Mark Davis deserves the benefit of the doubt, for now

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Our good friend Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports has penned yet another intriguing and thought-provoking item.  This one focuses on the possible reasons for the termination of Raiders coach Hue Jackson.

Silver’s theory is that Jackson knew too much about how poorly late owner Al Davis used to treat his son, Mark Davis, and that Mark Davis wants to remove from the organization anyone with direct knowledge of those interactions.  “To project an image of authority,” Silver writes, “Mark Davis needs to surround himself with employees who didn’t see him routinely disparaged and condescended to by his legendary father.”

Silver believes that Mark Davis is the classic Chris Farley (pictured) character known simply as “Tommy Boy,” and that Mark Davis couldn’t stomach “the thought of presiding over a team with a brash, intelligent and charismatic coach who knew how dismissively his father used to treat him.”

It’s funny and it’s fresh and it’s clever, but it’s also quite possibly dead wrong.

Upon the passing of his father, Mark Davis promptly sought the counsel of John Madden and Ron Wolf for assistance in finding the right person to assume the reins of the football organization, and Mark Davis accepted their advice that Reggie McKenzie is the right man for the job.  Silver criticizes Mark Davis for not going through the motions of interviewing other candidates, praising 49ers owner Jed York for doing the same thing last year when a stream of second-tier possibilities rolled through the offices at a time when everyone knew Trent Baalke was getting the job.  But York was, in the opinion of many, simply was setting up a phony competition that Baalke would be able to win.  Mark Davis decided not to waste time and money by bringing in a bunch of guys with no shot at the job, something Al Davis routinely did when hiring a coach, if only to pick their brains regarding the things other teams do.

Moving forward, Silver thinks that Mark Davis will urge McKenzie to dump any members of the football operation who know about the way that Al Davis supposedly used to mistreat Mark Davis.  If that happens, then perhaps Silver’s theory is right.  If it doesn’t happen, then Silver’s hypothesis is wrong.

For now, Mark Davis deserves the benefit of the doubt.  Mark Davis acknowledged on Tuesday that he knows what he doesn’t know, a rare trait among NFL owners who think that knowing a lot about something other than football gives them the ability to figure out a game that is far more difficult than it looks on TV.  By all appearances, Mark Davis has handed the keys to McKenzie, and Mark Davis plans to get out of the way.

Likewise, the annual sense of urgency that often characterizes the latter years of an aging NFL owner’s life likely will evaporate now, with a longer-term view of the franchise replacing the continuous tweaking that Al Davis surely felt compelled to do in order to get one more Lombardi Trophy during his lifetime.

And maybe, in the end, Mark Davis is opting not to “kneecap” (as Silver puts it) guys like Hue Jackson because they know too many embarrassing facts about Mark Davis.  Maybe Mark Davis opted to move on from Hue Jackson because Hue Jackson behaved too much like Al Davis — and maybe Mark Davis believes the Raiders can be run without big egos, hot tempers, or dismissive comments.

Maybe Mark Davis really is Tommy Boy.  In the end, however, Tommy Boy figured out how to save the company.  If Mark Davis, like so many other owners smart enough to know the limitations of their abilities do, defers to the football experts, the company owned by Al Davis may not only survive, but once again thrive.

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  1. Mike Silver ran a pretty disgusting article about Davis Jr. If your abusive Dad treated you like crap and was verbally abusive, would you want some jack-o ff writer telling the world about it? It has nothing to do with anything.

  2. Jue Hackson wasn’t fired because he knew too much about Mark Davis, he was fired because he was a terrible head coach, incompetent idiot, and a petulant power-hungry fool. Plus, he looks like a member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 90s live action movie.

    He largely stole credit for Tom Cable’s gruntwork in rebuilding that offense after the JaMarcus Russell disaster. Meanwhile, Cable is flourishing as an OL coach/assistant head coach for the Seahawks, while Jue Hackson is now a part of the 99%.

  3. LOL: Big Al definitely did enjoy interviewing coaching candidates and picking their brains.

    And while I have been gone since ’81 – there may be something to the Tommy Boy analogy, but in any event – good for Jr. to get out of the way and get a real football guy in there as GM.

    However, the old maxim still applies:

    Just Win Baby.

  4. We don’t have Al Davis’ photographs to make fun of anymore, but he left us his only misbegotten son….

  5. Trying to figure out what is worse…Sanchez QB play, Roethlisberger’s bathroom manners, or Mark Davis’ hair….hmmm…

  6. Mark Davis> Michael Silver

    Silver is buddies with Hue Jackson. Pretty low printing staff Al told to Mark Davis. Also it really makes Al look bad. The next year he drafted DHB anyway.

