Falcons may have moved on from Mularkey if Jags didn’t pounce


An interesting dynamic played out last night with Mike Mularkey getting the head coaching job in Jacksonville.

Once Mularkey got the job, the Jets gently pushed Brian Schottenheimer out the door. If Mularkey didn’t get a head coaching job elsewhere, it’s possible the Falcons would not have kept Mularkey as offensive coordinator anyway.

Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes that the belief in Atlanta was that Mularkey wasn’t going to be retained by the Falcons. The team had a lot of success under Mularkey, but the rough end to the season had the Falcons possibly looking in a different direction.

Bradley believes the Falcons “lucked out” because the coaching staff had grown stale and needed a change. They are looking for new coordinators on both sides of the ball.

Mularkey, meanwhile, will be introduced as the third head coach in Jaguars history on Wednesday. We’ve always thought Mularkey might be a better head coach than coordinator and now he has a second chance to prove it.

11 responses to “Falcons may have moved on from Mularkey if Jags didn’t pounce

  1. The problem in Atlanta is Matt Ryan. He might be the biggest media creation in modern history. Don’t get me wrong– the dude is generally solid. But Matty Ice? How about Matty Orton? He barely gets what the other 10 create. He’s a game manager packaged as a Superstar. Expectations don’t get near the same zip code as reality.

  2. Did Mularkey decide to go for it on fourth and one inside the 30 twice when the game was still very much anybody’s game?

    Is so, they should have considered moving on, but I believe the HC makes that decision.

  3. Mike Mularkey handcuffed Matt Ryan. People dissing Matt Ryan have no clue. The only time the offense worked was when Matt Ryan was calling the plays.

    When crowd noise neutralized Matt’s ability to call the plays on the field, Mularkey couldn’t be counted on to understand what the defense was doing and call the correct play.

    There is no ability to improvise in a Mularkey offense, and perfect execution is required. 90% of the routes run are comebacks and outs. Rarely does a receiver catch the ball on the run, and playmakers are rarely in space. Mularkey also doesn’t believe in a screen game. Mularkey offense is about keeping the opposing QB off the field, not trying to outscore them.

  4. What I remember about Mularkey’s first head coaching job with the Bills is how dull and uninspiring his teams were, compared to the offense he oversaw in Pittsburgh.

  5. Paulitik knows his stuff for sure. That’s always been the problem with Mularkey’s offense in Atlanta. When you have Roddy White and Julio Jones you need to be getting them the ball in space to make for some big plays with the run after catch. He didn’t do that. The offense was always a ball control vanilla offense designed to get 7-8 yards per pass.

  6. Mularkey rubbed me the wrong way he bailed on Buffalo after the 2005 season because he didn’t like the “direction of the franchise” when they brought Levy in, and kicked Tom Donahoe out. This was after he saddled the team with JP Losman (and no viable competition) at QB. I can tell you he was one of the least charismatic coaches I’ve ever seen, and that’s coming from someone who watched Dick Jauron for 3+ years.

  7. The Falcons’ problems extend beyond Mularkey’s inept offensive scheme. Dimitrov’s free agent acquisitions and a number of this draft moves haven’t panned out and if a team takes on the personality of their head coach, Smith needs to have an “attitude adjustment”.

  8. Now that these coaches have moved on to bigger and better things, the Falcons were going to let them go anyway … oh … ok. And they have filled those spots with who … thats right no one. If they were ready to let these guys go then you think they would have their list of guys ready like yesterday. Maybe the fresh blood they really need is at head coach and GM. Been a tough 2012 for both.

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