Joe Flacco wants a little credit


We’ve noticed this year that Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has become a little more outspoken.

He’s not afraid to joke around or call out the media occasionally. That’s continuing in the playoffs.

“I’m sure if we win I’ll have nothing to do with why we won, according to you guys,” Flacco said to the media Wednesday.

Flacco has a fair point. While some quarterbacks get bogus credit for being a “winner,” Flacco doesn’t get the same treatment. Flacco notes that every time the Ravens throw aggressively, the Ravens get criticized for not running more.

“You guys want an elite quarterback? You have to stop complaining when we go out there and throw the ball 60 times a game,” Flacco said.

We think quarterback wins is overly simplistic and often misleading, but there’s no denying the Ravens’ success under Flacco. He’s 44-20 as a starter in the regular season with back-to-back 12 win seasons.

Perhaps the frustration with Flacco comes from his inconsistency. There are games where he looks like he could be a top-five type of quarterback. There are other games where he shrinks. His receivers aren’t great this year, but his numbers have declined from a year ago.

If Flacco can finally get to the Super Bowl this year, we’re sure he’ll get his fair share of attention and credit. His facial hair alone would probably inspire entire articles.

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  1. Grow up, win a SB and earn your credit naturally without having to lobby for it yourself. You are only hurting yourself. Let your play on the field do the talking. I am sick and tired of hearing about all of these high paid athletes that are so ungrateful for how lucky they really are. Millionaires that do what they love, granted they work hard for it, but there are so many less fortunate people in the world. Perspective, Flacco…think about it.

  2. His agent suggested a name change to something less bland. “Joe is so yesterday, how about ‘Formidablio’ instead?”. So Flacco did all the paperwork and called his agent back. “Hey, it’s Joe Formidablio here…”.

  3. Its seems easy to forget that Flacco came into the season with just Boldin and Rice as his receivers with which he had any chemistry. Neither Smith, Pitta, Dickson, Laquan Williams nor Lee Evans had spent any significant time in the offense, let the guy get some continuity among his targets first.

  4. Yes his numbers have declined but you act like Flacco has taken a HUGE step back. His Comp. Pct is down 5% (thanks to about 30 drops), he threw for 12 less yards, 5 fewer TDs and 2 more picks. Im a Ravens fan and do i think Flacco is elite, no. Am I confident we can win with Flacco, absolutely. I will still take Flacco over half of the league’s QB’s right now.

  5. I think that Flacco is a lot like Eli Manning. Both were questionable at the beginning of their careers. Filled with potential but always finding a way to toss an INT or fumble the ball. Eli won the Super Bowl with a strong team around him but wasn’t considered a good QB until this year. Flacco seems to be on that same path. Maybe he wins the Super Bowl this year but it probably won;t be until next year or the year after that he comes into his own.

  6. ok, so having the best record ever of any QB in their first four years in the league mean nothing? Beating every playoff caliber team we’ve faced home or away this year? The kid is going to make it with or without the media attention. Just saying…

    NFL, have fun defending Bazooka Joe for the next decade or so.

    P.S. Houston we have a problem!!!

  7. I’d rather have him than Tebow. But honestly his numbers by himself aren’t that good considering he has arguably the best RB in the league drawing the safties coming closer to the LOS. Flacco, you are a good, but not great QB.

  8. propertyofthebroncos says:
    Jan 11, 2012 3:09 PM
    hmm maybe that’s because you choke everytime the stakes are high and you suck. just a thought.


    How exactly do you define driving down 92 yards in Pittsburgh with less than 2 minutes on the clock to a game-winning touchdown throw to Torrey Smith as “choking”?

    Flacco does have his choke moments from time to time, but he’s also had clutch moments. He has enough tools and experience to win a championship this season, and he deserves a little opportunity to remind the public that he deserves a little credit for some of the Ravens’ wins during his career.

  9. I am not saying he is the next Steve Young, Marino or anything like that. You can’t dismiss that he won games when his number was called upon. Ask Pittsburgh. Yes he has choked. I am a die hard Ravens fan and I will admit there are times he has looked bad. But there are times he has looked phenomenal. Inconsistency is his biggest problem. Regardless we have wins and the team is in the playoffs. Not all teams NEED a QB to put up 350 yards and 3 TD’s a game to win.

  10. I will kindly remind everyone that this organization won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer as the starting QB……With that being said T-sizzle defends his QB because Ray Ray said pssst we got this we won with TD!

  11. We’ve somehow lost the idea that football is a TEAM sport. Yes, the QB is important and is perhaps the most important position on the field. But NO QB has ever won a game, much less a Superbowl, by himself. You could take Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady – combine them all into one person – and they would still lose every game – if they had no supporting cast.

    A QB without a line would get crushed on every play. A QB without a WR or TE would have no one to throw to. And so on. In the modern NFL, it takes about 70 players over the course of a season – most of which end up playing in some role or another – to compete, win or lose.

    Yet, somehow the QB gets the credit with wins, and the blame with losses. Silliness. Any time someone talks about this or that QB’s winning percentage or how many Superbowls he’s won – I tune them out. They just don’t understand the game.

  12. Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez practically have the same stats, except Flacco enjoys better teammates, better coaching and a tad more experience, just a thought.

  13. The Ravens have made the playoffs every year since drafting Flacco, but have not played a postseason game at home over that span. It all changes Sunday and Joe deserves credit for getting us to where we are.

  14. With that run game he should have better numbers. Put Stafford on that team and they already won the Superbowl

  15. Flacco should get credit for winning, but the top QB’s don’t have an 80 QB rating, and complete more than 57% of their passes.

    As much as Flacco helps the Ravens win, he also has helped keep them from winning even more. he needs to become more consistent to be mentioned among the top QB’s in the NFL.

  16. @nyjalleffingday

    You could not be more wrong.

    Flacco 64 games- 86 qbr, 60.8% comp, 13816 yards, 80 tds, 46 ints.

    Sanchez 47 games- 73.2 qbr, 55.3 comp, 9209 yards, 55 tds, 51 ints

    17 game difference and all there is no question who is by far the better player. And that is Flacco. His career qbr is 13 points higher. His completion percentage is 5 points higher, even though he had a completion percentage in the 50’s this season. He’s got more than 4 yards. And 5 LESS interceptions despite playing a full season more games.