  7. Instead of insinuating that Al treated his son bad why not quote instances of such first so the article may have some credibility. Although I can imagine Al trying to get Marc Davis interested in the Raiders and football and Marc just saying “It ain’t my thing.

  8. Maybe Hue Jackson wasn’t a really good coach and no one wants to admit it.

    Trading draft picks a washed up quarterback that threw 20 interceptions last year, to throw 16 of them in just 9 games. He defended this saying it would turn out to be one of the best trades ever. Now the Bengals are loaded with picks to draft talent around Andy Dalton. Do you think Al Davis would have gave up so much for a washed up quarterback?

    The Raiders set records this year for most penalized team EVER! While they are over-reacting to him getting fired, they forget for every big play this team had, they had 2 stupid penalties that backed them up. Offense and defense both were misreable as far as penalties go. That falls on the coaches shoulders for not disciplining his team. He must not have had a whole lot of control over the locker room.

    So coming up with all these theories of how Mark Davis wants to renovate the place, why shouldn’t he? I’d be embarrassed too if my coach was a big mouth in the press conferences and a know it all and wanting power over the team, while on the hand he has no control over the team as far as penalties go.

  9. There are a couple franchise owners in the NFC East who would be wise to follow suit and seek the advice of John Madden and Ron Wolf as well rather then continually run their teams into the ground. Got to give credit to Mark Davis for one thing: he knew he was in over his head and went out and acquired some prominent advisers to help him.

  10. Thoughtful analysis, Mike. I’ve long enjoyed Silver’s humorous skewerings of Al Davis and the backstage goings-on in Raiderland, but I agree that he may be reaching here. If Silver’s hypothesis is true, then where are all the other rolling heads? I would think that everyone from Al’s secretary to Amy Trask to the team waterboys would be fired if Silver’s claim is true.

    By the way, this type of analysis is why I started reading PFT in the first place. Now if only you could give us some inside info on Mark Davis’ haircut . . .

  11. That Silver blog post was a flaming piece of dog poo. He doesn’t even get the Gladiator analogy right subbing Jackson for the son and Davis for Maximus. We can all speculate until we are blue in the face…and occasionally we will be right. That doesn’t mean we knew what we were talking about.

    As the owner of a business, Mark Davis is entitled to interview as few or as many candidates as he pleases. When time is of the essence (and it is here) and you find a candidate that has been recommended by some of the greatest of all time and you meet with them and it seems a good fit and you like their approach and you are on the same page, hiring them on the spot makes sense. Why was your time and others’ when you have found someone who can do the job? Because other owners have done so? huh? Tell me how that makes sense. That is they style that works for those owners – drawing an inference because Davis only interviewed 1 candidate is completely illogical.

    Davis is smart enough to know what he doesn’t know…like you said above. So he “hired” good advisers, let them do their jobs, and took their advice. Sounds like good business to me…not “Tommy Boy syndrome”

  12. As Silver wrote, many NFL Executives expect any new Raider Coach Hire to be a DOWNGRADE.

    Hue Jackson was picked by Al Davis because he was like a Raider. As Silver has also wrote many that worked with Al Davis stated Al Davis was rolling over in his grave while Mark Davis was at the Presser.

    Raiders would have made some noise next year with Jackson and a quality D Coach. Add in the new GM getting the office in shape and they would be playing for the AFC West.

    Bringing in guys like Bowles from Miami to replace Jackson, new scheme, new players, learning curve and the Raiders are nothing for years. Just where all the Haters would like them.

    Word from my “sources” tell me they are doing somersaults in Denver, KC and San Diego now that Hue Jackson has been let go by Dumb and Dumber in Oakland.

    Did you catch those two speaking?, no wonder they wanted Hue gone, he would sound like Einstein next to either one of the clowns. Mark Davis is a Fool and has just thrown away his Fathers last Coach and Team for what? Bowles lol

  13. I buy Silver’s article. He’s clued in with what’s going on with the Raiders. It is just a theory but it seems legit.

    Only other possible explanation is that McKenzie just wants to hire somebody he has a personal comfort level with and to make sure if the Raiders succeed immediately, as they should, it’s Reggie McKenzie and not Hue Jackson who gets the credit.

    During the press conference, when pressed for an answer of why Hue was being fired after a single 8-8 season, Reggie admitted the firing had nothing to do with Hue Jackson, that he made up his mind prior to his meeting with Hue Jackson and this was all about Reggie putting “his guy” in place.

  14. Hue Jackson got himself fired with his power trip, the Carson Palmer trade, the teams lack of discipline, and throwing his players under the bus. He started off well, but as soon as Al died his ego got the best of him. The only credible article I ever read from Silver was back in 08 about Mike Nolan after the 49ers fired him, this reads like Hue was whispering what to write in Silver’s ear.

