Jay Gruden gets a raise


Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden decided not to interview for head coaching jobs elsewhere, but he will still get a nice raise in 2012.

David Pingalore of WKMG Channel 6 in Orlando reports that Gruden got a three-year, $3.6 million extension to stay with the Bengals. That doubles his first-year salary with the team.

It’s a smart investment for the Bengals. Gruden clearly wanted to continue his work with Andy Dalton and he got a rare bit of security in the coaching profession.

This continues a strong year for Bengals owner Mike Brown. Whether he’s been lucky, good, or both, credit Brown for knowing a good thing when he sees it and paying to make sure Gruden didn’t leave.

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  1. But that means Marvin Lewis is back too, right? Maybe if they brought in a logistics coach it might work, because having Lewis in charge of reviews and clock management is not going to work.

  2. Is this really Mike Brown, or did somebody secretly replace him with a clone? He’s made too many good moves this year to be the real thing. I am starting to worry that pod people are taking over…

  3. Can’t believe these words are coming out of my mouth but smart move by Mike Brown. Finally realizing Cincy isn’t exactly South Beach or NYC, you got to pay to make a good thing with a struggling team and a struggling fan base.

  4. Gruden staying is a good omen as it shows commitment towards the future of the team.

    Brown extending Gruden shows he sees the benefit of keeping him and maintaining the momentum built from this season.

    Two first round draft picks and 3 overall in the top 55. Future looks bright but this is a crucial offseason leading to the most important season in Bengals history. Can’t take steps back like 2010.

    So far so good.

  5. smart move – Now, while you still seem to be rational, open those purse strings a little wider and go get you a GM.

  6. ……add the fact that brown ripped off the raiders for 2 high draft picks, and I’d say the future looks bright!

  7. Good for him. He turned in a much better year than anyone expected with a rookie QB. Dalton looked good, and should only get better. Smart move on Browns part. And good for Gruden. I wish the Eagles had a young up and coming coach around.

  8. I feel like MB is like mee-maw in Raising Hope. You have to get to him while he is lucid for like 2 hours a day.
    Thank you MB for being a pretty good owner recently (throws up in mouth a little)… ugh, that hurt. That hurt a LOT

  9. As a Steeler fan living in Bengal country, I am well aware of the shortcomings Mike Brown has shown as an owner, but I agree that somehow now he looks like a genius-he has a young team full of talent and is apparently willing to do what it takes to make the Bengals a winner. Assuming the are at least as successful with the draft in 2012, I see nothing but trouble from the Bengals for the AFC North for the forseeable future.

  10. Wake me when Mikey has consecutive winning seasons, because there is a first time for everything.
    Well maybe not, but we can dream can’t we?

  11. Good….. Now work the same magic on Zimmer. As a Bengals fan, I wouldn’t be opposed to offering Zim the HC position and promote Marvin to GM.

  12. Great news. Now if Marvin doesn’t win a playoff game next year (or has a losing season) can his butt and promote Gruden or Zimmer.

  13. jenniferxxx says:
    Jan 12, 2012 9:12 AM
    Must be great to have a famous Dad.

    Just like Jim Harbaugh’s famous dad John, coach of the Ravens, right? Wow…

  14. “But they’re still the Bungles, and for that reason, will be forever irrelevant.

    Gruden Jr. should of left when he had the chance to get out.”

    And the saints used to be the aints. Bengals future is bright. Maybe mikey is having a end-life crisis lol

  15. Its going to be a expensive offseason in the Bengals Nation. With 20+ free agents and plenty of holes to be filled getting Gruden and Zimmer locked up has to be priority #1!

  16. Remember that Marvin Lewis is in the last year of his contract (expires after next season), so this could potentially set Gruden up to take over as HC after next season. And maybe that was part of the reason he’s not going anywhere… A potential wink/nod from Mike Brown.

  17. “I would like to compliment Brown…..but I just can’t:

    3 winning seasons since 1991.”

    also 3 winning seasons out of the last 7 –

    not a huge Mike Brown fan by any means but some day take a minute and go to wikipedia and check out some of the historical records of some of the teams. (here’s one for you, Stealers – 25 years without a playoff appearance)

  18. Pictures… Jay has pictures….

    Sorry I had nothing.. but this is an odd move for the Brown family… good coach.. others are interested.. AND they step up? That’s unusual. Only reason they kept Zim was because the Brown Family was there for him when his wife died (that isn’t unusual the Brown Family does do things like that).

    Very odd.

  19. @ ‘zombierobotchucknorris’…..

    ” Gruden Jr should have got out when he had the chance…… ”

    So let me get this straight then Einstein; you’d have turned down a job that offered $3.6 mill over three years would you ????

    No, didn’t think so……

  20. I have complained about mike brown for years so has everybody else. I think he may have started to turn around. I know the Carson trade was complete luck but Mike brown also wanted to dradt ryan mallet and gruden advised him to get dalton and he LISTENED! With the dalton move, carson trade and paying gruden maybe there’s a chance he is starting to care about the team. If he hires a GM and hires about 4 more college scouts then i’ll be a true believer of mike.

  21. Head coach in waiting. I’d love to see Marvin step into the GM role street next season and allow Gruden to take the reins. Ten years of Dalton w/ Gruden = multiple AFC North championships. Here’s to the decline of Pittsburgh and Baltimore!

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