Bratkowski will follow Mularkey to Jacksonville

On Wednesday, the Jaguars got a new coach.  On Thursday, they kept their defensive coordinator.

And on Thursday, they moved closer to adding an offensive coordinator.

Falcons quarterbacks coach Bob Bratkowski will join former Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey in Jacksonville, per Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Bratkowski spent one season in Atlanta after 10 years with the Bengals.  Bratkowski was fired after the 2010 campaign, replaced with Jay Gruden.

I’ll withhold comment on whether the Jaguars should feel good about this move.  Instead, I’ll defer to our resident Falcons fans, who may choose to celebrate the departure in the comments section.

51 responses to “Bratkowski will follow Mularkey to Jacksonville

  1. I have no idea what effect Bratkowski had on the Falcons this season. He’s obviously buddies with Mularkey, so…I guess he must have sucked this season.

  2. Sorry Jags and Raider nation you get all the bengals garbage. Bratkowski’s play book has three right, run left and short pass. Hope the Jaguars have a good punter.

  3. Sucks to be a Jags fan; between the new owner and his idiotic comments and his new staff the Jags are going to lose for a while longer until they start to figure things out.

  4. “I’ll defer to our resident Falcons fans, who may choose to celebrate the departure in the comments section.”


    He was our quarterback coach for under 12 months. Ryan had a franchise best year, but the impact Bratkowski had from the year prior is hard to tell. Bratkowski going to Jacksonville is like losing an equipment manager: he could only have so much of an impact.

  5. Bob Bratkowski in one word……


    -in 2010 opposing defense’s would say after the game’s that they knew what was coming the whole time.

    His offense is also stale. No creativity, innovation, etc.

    He also doesn’t move guys around—E.g.: Jermaine Gresham lined up in the same spot for 16 games last year.

    This year, Jay Gruden moved him out wide and even in the slot. He did the same thing with AJ Green too.

    Bratkowski’s offense is an old-school scheme that would have worked in the 80’s but cannot keep up with what defense’s are doing these days.

  6. Bratkowski is pretty bad, but to be fair, it doesn’t matter who the offensive coordinator is when Blaine Gabbert is the quarterback – your offense stinks regardless.

  7. This guy used to be the WR coach for the Steelers. My wife always thought he was hot. He could be an on-the-field distraction for the female faithful in Jacksonville.

  8. He had his good years with the bengals too.. but the bad definitely outweighed the good

    Overall Offensive Ranking During Brat’s Cincy Years


    His only good years also happened to be Palmer and Chad Johnson’s Prime

  9. As a Bengals fan, here’s what I hated about Brat:

    1) He never adjusted to his player’s strengths. He made them adjust instead.

    2) No creativity. It seemed as if other teams (and sometimes us fans) knew what he was going to call.

    3) Shovel Passes on 3rd and long.

    4) He sat in that booth all smug. Instead of on the sideline with his players.

    Fortunately for Jags fans, Gabbert has nowhere to go but up. Carson did have some solid years in Brat’s system, so maybe there is some hope for yall in the short term.

  10. No coach could succeed in Cincy – this guy could do just fine elsewhere.

    Who was the last amazing coach who did wonders in Cincy?


  11. Sad face face palm sent in direction of Jaguar fan, along with my condolences…

    You’ve had, what, three winning seasons in the last 20 years, and you are sending US condolences and face palms?!?

  12. This just in from @ochocinco on Twitter:

    “Coach Brat love me! Coach Brat love me! Coach Brat love me! Coach Brat love me!”

    “Can I get you sum Mickey D’s?!?!?!?!”

    “Coach Lewis was mean! Wah 😦 ”

    “Cum meet w/me @ McD’s 🙂 w/@EvelynLozada! Oh yah!”

  13. I can see similarities between Matt Ryan and Carson Palmer, maybe their trying to get the most out of Gabbert by upgrading his level of play from an F to a C+, that’s gonna be rough having the 4th best qb in the afc south for the next 10 years, unless they move to LA of course.