  15. Regardless, Hue with this roster and a legitimate defensive coordinator and a few tweaks on that side of the ball and this would’ve been a 12-4 team next year.

    Whoever Reggie picks and whatever they do, anything less than 12-4 in 2012 is a failure, in my book.

  16. Of course wouldn’t you know it, after all of the hopes and plans, the kid ended up with Al’s looks and his mother’s brains.

  17. Cable was out of his depth being an offensive-minded HC, you heard DMac even have to insist and suggest plays over and over. Any OC or offensive-minded replacement in there was going to work wonders with the talent we had on offense. Jackson did a lot of good things as an OC. But becoming a HC took him away from what he can focus on and excel at. It’s that Peter Principle that someone wisely mentioned once. Then Hue lost the plot post-Al.

    Reggie coming in will right the ship, the effects long-term. What was needed post-Al regardless what Hue achieved or didn’t achieve in 2011, he was always going to end up being a stop-gap if Al were still alive, with another HC hire in 2012, and more of the same dysfunction for years to come.

    A step back to take three or more forward and hold that forwards position for a decade is the long-term effect of Reggie’s hire. But don’t be surprised even 2012 we see an immediate improvement, tho no one right now would predict it, i am extremely confident of it, because i appreciate what it means having Reggie specifically running the show now.

    Silver has an agenda, and his entire article had no journalistic merit, pure smear campaign. Hopefully there’s a way for Davis to sue him for defamation, has been some precedents of that before.

  18. All Raider fans go tell Mike Silver what you think of him on twitter. He gets really pissed and then blocks you, i should know, he blocked both my accounts.



  19. I find it laughable that Silver is being credit for anything regarding this. He makes it no secret his hatred for the people that ran the Raiders, so excuse me if I see a story like this and take it with a eighth of a grain of salt.

    And yes, I dearly love lil Davis’ haircut. It makes me laugh. A lot. He looks like Randy Quaid in ‘King Pin’ lol

  20. Silver is a jerk! What is the point of writing this crap?! Mark Davis did a nice job in the press conference. He was honest about saying he knew that he didn’t have enough knowledge to run a football team. So he trusted Ron Wolf and John Madden to point him in the right direction and by most accounts he made a good hire. I’m no Mark Davis “fan” per se but give the guy a chance. Hue cost himself the job then blamed McKenzie first, then Davis before finally saying today he wished he would have spoken more carefully in his post game tirade. Silver sucks!

  21. Silver is, and always has been, a hack.
    His specialty is reporting rumor as fact and dusting it with a good portion of outright falsehoods to spice it up.

    I wouldn’t put a lot of weight on anything he writes.

  22. This sounds like a load of crap. A really stinking pile of it. Mark Davis should sue this idiot for defamation of character.

  23. The haircut theory could hold water… It may be a sign of a troubled past and no self confidence..brought on by a abusive father.

    None of knows what went on behind closed doors in the Davis household. Look how the crypt keeper acted until the bitter end. Just sayin’.

  24. Or more likely this is Silver trying to become more of the story again…and the real reason Hugh lost his job is that he’s a pop off AND the new GM wanted to hire his own guy

  25. Silver quotes an ex-raider assistant coach in his piece of how Al treated Mark. I fail to see how firing people who knew the Davis family relationship would then protect Mark’s reputation. Obviously, his example proves fired people don’t keep stuff like that to themselves. People with jobs tend to be loyal if treated fairly. Folks who are fired have a tendency to emeff their former bosses to anybody who will listen. Because many of these people who would be fired work in the same circles as those who would potentially be hired the new employees would know all the stories in hyperbole and come in with less respect then those who got fired.

  26. A father verbally abusing his child is pretty typical. Thanks for sharing your BS view on it & spreading that out to the world Silver. Your’e just as bad but you aren’t related. Davis did the same thing to Kifin. The guy deteriorated in front of everyone. Are you praising him for that behavior? Are you agreeing that a child should be treated that way? What does your article mean? Davis was a characature of his old self. A rotten old man to his core obviously.

  27. So if McKenzie or Davis decide to clear the decks of the many Al Davis sycophants that have hanging on for years like many Raider fans have been clamoring for, it’ll be because Mark Davis doesn’t want people around that may know that Al treated Mark badly?

