Unnamed Jets sources say they want Peyton, not Sanchez


Even with offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer out (even though coach Rex Ryan said he’d be back unless he becomes a head coach), some Jets players want to see more changes on offense.

As Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News explains it, “several key Jets players and members of the organization” have concerns regarding the ability of quarterback Mark Sanchez to do the job.

Some even want the team to dump Sanchez and replace him with Peyton Manning.

“Come on.  That’s a no-brainer,” one Jets source told Mehta.  “If you have a chance to get a healthy 36-year-old Peyton Manning and you don’t do it, then you’re stupid.  If I could get a healthy 36-year-old Peyton Manning, then, hell yeah, I would trade Sanchez.”

At a minimum, the feeling is that Sanchez needs to be pushed harder from within.

“We have to bring in another quarterback that will make him work at practice,” one player told Mehta.  “He’s lazy and content because he knows he’s not going to be benched.”

Mehta’s sources “raised serious doubts about [Sanchez’s] ability to lead the Jets, questioning everything from his practice habits to the organization’s coddling of him to how much of a role he truly played in the team making two consecutive AFC Championship Game appearances.”

Another “well-respected player” agreed with the idea of making a move for Manning:  “We already have his coach — Tom Moore.  Plus, he’s a field general and will get everyone lined up.  He will get his playmakers the ball.  We can win a Super Bowl with Peyton.”  That’s something that some current members of the team believe will never happen with Sanchez under center.

“How can we when he’s not improving at all?” one of the players told Mehta. “He thinks he is, but he’s not. He has shown us what he’s capable of.”

In fairness to Sanchez and those who have promised him a lifetime starting job (i.e., Rex Ryan), not everyone is opposed to concept of Sanchez continuing at quarterback.  “Everybody got down on the quarterback,” one Jets source said.  “But they weren’t looking at the situations we were putting him in.  I don’t think he’s as bad as people are making him out to be.  When the [sh-t] started snowballing and he lost confidence, he never recovered.  Then, you saw him making one stupid throw and one stupid mistake after another.”

Part of the problem is that players seem to resent the extent to which the organization tries to protect him.

“They don’t want to be truthful with him,” a “prominent player” told Mehta.  “They treat him like a baby instead of a man.  He goes in a hole when someone tells him the truth. . . .  So that should tell you everything.  He just doesn’t have the mental toughness to be great . . . especially in New York.”

“They see the organization babying him,” another source told Mehta.  “They see him with a sense of entitlement.  He’s been given all this and hasn’t done anything.  They call him ‘San-chise.’  They make him the face of the organization.  They gave him the captain tag.  He’s not a captain.  He should have never been a captain.”

And now the question is whether he should even be a member of the team.  When PFT reported last month that the team privately will explore options at the quarterback position in the offseason, Ryan dismissed it — and once again vowed the Sanchez would still be the guy.

Just like Ryan vowed Schottenheimer would be back.  And just like Ryan vowed that the Jets would beat the Giants.  And just like Ryan vowed the Jets would win the Super Bowl.

Maybe the unnamed Jets players are aiming their verbal arrows one level too low.

101 responses to “Unnamed Jets sources say they want Peyton, not Sanchez

  1. As a Pat’s fan I wouldn’t wish that on Peyton.

    Also, do they forget about the Favre crap? At what point does ownership say enough is enough and clean house?

  2. And the laughs keep coming from Florham Park !
    Just heard on ESPN Greeny one of the “jests” biggest homers and Golic discussing on what a pathetic organization the jets have become.

    Keep dreaming jets fans because if for some reason Manning became available he won’t go to the jets for several reasons, 1) being Daniel Snyder in Washington 2) Eli NY dynamic AND 3) most important WHY would Peyton Manning want to end his career with an embarrasssing organization that is led by a loud mouthed clown?

    The jets are a JOKE!

  3. This sounds like some Brian Shottenhiemer loyalist doing damage control so he can get another job. But it could be sincere.