  14. 1fast84 says:
    Jan 12, 2012 11:13 PM
    Bratkowski offense is run, run pass regardless of conditions

  15. You should instead defer to Bengals fans, who know for certain that this will keep the Jaguars offense inept for the duration of his employment there. What a horrible offense that was.

  16. Ahh that’s brutal for the Jags fans. Bratkowski is GOD AWFUL!!! Be ready for a lot of 3rd and 7 or 8 and a 3 or 4 yard pass that will be stopped short. Aside from wanting Mike Brown to step down, Bratkowski was on top of the chopping block here in Cincy. Sorry Jags fans.

  17. Get ready for it Jags fans. On third down plays, no matter what distance to first down is, your receivers will be running routes to the sideline 2 yards short of the marker.

    As a Bengals fan I haven’t bought into the new guys as much as the others seemed to, but I will say watching a game without the predictability of Bob Bratkowski is a pleasant surprise.

  18. I enjoy hearing Bengal fan talk about a coach….they are on the list of organizations that can’t win regardless of the coach…coaches go to die or never live in Cincinnati buffalo and raiders

  19. All this talk of departures is making me awfully anxious to see what next year is bringing. Bet the offense isn’t dink and dunk next year….

  20. I love all of these idiots talking about Cincinnati never having good coaches without knowing that they were founded and coached by PAUL BROWN. Not to mention a pretty good coach in the 80’s by the name of Sam Wyche to say the least about coaches Cincinnati has used. And don’t forget Walsh got his start working under Paul Brown.

  21. Hey Jacksonville-

    Our Offensive Line Coach, Paul Boudreau, sucks too! We’re not going to retain his services. He’ll be PERFECT!

    Oh, and the Falcons got some old towels and Riddell helmets in the back. We’ll put them all in the bag and put them out front for you all to pick them up…

    (I love it! We love to recycle!)

  22. Laughing at all the comments about the Bengals organization. There are plenty of franchises out there that would love to have made the playoffs two out of the last three years and have a division title. Heck the Vikings, Chargers, Bears and Cowboys haven’t made the playoffs two of the last three years. Are they elite? Hell no. But they have exceeded their rep for sure.

    As to Bratkowski, he’s a terrible coordinator. And by terrible I mean roadkill could call a better game.

  23. Did they accidentally post a picture of the singer from Everclear by mistake? Or is it the drummer from the rolling Stones?

  24. Sorry Jags fans, as a Bengals fan, I can say that Bratkowski was the most frustrating OC I have ever seen in my life. His ridiculously predictable strategy almost seemed designed to not get first downs (much less touchdowns). And the worst part was that, even though Bratkowski’s strategy failed week after week and season after season, he never attempted to change. The fact that he stuck around so long in Cincinnati is an example of Mike Brown’s misguided loyalty to bad coaches, which is a trait I believe Brown acquired after seeing the negative effect getting fired by the Browns had on his father, Paul Brown. However, Bratkowski’s long tenure in Cincy provides a large sample size that demonstrates both (1) that Bratkowski stinks as an OC and (2) that Jags fans should question Mularkey’s judgment for hiring this guy.

    Again, I’m sorry Jags fans. I know what it’s like to helplessly watch your favorite team make awful decisions. For your sake, I hope I’m wrong. But I doubt that I am.

  25. bullseye5490 says: Jan 13, 2012 1:57 AM

    Sad face face palm sent in direction of Jaguar fan, along with my condolences…

    You’ve had, what, three winning seasons in the last 20 years, and you are sending US condolences and face palms?!?

    YES, yes I am… and by the fact you have more thumbs down than thumbs up, people must realize that A) you don’t have ANY room to talk, and B) I am not face palming your organization, just the hire, and C) it’s not like the Jags and their fans really have any room as of late to talk smack to or about any other team… Why do you take offense to my condolences?

  26. I wish Brat well, I really do. But as a Bengals fan I don’t think this will work out well for the Jags. I’m never seen a team adjust its offensive game-plan less than the Bengals did when Brat was the coordinator (the difference with Gruden in this regard has been stark). Hopefully he learned something once he was fired and took the time to analyze himself more fully.

