Falcons vow to make the changes needed to win a Super Bowl

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After losing their first playoff game for the second straight year, the Falcons say they’re beginning their offseason by setting their standards higher than ever.

“Our goal is to win rings, to get championships and eventually win a Super Bowl for this community,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank said. “That’s our goal.”

So how will they go about accomplishing that goal? Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff hinted that there are some significant roster changes in order, and that some high-profile players could be losing their jobs.

“We know that we need to get better in many, many areas,” Dimitroff said. “I don’t care where we drafted them or how we acquired them in free agency.”

One of the problems for the Falcons as they attempt to re-shape the roster is that they’ve already used their first- and fourth-round picks in this year’s draft as part of the trade to acquire Julio Jones in last year’s draft. Jones is a talented receiver who had a solid rookie year, but if he’s anything short of spectacular going forward, that trade is going to look like a mistake. It’s going to be hard for Dimitroff to “get better in many, many areas” when he used up five draft picks to get Jones.

Another question for Falcons head coach Mike Smith is what his staff will look like in 2012. Both of his coordinators, Mike Mularkey and Brian VanGorder, left to take other jobs. Smith declined to offer much information about where he might be heading to find their replacements.

So the Falcons have big holes to fill on the roster and big holes to fill on the coaching staff. And they’re going to need to make the right choices everywhere if they’re going to meet their owner’s goal.

74 responses to “Falcons vow to make the changes needed to win a Super Bowl

  1. No superbowl anytime soon for this team. Years of mediocrity to come. Plus if they did get to a superbowl Tim Tebow would dominate them.

  2. Brees and the Saints will continue to win the NFC South…

    “Matty Ice” and the Falcons will continue to come 2nd, get a wild card and crash out in the 1st Rd.

    Andddd repeat.

  3. Some things are just meant to be. The earth rotates on its axis as it revolves around the sun. The sun is powered by a thermo-nuclear-fusion-reaction. The Falcons have never won anything and they never will. Geaux Saints!

  4. Feel Bad For Tony G.

    Not going to win any playoff games with this team either.

    Bet ya come next year he wishes he stayed in KC when they win a playoff game and the falcons are sitting at home

  5. Seriously? They wasted those draft picks on JJ.

    Did he even play last weekend?

    Plus an overrated defense that can’t stop Brees.

    Wild card team for the next 3-5 years at best.

  6. Its the QB. Two very good wideouts, pro bowl running back, HOF tightend what else is there? Matty Ice

  7. salmen76 says: Jan 12, 2012 8:51 AM

    The Falcons have never won anything and they never will. Geaux Saints!


    You know, the same was said about the Saints for decades before their (one) Super Bowl win. If you’re a bandwagon Saints fan, your opinion’s not worth much. If you’re a long-suffering Saints fan, you should know better than to make a comment like that – surely you remember what decades of not winning anything at all felt like.

  8. Al,

    Rings and championships are WINNING the superbowl….Ya Know…? Plan on getting rings? For what? Sweeping the Panthers? Scoring 3 TDs in 3rd Quarter of VS Saints game.

  9. Baby steps here. They at least need to figure out how to keep a playoff game close, let alone win. Matty Ice does not look so “cool” out there.

  10. You got to love it when an owner makes comments that change is coming. Oh!!!! You have finally decided to make a run at the Super Bowl??? OH!!! Maybe it’s because Blake wants a new Stadium from the taxpayer!!! I just hope the Three Clowns, who like to appear on the sideline with their team, never get to the Super Bowl. Arthur Blake, Jerry Jones & John Elway NEED to PRANCE on the sideline like GIRLIE MEN looking for a cheap date to satisfy their ULTRA EGOS!!!!

  11. Not having Moore and Grimes killed them against the Giants. Not scoring didn’t help either.

    Kind of obvious they need a LT, RG, another pass rusher and defensive depth but they chose a WR. Live and learn…

  12. goinghamonit128 says:
    Jan 12, 2012 9:05 AM
    Aren’t getting rings, winning championships, and eventually winning the Super Bowl all the same thing?

