Senior Bowl quarterbacks in place

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This year most of the NFL draft discussion surrounding quarterbacks has been about juniors who are declaring for the draft (Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III) or juniors who are staying in school (Matt Barkley, Landry Jones).

And when we’ve talked about a senior quarterback recently, it’s been to note that Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill is injured and out of the Senior Bowl. So who does that leave to play in the Senior Bowl?

Via our friend Adam Caplan, the six Senior Bowl quarterbacks are in place: Boise State’s Kellen Moore, San Diego State’s Ryan Lindley, Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins, Wisconsin’s Russell Wilson, Arizona’s Nick Foles and Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden.

At the moment, the 6-foot-5, 240-pound Foles looks like the best of that bunch. A three-year starter at Arizona, Foles has a big arm and completed 69.1 percent of his passes during his senior season.

Weeden is an intriguing prospect who looks the part of an NFL-ready passer, but his age (he’s 28 years old and played five years of minor league baseball before starting his college football career) may make some teams think his long-term potential is limited. Weeden is reminiscent of Chris Weinke, the Heisman Trophy-winning Florida State quarterback who was also drafted at age 28 and started 15 games as a rookie for the Panthers in 2001 but seemed to reach his ceiling as a rookie.

Moore was a great college quarterback who holds the all-time record for games won as a starter, but there are questions about whether he has an NFL arm, and his size (listed at 6-foot-0 and 191 pounds) is a concern.

Lindley was a four-year starter at San Diego State and at 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds looks like a classic dropback passer. However, he didn’t improve much during his four years, and his completion percentage (53.0 percent as a senior) isn’t what NFL teams look for.

Cousins had a good career as a three-year starter at Michigan State but is seen by some as having a limited upside. He’s been described as a fifth-round talent.

Wilson started his career at North Carolina State before finishing at Wisconsin. He’s a good athlete who is currently focused on football but could still choose to pursue a baseball career. Listed at 5-foot-11, size will be a big question.

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  1. Nick Foles and Kellen Moore look like good talent to me when I was looking at their playing. However that being said, I am also a Redskins fan who realizes there is most likely alot more Rex in the future.

  2. Kellen will need an advanced blocking scheme, like the Saints have, to give him channels to throw.

    He will have to improve his footwork, and like Brees has, dramatically improve his velocity.

    If all those things would happen… you would have something.

    With a few years experience he definitely could be as smart as Brees, Peyton, and Tom Brady. He is really sharp.

  3. If Gabbert, Ponder, McCoy, Kolb, Beck, Orton, AJ Feeley, Bradford, etc. can start in the league I don’t know how Kellen Moore wouldn’t be able to. He is smart and very accurate but just a little bit short in stature. He only lost 3 games in 4 seasons so he knows what he’s doing. He just needs a good system to walk into. He’d probably do a lot better than Carson Palmer did with that running game and those speedy receivers.

  4. It seems to me like Kellen Moore releases the ball a little high, which is absolutely a good thing for someone a bit on the shorter side.

    Look at how high Drew Brees releases the ball (not to mention that awesome hip torque) despite being a similar size. It’s what always him to drop the ball into his receivers, like he does so often.

    Not doing that would create some problems. See: Mark Sanchez two interception to a 3-4 defensive end game in the last week of the 2011 season.

  5. No Case Keenum?

    I love Kellen Moore, hopefully he can stick somewhere. With the right system and right coaches maybe he can flourish and have an NFL career. How can he be any worse the Colt McCoy?

    Overall this is an interesting group so I’ll most likely watch the game.

  6. I live in Boise and have watched Kellen Moore for 4 years. His best assett is above the shoulders. He has won big games on the big stage before (Fiesta Bowl). People talk about his size of lack of athletic ability, but he was only sacked like 8 times this year.
    He has a quick release and no one throws a fade route better or more catchably than #11. Smart, Teachable, Accurate with ice water in his veins. What else could an offense ask for?

  7. Of course there is no higher prospect than Andrew Luck, 99.8% can not miss.
    John also really liked Matt Barkley.
    I too loved to watch Kellen Moore play QB, he has all the tools for a starting NFL QB but heighth will be a factor.
    Nick Foles, maybe. Really great arm with some movement in the pocket, lets see what he shows in the combine.
    My choice for the Broncos would be Case Keenum from Houston. Top notch accuracy and great pocket presense.

  8. Live in Arizona and seen all of Nick Foles’s games, this guy is going to be a great pickup.

    Good arm and leadership skills, and he is willing to stand in the pocket and take hits while delivering strikes.

  9. Kellen Moore will never be heard from again after draft day. There are lots of elite college QBs who aren’t NFL caliber and he is one. He is so tiny… he’ll get broken in half by defenders. And please stop with the Brees comparisons. Brees has a cannon compared to Moore.

  10. People can’t seem to get past his age, but Brandon Weeden is no Weinke. Weeden’s arm strength is far better than Chris’. 4,727 yards (363.6 per), 37 TD’s, and 72.3 percent completetion with a 160 efficiency rating this season.
    I believe we’ll be surprized by his performance at the combine. He’s mature, he’s smart and he “get’s it.” Scouts who haven’t seen him up close are going to be blown away.
    He has been under the wing of an offensive coordinator who returned to OSU this season from coaching in the NFL. That OC says there’s not an NFL throw that Weeden cannot make over and over again.
    He’s a 28-y.-o. who is not banged up, can throw on the run (he very seldom had to at OSU), is a great leader in the huddle and in the lockerroom and will last longer than most NFL qb’s who come to the league when they’re 22. Sure there are a handful, but how many last 12-15 years anyway? Some team will get a steal.

  11. Russell Wilson is the same size as Drew Brees.
    I watched Russell all season. Take a look at his numbers.
    He will be downplayed by all the experts, saying he’s too short, this and that. But the guy is good.
    Foles is the same size and cannon arm as Ryan Leaf. Remember how that turned out?

    Cousins is also someone to watch.

  12. I have seen all of them play and agree Moore has high football IQ. The one that has impressed me most with the big league arm is the San Diego QB Lindley. He can flat out throw across the field like no one coming out this year. Problem is he didn’t have any receivers that could catch in traffic or create seperation. A steal in second round.

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