Falcons offensive coordinator search to include Schottenheimer, Billick

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The Falcons said they will keep their coordinator searches largely private, but names were bound to leak out to the media.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports former Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, former Ravens coach Brian Billick, and Packers quarterbacks coach Tom Clements are all candidates for the offensive coordinator job.

It’s unclear if all of these candidates will interview, but some interviews will start shortly.  Mel Tucker is believed to be a candidate for the defensive job.

Schottenheimer and Koetter are also in competition for the Alabama offensive coordinator job. Koetter has been mentioned as a candidate in Chicago for a “passing game coordinator” gig.

Billick’s name is interesting. It’s become apparent he would like to get back into coaching, but a head coaching opportunity hasn’t come up. It’s unclear if he’s interested in a coordinator role.

Considering that Billick works at NFL Network with La Canfora, it’s a safe bet the answer is “yes” if he’s on this list.

UPDATE 2:41 p.m. ET: Florio just reminded me of something that slipped my mind. Billick is Falcons coach Mike Smith’s brother-in-law. Their wives are sisters.

38 responses to “Falcons offensive coordinator search to include Schottenheimer, Billick

  1. Wow! Dirk had the 32nd ranked offense in jax and the guy still gets an interview in the nfl.

  2. Just like worthjess relief pitchers on any team, as soon as they go bad and get cut – anoter team will pick them up. There is a clique in the NFL that keeps providing jobs to those within the clique which also includes nepotism as in this case as a totally worthless OC will quickly get another job because of daddy’s name.

  3. Pop gun ryan needs all the help he can get. schotty did a great job with sanchize. i hope he gets the job. watch out tampa. falcons are going backwards!

  4. Wow! In my world you actually have to be, you know, ummm, GOOD! at your job to stick around.

    Does anyone know if there’s an online job app to be an OC in the NFL?

  5. Dirk Koetter?? And Falcon fans were laughing at the Jags for getting Mularkey?

    Mularkey will look like the OC of the decade for you guys if you get Koetter.

  6. Is it me or is anybody else completely baffled that teams are seriously considering Brian Schottenheimer for their offensive coordinator position? He was nothing short of atrocious this season with his play calling. Are people forgetting this is the same guy who called 64 pass plays in one game for Mark Sanchez vs the Giants? Maybe with different personal and a more pass oriented offense he could fare better; however, I just think there have to be better choices than this guy.

  7. WTF….are there only about 50 or so coaches in the entire world ? These guys all simply just move around and get recycled. Even Phillips and Mike Sherman are getting head coaching interviews.

  8. Brian Billick is Coach Smiths brother in law.
    Any chance this is just a chance for Coach Smith to get Brian Billicks name out there a bit.

    We saw what Brian Billick did to his “friend” Jim Fassel in Baltimore when he hired him on as an assistant.

    Can you imagine what would happen between Brother in laws on the same staff?

  9. It would be interesting to see Brian Schottenheimer work with a real NFL quality QB instead of the future third string QB for the jets.

  10. I think I speak for all Jags fans in saying..instead of Mularkey for Koetter –

    How about Julio Jones for Cecil Shorts?

  11. Sounds like Brian Billick is starting to get a little hard up for any NFL job. If he doesn’t get this job he should try for Assistant to the QB coach.

  12. Has anybody bothered to ask the Falcons locker room what they think of the possibility of getting Peyton?

    Obviously Ryan cannot handle pressure. And he actually has a running back, not like Sanchez…

  13. The NFL and the movie business — the only two places I can think of off the top of my head where failing upwards is the norm.

  14. Mike Martz would be the perfect fit for this offense, even though Turner doesn’t catch a lot of passes out of the backfield.

    Two gifted WR’s in Julio Jones and Roddy White… kinda reminds me of Holt and Bruce. And with Tony G there to play the middle of the field I think the combination of him and Turner’s run threat would be powerful weapons for the type of offense he can run.

  15. Michael Turner would love the Falcons to hire Schotty , it will extend his career by 5 years considering Schotty will have Matt Ryan throw on every down, and by throw I mean nothing past a 5 yard pass.

  16. I still don’t understand why the Dolphins didn’t bother to interview Billick but I don’t believe he wants an OC gig.

  17. Schotty isn’t a fit here. We need someone who would make Ryan throw down field. I mean, if you give him the three of four options in your package, do you know what option that will NOT be taken? You guessed it: The down-field pass. I mean, Captain Checkdown is who he is. Dude doesn’t like to pass down the field.

    So we need an OC that will make him throw down field or bench him.

  18. Please, please, please hire Billick so I don’t have to here his condescending ass on tv. He can singlehandedly ruin a good game with his voice!

  19. Billick and Smith….”their wives are sisters”…because they live in Maryland. If they lived over in W. Va. you’d probably be saying “their wives are their sisters”.. Or worse.

  20. Why in the world would Brian Billick want to leave his various positions as a well sought-after talking head is beyond me. He was made for TV. Why get back into the pressure cooker of being an NFL OC, when he doesn’t need the money? Ego, I suppose, but seriously? I liked him as a HC, but like him better as a talking head.

  21. Now there is a team that needs an OC
    Can not understand how you coach a team that is shut out and get a new job the next day

    Heck anyone of us can get a job in the NFL as an OC

  22. Can’t see Billick taking the job…has more money then he’ll ever need….and is at the age where I’m sure he’s not inclined to put in those 17 hour days.

    Remember he got $5 Million PER YEAR for the last three years to NOT coach anywhere from Bisciotti.

  23. As for your update. A poster said the same thing just before you updated and now it’s missing from the list.


  24. I’m kinda pulling for Billick. If he wants back into a HC position, it looks like he’ll need to prove his bonafides again as an OC.

    But I wouldn’t mind seeing Schotty get a chance at redemption, too. Didn’t hate him, just hated him as the Jets OC. Maybe he wilted from the dysfunction and media attention in NYC. Won’t be as bad in Atlanta.

  25. To say Matt Ryan can’t handle pressure is ridiculous. Matt’s Oline has been bad since he’s been in Atlanta. His quick release is why they haven’t allowed a lot of sacks, not from good protection. I can’t count how many times Matt got the ball off befire getting creamed by a defender.

    if Koetter or Schottenheimer gets the gig, I give up on Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff. You don’t fix your offensive issues by bringing in candidates that have had the same issues on their previous teams.

    I say Tom Clements is the best candidate by far.

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