    From all I’ve heard he was very kind to Coach Zimmer and his family when he lost his wife suddenly back in ’09. He’s a good man, he just wasn’t a good coach for us anymore. Here’s to better luck for him with the Jags (except when they play us).


  27. @ maddenisfordorks and arrogantathlete

    2 playoff appearences in last 3 years

    2 superbowls

    There are a lot of teams that can’t say either of those. Maybe you should educate yourselves more.

    Coaches never succeed here???

    I guess that’s why the Rams, Jags and Dolphins have all been after our coordinators this year. 9th ranked D in the league and 2 R.O.Y. candidates on offense.

  28. Kind of embarassing to be criticized by bungles fans.

    Maybe its not too late to bring in the fans to call plays? I see some real talent on this post. I’m sure Brat is taking notes right now from this post, trying to getting better as an OC.

    Perhaps part of his lack of success while he was in Cincy is because the team SUCKED when he was there.

  29. egetto says: Jan 13, 2012 1:57 PM

    Kind of embarassing to be criticized by bungles fans.

    Maybe its not too late to bring in the fans to call plays? I see some real talent on this post. I’m sure Brat is taking notes right now from this post, trying to getting better as an OC.

    Perhaps part of his lack of success while he was in Cincy is because the team SUCKED when he was there.
    Or perhaps, they sucked because he was there. Maybe you shouldn’t even comment because you have no idea whether this idiot is qualified for the job or not (he’s not).

    Also, if you’re going to say it’s embarrassing to be criticized by Bengals’ (the correct spelling, retard) fans, perhaps you should learn how to spell embarrassing.

  30. Coach Bratkowski is a great guy and a good coach. He’s a good hire for the Jags and should help turn things around for Gabbert. They will need to upgrade their WRs,certainly. What gets me is that idiot commenters on this sight use the opportunity of a positive story about a great guy like Brat getting an OC position, and the Jags getting a very bright coach, to slag his former team,the Bengals, or to hurl abuse on Brat himself. PFT really brings out the worst in people.Even though the Jags have the worst fans in the league, I hope coaches Mullarkey and Bratkowski help turn things around so that LA will eventually get a quality team.

  31. This is a calculated effort by Kahn to move the team to LA or somewhere else. Why? This transcends football. I’m a chess player, and I see the big picture, I’m not ‘small time’ reactive. I’m J-ville for life and HATE the ‘Jags to LA’ comments, but now I’ve seen the writing on the wall.

    These hires are the laughingstock of the league, but these decisions are not made by bumbling idiots. This is a calculated move. Why? To move the team. Put together the worst coaching staff in the history of the NFL, put up an awful QB and guys who are characteristically bad play callers….the fans will be up in arms and clamoring for the ‘Del Rio’ days…..ticket sales will drop, Kahn will clain he can’t make a profit here, jack the lease, and he’s home free! He already has made it known he doesn’t like it here. He’s a midwesterner….

    The only problem that may throw a wrench in the works is that pesky little defense J-ville has. Keep the injury bug at bay, add another corner and safety, another year with Mel Tucker, and just let Puzlousny run the damn thing- that defense is downright SCARY! That is going to keep them around 8-8, which may hamper the whole move and keep the fan base mediocre. Hell, Gabbert could actually screw this up by getting better, but that offense, backed up by those coaches…..the fans here are literally in shock! That’s the BEST we could do, really?

    The uneducated cheerleader fan will save to ‘give them a chance’ b/c they want to cheer for a uniform.

    The casual fan will roll his/her eyes and say ‘let’s see’.

    The passionate fans are just pulling their hair out, losing sleep, crying (literally, me included!), and are an emotional wreck to see this team hire the most incompetent bunch of fools to ever get on a field. You can either go crazy or step back. I’ve stepped back. Anyone who believes in this franchise is a teal-waving cheerleader and needs to leave the skirt on and the analysis to the big boys (that’s me, folks).

    Why do they want to move? Easy…just like last time, a big name coach will NEVER come here. Why?

