Jacksonville should have waited to talk to McCoy


Last night, word emerged of yet another ho-hum hire in the head-coaching ranks.  Mike Mularkey, long-time assistant and two-year Bills coach, became the third coach in Jaguars history.

The move came a day after the team had planned to interview Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.  But McCoy wasn’t available to be interviewed or hired, because his team pulled off a stirring and unlikely victory against the defending AFC champions, thanks to a brilliant game plan that came one week after the end of a regular season in which McCoy’s ability to devise creative game plans helped deliver an unlikely playoff berth.  Instead of waiting for McCoy’s season to end, the Jaguars jumped on the guy who was available to be interviewed and hired, because his team scored zero offensive points against an up-and-down 9-7 team.


The Jaguars would have been better off to try to find the next big thing — a rising Mike McCarthy, Mike Tomlin, or Sean Payton — instead of giving a failed former head coach a shot at redemption.  And if the Jags had opted ultimately to hire a former NFL head coach, why not Brian Billick or Dennis Green or Jim Fassel or one of the various former head coaches the Buccaneers are considering?

Let’s think about that for a second.  (Perhaps longer.)  The Bucs have assembled a posse of former NFL coaches to possibly replace Raheem Morris, but the Bucs didn’t even sniff around the guy whose offense they’ve had to solve twice per year for the last three seasons.

Shouldn’t that have been a clue to the Jags?

Look, I don’t know what happened at Mularkey’s interview.  Maybe he went in there with a win-one-for-the-Gipper fire-and-brimstone presentation that made Gene Smith pee his pants and Shad Khan try to run through the nearest wall.  The point is that, with McCoy possibly only three days away from being available, why not wait for the chance to bring him in and hear him out?

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  1. okay seriously can you go one day without writing an article bashing the Jags? I guess the Patriots were complete fools for hiring Belichick after he flamed out in Cleveland right? God damnit just report evenly and fairly on all 32 teams please not just the Jets, Packers, Steelers, and Saints.

  2. Mularkey has MAtt Ryan, Michael Turner, Roddy White, and Julio Jones on his offense and they accumulate 2 points in their biggest game of the season. The Jaguars have Maurice Jones-Drew. That’s it. I’d feel bad MJD….but he’s making millions of dollars. Enjoy another three seasons of losing Jacksonville.

  3. McCoy would of been perfect for the jags. Looking at what he did with another crappy quarterback, the jags need him.

  4. Wait a minute. One game does not make a season. Will anyone be surprised if Tebow and the Broncos are shutout against the Patriots? This site praises and OC whose Broncos offense is ranked #23 and rails against and OC (Hue Jackson) who’s offense finished #9? This after the Raiders lost the owner/GM, QB, their best two receivers and possible MVP of the league RB Darren McFadden? lol Come on, man! This will probably get deleted but it’s the truth.

  5. Ah yes, the usual “we know more than anything related to Jaguars” topic. Yes I agree this isn’t the sexy hire, but sexy or “the next big thing” isn’t always relevant. Besides Jax has Gabbert that absolutely has to develop this offseason and we don’t have time for “the next big thing”. It makes sense to have an established offensive coach who has had great success with young QB’s(Kordell Stewart, Tommy Maddox, Matt Ryan). Give me that over sexy anyway. By the way, how is sexy head coach working for the Jets?(Rhetorical question)

  6. Mularkey did pretty well in Buffalo, considering what he had to work with, and the conditions he had to work under. He is the last coach to have a winning season there.

    But, maybe more importantly, his O.C. in Buffalo……Tom Clements, the current Packer’s QB coach, who coached Brett Favre to one of his best years ever at 36, Aaron Rodgers to MVP caliber seasons, and even Matt Flynn, a seventh round pick to a record breaking one game performance.

    Clements quit Buffalo along with Mularkey in 2006, so they seem to have respect for each other.

  7. One more thing would you write “Jacksonville should have waited to talk to McCoy” if the Raiders had beat the Chargers week 17 and the Broncos would have missed the playoffs after a 3 game slide and/or the Broncos losing last week to Pitt. Of course not, but Jax bashing is the cool thing to do. Be consistent. It’s really not that hard.

  8. Gabbert runs the team now, that is pretty obvious from Khan’s statements and actions. He is also a better QB prospect than Matt Ryan ever was. Matt was still playing at B.C. when he was the age that Blaine is now. I think that Mularkey, especially if he brings Clements over from Green Bay will maximize Gabbert’s potential.

  9. As a Falcons fan and living in the ATL… i think i can speak for a large majority of Falcon fans and say thank you very much Jacksonville for being dumb as dirt and hiring that clown. You just helped us tremendously! (although, i think he was gone if he didn’t get another job)
    And this is not based on 1 game, but a collection of no results and the most predictable play calling of all time.
    -good riddance MM.

  10. “Mularkey has MAtt Ryan, Michael Turner, Roddy White, and Julio Jones on his offense and they accumulate 2 points in their biggest game of the season. The Jaguars have Maurice Jones-Drew. ”

    Still don’t see how one game trumps years of successful coaching.

