Rams to interview Saints assistant Aaron Kromer

With reports swirling that Jeff Fisher will decide his destination soon, the St. Louis Rams are not acting like a team that has its coach in place.

Instead, the Rams are interviewing other candidates, and next in line is Saints offensive line coach and running game coordinator Aaron Kromer.

The Rams have asked for and received permission to interview Kromer and may conduct the interview in San Francisco while Kromer is there coaching the Saints against the 49ers, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports.

Kromer was involved in a screaming match with guard Carl Nicks during the Saints’ loss to the Rams, and there were reports that center Olin Kreutz quit in part because of an altercation with Kromer. Kromer’s no-nonsense approach seems to have worked; the Saints have one of the best offensive lines in the league.

The Saints hired Kromer in 2008 after he had spent three years with the Buccaneers and three years before that with the Raiders.

12 responses to “Rams to interview Saints assistant Aaron Kromer

  1. I think that the Rams are interviewing more people because Fisher is trying to play hardball and Kronke is a smarter business man then some of the owners.

    He doesn’t want to be pushed around by a coach. So he is weighing other options. I mean weren’t the Dolphins in the running as well, oh wait they dropped out early.

    I think that Fisher is being ridiculous and teams aren’t going to buy a mediocre record, when they can get a new coordinator or assistant that could potentially the next Tomlin.

    Fisher is a big name but not really worth big bucks. There is a reason you are starting to see less and less of the big names coming back in coaching. The money isn’t as big.

  2. No surprise. Saints have best o line in the league hands down and Evans in the 4th was the highest draft pick.

  3. The Saints stellar O-line play has less to do with Kromer and more to do with 2 of the perennial top guards in the league as well as an above-average performing LT, and not to mention a QB who doesn’t hold on to the ball very long.

  4. Look for Carmichael, Lombardi and Kromer to phase out in New Orleans. Those guys have tons of potential. Five seasons under Payton and they are ready to roll.

  5. I think there’s a strong possibility that Fisher has been waiting for Irsay to hire a GM and has used the Rams and Fins to create some news. Wiuldn’t be surprised if Indianapolis was his destination all along.

  6. Not gonna lie, if I were a GM I would look at another Saints assistant: Joe Lombardi. He might turn out awful, but to hire the grandson of Vince Lombardi as head coach would just feel right.

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