    Flacco vs. Sanchez is for the uninformed.

  17. Flacco’s an above average QB, but let’s face it… Ray Rice is the engine that keeps that offense running.

    Every game that Rice doesn’t get his touches, the Ravens would lose, and to inferior competition. Flacco can’t beat a good defense without a lot of play-action and check down city to Rice and his TE’s.

  18. The Ravens won a title with Trent Dilfer. QB’s are obviously not their strength. Get over it Flacco. Everytime this guy speaks I like him a little less.

    And for the people saying Stafford could win a superbowl with this team you are crazy. Baltimore has to play Pittsburgh twice a year. Stafford would be broken after the first game. This Matthew Stafford love fest is getting ridiculous. Dude IS Jon Kitna. Ok, Maybe Kitna was a little tougher.

  19. He is going through his progressions.. everyone started out saying he was “Terrible”, then “Average”, now “Good not great”. He has the potential to be great but they need to let that short leash they have him on go so we can really see what he has. We do know he listens well, has nerves of steel, and can make great passes at times. We still don’t know how he reads the defenses, audibles, and improvises like the greats can do. Get to the SB and you may start hearing people talk about that next level my dude.

  20. qj1984:

    Actually you couldnt be more wrong:

    W/L- 4-2
    TD- 9
    INT- 3
    Completion %- 60.5%
    Rating 94.3 (6th all time in NFL playoff history)

    Joe Flacco
    W/L- 4-3
    TD- 4
    INT- 7
    Completion %- 53.3%
    Rating 61.6

    Last time I checked playoffs are what actually counts, as the original poster correctly stated that Flacco was a choker. In the Ravens playoff games, Flacco does everything possible in his power to make the Ravens lose, but they have such a good team around him they can still win games in the postseason.

    On the other hand, Sanchez has been way too inconsistent in the regular season but he plays like an elite QB in the playoffs. Not just the 6th best qb rating in NFL playoff history, but 4-2 with him playing great in both losses.

  21. No one is saying Flaccos is a top 5 QB, but the truth is anytime his name is mentioned its something bad.

    Everytime his name is mentioned people like to point out that Matt Ryan was draft higher and is the better QB. But wait, who is the better QB? Unlike the idiot who said Sanchez and Flacco has the same stats Ryan and Flacco do have close to the same stats. Ryan chokes everytime he needs to play an important game even though he has Turner and White. Flacco may not be great but people need to stop burying him, he is a good QB and a tough guy. He is willing to take those hits from Pitt and keeps coming.

    I think he is asking for less hating not more compliments.

  22. So this guy rides the coat tails of a superb defense and outstanding running back, and wants credit. What’s his name again? I forget. Does he do something?

  23. What does he want credit for? Go out and do something positive that gets your team to the Super Bowl and you’ll get credit. I don’t understand if he believes that he is as accomplished as other quarterbacks in the conference such as Brady, Roethlisberger, and Rivers.

  24. No one talks more stuff on Flacco than the people of Baltimore, so the national media can’t be faulted all that much.

    He’s a good quarterback. I watched the Terrell Suggs interview with Skip Bayless about Flacco today…hilarious!

  25. I would say that Flacco is the epitome of what an average NFL QB is. He would be garbage on a bad team and he could put up some good numbers on a powerhouse. The Ravens can and do win with the guy. My only problem with him is his childish whining about not being recognized. He seems like one of the kids that got mad if they didn’t get their “participation” trophy.

  26. Bottom line is that he gets the job down.
    The TEAM has made the playoffs four yrs running and he has played every game.
    What more can you ask for from your QB?
    Give the guy some credit.

  27. Flacco may not be the worst qb in the league but I wouldn’t want him. guess I feel the same of him that I do Tebow: when he has more clutch moments than not it will be different. sadly living in Maryland I’m subjected to all the Ravens games. redskins too which is just terrible…….

  28. I think democratsarestupid brought up a terrific point and comparison to Flacco, that he’s essentially a poor man’s Eli Manning. Flacco has the big arm and throws a nice deep ball like Eli, although with not as much accuracy, but he can also run a 2min offense quite well and loves out routes to his receivers. And just like Eli he can not show up for long stretches of games, and they both have the propensity to throw multiple interceptions in a game. The thing I notice about him is that sometimes he seems to have trouble going through his progressions and he has a tendency to make mistakes throwing the ball over the middle. Other than that he’s a solid NFL QB, but he has to at least get to the conference chamionship game this year if he wants opinions changed about him.

  29. @qj1984

    I was speaking in terms of the 2011 season because generally things tend to change from season to season in the NFL, as Josh Freeman can attest. Do you believe he is the same quarterback as he was last year? Is Alex Smith the same quarterback he was last year? Things change.

    Career-wise, you are quite right, statistically speaking (I don’t see nearly enough of Flacco to make an educated judgement on what type of QB he will become) Flacco looks to be the better player and was in 2011 as well also, but what I said holds true too. The Ravens have a superior running back, a mostly superior O-Line, superior or possibly equal Wide Receiver corps, mostly superior defensive personnel, (I prefer Rex’s system to Pagano’s, and I’d take Revis and Cro over your guys, and possibly David Harris over Ray Ray because of the latters age, but that’s it) a much better offensive coordinator, and I’d probably take Ozzie over Mr. T as well.

    Flacco is put into a position to succeed while Sanchez is forced into a position to fail, though like I’ve previously stated, he did an excellent job of screwing up all by himself too.

    CMP: 312 ATT: 542 YDS: 3,610 CMP%: 57.6 TD: 20 INT: 12 FUM: 9 RAT: 80.9

    CMP: 308 ATT: 543 YDS: 3,474 CMP%: 56.7 TD: 26 INT: 18 FUM: 4 RAT: 78.2

    Could you even tell the difference between the two if you didn’t already know? The only striking difference is the amount of interceptions, and it’s not exactly a secret Sanchez has a propensity for doing some exceptionally dumb things sometimes.