  4. What about the reports that Peyton still can’t throw? It would be great if he is healthy, but the Jets would really have to fix the o-line to protect the old man and give him more than 1 second to pick defenses apart.

  5. Well, they did get Tom Moore….but why hire Tony Sporano?

    And, oh by the way…can Manning ever play again?
    I see the deal – they have both Manning bros. in New York, and believe me, it could happen – Luck and Manning on the same team..not happening…

    This isnt the same as Favre. Manning is a dedicated competitor, but the Jets still have house cleaning to do as far as image and locker room culture.

  6. I’m getting real sick of teams coddling QB’s and handling them with kid gloves, as if they’re children. We’re talking about grown men, here.

    The only thing a high draft pick should guarantee is a nice paycheck for a couple years. If the guy wants playing time, he needs to earn it. If he gets lazy and starts slacking in his study or practice habits, tell him exactly what is expected….and if he continues to fall short, then bench him.

    But it’s not just about the player; any team that allows a QB to operate at a less-than-100% effort deserves exactly what they get. To allow it to continue is simply poor coaching/management.

  7. The real question here is why would Peyton willingly join that garbage franchise? And let’s not pretend that the Jets have a good offense outside of Sanchez. Not to mention this article proves the poisonous NYJ locker room is full of blame-shifting backstabbers.

  8. 1) Mahnish Mahta always relies on “unnamed sources” for rumor-mongering.


    BTW, have any of the TWELVE playoff teams gotten as much attention on this website over the past 10 days as the Jets?

  9. Always Christmas and never winter!!
    This Jets team of finger-pointing, whiny, big mouths is the gift that will keep on giving all year!
    I’m feeling bad for Sanchize….wow, things have gotten weird!

    Go Pats!

  10. As a Season Ticket Holder Its Frustrating to see Plax and Holmes wide open 80% of the time and Sanchez Just Focused on Keller who is double covered. He does not SEE The Field … Even Though we only lost 2 home games I Go Home Pissed Off… We Need a Real QB. And I Do Understand there are only 8 QB’s in the League and 24 same as Sanchez

  11. Not a Colts fan, but I have truly enjoyed watching Manning throughout his career.

    With that said, I can’t see Manning going to the Jets being any more successful than Favre going to either the Jets or Vikings, or Montana going to the Chiefs.

    Playoffs? Maybe. Superbowl? Doubt it.

  12. Ah the Jets! In all fairness, when Sanchez had a running game and a stellar defense, he looked decent. Not elite but still a guy that could win games. Was he worth a top 5 pick? Not really, but then again, it is early in his career. In the end he looks like a Trent Dilfer type QB. He certainly doesn’t have the arm to really scare a defense, but he is still a guy that once he gets rolling, he can make a few plays.

  13. When the Manning discussion with ‘unnamed sources’ include the impact to the Jets’ cap space, then the you know the Jets’ decision makers are talking.

  14. The implosion has begun….right or wrong, players that criticize teammates in the media, especially those that do so anonymously, are like a cancer. They need to be removed before they metastasize, infecting the entire team. It’s unlikely, though, that the Jets will go that route – character matters, Rex. There’s more to building a championship team than collecting talent and bragging publicly about how you’re going to win the Super Bowl. I sense at least another 3 years of Patriots dominance in the AFC East as the Jets have to take several steps back.

  15. 1. Peyton has too much respect for his brother to muscle in on Eli’s turf.
    2. Peyton is not a cold-weather QB… at least not starting at age 36.
    3. Peyton will not tolerate prima-donna WRs. Don’t worry about the coaches – Peyton will bench you himself.
    4. No way to get him under the cap without dropping half a dozen guys making money (either good players that make the team worse if they leave, or bad contracts that will still hit the cap if cut).

    Add it up: not happening.

  16. Maybe Joe Namath was right all along – the real cuprit all along is “Mr. Bluster”. Of course, having the mediocre Sanchez as QB doesn’t help. A new GM might be called for also – after all, he traded UP to draft Sanchez as well as hiring “Mr. Bluster” in the first place.