    Nice little hedge there, keep the sycophants and the story will be the Raiders aren’t doing enough to change the culture, get rid of the sycophants and it lends credence to some tin foil hat theory… Pretty low rent even for Mike Silver…

    The obvious conclusion is that Silver and Hue have become friends over the past two years and this is personal vendetta for Silver because it sure reads that way… It also serves to wash the stink off of Hue’s own coaching failings…

  28. When you’re the owner, you don’t have to worry about ‘the benefit of the doubt.’

  29. “Mark Davis deserves the benefit of the doubt, for now”

    Someone’s awful full of themselves…

  30. I told Silver on twitter no one cared about Jackson anymore and he actually responded and laughed at me………..

  31. “Mark Davis acknowledged on Tuesday that he knows what he doesn’t know, a rare trait among NFL owners who think that knowing a lot about something other than football gives them the ability to figure out a game that is far more difficult than it looks on TV. By all appearances, Mark Davis has handed the keys to McKenzie, and Mark Davis plans to get out of the way.”………………………….sounds to me that Mark Davis has already proved that he’s smarter than Jerrah Jones.

  32. Am I the only one that doesn’t remember Tommy Boy that way? The father didn’t necessarily think Tommy Boy was a genius, but I don’t think he was disparaged by the father much in the movie. It was David Spade’s character.

  33. What a disrespectful hatchet job by Silver. Mark has been on the job for just a few months, and the sharks are already circling. Some things will obviously never change… long live Raider Nation, and let the haters, hate.

  34. Hue Jackson is a friend of Silver’s. He gave him a post-firing interview as well. Silver could be trying to do Hue a favor by painting a picture that Hue Jackson lost his job because of non-football reasons. Too bad that there were plenty football reasons such as blowing timeouts, risking the franchise’s draft future, blowing huge leads etc.

    Hue Jackson is an excellent offensive coordinator, he turned an abysmal 1970s vertical offense into a top 10 unit but he always seemed to have an agenda.

    Mark Davis is a smart dude who is trying to fix the team the right way. If firing Hue meant improving the organization’s autonomy then so be it.

  35. I really can’t understand this garbage. Silver is on KNBR here in the Bay Area every week and spends 5 minutes of his 15 minute segment talking about how horribly run the Raiders are. Now, they seem to be actually building a structure and it is only because Mark Davis wants to protect his rep?

    I agree with the hedge theory someone wrote above. That and the fact that Hue is obviously feeding Silver this stuff.

    For all his bully talk and all that crap, why can’t Hue act like a man? Move on, prove the Raiders wrong.

  36. This theory would have more credibility if hiring McKenzie and firing Jackson were bizarre moves.

    But frankly they seem like the two smartest things to happen in Raiderland in years so I’d say Mark might just have his head on straight.

  37. michael silver is a conceited delusional jerk who makes a living off of microwave hot (and luke warm confrontational) headlines. his information is infantile and his theories are even more pathetic.

    he’s the biggest joke in the nfl. everything about that guy sucks.

  38. Nice article, Mike. Think you nailed this one. And no matter what McKenzie decides to do with the rest of the staff, I doubt the Tommy Boy scenario is true. Hue Jackson never saw Al Davis berate me, and I’d have fired him based solely on his beligerent power-grabbing over the last couple of weeks. Did he think he could run over Mark Davis because he’d seen Al do it, or simply because he ridiculously overestimated his worth to the organization? Doesn’t matter. No boss would put up with someone that demanding who couldn’t seem to understand or accept his place in the pecking order. Frankly, if I were any other GM, I’d be wary of bringing Jackson into the fold.

    Mark Davis may not have his father’s creative brilliance when it comes to the game. But from what I’ve seen so far, he looks to be a much smarter and more stable owner than the Raiders have had in more than a decade.

  39. Silver has done nothing but discredit Al Davis at EVERY opportunity.

    He has now done the same to Mark Davis by labeling him Tommy Boy.

    Silver has no ethics and spreads unsubstantiated rumors and inuendo.

    Al Davis was a lot of things… and he was also loyal to his family and friends… TRUTH!

  40. rmc1995 says:

    Silver quotes an ex-raider assistant coach in his piece of how Al treated Mark. I fail to see how firing people who knew the Davis family relationship would then protect Mark’s reputation.

    It wasn’t about protecting his reputation, that was already shot. It was about rebuilding his reputation and authority.

    Do you have no idea how he must of felt when he heard Jackson say how he was going to take more control of the organization ?? Did you even read the Silver article?

  41. Hmm, after reading Silver’s story, I’m thrilled McKenzie sacked Jackson. I’m sure Jackson enjoyed Silver’s article. I guess there’s another owner out there who would love to have this raging egomaniac in their employ.

    McKenzie didn’t take Jackson’s season-ending tirade seriously. Nor did he take the trading of two high draft picks for a washed-up interception machine seriously, either. He must have taken the 8-8 record with a collapse down the stretch seriously. McKenzie said the Raiders will be a performance-based organization now. I guess knowing about the owner getting disparaged by The Al doesn’t count as “performance.”