    1. Any flight out of here is a minimum of two connects, so a visit to someone out of town is a day-in, day-out ritual. (unless you have your own plane)

    2. This is a HORRIBLE place for millionaires to live. Great for my $40K ham and egg self, but when you literally could spend $1K a day on just entertainment alone, and still only blow 1/3 of a million bucks, what the HELL is there to do here? If you go to a restaurant, people will hassle you- not enough nice upper scale places, just chains. So what then, cook? Hire a chef? More expenses? You can go see a Lynyrd Skynrd tribute band or get some good wings, but $50 later, what’s a millionaire to do? If you sneeze the wrong way, EVERYONE knows about it….so you stay in your house every night/weekend? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll die here, but big $$$ people have no peers…..we’re all working class.

    3. You can’t get assistants to come here, for the reasons above…

    4. Downtown. J-ville for YEARS was a downright ‘scary’ place downtown. Why? New York style hustlers all the way. ‘Wanna buy a watch?’, ‘Yo, check ‘dis out!’, and ‘Do you have any spare change? littered the streets, with little police protection. The population voted with their feet, and unless you moved here after 2007 or so once it got cleaned up, or are around 25 years old, you are not going downtown, PERIOD! The stadium is downtown. Know where parking is? Every crackhead house’s lawn for $20, and you’re lucky if your care if there when you get back…

    5. Jacksonville is not a city. After Duval County was ‘annexed’ becoming the largest ‘city’ in the US, tons of small towns were now managed by a large city government. It would be like Philly, New York, or Washington saying…”ok, the next 900 square miles are the city of….” You can be standing in the middle of a 200 acre farm, and you are in downtown Jacksonville, and under the jurisdiction of the same cops as deal with the ‘hoodlems….

    6. It’s too small of a town. Everyone here HATES the Patriots and Tom Brady b/c when we had the Super Bowl here, his family ran roughshod over waitstaff everywhere, and if he and his ilk came back, food would be thrown on them. It’s a small town, people don’t forget, or don’t need outside money. A certain boat captain was ostracized by several ‘out-of-towners’ during Super Bowl week, screaming the ‘do you know who I am’s?’ and making threats for him to deviate off his route. His response? Took them back to the stadium and dropped their sorry ass off and went home. We don’t have time to kiss ass to people who think they are better based on an income bracket…people here are REALLY nice, but don’t respond well to condescending types.

    I’m so upset, that I’m going to take my family fishing, crabbing, and 4x4ing tomorrow, then have a seafood boil.

  32. twindaddy – you are a grate speller. Now, go look up “bungle” in the dictionary, retard. I’m surprised you haven’t heard your sorry franchise being called that before, we’ve been calling it that for years (minus a few rare years of playoff appearances-no wins) But at least you have that superbowl appearance back in 1988. Probably before you were born. Your owner is a punch line.

  33. dadsource- you are embarrassing yourself and the rest of the Jags fanbase – please explain this plot to destroy the franchise/ city/ move to LA by Khan that you have uncovered with your 40K a year insight and lightly covered redneck racism. Google Bistro X, Many of the fine restaurants at St. Johns Town Center, or Ponte Vedra beach. You will have to take off your Crocs and fishing tee shirt to get in.

    After living the american dream and finally getting the rare chance (even for billionaires) to own an NFL franchise, committing to the city and winning, he is going to hire “laughingstock coaches” (or top rated OC and staff) to lose on purpose, break all the iron clad lease agreements, “flip” the Jaguars to an LA group, (giving up his complete ownership completely to the LA group right away) , and do what?

    Stick to 4×4, skynrd, seafood boils, and maybe checkers instead of chess my good ole boy friend. Nice name dropping on the Tom Brady thing. “I got this buddy who’s a boat captain”

    Mularkey’s laughingtock offense has been in the playoffs 4 out the last 6 years. I’ll take that. Given the fact that Cowher, Gruden, Dungy, Billick and the big names everyone blurts out without thinking, have stated repeatedly that they are NOT going to coach ANYWHERE, and Fisher (who has a worse winning record/playoff than Del Rio 03-09) wanted to jack up Miami and St. Louis for as much money as possible, who would you have hired? (Assuming you weren’t trying to destroy the team on purpose)


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