  17. That is a VERY damning piece.

    Lazy, baby, not a captain…That is warranted, but also shows some serious dysfunction. The “lazy” characterization really sticks out when you think of what they always say about great QB’s like Manning or Brady regarding work ethic (I have not heard it said about Rogers or Brees, but I am sure it has also been said about them in markets where you see the NFC more).

    Is there any question that Manning in a wheelchair is better than Sanchez? Not in my mind. The real question will be: If he is healthy enough to leave Indy for even bigger bucks, no matter how much the Jets throw at him, do you think he would want to go there? I am not so sure with all the overt dysfunction, both among the players, and coaches. He would also probably pick a place where he could win now, and with all the coaching departures, the Jets are almost starting over.

  18. This is Eli Manning’s city, Peyton has too much respect for his brother and what he’s built in NY to try and steal the spotlight in the same city especially to play for the noisy inferior stepchild in NY.

  19. Anyone who watched HBOs Hard Knocks series saw what an entitled, smarmy, self absorbed little twit Sanchez was just by the way he talked to his coaches.

  20. Is there any question now why the Ravens did not hire Rex after Billick was fired? It all starts with the coach.

  21. The jets and steelers are both out of the playoffs and I still read more about them than the teams that are in, can’t we wait till the offseason for this crap

  22. So much hate for the Jets. I personally like seeing them lose BECAUSE of Sanchez. The guy may be the worst starting QB in the league. But to sit here and bash the Jets organization as whole just seems a little out of touch with reality. This team was pretty much irrelevant until a few years ago and then Rex came in and implemented a fantastic defensive scheme. Imagine for a second if they would have had a QB during those two AFC championship games. It’s very possible that they would have at least one ring right now.

  23. Perhaps Peyton could be the next swinging partner of Rex and Michelle. He certainly won’t be playing QB for them (or any team) next season.

  24. All I know is that 31 teams end up disappointed at the end of the season or earlier. Sanchez is younger and more mature than I am! ha

  25. aaroncurryisbust says:
    Jan 11, 2012 7:49 AM
    The real question here is why would Peyton willingly join that garbage franchise? And let’s not pretend that the Jets have a good offense outside of Sanchez. Not to mention this article proves the poisonous NYJ locker room is full of blame-shifting backstabbers.

    he wont have a choice if he’s traded, unless he decides to retire. but your right the Jets are a garbage franchise and their locker room is disfunctional at best.

  26. Looks like Pete Carrol was right…Sanchez wasn’t ready for the NFL. And apparently still isn’t ready.

    I have doubts about Manning playing football again, at least effectively. A couple of hits and his career could be over. As far as anyone else knows, it may already be over, and Manning is just trying to collect as much of his contract as he can before everyone else figures it out.

  27. Yeah, that’s been pretty obvious for the past couple of years, Sanchez is not a good fit. Too erratic. I blame Rex for breast feeding him too long then allowing siestas, during film work.

  28. Ah the joys of being made and paid as a superstar before you’ve actually even done anything…maybe the sports world should look into a different type pay scale so under performing persons still can’t get paid big bucks for just showing up…

  29. If Manning doesn’t go to the Jets, the thing I could see happening is a straight-up Sanchez-for-Michael Vick trade with the Eagles.

    I could definitely see this being done with the Eagles taking a chance on Sanchez since he won’t turn 26 until November and has a HUGE potential upside (plus, he already shares the NFL record for most road postseason wins by a QB and is 4-2 in the playoffs, ALL on the road). A change of scenery may be what Sanchez needs, especially with the Jets being as dysfunctional as they were this past year (though that will change next season), while Vick may be better suited to play in the kind of offense the Jets have.

  30. tatatoothy says: Jan 11, 2012 7:58 AM

    Not a Colts fan, but I have truly enjoyed watching Manning throughout his career.