    The point of this is not to paint Flacco as a bad passer, because he isn’t, it’s to point out how unfair it is that Sanchez is being massacred by the press and even possibly his own team while his virtual statistical counterpart is begging the media for some attention. I suppose that is the price you pay for letting Rex Ryan and his vocal cords coach a New York team, but the fact that you can make a legitimate comparison between one quarterback that is under siege by almost everyone who has ever monitored his progress ever and another quarterback who has basically the same stats as the other QB except with better surroundings and 2 more years of starting quarterback experience should tell you a little something. Oh, and I’m surprised I got as many thumbs ups as I did. There must be Steelers fans afoot.

  30. Roethlisberger has been getting bogus credit for being a winner because of a great running game and great defense for most of his career. Heck the media gives him so much credit some think he’s a future Hall of Famer. Mark Rypien would love to have such credit.

  31. Here is what Flacco said to the media:

    “You guys want everybody to be Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. But you guys realize, those guys don’t run the ball? If we tried to do that, the criticism we’d take around here would be ridiculous. We could win eight games like that and lose one, and you guys would be like, ‘Oh man, what are you guys doing?’”

    He was just stating the obvious, and people are blowing it out of proportion. People need to lighten up!

  32. Joe Flacco is a middle of the pack quarterback who can help a team win but rarely can carry a team to a victory himself. With player like Rodgers, Brady and Roethlisberger in their prime – Flacco isn’t even in the conversation.

  33. Wow, you guys left a lot out of this interview.

    “I’m sure if we win [the Super Bowl] I’ll have nothing to do with why we won, according to you guys,” Flacco playfully said to the media, drawing laughter.

    Is what was actually said. That last “drawing laughter.” part sure does add a lot of context to the interview. He was joking around.

    but wait there’s more:

    “You guys want everybody to be Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. But you guys realize, those guys don’t run the ball? If we tried to do that, the criticism we’d take around here would be ridiculous. We could win eight games like that and lose one, and you guys would be like, ‘Oh man, what are you guys doing?’”

    Flacco was still cool and collected while talking about the criticism.

    “Do you see the criticism sometimes and say, ‘What the hell are they talking about?’” Flacco said. “Yeah, but who cares?”

    Another very crucial part of the interview that you guys decided wouldn’t put the right spin on your little blurb here.

    You know what. I agree that Joe is an above average QB, and not much more… yet.

    I also agree with his points about running the ball. In the end it’s the W and L that matter.

  34. “Football Guys”, guys who work in the business, read these threads. I know that for a fact. I also know that they read them to get a good laugh. None of this matters to anyone who actually has control of the situations you guys love to debate. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has a right to opine and have fun with it, I just hope nobody takes this that seriously.

    He’s 26, he leads a very successful team, and deserves a little credit for that. “Flacco” has become a negative buzz-word, and I’ll admit that that is not entirely fair. Such is the way of the internet I suppose. Can we all just agree that he’s pretty good, he’s going to have a pretty good if not very good career when it’s all said and done, and stop with the attacks?

  35. @rmc1995

    As soon as you said Ben had a good running game I stopped reading. Steelers rush rank the past 4 years…

    2011: 14th
    2010: 11th
    2009: 19th
    2008: 23rd

  36. Ok let me get this straight, you are a grown man begging for someone to pat you on the butt and praise you. You play the ultimate man game there is and you need this why? You need the praise and hugs call your mom. Do your job to the best of your ability, quit asking for praise and earn it this is totally asinine!

  37. pastabelly says:
    Jan 11, 2012 4:09 PM
    What does he want credit for? Go out and do something positive that gets your team to the Super Bowl and you’ll get credit. I don’t understand if he believes that he is as accomplished as other quarterbacks in the conference such as Brady, Roethlisberger, and Rivers.

    What has Rivers accomplished? He hasn’t gotten in the playoffs, let alone a Super Bowl in the last 4 years.
    Joe is only 4 years in the NFL, and so far has accomplished getting to the playoffs each of those 4 years. Not many other QBs can say that.

  38. He is an average NFL qb. As TJ yards and Matt cassell have shown us, lots of guys can win with a good supporting cast. And flacco has everything around him a qb could want, great running game and great D. He needs to quit whining, why does he care so much about the media? That’s a sign of mental weakness, but its too late now Joe, the cat is outta the bag. May as well just keep whining about not getting recognized for you qb rating of 80.

  39. What an inferiority complex. I bet his wife is sick of it.
    Do the ravens ever quit inventing stuff to whine about?

  40. Being a Ravens fan, I look thru purple colored glasses, but I think I am realistic about Flacco. He is a very good, but not an elite QB. He is in the second tier, behind Mannings, Brees, Rodgers, Rivers; but he is a hell of a lot better than Sanchez and frankly is better than Matt Ryan who has shown himself to be a choke artist when it comes to the playoffs.

    What Joe is saying is true. When the team wins, everyone says it was because of Ray Rice or the defense. When they lose Joe gets the blame. You can’t have it both ways. It was Joe Flacco who won the second Steelers game. It was Joe Flacco who brought us back against the Cards. If not for TJ and Q dropping passes in the playoffs last year it would have been Joe Flacco who beat the Steelers in the playoffs.

    All he is asking for is consistency and I agree. I think the guy is a very good QB who has shown the ability at times to take over a game and win it. He has not shown that ability consistently. But what you can not take away from him is the fact that in NFL HISTORY there is NO QB that has as many wins as he does in his first 4 years. You can say that it is despite him rather than because of him but let’s be serious. I’ll grant you a handful of games or even a season or two but there is no way you can tell me that he had nothing to do with it over the course of 4 seasons.

    Finally, we in Bmore that like Joe frankly don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. He is our QB and we like him. There is a vociferous small group of miscreants in Bmore that like to crap on Joe, but it is a small group. And look at it this way, Eli Manning is now considered an elite QB. He is now in year number 8 of his career. Joe is just completing year number 4.

  41. @footballfan80: “Last time I checked playoffs are what actually counts”

    Those comparing Sanchez favorably to Flacco in this regard should be reminded that the playoffs only count if you actually make the playoffs.

    After years of suffering Kyle Boller, I’ll take Joe Cool anyday. Still, Joe Flacco needs to get a ring before he will get the credit he deserves. IF he gets a ring, he WILL deserve a lot of credit.


