Alabama’s Trent Richardson, Dre Kirkpatrick enter NFL draft

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Two of the most talented players on this year’s national championship team have decided to leave the NCAA behind and enter the NFL draft.

Alabama running back Trent Richardson and cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick both said they’re turning pro at a press conference on the Alabama campus today. Alabama coach Nick Saban said he’s “100 percent supportive of both of these young men.”

Both Richardson and Kirkpatrick have a good chance of being Top 10 overall picks. Richardson is universally regarded as the most talented running back in the draft, and Kirkpatrick will battle LSU’s Morris Claiborne, who also announced today that he’s turning pro, for the title of best cornerback in the draft.

“To leave a legacy like we have, me and Dre have left here, to have two national championships in three years, I think that’s pretty big,” Richardson said.

And now Richardson and Kirkpatrick will have a pretty big impact on the NFL draft. Last year Alabama had four first-round picks: Buffalo took Marcell Dareus third overall, Atlanta took Julio Jones sixth, Seattle took James Carpenter 25th and New Orleans took Mark Ingram 28th. This year, with Richardson, Kirkpatrick, senior safety Mark Barron and senior linebacker Courtney Upshaw, Alabama is likely to have four first-round picks again.

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  1. I hope my queens can move into the first round with trading their 2nd and whatever to get Mark Barron

  2. It’s funny with all of the Defensive STUDS that played in the National Championship Game, Brent Musburger mentioned the word “Honey Badger” about 3,284 times that game. That kid is over rated and did you watch him play the run? He stood there with zero effort every time Bama ran the ball. Bama even attacked him in the air……Patrick Peterson is 20x the player he is, and so is Claiborne

  3. Eh, look at the teams drafting in the top ten.

    Sure, Buffalo loves to double dip at the few positions they have talent at, but it really doesn’t seem like there’s a great chance a team in the top ten will take him, barring some type of trade.

    Cleveland probably is the most likely of those teams, but it wouldn’t really help turn around the franchise.

    Then again, it would be so Cleveland Browns to draft Richardson in the first, Kirk Cousins in the second, and some guard in the third in order to “revamp” their offense.

  4. Would love to see Kirkpatrick end up with the Steelers. He would never slip that far down. Anyway we need to spend our first six picks on offensive linemen.

  5. Come on out gentleman, the more talent that’s rated 1st round the better makes for a deeper draft and sweet deals in later rounds especially for those who know how to draft…oh and the undrafted rookies oh 2012 draft is shaping up to be a goodin even without Barkley and Jones!

  6. A number of teams in the top 10 draft choices actually are set at running back. Teams like Detroit, NY Jets, Pittsburgh, Chicago (depending on the Forte situation), Cleveland, Cincy (Bensons getting old), and perhaps Tennesse all could use him more. Cleveland being the only top draft position, could we see a trade out of Detroit perhaps. Makes the most sense to me considering there young good team already and only major need is RB.

  7. I would love to see the Bucs take Trent Richardson at #5 in the draft if he is still there…. Freeman and Blount desperately need a guy like this to help carry the load AND move the chains!

  8. ebeg420 says: Jan 12, 2012 2:49 PM

    I wonder who the highest paid player is on the Alabama Defense? Wow, are they LOADED!!!

    That is AUBURN who pays their players dingus! at ALABAMA,our players play for the love of the game and promise of being a 1st round draft pick!
    baron,hightower,richardson,kilpatrick,upshaw,all potenial 1st round picks.

  9. Trent is by far and away the best back in this draft, but I would never waste a first on a back when a guy like Polk could be had much later and production wise wouldnt be much different.

    Dre on the other hand would be my second corner off the board and definitely a top 10 pick. While he doesn’t have the overall talent of claborne he has unique size and speed that can match up against the jump ball artists like Calvin Johnson.

    IMO the player not listed as a possible first rounder may be the best of the bunch when all is said and done. Hightower because he is going to go so late will fall to one of these 3-4 teams like the ravens and will be allowed to dominate as a weak side inside linebacker, especially if he goes to the ravens or pittsburgh which I fully expect him to be drafted by.

    On a side note I would love to see my eagles snatch up Barron in te first ( which probably won’t happen) but I would also be happy with Lester in the second or third as I think he is another underrated alabamer

  10. Dallas needs Claiborne or Kirkpatrick desperately. Plus a rush OLB and a GM to rank and evaluate all these kids.

  11. @ebeg420

    I gotta disagree there. Granted Mathieu didn’t make any huge plays. I was actually impressed with his run support for being such a tiny guy. He’s listed at 5-9 175, and I can think of few time’s he flew into the flat to take down on Bama’s much bigger RBs.

    He’s not a big hitter, but he always seemed to make solid contact and wrapped up.

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