Falcons would “love” to land Spagnuolo for coordinator job


With Mike Mularkey moving on to Jacksonville, the Falcons suddenly have coordinator positions to fill on both sides of the ball.

Defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder left for the same job at Auburn on Monday. Mularkey did a fine job in Atlanta, but the Falcons may not mind having to make some changes.

After a year where the franchise seemed to regress, the Falcons may be ready for some fresh blood.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the Falcons would “love” to hire former Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo for the defensive coordinator job.  Jack Del Rio, Mike Nolan, and Raheem Morris are other names that have been mentioned as logical possibilities, but it’s unclear if the Falcons are interested in them.

Falcons coach Mike Smith was Del Rio’s coordinator in Jacksonville. We’re not sure Del Rio wants to coach this year while he’s still getting paid by the Jaguars.

12 responses to “Falcons would “love” to land Spagnuolo for coordinator job

  1. That would be an awesome hire for the Falcons.
    I like Spags, and that’s saying something considering he and his defensive players are what kept my team from winning a SB.

  2. Spags for DC and Haley the hothead would be nice to push this team. The talent is definitely there. Somebody needs to push them over the bump.

  3. Thank goodness Mularkey finally left. I was sad when he got called Mark last year and declined to interview with the Browns. I’d love to see Spags come to A-town and help take this D over the top. As for an OC… We need somebody bold who isnt afraid to take chances with their game plan. And by that I mean take chances outside of 4th and 1…

  4. Falcons can get all the great coordinators they want, but they’re not going anywhere with Mike Smith as their head coach. With the amount of bonehead moves he made during that playoff game vs the Giants, I can’t see them winning anything with him as their HC.

  5. Spagnuolo is still living off that Superbowl win the Giants got over the Patriots. He produced a terrible defense in St. Louis the past three seasons- including the 32nd ranked run defense this season. I guess eventually people will catch on that it’s a lot easier to be a defensive genius when you have Strahan, Tuck, Umenyiora, and a younger Fred Robbins manning your D-Line.

  6. The Falcons can have Juan Castillo to be defensive coordinator.The Eagles need Steve Spagnuolo to fix their defense.

  7. Spags is no savior – just look at the Rams defense. And it will be tough to get him in Atlanta. I doubt Smith wants him and a lot of other teams are already hot on Spags’ trail.

  8. Del Rio the DC in Atlanta … oh dear God. Mike Smith knows better. He did Del Rio’s job for a good 5-6 years in Jax. No way he does that again.

    Atlanta is probably safe this year anyway because Del Rio can collect $5 million sitting at home this year. No way is he getting up off that couch.

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