  42. I am a Raven’s fan and I have watched or been to every game Flacco has been in.
    He is a mediocre to average quarterback.
    He is not an elite quarterback as he claimed at the beginning of the year.
    However there aren’t that many elite quaterbacks.
    He seems to have leveled off and not showing any signs of significant improvement but he has been adequate.
    Part of his problem is the weakness of the offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron.
    The big issue will be his contract after next year.
    This is not a guy who deserves a big money contract although from what I have read he seems to think he deserves it.
    With a quarterback of his limited ability the money needs to go to surrounding him with good players, not to him.
    All that being said I wish we had had someone of his ability during the Billick years.

  43. Flacco continues to lay the egg in the limelight and thats what people remember. Winning all year gets tossed out of the window at playoff time. He needs to grow a pair and win the ones that truly count. Then, and only then he will get the respect that he THINKS he deserves. He won’t have the excuse of having Pittsburg toss him on his playoff butt. This is his chance to shine. And it’s sad to say that depends on which Joe Flacco shows up against the Texans.

  44. Wow Flacco must be doing something right. Lot of haters out there. Flacco may not be in the elite category but he’s def worthy of being a franchise quarterback. It’s amazing how soon people forget about the Raven receivers continually dropping balls.

    Flacco is going to prove a lot of people wrong this postseason, just wait.

  45. Balti has consistantly had one of the top 3 defenses and running games in the NFL, yet they never get to the big game in a QB league. If Flacco makes a play or two in the postseason, maybe he’ll get the positive attention, instead of having to ask for it.

  46. Sorry Joe but if your name isn’t Tim Tebow, you don’t receive credit for winning football games. BUT if you lose, you will get all the blame…..unless your name is Tim Tebow.

  47. If all it took was an average QB and a great D then by that logic the Ravens should’ve won a Superbowl with Kyle Boller. Joe Flacco is above average. Right now he’s in the top 15 in the league at QB. He’s probably at 12 or 13. If the Ravens win the Super Bowl he has an argument to crack the top 10. His number 1 target has been Derrick Mason for most of his career. Look what Derrick Mason did on the Jets and the Texans. NOTHING! I love Mase, but did you ever consider that Joe made Mason look a lot better than he really was? The only WRs Joe has ever had that would be starters on any other team are Anquan Boldin and possibly Torrey Smith. Give Joe Flacco the offseason to work with Torrey Smith and his new WRs that he didn’t have much of a chance to work with this past offseason and Joe will shock most of you haters next season. If Joe and Torrey had their timing down then you can probably add a few hundred yards to Joe and Torrey’s numbers. Joe Flacco and the Fu Man Chu are awesome! Haters are gonnna hate and winners are gonna win. Right now the Ravens are winning and most of you peoples teams probably aren’t even in the playoffs.

  48. I’ve defended Joe Flacco’s play when even his own fans were down on him. But the constant whining is getting to be a bit much. Instead of concerning himself with whether he’ll get pats on the back if they win, he needs to be concerned about winning. He can worry about pats on the back when he’s sitting on a convertible in a shower of ticker tape.

  49. For all you that compare Joe to dirty sanchez, you obviously know nothing. It is infuriating to hear. Flacco has thrown 30+ more tds and 5 less picks in only 16 more games. But the only stat that means anything for a quarterback is the number of wins. The only thing Joe has done since day one is win. For the past four years the kid has taken every offensive snap, which says a little bit about his toughness that gets overshadowed by the almighty big idiot in Pittsburgh. For the past fout years he has led the ravens to the playoffs, and I believe this year is his year to take them all the way.

    The argument that matty ice is a much better quarterback is also a laugher. Sure he looks pretty good in a dome with white, gonzalez and Jones on the receiving end of things, but look what happens to him away from home in an open air stadium. This past weekend he looked like blaine gabbert in the pocket, falling away on throws. Looked like a scared little girl leading the falcons to another dissapointing playoff loss. Don’t think he had an attempt over ten yards in the first three quarters.

    As for his comments about the media, it is absolutely true and the title of this article exemplifies it. The only time you ever hear his name is when it is cast in a negative light. I think the last article you guys ran was him commenting on the ridiculous Tebow media frenzy.

    Just tired of Joe not getting credit where it is due.

  50. Joe Flacco, not everyone in Ravenstown is an idiot. There are probably more that love and appreciate you, we just don’t call the radio stations!


  51. Not sure why everyone brings up Trent Dilfer. If the current Ravens team had the 2000 defense, which is arguably the best of all time, Flacco would be working on his fourth ring this year.

  52. @benwantsababyruth

    Is your argument really that Flacco is better than Sanchez and Ryan? Who gives a crap. It’s like arguing which girl is the least ugly. None of them are a top 10 qb and will never be elite.

  53. It’s ALL about Flacco’s consistency, or lack thereof. In the game at Pittsburgh this year he was phenomenal, and top 5 in the league – easy. He destroyed Pitt on 3rd downs and led one of the best drives of any team this season to win the game in the final 2 minutes.

    Yet, in the game at Jacksonville, he was beyond terrible. He looked half asleep.

    If he can be 4/5 of who he was in the Pittsburgh game in every game of the season, he will be a top 7 QB. With the other pieces that Baltimore has, top 7 is plenty good enough.

  54. Joe doesnt look at good as he is b/c of crap WR’s. Q Boldin cannot get open, Torrie Smith can only run the deep route, Lee Evans cant stay on the field & LaQuan Williams didnt even start in college. His TE’s are up & coming but very raw. Flacco & Rice have carried their offense. He’s very good, when/if he gets skilled skill players around him he could be elite….

  55. Ok to everyone who says he whines too much. Watch the interviews in which he apparently whines. The one these guys are talking about in this article is on the Ravens website. Go watch it and see for yourself if he was whining. He said it cool and in a joking manner. He was asked a question and answered it. That’s all. He wasn’t whining at all. Go watch it.

  56. joe flacco is a good guy and doesn’t whine. he is talking to the b’more media and jokin around. joe has a great attitude. he has no ego problem. he always gives credit to his teamates. he is a real good qb too. smart, talented, tough .