  42. Wow I guess verbal abuse is also the reason so many Americans were fired from their jobs. I guess Silver just figured out all of America’s problems, verbal abuse from parental figures, he should be applauded and nominated by the GOP.

  43. I’m no lawyer turned internet hack turned mainstream media personality so my deductive reasoning may not be as developed as you but your logic appears flawed to me. It’s possible for no one else to be fired and Silver still be right. It’s theoretically possible that Jackson is the only one whose knowledge of the Davis father/son relationship dynamic would have an adverse affect on the image Mark Davis is trying to extricate himself from, by virtue of his outspoken borderline impulsive volatile personality.
    Until more facts (rather than conjecture) come out, it remains just a theory.

  44. Seriously . Not joking . I think he has that haircut so everyone will underestimate him . Go Raiders !!

  45. Hue Jackson is The Man. Getting 1000 yards from DHB, and 8-8 with that defensive coAching staff, was tantamount to walking on water. Any other coach would have went 4-12.

    Hue’s 1st year as Raider coach was like Gruden’s. Gruden started out 7-2, finished 8-8 because of injuries.

    Now they want to hire Head Coaches without Coordinator experience, like Winston Moss or Perry?!? Child Please.

  46. Way to lose credibility Silver. Even if the story is true and not mere speculation, what greater purpose is served through such a piece? As so many are pointing out it isn’t as though Jackson’s on-field performance was such a hit that his dismissal screams scandalous. Leave Mark Davis alone. It only comes across as self-serving to speculate on something so personal. Even if he has facts backing it up why the need to gossip?

  47. Another Silver hack job on the Raiders…he has been a Raider hater from way back…first sportswriter banned by the Raiders…

    As far as firing Hue because he knew how Al treated his son…wouldn’t Reggie McKenzie the ex-Raider when Mark was in his 30’s also have the same information?

    And Winston Moss is likely to be the next coach another Raider who was around after Mark was grown up…

    And at the end of Tommy Boy…the company was saved…another lame Silver reference…

  48. Seriously … how many rookies coaches can you bring in and fired every year.
    Reggie who? Rookie GM … how many mistakes do you think he will make?
    His first mistake or excuse me his second mistake … hiring a another rookie coach who will make afew mistakes.
    Hired a proven coach and pay him the money instead of paying a boat load of money to below average defensive players. Hue Jackson was right changes have to be made … cut the whole defence.

  49. I think if Mark Davis had announced the Raiders new coach was Bill Belichick Silver would have blasted that move too.Silver sounds like this lady I work with who whines about nothing ever being good enough for her.

  50. I bet Silver has a european carry all and a fur coat so everybody notices him. For god sakes Silver stop creating crap to make yourself relevant.

  51. With a slack-jawed owner without a clue, the raiders continue to mine new depths.

    Not to mention, with Mark Davis’ haricut, the raiders have a Super Bowl every year.


    Ever member of the AFC West (minus the raiders)

  52. Silver is dead wrong: Al’s poor treatment of Mark isn’t a secret. Anyone who spent any time around the Raiders or knows someone who did, knows Al treated Mark poorly and that Mark always struggled to get his dad’s acceptance.

    But this is what you get when you diss someone with ties to Silver’s alma mater, Cal. Heck, Silver’s probably known Hue since the mid 1990s when Jackson was Cal’s OC.

    I’m just surprised Silver didn’t try to make more jokes about how belittling Al was to Mark. How about some cracks about how his father’s abuse played a factor in Mark’s past personal problems? Nothing funnier than piling on a man who endured years of abuse from his father, huh?

    If you ask me, the real reason “Hollywood Hue” got fired was because the only bully he built was himself. And Mark is finally at a point in his life where he doesn’t need to put up with bullies.

  53. Not only did Al make Mark cut his own hair, he refused to buy him eyeglasses, even though his son was legally blind.

  54. If Mark Davis truly is a hands off owner, for whatever reason, it will be a tremendous advantage. By putting the team in the hands of a GM with control, if the team doesn’t “just win baby”, he can look for someone better in a few years. Harder to replace owners.

  55. Silver’s extrapolation is a reach, but if these ex-coaches were telling the truth, then this explains a lot about Mark. Why he prefers to stay out of sight, avoids the press and generally only comes out in public when he has to. If that’s really the way Al treated him his whole life, then really unfortunate for Mark. You’d think somebody would treat their only kid better than that.

    As for Hue, all he did was bring this team the closest it’s been to the Super Bowl in almost a decade. And they fire him, possibly to replace him with the likes of Todd Bowles.

