Bears will interview four G.M. candidates

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More than a week after abruptly dumping long-time G.M. Jerry Angelo, the Bears are ready to commence the process of replacing him.

According to Larry Mayer of, the team has received permission to interview four candidates:  Chiefs director of college scouting Phil Emery, Patriots director of pro personnel Jason Licht, Chargers director of player personnel Jimmy Raye, and Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross.

Bears director of player personnel Tim Ruskell also is a candidate.  And there could be more.

With college all-star games coming up soon, it’ll be important for the Bears to get its front office under control fairly quickly.

20 responses to “Bears will interview four G.M. candidates

  1. Although I am not a fan, I have always rooted for the Bears. I really hope this new G.M. fixes their problems. It’d be nice to see all of those old SNL skits again. ‘Da Bears!

  2. I’ll take Marc Ross. The Giants consistently find studs on the D-Line. The pats have had a lot of bums lately (except Gronk & Hernandez). Plus, Pats alums suck one they leave NE and are disconnected from the Borg grid/collective.

  3. Sounds like they are cleaning house, except they kept Lovie Smith; don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

    The Bears could easily be a playoff team again under the right person.

  4. They should hire Tim Ruskell, he’d fit right in with their culture of drafting 1st round busts. Take a look at his picks in Seattle:

    Chris Spencer C – Mediocre, injury prone, and too dumb to make line calls. Bust.
    Kelly Jennings CB – Quite literally among the very worst corners in the NFL. Bust.
    Traded for Deion Branch WR – An undersized injury-prone midget who isn’t physical at all. Bust.
    Lawrence Jackson DE – LoJack? More like NoSack. Completely invisible bust.
    Aaron Curry OLB – One of the biggest busts in NFL history. Dumb as a rock.

    Lucky he was fired before the 2010 draft or else he would have found ways to draft 2 more busts with the #6 and #14 picks.

  5. Priority 1,2,3 is looking how they’ve done in the draft. Priority 4 would be there ability to retain and sign quality free agents.

    Angelo did good with Peppers, Tait, Cutler, Garza and he also drafted Forte, Hester, and I believe Tilman the problem is all the other duds he drafted for the offense.

  6. They’ll end up with Ruskell, and here’s why…He will be cheap…He failed miserably in Seattle, and is running out of places to land. He’ll probably work for room and board. The only thing the Bears owners love more than wringing money out of the overly loyal fan base, is not spending that money to make the team better.

  7. Aaroncurryisabust:
    Although being plagued by injuries this year, lojack has been a good depth player in Detroit. I don’t know if I would classify him as a bust, maybe the hawks reached for him in the first round and/or he was a bad pick/didn’t fit on the team. Either way poor decision making in the Seahawks front office.

  8. The Bears could use Hue Jackson– I mean, the dude went out and got Carson Palmer.

    Just think what he could do for the Bears. He wants more power and is willing to put the franchise on his shoulders!

  9. blackfootkiller says: Jan 11, 2012 11:06 PM

    They’ll end up with Ruskell, and here’s why…He will be cheap…He failed miserably in Seattle, and is running out of places to land. He’ll probably work for room and board.

    I heard on Chicago sports radio Ruskell is under contract for 2 more years. So they’ll pay him to work or pay him not to work. The speculation was that Ted Phillips would make a financial decision and pay him to the new GM (thus ensuring another new GM doesn’t fire him).

  10. I’ve been saying this for years and I wish it weren’t true year after year but here I go again: As long as the McClaskey family owns the Bears they will be mediocre. This past season was the definition of mediocrity – 8-8. It shouldn’t be that way, because along with the Packers they are THE foundation franchise of the NFL – They started out as the Decatur Staleys, for pete’s sake.

    NFL fans, ESPECIALLY Chicago Bears fans, and MOST ESPECIALLY the Bears fans who supported the team for generations and then were squeezed out when it became big business so they couldn’t afford tickets any more, deserve better.

    FYI – I’ve been watching pro football for more than 50 years and on SuperBowl Sunday in 1986 that Bears team was the greatest team I have ever seen.

  11. Anyone but Ruskell…… How in the world could you even consider Ruskell? He was brought in by the clown you just fired……. That would make me sick to my stomach. Pointless.

  12. Lionsfan…being a good depth guy is hardly what is expected of a 1st round draft choice. LoJack wasn’t a complete player and was a terrible draft pick…just like most every selection Ruskell made. It took him all of three seasons to completely kill a Super Bowl team. That takes talent…but not the kind of talent you want running your franchise. Bears fans should march on team HQs with pitchforks and season ticket cancellation letters if they try to make him GM. Seriously…

  13. Keeping Ruskell not only saves the team money, but keeps a lot of comfortable people comfortably employed.

    It really, truly pains me to say this because I think the breakdown is coming from different motivations, but the situation with Virginia McCaskey reminds me of the situation with Dollar Bill Wirtz. I just hope there isn’t rejoicing when the inevitable happens like there was when Wirtz passed.

    Back on topic, I’m done actively following the Bears if they hire Ruskell until he’s gone.

  14. There is absolutely no logic or sound reason for upgrading Ruskell to GM, he’s a clone of Angelo and did a horrific job in Seattle, so for those two reasons alone I’m apprehensive of Phillips making the decision that I have to believe all rational people know should never be made.

    In the wake of change, I fear nothing has changed at all.

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