Source: Jets told Schottenheimer to get another job or get out


And so Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has resigned.  Yes, he has resigned.

More accurately, he has “resigned.”

Per a league source, Schottenheimer resigned after being told by the Jets to get another job, or get out.  With the Jaguars’ head-coaching job going to Mike Mularkey and no other team interested in Schottenheimer as a head-coaching candidate, it was time to go.

The Jets owed Schottenheimer more than $3 million over the next two years, and it’s unlikely that he’d walk away from that money.  The source says the Jets created the impression that Schottenheimer would be back and otherwise talked him up in the hopes that he’d be hired elsewhere — and that the Jets would be off the hook for the buyout.

The only problem is that, even if the Jets admit that they were creating a ruse, they’ve created yet another credibility problem for themselves.

And that’s the kind of thing that could cost the team a lot more than $3 million over the long haul.

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  1. I doubt the Jets are the first team to say someone’s job is safe and then can (or in this case, push out) that person. Won’t be the last franchise either.

    Personally I think it was a respectable thing to do, trying to help him get another job (even though it was about money), but deep down I was scared it would take too long and we’d lose out on a good OC.

    Hopefully we get Sparano AND Haley. Don’t care for Sparano by himself.

  2. Wait…shouldn’t Rex Ryan be guaranteeing a Super Bowl victory for next year by now? I guess I missed that in this article.

    The Jets are a joke…and I say that as a Redskins fan.

  3. I’ve always wondered why guys with little coordinator success are even considered for HC positions so quickly. First Rob Ryan and now this guy who has presided over the regression of a young QB.

  4. Why would he resign or “resign” if he’s giving up $3 million with no other opportunities? Is he ballin’ like that?

  5. I think Shotty Jr should let everyone know that the Jets are even more full of it than people could even guess.

    Shotty wasn’t the problem. Rex was/is and will be as long as he is the coach.

  6. This guy turned down the opportunity to interview in Buffalo. So i say, thank you Schotty. Also, thank you NYJ for sticking with Sanchez. He was the real problem.

  7. Looking at the Raiders and the Jets, both in never ending turmoil, it almost makes me feel better about my team. At least they don’t look like a wolf pack savagely feasting on the carcass of one of their own.
    To their credit the Raiders faced the facts and seem to have the big broom out while the Jets are still living in Rex Land pretending that getting rid of everyone but Ryan and Sanchez will solve the problems.

  8. I remember back in the late 80’s when the Patriots entire organization was so disfunctional that you didn’t even want to see a news item involving the team because you knew it would be bad. That’s where the Jests are today. They have become the “Patsies” of the 80’s.

  9. I know Schotty takes the fall here but it is part of the JETS three year plan.

    Year 1 – Fire Schotty
    Year 2 – Replace Sanchize
    Year 3 – Fire Rex
    Year 4 – Go back to being the irrelevant franchize it has always been.


  10. In the end the Jets just did what the NY sports media jockeys wanted them to do not what really needed to be done.

    The Jets need to cut out the bad attitudes on the team before they get better.

  11. Exactly how is this a credibility problem for the Jets? Do we think teams that try to suggest they aren’t sure who they’re going to take with their high draft pick, just to create more interest from teams to trade for it, have a credibility problem?

    How is this “credibility problem” really going to impact them? Sparano signed right on the dotted line and Haley wants to coach for the team. Is there someone they had their eye on that said fux no?

  12. You knew the Jets had to point the finger at someone and it wasn’t going to be Ryan, the man on the paluse of the jets.

  13. It would be perfect if Schotty ended up in KC as Romeo’s OC,

    Schottenheimer in KC is good Karma

  14. Let’s see:

    Tannebaum signed Santonio Holmes
    Tannebaum waived Jerricho Cotchery
    Tannebaum did not to bring in a viable back QB
    Tannebaum drafted Vladamir Duccasse
    Tannebaum did not resign Damien Woody
    Tannebaum did not upgrade Safety
    Tannebaum cut Tony Richardson
    Tannebaum signed off on Wayne Hunter
    Tannebaum drafted Mark Sanchez
    Tannebaum did not sign or draft a pass rusher
    Tannebaum lets Rex say whatever he wants even though Tannebaum is his boss

    Got all that? Now Fire Schottenheimer!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Can you really blame Shottenheimer for an inconsistant QB, selfish unmotivated receivers, and 2 RBs who only show up for 4 games out of the year each? Cuz if so then force his resignation. But when your key offensive weapons are Mark Sanchez, Plaxico and Santonio, and an old LT and underachieving Shonne Greene, your going to struggle, period. Dont be shocked if Marty gets the tampa job and hires his son.

