Jets officially name Sparano offensive coordinator

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Just 12 hours after Brian Schottenheimer “resigned” from the Jets as offensive coordinator, New York just happens to have another guy ready to take the job.

The team announced that former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano is officially the team’s new offensive coordinator. This was first reported by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen Tuesday night.

It remains to be seen whether Todd Haley arrives as a “passing game coordinator.”  Sparano only has called plays for one year of his career and isn’t as experienced in the passing game. He certainly hasn’t developed quarterbacks. Sparano could provide a counterbalance to Rex Ryan’s bluster and add some toughness to the team’s offense.

Ross Tucker of raises an interesting possibility. Could Chad Henne follow Sparano from Miami to New York to provide competition for Mark Sanchez.

You know, if Peyton Manning isn’t available.

45 responses to “Jets officially name Sparano offensive coordinator

  1. Good coach, good guy…but, does NOT fit there….will be out in a year , his choice.

    Sparano could not win w/Henne,,and Henne better than Sanchez. rB’s and receivers better in Miami short, he has no shot.

    Happy 43rd anniversary jet fans

  2. Hmm, wasn’t Sparano on the receiving end of “disrespect” when the Dolphins openly pursued Harbaugh last year? Guess it’s OK when you’re the one being pursued.

  3. HAHAHAHA! Enjoy him, you can have him! Firing Tony was my number one offseason move, and the Fins did it early. The guy can’t even coordinate an o-line, much less the whole offense! Prepare for fist pumpin’ field goals!
    Look slike the Fins got you jets guys twice recently. Eliminated you from the playoffs, and now Tony is your oc….wow!

  4. “Hey Peyton, it’s Tony Sporano. How do you feel about playing starting quarterback for the New York Jets? Great! Now I’m assuming you’re comfortable with the wildcat… Hello?….Peyton?”

  5. Putting Ryan, Sparano and Haley together will be a disaster! Before you know it Ryan will announce them to be the Dream Team of Coaches, ask Vince Young and the Eagles how putting a bunch of big names with even bigger egos worked out.

  6. This whole fiasco is not Sanchez fault, its not Shottenheimers fault, its not Santonios fault.
    Its all Rex Ryans fault because Rex Ryan is all about Rex Ryan’s mic/camera time and not about T E A M.

    Jets will not get better until Rex is gone.

  7. Chad Henne. Give me a break. He’s not competition. He sucks. If they seriously want competition they don’t have to look out of house. McElroy was really good in pre-season. Time to give him another look, but I still think Sanchez is our guy.

  8. lol im a dolphins fan, and i agree that this guy took a lot of unwarranted criticism during his time in miami, but how can the jets fan truly be excited about this hire.

    all i heard from jets fans last year was “sparano sucks” and “haha look at him fist pumping for field goals, what a loser”

    i dont see why jets fans should be excited about this guy to run their offense..

  9. came into Miami as a offensive line “guru” and had the worst line in the AFC..never developed a running game never developed a QB and all he got developed was a picture of him pumping his fist after a Dan Carpenter field goal …idiot Jets fans good luck

  10. This is one of the big reasons I think the Pats should be able to bring McDaniels whenever they wanted after the Rams fired him. How is it fair that teams that don’t make the playoffs can start contacted coaches and begin their offseason and teams that are still playing have to wait while coaches are being cherrypicked off of their staff?

  11. as a bills fan i really hope they bring in todd haley too. ryan+sanchez+sparano+haley= epic fail. but i’m sure rex thinks they’re going to the superbowl either way

  12. Sparano must somehow be really desperate for a job. He’s going to a team with much less offensive potential than he had at Miami, with a boatload of selfish me-first players who are going after each other in the media with verbal daggers, with a GM who craves acquiring those types of players, and a HC who’s a bloviating buffoon unable or unwilling to control himself.

    I’m disappointed in Sparano. I thought he had more self-respect.

  13. Sparano is a good guy, but in terms of “coordinator” it seems a reach. He is more like a Hudson Houck type.

    They will have to have a great QB coach and someone that can draw up the passing game as well.

  14. You better use your first few picks for field goal kickers as they drop from over use.

    Enjoy those fist pumps!!

  15. Schotty wasn’t the main problem of the Jets offense and Sparano isn’t the solution. Figurehead swap for sake of appearances but it’ll take a whole lot more to fix the problems goin’ on with Gang Green’s O.

  16. Not a bad hire at all Jets fans. Gotta look at the big picture here. This team was decimated by bad chemistry and the blame game. Tony baby will shore that up. He’s tough, commands respect and his players love to play for him, (ask any Dolphin).

    This hire was not only about X’s and O’s. The Jets proved this season that is only half the equation. What the Jets needed was a no-nonsense type of guy who if he was on the staff this year as the OC would have grabbed Santonio by the collar and told him to keep his mouth shut because he’s only a small part of this team.

    Schott did not command respect and it showed. This is a GOOD hire.

  17. Really don’t know much about Sparano. I know he kept a horrible Dolphins team competitive. They never quit on him which says something. Hopefully he can do something with an anemic offense.

  18. mistrezzrachael
    Jan 11, 2012, 12:19 PM EST
    Good coach, good guy…but, does NOT fit there….will be out in a year , his choice.

    Sparano could not win w/Henne,,and Henne better than Sanchez. rB’s and receivers better in Miami short, he has no shot.

