of backfiring rather than working out. From the press conference, Mckennzy does not seem a very good communicator.

  17. I don’t like that fact Hue got whacked, but I will respect the decision to clip him. I have to assume that Reggie has a plan put together to get my Raiders back on track, and removing Hue was just one step, which is fine. I’m guessing Hue put it all on the Carson Palmer trade, which so far hasn’t exactly worked out.

    Go Raiders.

  18. Not a Raiders fan but as a hard-core Miami hurricanes fan. My vote for the best hurricane linebacker ever would go to Winston Moss not Ray Lewis. Winston started four years including his true freshman year. he was part of Miami’s initial national championship team. never got into any trouble. Intelligent thoughtful and pleasant whenever I ran into him at the main campus. He also managed to graduate with a degree!

  19. Good luck to Moss, if he gets the job. Next man up means Kevin Greene takes over his old role in Green Bay. That’ll be good to see, and follow him the next couple years.

  20. Lets start blowing up a team with a top 10 offense and is two or three players and a coach away on defense from winning the west for the next five years.

    Great plan.

    This guy better be a super hero because the way he’s starting off it’s going to take 3 years to go anywhere. In 3 years this team could have won a superbowl or at least had a good chance of getting there.

  21. Great hire Raiders. You are getting a man completely dedicated to his job. Sad losing him, but can only wish him well in his next endeavour. Same with Moss if he does get the head coach job. With Moss, the Raiders will be much more disciplined. That alone should be worth another 2 wins next year.

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