Griffin makes it official, goes pro


Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III made official on Wednesday what had long been assumed by draftniks and drooling NFL executives.

He’s going pro.

Wearing some stylish purple Barney socks for the occasion, Griffin told the world he was ready to go to the next level.

“It was a tough decision, I love the people at this university, love my coach for giving me a chance to be a quarterback,” Griffin said.

The question now becomes where he will go in the draft. At this point, it’d be a big surprise if he slipped out of the top six picks.  With St. Louis (No. 2) and Minnesota (No. 3) saying they are happy with their starting quarterbacks, the trade speculation this year figures to be off the charts.

45 responses to “Griffin makes it official, goes pro

  1. My nephew recently lost a couple of baby teeth. He calls the former Baylor QB “Wobert Gwiffin the Turd”. It’s really cute.

  2. Rams should trade Bradford to Colts since Manning is retiring (maybe?!) and move up to take RG3.

    Cuz of Mannings neck.

  3. Griffin isn’t worth trading up for. I’ve been through that.

    Cleveland or Washington could stay put and draft a better prospect in Tannehill, who just so happens to fit those two offenses to a tee.

  4. The Rams #2 pick is what is going to be in play,not the Vikings pick. Rams could trade pick to Cleveland and slide back 2 spots and still get Blackmon. I also expect the Redskins to be agressive .

  5. There’s no motivation for Cleveland to move up since the Rams and Vikes won’t be drafting a QB. They can wait until their pick @ 4 and take RG3. The Redskins can also just stand pat and let Tannehill fall into their laps at #6. The question is: do the Dolphins or Seahawks want to move up and how much?

  6. If the Browns get this guy, they could get to the Super Bowl. They had a lot of injuries and Greg Little will be a stud in his second year!

  7. If rgii falls to #4 , take him ! If not i’d hope
    for blackmon ! QB is not the browns biggest
    problem !

  8. With that said, Kyle and Mike feverishly begin packing their bags to talk to RGIII…The newest Redskin and biggest thing to hit DC since the quake of 2011!

  9. I can only hope he gets the same treatment you guys give tebow. you know where you keep pointing out every flaw in his game. but more importantly give him all the blame when his team loses while trying to dimish his contributions to the games they win. no excuses as he will be a top 10 pick unlike tebow so he should start and win right away where ever he ends up at.

  10. Cant wait to see him holding up that Browns jersey! Goodbye Colt. Actually it really doesn’t matter who’s chucking the ball with the awful system that the Browns are running….SMH

  11. I hope he ends up in washington , miami , denver ,wherever and has a fantastic career ! I just don’t see him as a # 2,#3,#4 , pick !

  12. Go pro. People need to make money for the millions being generated towards the universities because of their hard work. Sure they get tuition, but after 1 year as a pro, they’ll have enough money to go back to school if the pro thing doesn’t work out for them. I wonder what percentage of the student-athletes care about being a student.

    A certain state university near me had their athletic budget increase 300 percent in the last 10 years.

  13. I hope he ends up in Washington also. We haven’t had a really good QB since Sonny Jurgensen. Well, maybe a few good ones, but not a really good one.

  14. I have been much more impressed with RGIII than with Luck. With the success that running QBs are having at the pro level, I would take RGIII over Luck. We’ll see what happens

  15. The Redskins must do what it takes to get the best QB left after Luck. If RGIII is the next best, trade up [for less than a king’s ransom], if Tannehill or an alternative will do, sit tight or trade down

  16. has to love herm edwards on BSPN today, when he said all nfl teams are now looking for mobile QB’s. , and pocket passers are a thing of the past. It’s the new desire of every NFL team to have guys like Michael Vick, and Cam Newton

    Hmmmmm…i think every team that is going to win this weekend has a pocket passer, and vick, and newton are watching them play from their couch.

  17. And the draft lies begin already…the Vikings are happy at QB…since Luck and RG III will be gone when they pick…next the Redskins will say they don’t need a QB, they are happy with Grossman…

  18. @xenova1

    I agree with your point. The purpose of college is to prepare you for life after college. If it has done that after 2 or 3 years, then great!

    However, to use RG3 as an example is a little misguided. RG3 has his degree. Graduated high school early. Graduated Baylor (a very good academic institution) with a 3.67 and is working on a masters. If football doesn’t work out, RG3 will be just fine.

  19. funny thing is, If Cam Newton had a bad season, RG III wouldnt be so high on every draft board.

    Now everybody thinks he’s the next Cam but one’s success has nothing to do with the other

  20. Honestly, A. Luck may possess the most desirable Pro QB traits so far, but RGIII maybe the best psychological fit for the Colts. RGIII would be a comfortable fit, behind Peyton Manning. RGIII’s demeanor is humble, patient and intelligent. He could have some special packages during his rookie season that would put pressure on defenses (Wow! Considering that Peyton always puts pressure on Defenses). He could also be a good back up should Peyton succumb to injury, again. RGIII’s Mobility becomes an asset. If the Colts are planning to release P. Manning, anyway, then A. Luck seems to fit the Peyton mold as an ‘immediate’ solution. Both are talented (potential) young Men. Draft wise it’s a good situation for Indy.

  21. This guy has the potential to be a great qb. He has freakish athleticism, a live arm, and most importantly he has the intangibles. He would be similar to the current Michael Vick but with the body of a 21 yr old. FYI, Tannehill is not a better prospect than RG3 and it’s not even close. Nick Foles is the 3rd best QB, Ryan Tannehill has potential but he is a guy that you develop for a few years and then give him an opportunity like Romo, Rodgers, and now Flynn

  22. Rams are sitting pretty. They won’t be trading Bradford and that contract plus you give up on Bradford after a down year following an impressive rookie season for an unknown QB who played in a conference with poor defenses.

    Cleveland, Washington, Seattle, Miami will be desperate to trade up. Considering how Danny Boy Snyder likes the big names and his name in the news, the Deadskins will overpay dearly for RGIII.

  23. He’s a winner and makes his teammates better. I pity any GM who passes on him because he doesn’t fit into the cardboard cut-out of a pro QB.

  24. Tony Dungy says he would take Robert Griffin III over Luck, I don’t see whats so great about Luck anyway and I’m not the only one…

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