New Jags owner defines “fan” narrowly


Jaguars owner Shad Khan ruffled a few feathers in Jacksonville on Wednesday during the press conference that introduced Mike Mularkey as the third head coach in team history.  Khan, it seems, has a very specific idea of what it means to be a “fan” of the team.

“For me a fan is somebody who is a season ticket holder for the Jaguars,” Khan said, via  “So that is a key definition we need to get out.  We want to hear from people, we want a huge amount of constructive feedback.  We need input, but we need that from fans who are season ticket holders.”

Khan has since been trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube, via radio appearances and emailed statements and comments via intermediaries.  Khan’s representative, Jim Woodcock, told that it was a “joke” and “off-the-cuff” remark.

Some fans are upset, others are willing to give Khan the benefit of the doubt.

Regardless, the comment doesn’t seem like a misstatement or an accident or a joke.  It was a candid effort to hinge the privilege of following Khan’s team upon the giving of a large chunk of money to Khan’s team on an annual basis.  Even if he never says it again, the fact that he said it once suggests an attitude that could prove problematic, if he doesn’t find a way to conceal the attitude from public view.

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  1. When pressed for further comment Khan declined as he was late for his scheduled tying of the damsel in distress to the railroad tracks.

  2. Is this payback from foreigners because the Glazer’s own Manchester United???

    I want someone Made In America owning the Jags!!!

  3. “For me a fan is somebody who is a season ticket holder”

    How do I buy season tickets for that mustache because I am definitely a fan…. ?

  4. I am a HUGE jags fan and NO I don’t have season tickets, but you know what, Khan is RIGHT ! Shame on my self and many other Duval fans that don’t own season tickets.

  5. By his definition, I am not a fan of the Green Bay Packers since I am not a season ticket holder – despite my name on the waiting list along with some other 88000 people. Idiot.

    This is exactly why the Rams did not approve his bid to buy the team. A shifty businessman who has alienated the meager following of Jacksonville.

  6. Oh My God, I hope Shahid Khan doesn’t treat NFL ownership as a business proposition.

    Doesn’t he know the other 31 franchise holders do it for purely altruistic reasons, so children in wheelchairs and elderly persons with blue hair, can be photographed on the sidelines every Sunday? Smiling beatifically. Do you need more reward that that? I think not.

  7. He’s right if your a fan of a team you support them win or lose and last season it was funny to see all the empty seats at the jags games well it was sad of you like the Jaguars

  8. Media is up in arms because they’ve never paid for a ticket or a hot dog in their life.

    “Don’t disrespect us, bro!”.

  9. not from the league who brought us nfl network and espn exclusive games, ten dollar budweisers, blackouts, and games in the UK and Canada!

  10. oh my ….. good illustration of

    1. shoot
    2. draw
    3. aim

    Is Aaron Kampen still on the team or did his problems with knees force a retirement? Aaron is a wonderful personality much missed in Wisconsin.

  11. No recognition of the fact that taxpayers paid for the building that he demands they sign a contract to enter. So on top of the fact that their assets are guaranteed to appreciate, NFL owners want their profitability guaranteed by both their employees and customers through the labor deal and season tickets. There is no justifiable reason for taxpayers to subsidize the NFL. Let them seek financing for their stadiums privately. Why in a free market economy are we subsidizing a booming industry?

  12. That is the problem today, nobody wants to hear the truth. They would rather be feed bull.

    What he stated was truth, those are the real Fans. The person that never spends a dime on a club minus buying a new ball cap every 3rd year, do they really matter?

    I guess they do, in their own mind. To these teams the ones that really matter are the ones spending the MONEY.

  13. When Khan came to the United States he earned 1.20 an hour washing dishes and slept in $2 a night hotel rooms. Now hes an elitist who looks down on fans spending $300 a a game on tickets , parking, food and programs if they are not a season ticket holder. Nice, talk about forgetting your roots.

  14. Even when people who aren’t season ticket holders are allowed to be Jaguars fans, there still aren’t enough of them to fill that stadium.
    By the way, is looking like a doofus now a requirement for NFL owners? (Mark Davis, Khan, etc)

  15. This dude looks like he is ready to slap the camel clutch on all you non-season ticket holders who call themselves fans

  16. He was asking Supporters (season ticket owners) for input moving forward..I don’t see a problem with that. It was an unfortunate misstatement that he used the word fan…He has clarified that….It has gotten a little blown out of proportion locally, but most here now understand his intent…please try to keep things in context!!!!

  17. Here we go Borat Sagdiyev. As though being Jaguar’s fans is not enough humiliation, poor ‘vile ppl got this ??Kazakhstan/Pakistan mustache.