  57. benwantsababyruth says: Jan 11, 2012 6:15 PM

    For all you that compare Joe to dirty sanchez, you obviously know nothing. It is infuriating to hear. Flacco has thrown 30+ more tds and 5 less picks in only 16 more games. But the only stat that means anything for a quarterback is the number of wins. The only thing Joe has done since day one is win. For the past four years the kid has taken every offensive snap, which says a little bit about his toughness that gets overshadowed by the almighty big idiot in Pittsburgh. For the past fout years he has led the ravens to the playoffs, and I believe this year is his year to take them all the way.


    Sweet SN, homer. Wins isn’t the only number that matters; Flacco’s benefited from Baltimore’s defense and running game during his tenure. I’m not ripping on him, but he’s mediocre in other categories. Case in point: his completion percentage in 2011 hovered around the bottom quartile in the league with the likes of Kevin Kob, Rex Grossman, Colt McCoy, and Mark Sanchez (yes, the guy whom you hate to see Flacco compared to). He doesn’t crack the top 10 in most other major categories, either – all this, as you point out, in spite of the fact that he doesn’t miss many games. Given this, I don’t really see what you’re complaining about. Yeah, teams he’s played on have won – the question is whether he’s doing anything that another quarterback with similar numbers couldn’t do. I wouldn’t necessary say otherwise, but nothing in what you state is convincing.

    So, end of the day … I’m a Steelers fan that actually doesn’t hate Flacco – imagine that. He’s dependable, he’s an average-to-above-average QB in most areas, and he executes well as a game manager, but he’s not elite and, therefore, doesn’t deserve the attention of an elite (again considering that he’s playing on a team with a defense that annually ranks in the top five and Ray Rice, who’s been a top-10 back every year that Flacco’s been in the league, sans 2008). That said, Flacco’s a universe away from the guy who started over him during his year at Pitt, so it looks like he got the last laugh.

    And for that matter, as long as the team’s winning with the guy in, who the hell cares what the media thinks. I’d assume there are bigger things to worry about.

  58. I’ll give credit where credit is due : Flacco, you managed not to lose games that Ray Rice and the D put you in a position to win. Congrats on not being a total waste.

  59. He’s a very good QB that occasionally lays down a stinker of a game. When he’s on though his accuracy is great. His big Achille’s Heel is his pocket awareness, or complete lack thereof. He holds onto the ball too long (I think in his aspiration to be like Big Ben and make something out of nothing at the last minute) when he should get rid of it, and he doesn’t feel defenders breathing down his blindside (and often coughs up the ball when hit from behind). If he could A) improve his pocket awareness and B) play well consistently, he could upgrade his status from “very good” to “elite”. However, I wish he’d contain this chip on his shoulder from the media on the inside, be quiet, and let his performances do the talking.

    In his defense, he took his team to the AFC Championship his rookie season, and didn’t get half the love that Tebow does. A fun fact I love about Flacco: his first ever road game in the NFL was at Heinz Field against the Steelers. The game went down to OT where the Ravens eventually list. Still it’s a pretty impressive feat when you consider that he came from Univ. of Delaware and college road games were played in the “unfriendly confines” of William & Mary’s Zable Stadium in Williamsburg, VA. In short, Night & Day in atmosphere.

  60. What I can’t figure out is “Why all the haters?” I mean, he isn’t a GQ cover boy like the Golden Boy in NE. He isn’t the former DTF slayer hobbling around Rusty City. He isn’t the old gunslinger coming back over and over when he really shouldn’t. He isn’t the extremely over-hyped dude who has a history of meltdowns in Big D. He’s just a a guy who has won and helped his team make the playoffs 4 consecutive seasons with average receiving talent and possibly below average OL talent up until this season. I don’t blame him for getting a lil’ tired of all the negativity – his numbers, statistically but moreso winning percentage stack up respectably when compared with ANY QB’s first 4 years in the league.

  61. Fan On Fire_Maurice Barksdale says: Jan 11, 2012 3:30 PM

    Flacco should get credit for winning, but the top QB’s don’t have an 80 QB rating, and complete more than 57% of their passes.

    As much as Flacco helps the Ravens win, he also has helped keep them from winning even more. he needs to become more consistent to be mentioned among the top QB’s in the NFL.

    Despite my name on here, I’m actually not a blind Flacco apologist. He has looked bad at times, but those stats are not a reflection of just those times. You want to imagine what the team would look like with Stafford at QB? Well, imagine what the team (and Flacco’s stats) would look like if he had had receivers who could consistently catch over the past four years. The Ravens receivers have been borderline atrocious over that period, and even guys like Mason were known to make some drops in clutch situations. Flacco gets killed for losing in the POs last year, but if Mason, Boldin AND Houshmanzadeh had been clutch he would have come into the season as a hero.
    Dude is not Brady or Rodgers or Brees, but he’s in the next tier below those and a couple other QBs.

  62. Flacco postseason stats:

    7 gms 98/184 53% 4TD 7INT 3 fumbles 1game> 200 yds passing(against KC). I don’t get the inconsistancy arguement. You Ravens fans are the worst.

  63. …because baltimore wins despite flacco, not because of him.

    Maybe a headline like “flacco does not blow it” would suffice. Assuming, of course, that he does not blow it.

  64. ogre2010 says:
    Jan 11, 2012 5:49 PM
    Sorry Joe but if your name isn’t Tim Tebow, you don’t receive credit for winning football games. BUT if you lose, you will get all the
    blame…..unless your name is Tim Tebow.

    Couldn’t have said it better. I’ve watched Flacco from Day 1. He’s fine. Not making excuses, but he’s never had a decent WR corps or an OC with a clue. There is the basis there now, WR-wise, but sometimes I think my Baltimore bretheren won’t be satisfied until #19 comes back from the great football field up yonder. Give the guy a break already! I suppose there will be a ground-swell of support to bring back the immortal Stoney Case!

  65. 4 playoff wins and 3 playoff losses. When Brady was 27 he was 9-0 in the playoffs, w/3 SBs. All Flacco’s done is hold the ravens back, they win despite him. The difference between the SB champion steelers and the ravens is Roethlisberger vs Flacco. Soon the ravens will be talking about Flacco like the jets are talking about Sanchez. It ain’t gonna happen. What a shame, with that defense.

  66. He wants credit for what?

    He’s an average quarterback at best behind an elite defense. Simple as that. Flacco has the body built to become a top quarterback but he lacks the brains, always screwing up, and I have never seen a quarterback with worse pocket presence in a very long time.