    With that said, I can’t see Manning going to the Jets being any more successful than Favre going to either the Jets or Vikings, or Montana going to the Chiefs.

    Playoffs? Maybe. Superbowl? Doubt it.
    Someone needs to review their football history. Favre had the Jets on top of the AFC East before he injured his throwing arm…and that’s before Rex came in and fixed the defense. If anything, the fault there lies with the previous coach who continued to play a QB with an injury that was clearly affecting his level of play. Why? Because he was too afraid to sit Favre and end his streak. Oh, and Favre had a rather good first season with the Vikings. As for Montana, when he went to KC he led an inferior (comparatively) team to a victory over the 49ers and got the Chiefs to the playoffs. The problem with Montana came when he suffered a concussion that knocked him out of the playoff game, and the Chiefs simply couldn’t keep up with their opponent after that. Montana retired at the end of that season. So, both of the QBs you mentioned were actually the exceptions who did well with other teams. The concern with older QBs like this is health, and how well they’ll hold up over the long run. If you think they’ll be fine physically, roll the dice because you can be certain they know the game better than most QBs in the league.

  31. Sanchez = Most Overrated Player in sports. Granted, part of this has to do with the NY media, but he’s not even a top 20 QB. I highly doubt even the Broncos would trade Tebow for him. Say what you will about his arm, but that kid at least has a drive in him.

  32. As a Pats fan, I say with my pleasure and glee….HAHAHAHA you toolbag Jet fans. You suck, your team sucks and you wish you had the QB, coach and owner that we have here in NE. Have fun watching the Pats in the playoffs this year. Donkeys!!!

  33. Maybe if Rexy would’ve weened Sancheez off that supple teet of his sooner, he would be able to handle the pressure on and off the field. Sanchez needs to stick to modeling speedos on some beach, he is not going to lead any team to the title.

  34. there is always RG3 at the number #3 draft slot. all a team would have to do is trade the vikes their 1st round pick in 2012 and their 2013 1st rounder as well.

  35. Wouldn’t it be kind of funny if the jets got chad henne in the offseason simply because jets fans were always saying Sanchez was better? Henne has a better arm and similar stats. This year he really stepped up in the leadership department and was reading defenses better until he got hurt. The manning thing won’t happen. Too many issues and cap restructuring. I doubt very seriously all the “me first” loudmouths would restructure their contracts even for a title shot with peyton

  36. Where’s all the people that were saying that Sanchez and Freeman are better than Stafford? Staff can flat out spin the ball.

  37. What makes anyone think Peyton would even want come to the Jets?

    And don’t tell me they are a Super Bowl ready team except for QB, they are not.

  38. “trade Sanchez”????

    Who the hell would trade anything for Sanchez? You couldn’t give him away with his contract.

  39. The key point in all of this about Sanchez is that HE HAS NOT IMPROVED in his 3 years. He is the same QB now that he was as a rookie. That’s not good.

  40. I on the other hand would love to see Manning on the Jets with Rex Ryan as the coach. Imagine the epic screaming matches we would get to watch from week to week.

    However, like most have said and I agree with, Manning is too much a class guy to come into that market with Eli already there. And I really don’t think he’d be a NY type of guy a anyway. Even Brett Favre, portrayed as the biggest ego maniac, couldn’t take it. I don’t think the WR’s (assuming Holmes and Burress would still be there) are smart enough to comprehend what Peyton does. He seems to be so engrained in that Colts system that it would be hard to duplicate in NY.

    As for the Jets in general, if I’m a fan/season ticket holder this behavior is embarassing. They sound like a bunch of entitled babies. I don’t think there are enough busses in NY to throw all of these players and coaches under.

  41. Chad Pennington’s arm has had a year to rest. He hurt his knee playing basketball, but that should be healed by the summer. He is smart, a leader, a great teammate and a class act. He is a professional. Sign him. Instant credibility.