  18. What do you want the guy to say, “Sure everyone who likes the team, just stay home. I don’t need the attendence.”

  19. He’s just what the NFL needs right now.
    gotta love that stache. wonder if he has an accent to go with it. I vote him the new
    “most interesting man in the world”

  20. Isn’t that the definition of a fan? When you don’t sell out games, you don’t have enough fans. Teams move so they can get sell outs, meaning more fans. Don’t get your undies in a bundle over it.

  21. Funny how everyone talks about how the jags don’t sell out the stadium, yet they haven’t had a game blacked out since 2009! Imagine if they actually start winning how many seats they would sell. Jags average 65000 in attendance per game and the bengals (who made the playoffs) only had 41000 in attendance the last home game of the season. 65000 avg is not bad for a fairly new team!

  22. Whew! Good thing you don’t have to be a season ticket holder to be a Green Bay Packers fan! All those folks on the 99 year waiting list would be out of luck!


  23. . . . thus setting the stage for a move out of Jacksonville, citing “insufficient ‘fan’ support in the region.”

  24. Does any one else hear the Joker saying “this town needs an enima” when looking at that picture?

  25. For $10.00, he will kick any season ticket holder’s dog….just bring it to the stadium between 9:00 and 5:00 on any week day. $5.00 for each additional dog.

  26. You can’t take to heart what Mr. Kahn said. He didn’t mean it. After all he’s just an owner and owners say stuff that they don’t really mean all the time. And you just have to laugh it off. Let me give you an example……

    “We are going to spend whatever it takes to win.” – Joel Glazer co-chairman of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  27. Strange, I’d think he’d want feedback from fans who are not currently season ticket holders to find out what it will take to get them to be.

    But hey, if he wants to keep the “fan” base the size it currently is he can ignore the people not currently paying up for that title of “Jaguars fan” and do nothing to attract them to being one.

  28. I was a Patriot season ticket holder for almost 20 years. I even held them an extra year after loosing my job. I finally had to give them up this year. Guess I am simply not a fan anymore…..even if I never miss a game on TV…….even if (before they were telivised down here) I used to listen to the games on the radio while they were getting their asses kicked every week. I don’t begrudge anyone their station in life…however I do take exception to some rich bastard having no clue what it is like to strugle each week to make ends meet.

  29. mpg22387 says: Jan 12, 2012 6:29 PM

    By his definition, I am not a fan of the Green Bay Packers since I am not a season ticket holder – despite my name on the waiting list along with some other 88000 people. Idiot.

    This is exactly why the Rams did not approve his bid to buy the team. A shifty businessman who has alienated the meager following of Jacksonville.


    Disagree with Khan, but the Jags don’t have a season ticket waiting list… so you’re example doesn’t really work.

  30. Lots of comments already, but still worth it. #1 – Jag Fans LOVE having the first ever minority owner in the NFL! #2 – Jag Fans know what Kahn meant because we understand the context. We have a big hardcore fan base, but we also have a huge on/off fan base. Those are the ones who go to the beach on Sundays, visit the zoo, relax in front of their flat screens at home. Those are the “fans” that we need to buy tickets!. End note: 17 years is how old the teenagers are that have lived in jax and had the team for their entire life. They’re just now old enough to drive themselves to the games and their 4 years away from coming for the beer! The fan base is sanz a problem.

  31. Some of the best and most loyal fans are the people who can’t afford tickets much less season tickets. Like this comment if you agree.

     NFL teams couldn’t care less about those types of people.

  32. NoHomeTeam says:
    Jan 12, 2012 7:25 PM
    . . . thus setting the stage for a move out of Jacksonville, citing “insufficient ‘fan’ support in the region.”

    BINGO! He can take his elitist arse right out of town too for all I care.

  33. Damn, i live seven hours from my team and i work saturdays. Guess i am not a fan, thought i was.

    This is also a statement of socioeconomic status. Who can afford tickets and PSLs? For some teams youre not allowed to be a fan because you are too poor.

    The world needs ditch diggers.


  34. Only 12 teams made the playoffs. The rest of your teams are in the same boat as the Big Cats. Go Khan, go Jags!

  35. NFL teams couldn’t care less about those types of people.

    The real money is from the TV contract and adds, along with the mass marketing of NFL apparel

  36. That was a poorly thought out statement. Fans support/root for the team. What Khan is referring to are called customers even though they are rarely treated as such. He needs to inspire fans to spend their money rather than alienate a local fan base that has at times struggled to show up on Sundays. Some do not have extra money to spend on “entertainment” that is already exorbitantly priced as it is. You do not have to be a season ticket holder to be a fan of the team and there are a lot of fans that do not live in the local market–the military being a prime example. He is narrowing his focus to people that happen to live in the Jacksonville area. Based on that mentality, Jaguars fans ought to be concerned about a guy that views them only as a source of money. There are bigger cities with more potential “fans” to be fleeced and it seems that he may be quick to move the team when it becomes logistically plausible.