    Besides, who’s to say Mularkey went in with a bad gameplan?

    Sometimes you’ve got a good gameplan and the players just don’t execute.

    And Turner is terrible.

  11. atlanta doesnt have enough talent, esp on the d. some blame goes on the hc also. can he motivate them to play someone other than the jags?

  12. It’s really creative/artistic how this site spins EVERYTHING about the Jags in a negative light.

    Play fair.

  13. This is so senseless….The last three games of the Broncos regular season were awful! Then a “miraculous” performance in the playoffs …what a great sample size to make this judgment….Oh that’s right, the Falcons couldn’t score in their playoff game…..I know it’s a “what have you done for me lately” league, but this is ridiculous!!!

  14. Mr. Wright 212 says: Jan 11, 2012 7:02 PM

    What is this guy’s axe to grind with the Giants? Always has to work in some snarky, subversive jab that lacks relevance.

    Are you contending that “up and down 9-7 team” is anything other than extremely accurate?

  15. First off, this article is pure speculation. McCoy could easily be the next Lane Kiffin or Mangini. Mularkey won’t be calling plays which is the only way he gets the job. He has head coaching experience and this scenario will look a lot rosier when Mel Tucker signs his new deal. He was one of three head coaching targets and hiring him prevented him from getting offers elsewhere. I don’t think he left town. It sure ain’t sexy, but to allege McCoy is outright a better option with such venomous reproach is risky. The type of thing that could easily make you look foolish in a year or two.

  16. Ok let me get this straight just because Tampa didn’t have malarkey on their head coaching list then the Jaguars should not have considered him. Whatever! When did the Tampa Bay Bucs become the freaking model franchise….are you kidding me? And this McCoy guy….what has he accomplished? As some one said one season does not a career make! Malarky has done a great job with Ryan In Atlanta – and one game does not in my mind take that away. Is the hire splashy? No! But come on trying to use the Bucs as a model franchise – give me a freaking break!

  17. I don’t care much abt the Jags but I browsed to see the comments bc I thought this assessment was pretty accurate…. I now know Jags fans are delusional. Mularky is awful, you’re team is either moving or hopefully mercifully contracted, Gabbert is horrible, and you guys are mad at the writer because you’re inexperienced owner got fleeces by Mularky?… You guys need to reassess….

  18. Wait a minute. You are all suggesting that the only think McCoy had going for him is a playoff win vs. Pitt.

    Let’s not forget that the guy was tasked with a QB change after 5 games and turned what most people say is a mediocre offense…into a 7-1 run during the season.

    He did a great job at OC given what he had to work with. Is it enough to snag a Head Coach job? Some people think so. Others don’t. The point is that he certainly has more credibility than just the Pitt win.

  19. Failed former head coach????

    Listen Einstein. The League is full of guys who did pretty good the 2nd and 3rd time around.

    Don’t see you pounding on Crennel this way.

  20. I’m not saying Mularkey is great, but calling him a failed former coach isn’t exactly fair. The Bills have one winning season since 1999, and Mularkey was the coach of that team.

  21. Buffalo started 1-5 in 2004, but then went on a tear at the end of the season. Mularkey did a good job of wrangling together the frayed elements of that team and putting them in position to compete after that terrible start.

    The issue that season was that all they had to do was beat the Steelers 3rd stringers to make the playoffs in the last game of the season. I was at that game, and we all thought it was going to be a coronation. Instead, I’ve never seen a team come out flatter with that much to play for. (I guess kinda like Atlanta this past Sunday.) I think he will bring JAX back to respectability, but his big-game coaching acumen is suspect.

  22. Time will tell of course if Mularkey was the right hire.
    But from the Jags perspective I think the choice boils down to 3 words….developing Blaine Gabbert.

  23. Shahid Khan needs to find a bigger role for Tony Boselli in the organization. Boselli is genius, Gabbert is genius, together they could really make that franchise shine.

  24. Are you kidding me!!

    Dennis Green and Jim Fassel! What aren’t if not failed headcoaches. And talk about available. They’ve been coaching the UFL or nothing with no interviews for three years.

    And Brian Billick! The offensive mastermind that gave Elvis Grabac 58 million dollars the year after winning the Super Bowl and cut him one year later. A coach that completely wasted the Dynasty Defense of the last decade.

    There are three teams that need a head coach. Oakland, St Louis and Miami. They will probably go offensive head coaches and we just hired the guy that brought the ATLANTA FALCONS to four winning seasons.

    Are you kidding me!
    I’m not saying MM is going to deviliver anything, but your analysis off base.

    Crum the Bucs are thinking about digging Marty Schottemhimer

  25. plus no where in your article is what actually happened.