  42. The Jets are desperate. Their window with this group is rapidly closing–they likely don’t have time to draft and develop a QB, so they have to dream that Peyton fully heals and picks them. And while Sanchez deserves criticism, most of it belongs with the team. Who came up with the idea that Mark Brunell should be the backup? The only reason he’s even still playing is because he blew all his millions from his heyday.

  43. Who wouldn’t take Peyton over their current QB except the pats, saints, chargers or giants????

    I would take him in Tampa, I know that.

    But it doesn’t matter. He’s not leaving the Colts.

  44. The only thing missing in The Jets’ locker room is Terrell Owens. He’s the missing ingredient to their becoming a Super Bowl contender.

    How’s that Burris signing look in hindsight? And now everyone and their momma can see why The Steelers let Holmes walk. By the way have we heard anything from Derrick Mason since the Jets traded him to the Texans?

    GM Mike Tannenbaum’s butt should be on the hook for some of these signings and please tell me I misread this morning’s web pages when I saw and heard that Tony Sporano has been hired as the Jets’ new offensive coordinator?

    With his unimaginative offensive schemes Jets fans better get used to seeing Tony pump his fists each time the Jets kick afield goal because TD celebrations will be a thing of the past. Shottenheimer had his faults but Tony Sporano? Come on man!

  45. Peyton will not sign with Jets
    Trade is not possible as jets only have 2 tradeable assets Nick Mangold and Revis.
    Jets wont give them up.
    NY is ELi’s Town
    Tom Brady is in same division

  46. It would be awesome if when the colts release manning that he would refuse to go to the jets because of loud mouth Rex. Maybe they would finally shut him up.

  47. This is what happens when you have an undisciplined team who are more interested in press bites and getting their faces on camera than actually practicing and focusing on details. It all starts at the top with Rex Ryan. Players see a loose cannon and think/ know they can get away with whatever they want. You don’t see players on the 49ers or Patriots quiting with the game on the line as you did with the Jets.

  48. Sure, unnamed sources. Trade your quarterback for Peyton Manning whom your line can’t protect. Trade for a quarterback who is one injury away from retirement. Dump Sanchez for someone who will force all of you to take a paycut. Not even that Pepsi commercial will help you with your gravy train.

    Not a Jets fan, but I have to admire Nick Mangold for saying that his teammates should put their names behind their comments. At least that’s what McCoy and Tomlinson have done.

  49. I’m an Indy fan and I like to think I know peyton maybe a lil more than some of these people who think hes even remotely chancing going to new york…I’d hate to disappoint those who would love to see him in a jets uniform but not happening, though I am despising the politics and backstabbing going on in indy right now Rex Ryan(aka: loud mouth) will not be on the same side as peyton, they have two different styles..Anyone who wants peyton will have to take him on his terms which is Field commander period! He can read defense a heck of a lot better than fat man or any of his coordinators and when he sees a problem he will change the play period, now his receivers are gonna have to be ok with that to..He would fit better in seattle but guarantee either he will play in indy healthy or he will retire unhealthy as a colt..Peyton has to much respect for himself to tarnish his legacy and chance getting hurt again or worse..He has nothing to prove! Especially outside of indy where he will most likely get clobbered or hurt worse trying to learn a new system..He is not Brett Favre, he’s 36 and has a coconut ,Peyton hasn’t been outta the game that long and he can still throw the ball, even if he didn’t have the arm strength he would put sanchez to shame..He is probably the most elite quarterback in the league with his ability to not only throw but also read the defense, he also gets the ball to EVERYONE..Players want him of course why wouldn’t you, he will polish your stats nicely,He’s hall of fame! But besides a short term solution and a slim chance on going to the bowl what are the perks of sidelining sanchez whom you’ve stuck you money and neck out for, what just to hire simply a 36 year old qb, with a very very high price tag that by the time he learned the system he would retire..Just cus your not hearing about indy or peyton doesnt mean there arent wheels turning and if anyone has looked into this the colts would not be hit bad cap wise to keep him another year, two years yes but not this coming season..Who do you think is going to get luck ready? Painter? lol not a chance

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