  37. He’s right, folks in Jacksonville need to step up or the Jags should step out.

    Panthers have managed to sell PSL’s for about 60% of the seats in the stadium, why can’t the Jags?

  38. Some over privileged fools.

    Khan is a business man. His customers pay him money for his product. The more you pay and more regularly you pay, the more important you are to him. If you didn’t know that before he said it, you’re a moron.

    Jacksonville has had problems selling out games. Each season ticket holder contributes to minimizing that problem. Each game that is sold out makes their product available for advertising, partnerships and naming rights, because the games can air in the local market (where there will be the most demand for it). Every game that is sold out helps the Jags and the NFL.

    He didn’t say you’re not a fan if you don’t have a season ticket. He just said you’re a fan who is less important to take the input of, because you don’t move the needle as much as the fan that puts up their money.

    If you don’t like that, boo-effing-hoo.

  39. Take it easy. His statement is a direct quote taken from his Business Plan (under sub-section Marketing) which he formally submitted to the League Office prior to purchase. It’s what earned him immediate approval.

  40. Ok Mr. Owner Businessman – Let’s put it in terms that you will understand…

    The “product” that you just purchased has not been worth the price – put out a better product – and you will have more “fans”.

  41. So if I spend part of my paycheck buying something from the Jags’ online store i’m still not a fan? I guess that doesn’t make the billionaire quite rich enough. GOOD TO KNOW IT’S NOT ALL DOLLARS AND CENTS WITH THIS GUY.

  42. That’s a Stupid thing to say,obviously. Keep in mind though,He is a business owner and the season ticket holders are VERY valuable to his business. Maybe we should be glad the he is at least being honest. Really would any owner be happy with the fan that gets a ticket for a gift,goes to the game,sits on their hands and leaves without a hat,shirt or having a beer???

  43. “Oh My God, I hope Shahid Khan doesn’t treat NFL ownership as a business proposition.”

    The largest revenue source for most (probably all) NFL teams is the television contract. A rational business owner would treat the people watching on television as fans, since they are his primary revenue source.

  44. Truly, as dumb and thoughtless as Mr. Khan’s misstatement is, all those ethnic slurs and so-called jokes here are way worse.

    Attention: Losers. This guy is an American success story. He owns the Jaguars. He paid c*a*s*h for the team.

    Complain, if you must, about what he says — not who he is.

  45. responsiblechild says:
    Jan 12, 2012 8:55 PM
    That’s a Stupid thing to say,obviously. Keep in mind though,He is a business owner and the season ticket holders are VERY valuable to his business. Maybe we should be glad the he is at least being honest. Really would any owner be happy with the fan that gets a ticket for a gift,goes to the game,sits on their hands and leaves without a hat,shirt or having a beer???
    Or a Win…or even a fight in the stands???

  46. I really don’t understand how anyone could be a HUGE Jags fan, let alone a casual Jags fan. What is the appeal of the Jags, even if you happen to live in the basement of their stadium, odds are you’re watching a better team on your little fuzzy derelict tv.

    I don’t even know what the Jags are shooting for, it’s like. “Third place in the AFC south is ours!! no one is gonna take it from us ever, unless the titans and texans happen to beat us, than 4th is ours!!!” Of course with Manning out this year, it’s skewed, but it will soon be back in form. And a new evil moustached owner isn’t gonna help them. Time to move to LA before your stadium drowns.

  47. Every team values input from season ticket holders more than the other fans. Really he’s just asking his most valuable customers for input. Good business. This guy didn’t get where he’s going by accident. Also wasn’t this guy an immigrant? If so, English isn’t his first language, so he may have just worded it poorly. Give him a break PFT. This country needs more people like Mr kahn right now.

  48. Khan’s statement led to a world shaking mathematic discovery. When published at PFT, it uncovered a flood of LOWER COMMON DENOMINATORS than the previously accepted LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR. Dozens of them, in fact.

  49. Fans pay for insane cable bills and over priced teamware. Really dumb thing to say, considering he didn’t have season tickets while waiting to become a citizen. I’d bet he called himself a fan in the good old days…

  50. This is how people of access and money think. You’ve seen it in Jordan, LeBron, Pouncey, Sprewell, Mayweather and the list goes on. I’m really being turned off by sports. Besides, the product isnt as good as it used to be anyway. I’m watching out for flags more that the game of football. We all have become mini referees trying to leard what’s a flag and what’s not. You cant even enjoy the game!

  51. Have never lived in Pittsburgh but fell in love with the Steelers 34 years ago, dragging my family with me. We were ordering Steeler merchandise before there was an Internet or team catalog. They our money every year, win or lose, and we’ve bought tickets when they’ve played nearby.