  56. Did it ever cross Silver’s mind that when it comes to Al Davis, his family, and how Davis interacted with his son, maybe decade-long family friends like John Madden knew infinitely more about those relationships than Hollywood Hue and his 2 paltry seasons on the scene? So let’s get rid of the guy who was around for 2 years because he knew too much and instead follow the guy who was around for 40+ years as he clearly knew nothing?

    I can really see why Silver and Hollywood Hue took such a liking to each other. Neither could be more fake.

  57. Let’s put it this way. Mark Davis has a lot of serious personal flaws that go way beyond his haircut. He has way bigger problems than what Hue Jackson thinks of him, because you can be sure NFL private investigators have it all in their files.

    Bottom line: don’t be surprised when Mark Davis sells the team.

  58. Hue Jackson was a buddy and more importantly a source for Silver. Look at his previous articles mentioning the Raiders. As soon as Hue became the HC he stopped criticizing them. And now the bashing starts them? Please.

    This story is GARBAGE. Hue Jackson was only in the building 2 years. If it was true Mark Davis would have to fire guys like Jim Otto who’s been with the team for over 40 years.

  59. Silver is awesome.

    silver and black, not so much.

    only raider fans hate Silver yet hes the guy who always gets it right. and he called out Herrera hardcore on the air on KNBR and Herrera whimpered away like usual.

  60. The whole premise of this doesn’t make any sense to me. Wouldn’t it seem more likely that he would rather keep guys that might know embarrassing information about him IN the organization where he could have some control about their public comments? Once a guy’s fired, he can go to the media and say anything he wants to. That seems like a far more dangerous situation to have on your hands.

  61. When I read an article like the one by Silver, it has me reconsidering even being a sports fan. There is no evidence whatsoever to back up the cherry picked Tommy Boy hypothesis Silver puts forth. This seems to be just another piece by a writer who is notorious for such insincere gossip ridden hack job articles. It may earn him a living, but it does not and will not earn my respect. What was said in Billy Madison rings true here. Mike Silver of yahoo, “what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.” This piece by Silver reminds of a movie critics who only watched a preview before posting a review. Finally, it is said the Al Davis didn’t suffer fools easily, maybe those instances show the good heart and patience of Mark Davis. Who is the fool? Seems more like Al Davis, not Mark.

    Most football fans have long wanted a new mindset with the Raiders and now they finally have it. So let’s see the Mark Davis era brings before posting criticism. And if you do, best to you, but make sure it is intelligent and not the trash put forth by Silver.

  62. One of the big questions Tuesday was just how much fired head coach Hue Jackson and quarterback Carson Palmer are tied together.

    Jackson traded for Palmer after starter Jason Campbell broke his collarbone, giving up a 2012 first-round draft pick and either a second-round or first-round choice in 2013.

    Many thought Jackson gave up too much, but McKenzie said he understood the trade.

    “No. 1, as a personnel guy, I love my picks … more, I love good players,” McKenzie said. “Now, bringing in Carson at the time the Raiders brought him in, to me, as a player, that’s a good move. You have to get players (who) can help you win games.

    “Now, did the situation present itself favorably for Cincinnati? Absolutely. But you do what you have to do. That’s just the way it is, the cost of doing business.”

    As far as Palmer, who went 4-5 as a starter, McKenzie said, “I think he’s a good quarterback. Period.”

  63. Michael Silver is the reason you all should make your #1 source for NFL news!

  64. Did any of the people making fun of “Mark Davis’ haircut” even read the article? I understand that you might not just KNOW that was Chris Farley pictured, but when the article states “Silver believes that Mark Davis is the classic Chris Farley (pictured) character known simply as “Tommy Boy,””, that should serve as a fairly good hint.

  65. I find it funny how this silver guy continually disses the raiders yet he somehow can’t stop talking about us… I think he just wants to be accepted by the nation yet knows that will never happen

  66. What seems to be lost in all of the responses to Silver’s story, is that it’s quite sad that any journalist would write such yellow piece of crap. The man just lost his father only four months ago. Just because someone revealed these things to Silver, doesn’t make it right to publish it. I lost my father a year and a half ago to bladder cancer, while staring a business. If someone wrote that type of crap about me, I’d beat him within an inch of his life. Mark Davis has friends in high places. Silver should watch his back.

  67. Silver is friends with Hue Jackson, of course he is going to write every excuse for Hue. The facts are, Hue acted unprofessionally and through he own doing showed that he is not ready yet to be a head coach. I think it’s time to rally around Mark, because afterall he is doing what he father could not – Bring in the best football guys available to run the football team… And Mark will sign the checks. In the end, that is best owner you can hope for.

    Go Raiders. Thanks Mark.

