Todd Haley could join Jets’ staff


With Tony Sparano set to become the Jets’ offensive coordinator, and with the earlier reports saying Sparano and former Chiefs head coach Todd Haley could join some coaching staff as a package deal, does that mean Haley is on his way to New York?

It does — at least for a job interview. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Haley is visiting the Jets today, although it’s not a sure thing that Haley will actually end up on the Jets’ staff.

Haley and Sparano, who were fired as head coaches of the Chiefs and Dolphins on the same day, are friends and former colleagues who would like to work on the same offensive staff together. With the Jets, it might make sense for Sparano to have the offensive coordinator title and Haley to have the assistant head coach title that Bill Callahan left behind on Tuesday when he departed to coach the offensive line in Dallas. The combination would leave Sparano primarily responsible for the run game and Haley primarily responsible for the passing game.

Or it’s possible that the two won’t work together. Haley has also drawn interest from Arizona, and he is believed to have other teams interested in his services as well. But for a Jets team that needs to radically reshape its passing game, hiring Haley would make a lot of sense.

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  1. Oh no!!!!!!! Please tell me that this is not true!!!

    Thank God I saved my paper bag to cover my head!

    Another ten years of misery!!!

    When will we ever win a Super Bowl???? 2045???

  2. The Jets are loading up on head coaching candidates for when the inevitable happens to the head man, and they have an interim man to replace him.

  3. Its a smart move to have two former experienced Head Coaches on the jets staff for when the jets fire Rex Ryan midseason after a 1-6 start for interim coach purposes.

  4. I can understand Sparano–well liked by players, good football guy, lots of energy, but Todd Haley???Is there a bigger DB among coaches than him…nope…

  5. Maybe the changes are for the better!

    Rex leading the defense
    Todd leading the special teams
    Tony leading the offense

    Now we only need Don Shula to lead the draft and acquisitions team

  6. Aren’t these former head coaches getting paid for the bulk of their contract anyhow? Why are they so eager to work for free instead of doing some sort if consulting/tv/radio for a year or two?

  7. Soooo….. the Receivers Coach and the OC get canned, because Mark Sanchez sucks……..

    is that about it?

  8. A guy with a temper like Haley’s in NY with the disfunction already there?? WHATCOULDGOWRONG?
    Yeah I know he was there before, but that was with the Parcells regime. Not one that loved to air it’s dirty laundry publicly.

  9. Should have hired Haley as OC..did a great job in Arizona. Sporano as LC or something else. Sporano is no better than Shott as he is conservative in play calling. But either one should get Sanchez on the right path as they would call plays that would let him be successful.

  10. First off, any Jets fan that thinks Sparano is a bad hire is a dope. What happened to the Jets this year? Bad chemistry, bickering and finger pointing. Sparano is a coach who will have none of that. He commands respect, he’s tough and he won’t take the kind of crap from an offensive player that Schottenheimer took from Santonio. Add to that the dolphins players made it clear time and time again that they would cut off their own arm for Tony. What does that say?

    Sparano is exactly what this team of divas needs. He is a classic not-so-good HC but very good non-HC. He will mesh 100% better with Rex than Schott did.

    Just like the draft. Certain teams have certain needs and they pick the type of player they need. The Jets have a need and Sparano fills it. Great hire.

  11. Man, the hate gets a little old, folks.

    Don’t you have better things to do? Like point out the original typo in the article that had Callahan working with Haley in NJ?

  12. Haley coaching the passing offense is a bad idea.
    the only time he’s had success in that arena was when Whisenhunt had him running his (Whiz’s) offense in Arizona.
    the KC fans were sold a bill of goods, that he would bring high powered offense to KC, like the Pats or Arizona… in fact, he brought the 1980s Parcells offense, not the Whisenhunt Cardinals offense, or the McDaniels Pats offense that was created after Weis left there. that’s why Weis/Haley knew the same offense, from their days under Parcells (both w/ Jets, and Haley again w/ Cowboys).
    so, if you want a passing attack fashioned in the 1980s, Haley is your guy (max protect, 3 man patterns, swings and screens galore).

  13. .

    Sparano and Haley will be spending 100% of their time avoiding blame for the impending catastrophe that will be the Jets 2012 season.

    I see Miami and Buffalo as improving. New England should be about the same. However the Jets appear to be in decline.


  14. They need to bring in someone to compete with Sanchez. Until he realizes that he has to compete every week to be an NFL quarterback, the Jets willed be mired in mediocrity.

  15. I don’t like Sparano as a head coach but I would be thrilled to have him as Jets Offensive coach.

    But Jets shouldn’t rush into a hire, cause if the Pats lose to Tebow this Sat. night, maybe Bellichick will be available. On second thought…

  16. In the aelfish diva media driven center of the world mentality… The jets need these type of in your face screaming no bs coaches… They NEED it. Look how coughlin keeps his team in check despite the media printing something everytime a player farts.. Tyen rex can be the face and talk smack but behind closwd doora they give their players hell

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