Davis puts Raiders in play for an L.A. return


No discussion about a team moving to Los Angeles can be complete without consideration of the lingering notion that the Raiders may believe that they still have rights to a market they abandoned a generation ago.

Then again, if the Raiders are the team that moves, the topic becomes irrelevant.

Lost in Tuesday’s whirlwind arrival of Reggie McKenzie as G.M. and departure of Hue Jackson as head coach were comments from owner Mark Davis regarding the possibility that the franchise will be departing Oakland and arriving in L.A.

Davis said at the press conference introducing McKenzie that it’s time for a new stadium.  Actually, Davis said it’s already too late for one.

The timetable is yesterday,” Davis said, via Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.  “So that’s where it is.  We’ve got to get a stadium.  We’ve got to get that done.”

And if it doesn’t happen in the Bay Area, it’ll happen in Southern California.  “We’re trying to get something done up here, but if we can’t, we’ve got to get something done somewhere because we need to be able to compete.  And that’s where it’s at,” Davis said.

It’s the clearest indication yet from the Raiders that a move could happen, absent the construction of a suitable venue in Oakland.  And it puts the Raiders at the top of the list to return to L.A.

In the end, if/when two NFL teams set up shop in Los Angeles, it could be that the Raiders and the other team that left after the 1994 season — the Rams — take up residence in the city where they both last played.

88 responses to “Davis puts Raiders in play for an L.A. return

  1. The LA Raiders are so much cooler than the Oakland Raiders.

    Can you picture N.W.A. wearing ‘Oakland’ Raider caps?

    Go back to Los Angeles, where you belong Mr. Davis

  2. I guess when you have millions of dollars, nobody tells you that you the haircut of a 5 year old…a dumb looking 5 year old…

  3. They could be in Erindale, it wouldn’t matter. Raider Nation is worldwide.

    No other team could get away with that.

    Having said that, it looks like posturing by Mark.

  4. Long time Raider fan here and my thoughts on the Presser were, I am impressed with Marks relations with the media. He seems completely intent on letting football people run football matters. He is prepared to coontinue to do what the Davis’s think is best for the franchise.

    But I swear to Jebus if I ever see him in public I will personally pin him down and shave if flocking head. That haircut is a disgrace. His dad had so much swagger and style…. what happened to Mark?

    Supercuts would be embrassed by that cut.

  5. I guess when you have millions of dollars, nobody tells you that you have the haircut of a 5 year old…a dumb looking 5 year old…

  6. Is it just me or does he look like Mayor Giuliani as played by Chris Farley in the epic SNL “I love you Daddy” skit!?!? Whatever happened to Taco Bill and the photo of the day!? We need to get this done, now!

  7. If they do return play T the Rose Bowl until Farmers Field is completed.The Coliseum is in a war zone

  8. saudishot says:
    Jan 11, 2012 1:48 PM
    Is that Dauber from “Coach”?


    I was thinking more Harry from Dumb and Dumber. “Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!”

  9. I like his hair . Mark Davis is a working mans Fabio .

    That being said I have a strong hunch the Rams and Raiders both end up in LA sharing a stadium . I also bet both franchises regret it in a couple of years . Mark Davis will have to give up some of the franchise but I don’t see Oakland building a new stadium and I’m sure playing in the 49ers stadium won’t appeal for many reasons as well .

    What happens to Jacksonville ?

  10. great then in 5-10 years when nobody shows up to their games they can try and sucker another city to support them.amazing how a city that did not support 2 teams before thibks they are entilted for 2 more to not support after 5 maybe 10 years at most. the rest of the country does not care about there not being football out there. you have USC that should be good enough for you.

  11. Jacksonville averages over 60k fans per home game, and they have a solid stadium with a solid lease, and hasn’t had a blacked out game in 2 seasons.

    That’s what happens with Jacksonville.

    Happy new year from Duval.

  12. It was an Oakland Raider Team that moved down to LA in the 80’s, won a Super Bowl 1st year down there with the Oakland Team.

    Once settled in in LA, LA Land they went soft and have been garbage ever since. They belong in the City Big Al is buried in, OAKLAND.

  13. The people in my opinion who mainly want teams in LA are the networks, mainly so they can have stars of their various shows (in Disney’s case for ABC, ESPN) “be seen at the game” in the hopes it will bring in more casual viewers like is the case for Lakers games.