    That’s what happens when you work for Home Depot too long! The mind goes!

  13. Well the first thing you need is a new QB and head coach. The team has talent, but the coaching is awful, and the QB is not much better. If you want to win a SB, you need to be able to get a yard, or less in a big game.

  14. It’s a race with 32 people… everyone wants to win but only 1 can.

    No matter how hard you work sometimes it just doesen’t matter.

    And the difference between the top 3 and the other 28 starts at QB.

  15. If it just took a couple changes here and there to win a superbowl wouldn’t every team have one by now? Good luck mr blank you had a good young team that was building your team The right way until you went against what had been working for you and gave up your whole draft for one player to beat one team that blew the doors off you again and helped you score 0 points in your brief playoff appearance.football is the ultimate team sport and it takes alot more them 1 rookie wr to take you to the next level

  16. Are we sure this article isn’t from the end of last season for the Falcons? It sure sounds familiar.

  17. I hate the Falcons more then I love the Saints however if they don’t make changes soon the rivalry between the 2 wont be a rivalry anymore. Its starting to look like the rivalry will be between Carolina and New Orleans

    who dat

  18. Dominating QB’s make it very tough for the other teams in the divisions.

    Look at what happened when Manning was out this year in the AFCS.

    Brees in the NFCS, Rodgers in the NFCN, Brady in the AFCE.

    The other teams in those divisions are behind the 8 ball. It’s just a fact. It sucks but it’s a fact.

  19. Just wondered here don’t every team vow to make changes every year to win a super bowl? Even the team that won it! So what is new about this?

  20. So the Falcons are going to do the same thing that 31 teams plan to do every single year come mid-February. Genius!

  21. Falcons have a load of tough questions to answer this off season. Paramount among them is whether Matt Ryan is the elite QB to take them to the next level. He certainly had all the weapons surrounding him and getting shut-out in NY (before I get responses about the “2” points…those were from the defense) is a cause for huge concern.

    With younger teams/QBs on the rise, such as the Lions and Panthers AND teams like the Bears, Cowboys and Eagles due to rebound—the Falcons find themselves in a bit of a hole.

  22. How do you explain the difference in the playoffs from the regular season. Same playbook, coaches have the same pep talks, pretty good O line, RB, WRs, and HOF TE? Its the QB and he folds bigtime in big games.

    I’ve never seen a superbowl type of QB not want to take shots in the pocket from defenders to give his WR that extra time. He was laying on the ground way before the Giants player could tackle him. Sort of like Blaine Gabbert.

    He blows and is scared to stand tall in the pocket. You can’t teach that and it will not change.

  23. @ steelerssmack4u

    It’s Arthur BLANK, not Blake.

    And, where’s Pittsburgh? To quote Jack Nicholson, “[They’re] at home! Washing [their] tights.”

  24. They can make as many changes as they want, but shouldn’t the team actually play like a contender that it is just one step short of a championship before they make additions that truly help them win a Super Bowl????

  25. Only change that would work for the Falcons is to color their helmets yellow &to slap the letter ‘G’ on the sides.

    …Falcons need to rebuild.

  26. Its unlikely the Falcons will win a superbowl until either A.) Drew Brees retires B.) Sean Payton retires or C.) The Saints move to another division.

  27. They should be trying to focus on becoming the team of the NFC South before claiming a Super Bowl, cause last time I checked, the Saints and Drew Brees own the South, and then there is the Carolina Panthers that can start making noise with their young quarterback.
    The Falcons won’t be going to a Super Bowl any time soon when they can’t even win a playoff game. It’s true, they have BIG problems, and it starts up front.

  28. Start with the O line – get some big guys who can open running lanes and also give Ryan time to throw. Then start looking for a replacement for Turner – too many carries is starting to take its toll on a guy who is turning 30 soon. Ryan is fine – he’s taking criticism for being successful during the regular season early in his career. I bet if you compare his numbers to Drew Brees’ first 4 full seasons as a QB they’re similar, if not better.