  67. ppdoc13:

    How the heck do you defend Flacco by saying Ryan is a choke artist in the playoffs? You are giving the other side of the argument more ammunition. If you think Ryan is a choke artist in the playoffs, what does that make Joe Flacco, a bigger joke artist in crunch time? Flacco is even worse than Ryan in the playoffs, the individual stats done lie! Look them up if you need to. The only difference is their postseason W-L record, and thats what all the Flacco detractors are saying, that the Ravens win in spite of him in the postseason. Theres no way to defend that. Someone who has 4 td to 7 int’s and just over a 60+ qb rating cant possibly be helping a team win, and in fact is hurting his team tremendously. The ravens have a much better defense and offensive line than the Falcons, thats why they are able to win games in the playoffs in spite of him.

  68. Does anybody cry more than this loser?

    Seriously, this guy has some self-esteem issues if he needs constant positive reinforcement to function.

  69. @charmcityravens …

    It’s probably more accurate to say some Ravens fans expect him to be Roethlisberger and come up with seat-of-the-pants plays. He’s probably criticized more for not being Ben than for being ineffective. Joe gets it done–that’s why he’s been in the playoffs every year since he came into the league. But the expectation for him isn’t to do his job–it’s to best Roethlisberger.

  70. @Deb
    If I always believe the media’s spin, then I’d agree with you. But, I listen to what Flacco says in the context that it is said. Can you give me a time where he was actually whining? He certainly wasn’t in this interview.

    The media love controversy and they love nothing better than to misconstrue what people say to get people talking. Flacco is not a whiner.

  71. @nyjalleffingday

    Flacco has had an off year. There is no denying that but looking at his career as a whole vs. Mark Sanchez proves they are not in the same ball park. Flacco is far more consistent and he’s actually done better. Flacco didn’t play well THIS season. Sanchez’s THIS season is pretty much how his entire career to this point has gone.

    There is a far greater chance that Flacco will bounce back than there is that Sanchez will actually improve.

  72. As evidenced by the photograph attached to this story, Flacco is learning Tebow’s throwing motion in an attempt to garner more attention.

    *not sure why my comment got flagged the first time around…

  73. @steelbydesign
    Obviously you stopped reading because you would have read that Ben also gets credit for winning for what the defense does as well. No question the last three seasons the steelers have become a passing team. But throughout Ben’s career the steelers passing game has never been higher than 9th and in both those years the steelers failed to make it to the post season. In both Super Bowl wins the passing game was in the bottom half of the league. The Steelers defense has been top 5 for 7 of Ben’s 8 seasons, finishing 4th and 1st in 05 and 08. The running game has enjoyed elite status with 3 of Ben’s 8 years in the top 5. Steelers fans try to blame the offensive line for all of Ben’s sacks so they will go to his passing numbers which don’t count losses in a sack. But Ben gets credit for all the 10 yard passes on third and 12 after he gets sacked on second and 5. So those numbers are misleading.

  74. Among the things I have to say is I am glad I don’t have a reporter in my face everytime I turn around. I know, pay me millions and I will talk to the press too, but it doesn’t mean I will say the right things. I have to say, although I don’t like the Patriots, I love that Bellicheck never gives the press anything. Nor do his players.

    Joe has had a tough year. First season with no QB coach. Pretty major changes in receivers (his security blanket was Mason and Heap, both gone). I think there are issues at times between he and Cameron. But those are excuses. If you are great you overcome these things. Other QBs do. So statistically this has not been a great year. I think you see that frustration in Joe’s remarks.

    At the end of day, Joe draws criticism because of success. I like the parallel drawn above to Eli. They both are more quiet leaders (not rah, rah guys). Eli, earlier in his career would throw a stinker or two out there too. He is much more reliable now and of course won a SB. If Joe can match that (and that is IF) that will prove to be a great comparison.

    Last, don’t forget Joe is a Jersey boy at his core. Not many people where he from take criticism after criticism without striking back with some sort of in your face comments. He will take it for a long time until he lashes back…just ask from Derick Mason.

  75. @ Deb…

    Typical self absorbed pitt fan assuming that everything is about Ben and the Steelers. If you knew Baltimore fans you would know that very few Baltimore fans (if any) want Joe to be more like Ben, or to be Ben. You never hear that he is “not Ben” you hear that he is “not Rodgers, Not Brady, Not Breese” but nobody compares or wants to compare him to Ben. Reality is that your boy is an exceptional talent who has the ability to use his size and athleticism to extend plays and do things nobody else can do. If you contain him in the pocked he is an average quarterback. Look at Pittsburgh losses, teams that can keep him in the pocket (or when he is injured and can’t get out of the pocket) have great success against him.

    Baltimore fans do not want Joe to stand around, extend plays, hold the ball, and be like Ben. Baltimore fans (and probably coaches) want Joe to be more decisive, read a play, and make a quick accurate throw…. that is not Ben. Everything that happens in the NFL is not about your team. Nobody here wants Ben and nobody wants Joe to be like Ben. I don’t compare him to other people but if I were forced to I would say the best comparison would be Eli Manning. If you look at Eli’s stats his firt 4 years Joe’s are actually better.

    Also to all the people talking about Joe “whining” you don’t get him. He has a very dry sense of humor and likes to joke a lot. If you saw the video of this interview you would never think he was whining. He was making a joke with some members of the media… he laughed…. they laughed. Get over it.

    That is all…

  76. @Deb

    You and a couple of other Steeler fans on her really do draw my respect. You do give Joe “fair” analysis.

    He is far from Kyle Boller 2.0 (which was one comment from a less fair Steeler fan months ago I think I detested the most). But at the same time, he is not elite and he is not Roethlisberger. And I agree that most Ravens fans want him to be better than Ben most of all (probably me included).

    These out of context quotes make for better headlines the the actual truth of an interview. But isn’t that really the fodder for PFT? Sensationalism! And PFT, it’s not just you. It’s the 4 letter and everyone else in your industry.

    My best advice for Joe. Shut up and try to beat the hell out of the teams you play. The rest takes care of itself.