    The problem in my opinion is the same one that (along with inadequate stadiums) drove the Rams and Raiders from LA in the first place after 1994: Los Angeles is a Laker town first, and is the only city where an NBA team is most important, which has been the case for more than 30 years now. Most people there seem to live and die with the Lakers before any other team. After that, the Dodgers are next (or will be once again as soon as they are sold and out of Frank McCourt’s hands), followed by USC and UCLA Football (in that order), the Clippers (who have moved up since the trade for Chris Paul), the Kings (NHL), Angels and Ducks, with the NFL somewhere near the bottom as I understand it. The NFL, and whatever teams play in LA will in my opinion be in for a rude awakening that LA is the one place where they don’t care about the NFL as I understand it.

  14. Would it be that hard to share a stadium with the 49’ers? It makes perfect sense for all involved. Dumb asses.

  15. I don’t see the Rams leaving STL. Civic progress leaders have seen the effects of a team leaving town years back, and i don’t believe will make the same mistakes again. Kroenke’s people are meeting with the city on February 17, I’m sure you will see some sort of dome renovation result with the Rams extending the lease.

  16. Read the article twice, can’t see anything that points to LA. He wants a new stadium just like his Dad did, and the team across the Bay. The headline is a pretty big reach based on those comments.

    BTW, that hairdo looks like a product of the “suck cut” from Wayne’s World.

  17. “thatstinks says:
    Jan 11, 2012 1:54 PM
    What happens to Jacksonville ?”

    Same thing that will happen if the Raiders don’t move to LA. They will stay in Jacksonville.

  18. It will take the same time to get stadium done in Oakland as in LA. Same state, same governor, same socialist political regime….the Peoples Republic of California. raiders will share 49er stadium as a stop gap…whenever that happens, again same state.

  19. The 4,784 Jaguar season ticket holders rejoice!

    If the Jags ever move, it would be to London.
    But it is very unlikely at this point.

  20. Where ever they go, they need to start winning. It’s no fun hating them when they suck.

    What you can’t see in this picture is that Davis didn’t shave either. Did someone drag him out of the rack, throw a suit on him and say, “Go meet the press. Threaten a move.”

    He’s no Al!

  21. Welcome home L.A. Raiders, welcome home! See you City of Industry, not Downtown L.A. SGV is Raider Nation HQ.

  22. “richkotitte says:
    Jan 11, 2012 2:50 PM
    The 4,784 Jaguar season ticket holders rejoice! ”

    Whatever makes you feel better…

    2011 NFL attendance:

    25 Jacksonville 62,331
    26 Chicago 62,145
    27 Arizona 61,181
    28 Miami 60,886
    29 Oakland 59,242
    30 Tampa Bay 56,614
    31 St. Louis 56,394
    32 Cincinnati 49,251

  23. Raiders will be welcomed with open arms into LA. There are still a lot of Raider fans in So Cali. I don’t see a lot of Rams fans, but I still see tons of Raider fans.

    I don’t see the Rams or the Vikings moving here. STL and Minnesota are both working hard to keep the teams. The Vikings seem like they want to stay and will only move if the stadium deal can’t be worked out.

  24. The Raiders need to move to LA so they can compete. The City of Oakland and their crappy stadium are responsible for drafting a fat codeine addicted quarterback, trading two high draft picks for an old overpaid interception machine and being involved in more litigation than any other franchise this side of Jerry Jones.

    I love the Raiders. Every professional league needs at least one totally dysfunctional franchise.

  25. this just my opinion since everybody has one is the raiders an rams wil move back 2 los angeles an the jaguars wil move 2 st. louis. let’s c what happens in 2013.

  26. Mark made a big spash. As a Raiders fan, i haven’t been this pumped about our next season in a long long time. Just to see something get built from the ground up with McKenzie who was mentored by Wolf, who was mentored by Al Davis himself. People say this will be the Packer way of running the show when actually the Packers are running their franchise the Raider way, just doing it better.

  27. “As one executive with a team other than the Jaguars told PFT on Wednesday morning, “People that I trust think there is a chance [Rams owner] Stan Kroenke moves the Rams to L.A. and [Shahid] Khan moves to St. Louis.””

    Yeah that does make sense . How can the same two teams that left LA move back ? That is just strange. You could also keep the Jags in the AFC south . Kinda like Missou in the SEC .

    I haven’t been to the gatorbowl since my UGA days before the renovation but I found it hard to believe that it could be a permanent location for an NFL team . Didn’t the Expo’s try that hiding empty seats with hefty bags as well ?

  28. Would you even need to be told that creature is Al Davis’ offspring? Looks pretty obvious, all on it’s own. Is he going to start wearing big puffy jackets and thick silver necklaces, too? Is that in his contract, as the son?