  29. As long as they continue to make astute free agent signings like Ray Edwards they’ll be just fine. . . . cough . . .

  30. Haha… it looks like Roddy White just punched Julio Jones in that picture, and Julio is about a half second from falling over. *That* would be some celebration!

  31. I am SO tired of teams that have never won anything talking about winning the Super Bowl. How about winning the division first, getting into the playoffs, PLAYING WELL, and seeing how far you can get? I guess it’s just our now, now, now society but it’s ridiculous.

  32. Matty Melt = Tony Romo…neither of whom will ever lead their team to a superbowl victory…they simply don’t have what it takes, period.

  33. Every time I read an Arthur Blank quote it sounds like Droopy the Dog in my head. May he continue to own the falcons forever as i think he’s doing a bang-up job and i don’t want a thing to change with them.

  34. falcons are in the dumps. not as bad as the raiders situation because they got a decent QB and some quality players, but losing their coordinators and draft picks will hurt. I say they wont make playoffs next year and mike smith will be on the hot seat! PS. Dimitroff sounds like hes a soviet spy

  35. re-mix

    Falcons rise up, now sit back down, sit back down, sit sit back down.,,
    rise up, sit back down, sit back down, sit sit back down, rise up, sit back down, sit back down, sit sit back down,

    who dat

  36. Yes, keep giving your draft picks away and in a few years you will be in the Super Bowl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. The Falcons traded 32 draft picks to get Julio Jones because they deluded themselves into thinking – based on losing a track meet with Green Bay in the playoffs the year before – that they were one receiver away from the Super Bowl. Now if I knew on Draft Day 2011 that they were not close to being title contenders, how could the Falcons “brain trust” not know that? And if that “brain trust” is the same group still making decisions, how will it be any better going forward?

  38. The easiest way for the Falcons to win a Super Bowl would be to turn the difficulty down from “All-Madden” to “Rookie”.

  39. Thomas Dimitroff keeps taking short cuts with the roster. He traded a second rounder for Gonzo when he could have drafted Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski with the pick. Now Gonzo is about to retire, dumb trade. Then Dimitroff trades five picks for one pick to draft Julio Jones. With glaring holes on the roster, the extra first rounder, second rounder, and two fourth rounders could have been used to plug those holes. Julio Jones won’t single-handedly get them into the Super Bowl, dumb trade.

    Rebuilding can’t be done as quickly as Thomas Dimitroff thought it could. Those short cuts add up to early playoff exits, and now over the next three seasons the Falcons won’t even make the playoffs.

  40. The Falcons have never won anything and they never will.
    The exact same thing could have been said for the Saints up until a couple of years ago. Every dog has his day. Except maybe the vikings.

  41. Question, has anyone in this organization won a superbowl? Coach, GM, Player?

    I would think they would need to bring in some of those people to “Know” what needs to be done to win the Superbowl…

    As of Right Now, there just guessing what needs to be done!

  42. The 40 whiners set an NFL record this year for kicking field goals. Thats right. The 40 whiners set an NFL record for kicking the most field goals in one season. And they play in that scrub division and still had to resort to kicking field goals. Their offense is high school level at best. They lost to the cowboys cuz all they did was get field goals. ha ha. And yall didn’t know about the 40 whiners field goal record did you. Because Harbogg and his fellow whiners know that ain’t nothin to bragg about! Ha Ha. They think they can beat the best team in pro football by kicking field goals. That is just too funny. Geaux Saints!
    Just thought i’d post this here so Falcons fans can get a taste of what it would be like to get to post stuff after a playoff victory. Ha Ha. they don’t know what that feels like. Nor do they know what it feels like to win a Super Bowl. Ha Ha! Geaux Saints!

  43. salmen76,
    In defense of the 40whiners, they will only be hearing from you for another week. Aints have NO CHANCE against the CHAMPS in the cold

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