  77. “Watch the interviews in which he apparently whines. The one these guys are talking about in this article is on the Ravens website. Go watch it and see for yourself if he was whining. He said it cool and in a joking manner. He was asked a question and answered it. That’s all. He wasn’t whining at all. Go watch it.”

    Yea, I completely agree. Unfortunately, %90 of the people here just read the title of the article and posted their response. It’s funny and actually a little sad that people are arguing about Joe being an elite QB when in the interview he even admitted that he was not.

    Everyone take your ADHD meds. Take a deep breath and read. Maybe, just maybe go read the entire interview or even listen to it and gain the full context of the subject. I promise you will feel a bit foolish for some of the stuff you are arguing about, because you just read the title of this article and then left a reply.

  78. @noquickreactions

    You’re reading Deb wrong. As a Ravens fan, I feel she’s the most fair minded Steelers fan I have seen on PFT. The press makes Joe out to be a whiner. And a lot of people have latched on to that.

    And I think she said Baltimore fans want Joe to “best” Roethlisberger, which Joe did this year. I think too, we’d like Flacco to have Ben’s overall success, not necessarily his exact style. I’d argue Ben’s style gets him injured way too often, especially with the o-line they had this year.

    Believe me, I am not quick to protect Steeler fans. But Deb is fair.

  79. @ Bunkmcnulty

    First… great name…

    I agree in part I do however feel that Deb is like many steeler fans who think that the NFL revolves around the Steelers. If we want Joe to be better we automatically want him to be Ben. I find it funny that every time an article like this comes out the Steelers and Ben are brought into the conversation. This article has nothing to do with the Steelers, it is just a funny comment that Joe made which has been taken out of context. First time I heard him say this I laughed and thought “good one Joe” didn’t even see the comments going out of context like this.

    As a Ravens fan I want Joe to be Joe, I think he is a better passer than Ben, the difference between the two is that Ben has the ability to extend the play. Teams (San Fran, Houston, Baltimore, Denver) are starting to realize that if you can keep him in the pocket (easier said than done) you can shut him down. Joe can stand in the pocket, take hits without telling everyone about every little ache and pain he goes through, and make throws. That is what I want in a QB.

  80. @noquickreactions…

    I agree. I love that Joe never discusses his health. I don’t live in the past, but his rookie year going into the playoffs, the dude was really banged up. Never once complained. Never once used it as an excuse. I do love Joe’s toughness and the fact that he never discusses aches and pains.

  81. Divisional Round
    19-27 265 yards 2 TD 0 INT
    Champ Round
    25-37 335 3TD 0INT

    Joe’s stats this year, call me out in a few weeks if I’m wrong

    (Cop out here, if the Broncos find some way to get past the pats I’ll go with 16-25 190 1TD 0INT against Denver)

  82. qj1984: And where does Flacco’s vs. Sanchez’s playoff performances fit into the equation? Are they not relevant or is it just that the regular season games are so much more important than the playoffs? The stats done lie. 4 td 7 int’s and a 60+ qb along with a 53% completion is doing everything in your power to make your team lose. We arent arguing necessarily who is a better qb, the question on hand is whether Flacco is a choke artist. The answer is yes, unless you want to rewrite his past playoff performances and change history. Theres no way to dispute that with his level of play in the playoffs. End of story.

  83. Bitter much, Rosenthal?

    Show us where Flacco was declared a failure at every opportunity during the early stages of his career, and your bitterness would be justified.

    Until then, keep crying. Your tears taste delicious.

  84. At best Sanchez held steady, at worst, he regressed. He was severely limited by factors beyond his control (poor pass protection, lazy WR’s that allegedly didn’t get along with him, a dumb OC, ect) but of course played a big part in the suck. If you watched Sanchez as much as I do, however, you’d see that he got worse at things he did well previously.

    If you look at Sanchez through the years, you can tell he’s not a thread the needle precision passer, but that’s exactly the mold that the Son of Marty tried to stuff him into. He has to throw precision passes all day, while 350 pound linemen are blowing through our turnstile RT, and trying to murder him. Sanchez can throw a pretty nice deep ball though, but we almost never let him until the game is out of reach. Wanna know a really gross stat? Tim Tebow completed more 40+ yard plays in one game then Sanchez did all year, and that’s NOT Sanchez’s fault. Mostly, anyway. Screens are few and far between. Slants are constant. Often the ball is just checked down to Greene anyway because Sanchez is so beaten down by fear of making a mistake. When the Jets offense lines up on the field, it says to the defense “OK, just defend 20 yards.” Braylon Edwards was our deep threat, the guy who kept all the heat off Santonio so he could do his thing, and we lost him. Our drives often are either “Pass, run, run, punt” or “Run, run, pass, punt.” I could go on all day.

    I don’t know where either players ceiling is, but I do know that Sanchez has a ton of untapped potential that I don’t know if we’ll ever see because 3 years of stupidity and bad decisions hampered his growth terribly, and the media is unfairly eating him alive.

  85. @edgarpoe2 …

    You’re right–I just read this article and not Joe’s actual comments. Have got to quit biting on this stuff because I know better. They’ve even gotten me to bite on posts about our guys 🙂

    @bunkmcnulty …

    Thanks 🙂 You read me correctly. noquickreactionshere must be new to the thread. I said Joe is expected to best Roethlisberger, not be Roethlisberger. And no, I don’t think the world revolves around the Steelers. But I do think no matter what he achieves, Flacco will always be criticized by a certain faction unless he can bring home a Lombardi like Ben has. And that’s unfair.

    Yes, the QB is a big part of the championship equation–but he’s not the only part. If he were, Marino would have a ring. As we go through this process every year, I’m reminded that getting a team to that podium is like managing the safe homecoming of the astronauts in Apollo 13. Everything has to go exactly right at exactly the right moment. Your playoff loss to Pittsburgh last year turned on a perfectly thrown pass that was dropped by Housh. No way that can be laid on Flacco. But people forget that drop when enumerating the years Flacco failed to make the Big One. As always, QBs take the blame whether or not it’s deserved.

    Flacco’s not an elite QB–nor is he as good as Ben (But then Ben isn’t as good as he should be, considering his natural gifts.) But Joe’s hard-working and consistent. And I’ll bet at least half the teams in the league would take him in a heartbeat.