    As for moving to LA, don’t forget it failed before, because LA is a disparate group of NFL castaways from other cities. Couple that with the idiotic gang banging “tough guys” and you instantly take away a more upscale and intelligent fan base. When they fled LA the first time (even after winning a SB there) they couldn’t fill even half the Colosseum on any given Sunday. It’s got nothing to do with the quality of the arena, it’s got everything to do with the team and the fans it attracts, coupled with LA’s very unusual demographic. The Lakers are LA’s universal team, like it or not. Even with the unbelievable popularity of the NFL, that doesn’t necessarily equate to that city. Think about it. If the success was such a slam dunk, why hasn’t an owner jumped at the chance to come to SoCal already? Both the competing venues are essentially “shovel ready” and just waiting on the commitment from a team.

  29. It’s too bad that they couldn’t ban fans that looked like hoodlums.

    The Los Angeles would welcome them back more!!!

  30. “shackdelrio says:
    Jan 11, 2012 3:03 PM
    “richkotitte says:
    Jan 11, 2012 2:50 PM
    The 4,784 Jaguar season ticket holders rejoice! ”

    Whatever makes you feel better…
    2011 NFL attendance:

    25 Jacksonville 62,331”
    Let’s be serious here. 15,000 of that number you quoted are sitting empty under those well-used tarps.

  31. Note to AEG: No more ideas of a regular seating capacity that exceeds 65,000!!!!

    65,000 is good enough!!! Just “design” one that “expands” (it is always stated this way in stadium proposals!!!) to more than 80,000 because more teams are prone to blackouts than ever before!!!

  32. “Once settled in in LA, LA Land they went soft and have been garbage ever since. They belong in the City Big Al is buried in, OAKLAND.”



  33. and Mark declared, “HAIR, HAIR… If we can’t CUT it in Oakland, we’ll consider the move to LA for the SHEAR opportunity of not having to SHAVE back our expectations for fan attendance and in the hopes of making it to the Super BOWL. Open the doors and let the FLOWBEE Raider fans, new and old. This time our stay in LA will be PERManant!”

    i’ve got nothing.

  34. It won’t happen. There’s no audience for even one team in LA, and this stadium they talk about won’t get built – it’s a paper stadium. The Rams aren’t going to leave St. Louis, and the Raiders won’t leave Oakland – they have fanbases at those places; there’s none to be found in LA.

  35. have to laugh at a few things.

    Seems to me if you pay several million dollars for rights to anything, you own the rights to them. (period)

    Couldn’t sell out in LA. True the colisuem in LA sits 95,000, and the raiders only averaged 68,000 a game there. But back then who wanted to pay to see the chargers, and seahawks.

  36. steelerdynasty2010 says:
    Jan 11, 2012 5:52 PM
    came just to see all the hair jokes…..good work


    Same here. Wasn’t disappointed.

  37. @granadafan What? Do you really live in Grenada? “15,000 of that number sits under tarps”. Just some facts: without seats covered, EverBank Field seats 77,767, with seats covered capacity is 67,164. Can’t you morons get that through your thick skulls? If you do live in Grenada, do you thank Reagan everyday?

    No way LA has a stadium that seats that much as blackouts would loom every year. That is if stadium ever got built as I have pointed out earlier.

  38. I hate when you rip down my posts when I have 5x as many thumbs ups and thumbs down and said nothing wrong or profane.
    By the way.. can I borrow the bowl they put on Davis’ head to get that hair cut he’s rockin’. He looks like a stain.

  39. Loving the hair jokes.

    As a Raider fan, I’m very excited about our future. Looks like we’re finally going to catch up to the rest of the NFL when it comes to running a franchise.

    I’m very thankful to John Madden and Ron Wolf for knowing and respecting Al to come back to advise and help Mark.

    As for the move to LA, with the right set up, it could work and be great, time will tell.

  40. Ok first of all i’m a die hard Raider fan from Los Angeles and i go to Oakland every year to catch at least 2 Raider games… and every year it’s the same situation… almost every fan there is from either L.A or another City! so i dont understand why you people from Oakland are crying! Financially it makes sense to move to L.A (the # 2 biggest market in the country by the way) to where Oakland can’t even aford to maintain their own buildings. every year i go and it’s always dirty and all you see is a bunch of Abandoned warehouses! So Raiders PLEASE come to L.A where the weather is great the Scenery is excellent and you’re going to have a brand new billion dollar stadium.

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