  68. That’s the most incompetent piece of writing I’ve ever read. A disparaging article with no support other that some “un-named” source. Even if the draft room stroy is true, Al Davis treated everyone like crap. Mike Silver should read some of the books written about Al to know what his behavior was like. Unbelievable the Silver says Jackson may have been fired because he knew the way Al treated his son. It couldn’t possibly be the fact that the team lost 4 of its last 5 games, had a record of 8-8, which is the same record that got Tom Cable fired, or because the team set a record or penalties. Nor could it be the fact that Reggie McKenzie wants to bring in a new coach that he knows. No, Silver just pulls a theory out of his a$$. Silver has cemented his reputation as a colossal a-hole.

  69. So let me get this straight: Rather than carry on his father’s tradition of being stubborn, obtuse and hopelessly a step behind the rest of the league, Mark Davis goes out and hires a completely competent GM and gives him power over all football related decisions.

    And this is bad because….?

  70. I think there is a modicum of truth to what Silver asserts, but at the same time, you know Madden and Wolf were involved. The former was INFATUATED with Brett Favre and, by product, Green Bay, and the latter worked there. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what was at play.

    Davis will regret hiring McKenzie, though. And he will regret not giving Hue a fair shot.

  71. thinwhiteduke76 says:
    Jan 11, 2012 10:31 PM
    Maybe Hue Jackson wasn’t a really good coach and no one wants to admit it.

    Trading draft picks a washed up quarterback that threw 20 interceptions last year, to throw 16 of them in just 9 games. He defended this saying it would turn out to be one of the best trades ever. Now the Bengals are loaded with picks to draft talent around Andy Dalton. Do you think Al Davis would have gave up so much for a washed up quarterback?

    The Raiders set records this year for most penalized team EVER! While they are over-reacting to him getting fired, they forget for every big play this team had, they had 2 stupid penalties that backed them up. Offense and defense both were misreable as far as penalties go. That falls on the coaches shoulders for not disciplining his team. He must not have had a whole lot of control over the locker room.

    So coming up with all these theories of how Mark Davis wants to renovate the place, why shouldn’t he? I’d be embarrassed too if my coach was a big mouth in the press conferences and a know it all and wanting power over the team, while on the hand he has no control over the team as far as penalties go.


    He did it to get Plunkett.

  72. Maybe AL and the front office should of asked him what to do the year they took…. Jamarcus Russell…..

    What kind of a ‘joke’ of a draft room would ask someone outside the inner circle what to do…

    Do you Bellicheck, Thompson, or Jimmy Johnson even let anyone into their pre-draft meetings ? I can imagine the combination of swear words that would come out if anyone walked into the meeting

    It just shows you what a joke the Raiders front office was if their asking the boss kid what he thinks days before the draft…..

  73. If Hue Jackson was white nobody would care that he was fired. Tom Cable went 8-8 and no one said anything when the Raiders fired him.

  74. The theory in the column was a real reach. Sure, Davis told his son to “shut the bleep up” or whatever. But how do we know that he treated his son worse than he treated anyone else? Davis was a jerk. I’m sure he told Hue Jackson, Amy Trask, and others to shut the bleep up too.

  75. Also, I agree with other comments regarding Silver’s bias. Jackson’s reviews as a coach were mixed at best. Silver makes him sound like the next great up and coming coach.

  76. I wish Mark Davis and the Raiders all the luck in the world. I hope the Raiders become competitively-relevant in the near future and stay that way for a long long time. The NFL will be a better league with “Da Raders” kickin AFC but again! I hope they go to the Super Bowl before the cowboys do again so we can all laugh at Jerry Jones for not doing what Mark Davis is doing. The way i see it, when it comes to being the owner of of an NFL franchise Mark Davis is smarter than Jerry Jones. Geaux Saints!

  77. This is amazing that you would allow this to filter through your site. If Silver is your frend you should know that he is a Bay Area Raider Hater and is in bed with the 49ers and their organization. He has an axe to grind with the Raiders and jumps at the opportunity whenever he can.

    Raider Nation!

  78. Mr Wright 212

    He did it to get Plunkett.


    NO! The 49ers traded for Jim Plunkett. Raiders signed him off the street for nothing! That was Al Davis old school style.

    And as far as the Silver article I am to believe the coach that was just fired (1st year, .500 team, set NFL record for penalties and penalty yardage, blasted players and tried publicly to gain power over the company he worked for over the son of the former owner…) was fired because he knew the owner dogged his son in public? Well I guess it’s accurate because Hue Jackson has interviewed already by every team with a head coach opening. Last I heard Fisher was being pushed to the side to get this hot young coaching genus.

    Hue wasn’t bad but he blow it in the last quarter of the season. The team slide into an abyss, with bad ,uninspired, undisciplined play and all of Hue’s public shenanigans.