  16. This Jets thing is great, I thought we had it bad in Miami until I read all this stuff….

  17. @bigjdve

    Let’s ignore the fact that under 6 years of Schottenheimer, the Jets have only had a top 15th ranked offense only once, with 6 different quarterbacks, (Pennington, Favre, Bollinger, Smith, Sanchez and Clemens, and let’s not forget what a great job BS did with Drew Brees in SD, by the way), at least 6 different wide receivers (Cotchery, Edwards, Holmes, Coles, Smith, Stuckey), at least 4 different running backs, (Martin, Jones, Greene and Washington) a plethora of awesome O-Linemen (Mangold, D. Ferguson, Faneca, Moore, ect.) and 2 different head coaches. Before 2010, no Jets QB under Schottenheimer had thrown for a 300 yard game since Pennington did it in the 2006 season (BS’s first season) and that includes the HOF gunslinger Favre. Schottenheimer tanked any chance of a comeback in Pittsburgh, tanked any chance of reviving the 2011 season, tanked any chance of winning the Super Bowl for 6 years, probably tanked Mark Sanchez’s career, and hopefully tanked his own career.


  18. Shotty JR – thanks for being too good for Buffalo and keeping your Shoddy play calling ability with Sanchize and Gang Green. With the AFC musical chairs going on, maybe they’ll pick you up as an OC down in Miami..

  19. Sparano is a player guy. He held the Dolphins locker room together through an 0-7 beginning. From the reports it sounds like the Jets locker room was in shambles. Probably why Rex went after him.

  20. I agree with dolphinballs here-he’s a players coach, but you need to get a backup kicker as his leg will be very tired come mid-season….we were the kings from one 20 to the next 20

    I look forward to seeing the Jets put up 3-12 points against the Dolphins….

  21. You can’t get rid of Rex yet. He made the playoffs his first 2 years.

    A few of the new players have not panned out.

    Best chance Jets have to contend next season and beyond is renewed commitment to running game, and improving on defense.

    MUST get a stud safety, solid LB and a stud DE.
    Rex and Sanchez get 1 more year else bye-bye.

  22. Say what you want about Schotty, but at least he had the marbles to bench one of his best players (and deservingly so) in a game they had to win against the ‘Fins. Something that Ryan seemed clueless about after the game.

  23. Rex made him live with Sanchez. A coordinator puts an offense in a position to succeed. The players have to make the plays and Sanchez just doesn’t make eneough of them, especially in big games.

  24. I agree it was time for a change but give Schotty a break. The guy had success over his tenure. Jets had a winning record with him on the staff and some playoff success which has been hard to come by for this organization. I wish him well.

  25. I wish Schotty well, too. I’m not saying he’ll never be a good OC or HC, just that he couldn’t be either with the Jets. It might be that all the upheaval, certain players, certain coaches or any number of things effected his confidence. I look forward to reading the PFT article titled “How Schotty Got His Groove Back”.

  26. As a lifelong Jets fan, I have to say I’m sick of Jets fans. The same group of dullards who went out and bought Brett Favre jerseys, always choosing quick fix solutions over building a long term winner.

    Rex Ryan went to two AFC Championship games in his first two seasons as head coach. That’s more than Bill Parcells ever did. Rex’s defense carried a bad offense for years.

    Meanwhile, the one constant impediment has been Schottenheimer. He was bad with Mangini. He was a coach’s son in San Diego. Rex made the mistake of leaving the offense to an incompetent, and when it finally came back to bite him, he made the right move.

  27. When the Jets dumped Schottenheimer they did the right thing, but to really complete the job they should have sent Sanchez packing along with him.

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