    Obviously the three were narrowed down to Gruden, Schotty and Mularky,

    Gruden said no,
    They said no to Schotty,

    there you go…

  26. Jag Fans, this guy wrote this article because he’ll get a kick out of you losing your mind after reading it. But really, use a little class. This completely disregards any positive aspect of this deal. Mularkey had an ill-fostered situation in Buffalo and is getting a second chance at showing his potential. He’s good at developing young QBs and that’s exactly what he’ll be called upon again to do. He won’t be calling plays. He’s stated he will hire an OC. He’s also interested in bringing #6 ranked defense DC Mel Tucker back which is a hit with the fans. The Jack Del Rio era lasted too long and left the organization in a funk. Mularkey signed a 3 year deal. He’s tied to GM Gene Smith and QB Blaine Gabbert, for the most part. This is a good hire for the Jags, a good job for Mularkey, a good thing for the city of Jax, and apparently it’s a good chance for a disgruntled sports blogger to act all negative nancy.

  27. “What is this guy’s axe to grind with the Giants? Always has to work in some snarky, subversive jab that lacks relevance.”

    Guess you weren’t around in 2007 when he predicted that the Giants would lose each playoff game and that the Pats would romp all over them in the Super Bowl. Basically made an ass of himself deriding the Giants before each game and hasn’t owned up to it yet.

  28. “Mularkey has MAtt Ryan, Michael Turner, Roddy White, and Julio Jones on his offense and they accumulate 2 points in their biggest game of the season.”

    Actually, no. They accumulated ZERO points. The defense scored the 2 points.

  29. I dont want to wait three years. If this clown blows after season two, him and Gene Smith should be placed in a barrel full of nails and floated out to sea.

    That being said, good luck Mularkey and welcome to Jacksonville.

  30. Unless Jacksonville wants to run a very predicatble offense like Denver consisting of 70% run plays and a few deep ball pass plays, I don’t see how you guys find him a hot commodity.

  31. Mularkey was a candidate the last time the Jags were looking for a HC and this time they got their man and not some other hot up and coming like last time (JDR ring a bell?). Maybe he works out, maybe he doesn’t, but immediately second guessing the hiring and searh process when the people at Everbank have been incredibly tight lipped about such things as the sale of the team and the full roster of individuals they spoke to? Come on, neither you, nor the fans, nor I know the half of it so at least try giving the benefit of the doubt to the people whose actual livelihood depend on making the right decisions with running a football team or spend 3/4 of a billion dollars for the right to sign those checks.

    This article doesn’t even qualify as journalism, with it’s clear bias, lack of true research, and dearth of analytical thinking. It reads more like a tinfoil hat wearing fanboy banging away at his keyboard in the basement. PFT’s quality seems to be in decline.

  32. Belicheat and Mularkey are GREAT comparisons in this regard – as Belicheat actually IS a living example of a coach who FAILED early on and then went on to succeed.

    Mularkey is getting his second chance – how is that not comparable? You wouldn’t happen to be sitting at a Chucky Cheese table would you?

  33. He wasn’t fired in Buffalo, quit because of management.

    The Falcons have been pretty good on offense. I’ll take that over what we’ve had.

    The Bucs? Really? Come on man.

  34. “The Jaguars would have been better off to try to find the next big thing — a rising Mike McCarthy, Mike Tomlin, or Sean Payton — instead of giving a failed former head coach a shot at redemption”

    Better off says who? You? Based on what? Your extensive blogging experience?

  35. So the article is busting Jax for hiring an O coordinator for a team that had 3 highly productive years on O but just so happened to lay and egg in one game, in favor of going after an O coordinator for an 8-8 team that scores about 6 pts per game, on average?

    Um, yeah, OK….

  36. The Jags tried “the next big thing” with Jack Del Rio and they got a guy who wasn’t ready for the big time and they waited extra long hoping he’d grow into the position. Gene Smith (who spent over a decade working up the ranks to become a GM) was not going to allow them to make that mistake again. I don’t get why all of this is so difficult for some people to see.

  37. You can bash this pick because that is what you do but then please tell me why Fisher is such a hot item? What has he won and who did he develop?

  38. Why are we hyping McCoy? I’ve never heard of this guy, and the offense he runs is a high school offense that is flukey and unrealistic. What did McCoy do with a conventional nfl offense featuring Orton, and Lloyd? Last time I checked, nothing! This guy caught lightening in a bottle, and once this non sense offense is figured out next year, he will once again be just another run of the mill OC.

  39. plt1026 – your 10:24.

    Couldn’t have put it better, won’t even try. Good one.

    Consider the source.

    One of his recent efforts was the 2nd hand story of the ‘unnamed’ jets players who are unhappy with Sanchez.

    Can you say ‘make it up’ boys and girls?

  40. Hmmm, let’s see. Smith and Khan interview Mularkey. Let’s assume for the moment they really like him. He says the right things, has plans for Gabbert and the offence, discusses who he’s like on his staff.

    The Smith and Khan wait on McCoy.

    In the interim, Mularkey interviews with some other team, they make an offer that he can’t refuse, and he’s unavailable.

    Then, McCoy decides to stay in Denver.

    Well, there all the other old retreads remaining, right?

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