  79. You would have to be slow if you think Winston Moss is an upgrade over Hue Jackson. Hue will coach circles around Moss.

    Moss is a LBs/Asst Head Coach which means he has good leadership skills, but lacks Xs & Os knowledge to be a coordinator. This is a division with John Fox, Crennel, and Norvell Turner…We need a Xs and Os guru to match wits with them.

    You all will see

    I understand Hue’s dismissal. But man, UPGRADE don’t downgrade.

  80. I think the Carson Palmer trade will still pay off. Very few really good QB’s in the NFL and he will be better next year when he gets to know the receivers/offense.

  81. Though I am a Patriots fan, I am also a football fan, and would love to see a competitive Raiders team again. Mark Davis’ actions, I believe, are more likely to help matters, not hurt them.

  82. I have a theory…….The Raider have been dysfunctional for years so the new man in charge cleaned house because the Raiders desperately needed it. Of course, that’s not as controversial or and actully based on some obvious facts but Silver doesn’t really care about facts.

    Silver is a douche just trying to gain a reaction from pure speculation….He’s the Jerry Springer of sports reporting.

  83. So Silver, who has consistently rated Al Davis as the worst owner in football, is saying Mark Davis is “in over his head” because he fired an 8-8 coach who just tried(and failed miserably) to make a power grab?

    What an incredible hatchet job, pathetic.

  84. Wow nice theory there Silver, Hue Jackson must know Mark Davis very well, like his favorite food, favorite color and favorite book, all this in less than two years being a coach!

  85. Of course he deserves the benefit of the doubt…..anything from Silver is going to be nothing but anti Raiders….has been for years. This guy is a complete tool and a total loser and has no clue what is going on, he would be a great fit at national enquirer!!

  86. Mike Silver is a tool and deserves anything bad he gets.

    This is a disgrace and somebody needs to write a book on the treatment 31 teams in the NFL get, and that is afforded the Raiders. Simply amazing that it doesn’t even stop after Al dies.

    Tim Kawakami and Mike Silver are huge a-holes, and no I am not John Herrera.

  87. Dear Mr. Silver,
    You owe the Davis family a apology for such a tasteless piece of garbage. You don’t the family well enough to say such things. Its sad that you get paid to waste everyones time and create such ugly stories. You should be ashame. If you can’t say anything nice , then write about basketball.

  88. well i guess we all know now why yahoo stock is in the toilet.

    it makes sense, get rid of a guy who has been around the raiders for only 2 years, but keep guys like Madden and Wolf who has known Mark since he was a kid, and know first hand how Al raised him.

    Yep make sense, like everything here. I am sure Nancy Gay, Kawakami, and BSPN totally agree as well with boo-hoo.

  89. superhue didnt get the raiders anywhere near the super bowl.

    al probly abused a lot of people. especially toward the end. if he did that to mark, it was probly just mark’s turn in the barrel.

    i am sure reggie wanted his own guy, but the notion that hue acted like he was totally in charge, then overspent for palmer, then presided over a late season meltdown, then blamed everyone else for it, then acted like he could choose his own boss… got him canned. then acting like davis was a real life tommy boy, and pissing vinegar at everyone thru mike silver…

    get over it hue. u werent that good. or good at all. good points about cable up there, someone. the real credit belongs to ownership for FINALLY getting rid of russell.

  90. and maybe, and also maybe, and maybe even, and maybe this, and maybe that, and maybe will, and maybe could, and maybe should, and maybe would, and maybe never, and maybe always, and maybe yes, and maybe no, and maybe maybe , maybe, maybe , who really knows

  91. Silver’s article on YaHoo is a classless tabloid style pile of garbage. He’s sunk to a new level of scumbag and it’s pathetic hacks like him still have jobs in journalism, as he’s far from an actual journalist.

    Not only that, it’s irresponsible the way Silver and many other so called “journalist” sensationalize things with false speculation and unnamed sources. Why is that? Well, because there are far too many dumb people in this world that lap crap like this up as fact and run with it. It’s been proven here on PFT time and time again.

  92. Silver is not a journalist – he is an internet hack. If the world of journalism thought he was anything close to competent, he would have already landed an upgraded job instead of wallowing at the bottom of the food chain.

  93. So now it’s about “child abuse”?? Really??? And he’s a sports writer??? The fact that some people are even entertaining this is evidence of why he writes this kind of stuff.

    I’m not a sports writer, but if I were, I’d have to call him out on this one. This guy is singlehandedly damaging the credibility of sports journalists everywhere. Even if it is true, for another writer to sit and psychoanalyze and hypothesize about the validity of this “theory” is insane.

    This country really has gone to hell in a hand basket!!!

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