    Happy 43rd anniversary jet fans
    Simply put the dolphins do not have better offensive talent than the jets. That’s what makes mark Sanchez sucking all the more unbelievable. They have surrounded him with talent and he can’t get it done. They made it all about him and got away from the formula that had them on the verge of the super bowl. Henne would provide Sanchez with competition and I bet would beat him.

  19. Who needs Comedy Central when the New York Jets are around to fill the void?

    Seriously? Sporano as OC? He was a O line coach in Dallas, before he came to Miami. He knows NOTHING about developing a QB, as evidenced by the stellar record of Chad Henne.

    Maybe Woody is thinking a year into the future. Once the whole team implodes on Rex Ryan by Thanksgiving next year, the Jets can 86 Ryan, and just hand the keys to Sporano.

    I honestly didn’t think Sporano did that bad of a job as HC in Miami, but was handcuffed by a front office that will never understand the value of a franchise QB. Tony did the best with the talent he was given.

    But yeah, fist pumping field goals means your expectations are just a tad bit shallow.

  20. Were’s all the outrage over this hire? McDaniels was fired by the Bronco’s 14 months ago and everyone’s panties are in a bunch over the Patriot’s hiring him after St Louis essentially fired him. Meanwhile, the Jet’s hire Sporano who was fired not even a month ago by Miami, only to face the Phins twice a year. Why does THAT “loophole” not need to be closed? I’ll tell you why; Because IT IS NOT A LOOPHOLE!! Both McDaniels and Sporano were no longer under contract. Street free agents, you can call them. Hypocrites.

  21. I liked Sparano. He wasn’t the issue in Miami but he couldn’t get the team to put everything together at the same time. They didn’t quit on him which is surprising considering the Harbaugh fiasco. Jets got a great guy and a no nonsense coach…I just have no idea how he would be as an OC. Listening to some Jets fans, he can’t be any worse than what they had

  22. Take Chad with you, Tony. I live in So FL and I’m tired of A) being forced to watch the Dolphins, and B) watching them throw out overrated QB after overrated QB. Granted, Matt Moore played his rear off, but only got the chance because everyone else was injured.

    Anyways, I think this may work out for the Jets. Most players respond well to Sparano, and he is certainly a better assistant coach than a head one.

  23. As a Dolphins fan, I think most of my fellow fans are displaying sour grapes over their comments.

    I hate the Jets, but this is a good hire.

    1.) They get a guy who has coached in their division for the last four years. It’s basically like pooling everything the Dolphins know about your division rivals with everything the Jets already knew about them.

    2.) They get a guy who knows the Dolphins personnel, weaknesses and strengths – better than the Dolphins new coach will (assuming Todd Bowles – the only on-staff coach to interview for the position, isn’t hired).

    3.) Oh BTW, (as has been talked about in Miami), if Fisher goes elsewhere… and Bowles does get the job (as Mike Nolan and Brian Daboll are well thought of as coordinators, and might be inclined to stay with Bowles)… the Jets get a guy who knows both the offensive and defensive scheme’s of the Dolphins as well as those coordinators do. Heck, he hired Daboll and helped merge his playbook with his own.

    4.) When the Jets were good (b2b AFC championships)… they were a ground and pound offense, who could throw when they chose. Well Tony Sparano is ground and pound – and regardless of what you think of his work, he always seemed to find some way to run the ball with some success.

    5.) If Sparano can handle Ritchie Incognito’s attitude, and turn in into a positive…. not to mention command the respect and attention of an entire 0-7 team – and still have them playing hard regardless… he’s more than capable of ironing out the out of control personalities which made the Jets offense a bigger a story AFTER the last game of the year – than it was before.

    As I said, I hate the Jets as much as anyone…. but I think people are fooling themselves if they see this as anything but a net positive for the Jets.

  24. As a Dolphin fan I applaud this hiring.

    Don’t the Jets realize Miami’s improvement on offense this year was due to Daboll? Sparano is an old-school, run first, BP clone. Good luck with that!

  25. Chad Henne to the Jets , that should be the answer to bring them a championship. Everyone is laughing in New England. Please bring it!

  26. Sporano with the Jets, this should be worth the price of addmission! On top of that, he’s the OC! He has little experience as a play caller, and he’s not as tough as everybody thinks. The reason they came back alittle during the season maybe because they stopped listening to him. Think about it. Poor Jets, now you have 2 knuckleheads on staff.

  27. @xsorethumbx: that’s why this’ll work: he’ll have the offense showing up in December. If they had this year, they might still be playing.

  28. Is Rex Ryan trying to get fired ?

    This is a terrible move for the Jets but good for non-Jet fans. Sparano sure is a ground and pound coach but he can’t develop a QB and thats Sanchez’s problem. I’m sorry but Schottenheimers offense was good enough when they made the AFC Championship, its Sanchez’s lack of progression that hampered that offense not the OC. If anything he was trying protect Sanchez at every turn.

    And a side note, do you really think Peyton Manning is going to go from an offense where he has total control to handing the ball off ? If there is QB who should be worried about Manning its Tony Romo, because giving Manning WR’s like Austin, Bryant and Whitten would make the Cowboys instant contenders in the NFC.

  29. Wrecks Ryan predicted two Super Bowls victories and that Schotty would still have his job.

    Sanchez can’t be feeling too good about his coach’s vote of confidence these days

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