  86. @footballfan80:
    Mark Twain once said, “There are three types of lies: Lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

    With your logic on statistics I don’t know why I wasn’t drafted in the first round of the MLB draft the year I batted .556 (5 hits in 9AB) in college. No one in the first round came close to my batting average. I even had a 1.000 steal success. Those baseball scouts were fools. 😀

    In ten years we can look back to see if Flacco or Sanchez fared better; but until then, using such a small sample is a Mark Twain-type lie.

  87. @ Deb

    “I said Joe is expected to best Roethlisberger, not be Roethlisberger”

    “It’s probably more accurate to say some Ravens fans expect him to be Roethlisberger and come up with seat-of-the-pants plays. ”

    Both quoted from your post, let me know which one is how you feel and I will let you know if I agree with you or not.

  88. @footballfan80

    Flacco’s stats don’t tell the entire story. He improved his post season performance 10 fold last year. And I expect that trend to continue this year.

    Sanchez has had nice stats in the post season, I’ll give him that but its a much smaller sample size to view when your comparing players.

    Look at Matt Ryan’s post season stats, surely you don’t think Sanchez is a better player than him.

    Peyton Mannings post season stats were not that great his first few years in the league either. I certainly don’t want Sanchez over him.

    Bottomline, Sanchez isn’t in Flacco’s league and I’d bet every dollar in my pocket that if given the chance Rex would swap them today.

  89. @noquickreactionshere …

    In your ongoing theme of being a jerk, you’ve taken the “be” comment out of context. charmcityravens posted “I think [it’s Joe’s] aspiration to be like Big Ben and make something out of nothing at the last minute.” I responded that it’s not his aspiration to be like Ben in seat-of-the-pants play, it’s the aspiration of fans that he be like Ben in seat-of-the-pants play. It was a very specific reference to Ben’s reputation for being able to create something from nothing and poof! a there’s the Lombardi.

    You can’t grasp the complexity of the comment because you’re too busy trying to prove the inaccurate point that I’m a typical Steelers fan who thinks the Steelers are the center of the universe–even though a thoughtful, Ravens regular on this blog has told you that’s not the case. Gee, I’m glad you’re not quick with your reactions. I’d hate to see how big an ass you’d make of yourself if you were knee-jerking 🙄

  90. @Deb

    You are still a homer and there is nothing wrong with that. You support your team well. I admire that about you. 🙂

    You also are often able to admit when you are wrong – example: The comments you made in this article, after you realized you were duped.

    I also think it is rather humorous that you accuse noquickreactionshere of taking your comments out of context, when we are all replying to an article that took someone’s comments out of context. 😉

  91. @ Deb

    I see you have proved you are the bigger person with your decision to start the very mature argument style of name calling. Good job 😉

    You said:

    “It’s probably more accurate to say some Ravens fans expect him to be Roethlisberger and come up with seat-of-the-pants plays. ”

    I said that is not accurate… it’s not out of context, your words say that you feel Ravens fans expect Joe to be Ben. That is not true, when you were called out on this you changed your comment to say Ravens fans want Joe to best Ben. Now you are back to saying that Ravens fans want Joe to “be like” Ben. Just admit you misspoke and we can move on.

    And yes, I can be a jerk, rude, arrogant, smug, but it is usually all in good fun, some people can’t handle that so I appologize for that.

    That is all for now

  92. @edgarpoe2 …

    True. I’m a good sport and all that, but I’ll whomp on your head if you mess with my teams 😀

    @noquickreactionshere …

    Oh, I can take it. I’m just going to give it right back 😉 I don’t think all Ravens fans expect Joe to be Ben. But there’s a contingent that will never be satisfied with Joe until he matches the accomplishments of the guy who put the Ravens’ arch-enemies back in the Super Bowl. They’re not measuring Joe against stat books or wins or even Brady. They’re measuring him against the cross-divisional rival who’s pulled victory from the Jaws of defeat by making wild tackles after a fumble and throwing last-second passes in the corner of the end zone. My only point was that it’s an unfair, irrational comparison.

    I’m a lifelong Bama fan and have been listening to LSU idiots tell me for months that Les Miles walks on water and has surpassed Nick Saban–the coach that left them behind. The second they lost to us in the championship game, they started calling for Les’s head on a platter. Not all LSU fans, but the childlike ones. It’s that same mentality. They care more about him beating Saban than winning the title. That’s what I was talking about. I can’t help it if you don’t get it.

  93. “can we all just along?” – Rodney King

    You know Deb, I listened to a sports talk show one day (maybe a year ago) where they defined the ultimate sense of rivalry was just beating your rival, not winning a title. I have to confess, if the Ravens won just 2 games a year, and they were both against the Steelers, I would have some satisfaction in that. But now that we’re this close this year, just winning the whole thing would be nice.

    For me, it’s because I live in an area in MD with way too many Steeler fans. Oh my goodness I wish Pittsburgh could retain some of it’s native sons and daughters. When it comes to football, I don’t want them where I am.

  94. @noquickreactionshere

    What I think is trying to be said here is that we don’t want Flacco to be Ben, but we want him to extend plays and make something out of nothing like Ben does and Ben is probably the best in the league at doing that. You are taking this whole thing way too seriously, and honestly if I had the choice between Ben and Flacco I’d probably take Ben. Now having said that in the next year or two I think Flacco will surpass Ben and I would not make that trade, but right now at this moment I would make that trade in a heartbeat. And in the future please don’t try to speak for other Ravens fans, just speak for yourself.

  95. @ravensfan4life52 …

    Well said. I love those wild plays Ben makes, but you can’t plan things like that. And the frustrating thing about him is that he hasn’t worked as hard as he should have through the years because he tends to believe his own mythology–that he’ll make miracles. As he gets older and suffers more injuries–well, we’re already seeing that it’s harder for him to create those miracle plays. That’s where the diligent preparation comes in–if he does it. Now we’ll find out how good he really is.

    @bunkmcnulty …

    Being in Fla., I’m surrounded by fans of every stripe. On the college front, this is Gator country–though I have quite a few Tide fans to keep me company. But on the pro side, it’s a total mixed bag. I’ll never forget walking into church on the day of SBXL and seeing a family that had just moved in wearing Seahawks jackets. That just irritated me to death LOL

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