    A few years ago, I exchanged letters with team owner Dan Rooney. He knew I wasn’t local or a season ticket holder. But he was as gracious to me as if I were a skybox owner. Maybe that’s one reason the Steelers sell out every year–even when they were losing in the 80s. Their owners appreciate ALL their fans.

  52. @quirt: You should really do the math on ticket sales for about 10 games a year (even for a non-playoff team), parking fees, concessions and memorabilia sold for huge markup at the stadium.

    Even if the TV deal were to dwarf that income by as much as you seem to think, they need to have a stadium in order to have a game to put on TV. Part of the reason teams get so much public help is the boost they expect to the local economy, which only happens if people come out.

    And, again, even if the TV deal was as huge a difference compared to gameday income…you are aware that the product never makes it to the TV in the local market if the stadium doesn’t virtually sell out, right?

    It’s embarrassing to see the contortions fans are putting themselves into to justify their opposition to what Khan said.

  53. So let me get this straight. All you blowhards do is tell jags fans to step up and buy tickets, but the actual owner with a financial interest in te team says the same thing and you have the stones to pontificate?

  54. Some of the best and most loyal fans are the people who can’t afford tickets much less season tickets.

    True. And some of the other best and most loyal fans are the ones who are not only fortunate enough to have enough expendable income to afford season tickets, but make it a priority to buy them every year (even if it means cutting back elsewhere in the entertainment budget), then schedule the rest of their lives around the dates of home games, because there being matters to them. A lot.

    What a shocker that the businessmen who own these NFL teams are going to take a particular interest in the loyal fans who are also regular paying customers.

  55. Some times it’s just sooo easy to read the future. Within 3 years this guy will be rode out of town on the back of his camel.

  56. I love how so many owners think they are mavericks. Your not a young Al Davis, you never will be. Just shut up and know your role you noob. You haven’t done anything in this league.

  57. Jaguars are about to get their Khan on! Just brought back Mel Tucker, after a few big time WR free agents that they will sign, Bowe? Stevie Johnson?….You folks are crakin jokes now but Khan will get the last laugh…..good chance this team could be playoff bound, they have a great core in place and the biggest dead weight has been removed in Del Rio……

  58. Let me see if I get this straight….

    A guy comes in to one of the smallest markets in the league that generates little luxury box revenue because of the small corporate footprint in the city, has a large amount of unsold tickets, and agrees to keep the team in the city when 99.9% of other billionaires would have moved the team faster than you can say “Los Angeles” and instead of celebrating this guy for saving their team, large numbers of people in Jacksonville become indignant because he makes the blindingly obvious statement that his business will value the opinions of the people buying his product over those who don’t buy his product???

    Strong sense of entitlement from the people in Jacksonville.

  59. Khan (twirling his moustache): You must pay for tickets!

    Damsel-in-Distress: But I can’t pay for tickets!

    Khan: You must pay for tickets!

    Damsel: But I can’t pay for tickets!

    Hero: I’ll pay for tickets!

    Khan: Curses, Foiled Again!

  60. No, Irishjack, you don’t have this straight…

    Jacksonville is one of the smaller markets in the league, but there are three Fortune 500 companies based here and a pretty good corporate footprint overall. We have had no blackouts since 2009, and had no more than 10,000 non-club seats unsold going into a Thursday deadline… Winning will solve the issue of going into some weeks going down to the deadline.

    But you and many others have the relocation equation wrong – teams historically haven’t moved over attendance, they move over stadium issues. Jacksonville doesn’t have that problem – PFT and other media sites just want to stir up that pot…

  61. irishjackmp

    Have to agree with you. If pro sports weren’t a billion dollars a year business none of this would be news.

    But it IS a huge business and this is the way it goes.

    No one HAS to buy those tickets. The ONLY way that anyone could ever get the owners’ attention is by NOT BUYING TICKETS.

    Of course that is NOT going to happen

    and the beat goes on

    And I’ll be sitting on my fat ass this weekend watching the playoffs.

    what time do the jags play?

  62. For the Jags to supposedly be the team that ‘no one cares about’ we sure are a lightning rod when it comes to Jags info, erroneous or not. Haters are gonna always hate. PFT, way to spin every lil’ minor topic concerning the Jags into a ‘doomsday scenario’.

  63. @ emaimo80:

    FYI, the Bengals sold out their last home game. They also sold out 57 straight before this season. Noone renewed their season tickets after last seasons debacle and post-season press conference. That’s why our attendance was down this year. Not that anyone cares about facts. Next year, we will go back to weekly sell outs, even though our team hasn’t won a playoff game in 21 years.

  64. This post fails to mention that non season-ticket holders will be pepper sprayed at point of entry to the stadium.

  65. That’s dumb. Season ticket ownership doesn’t determine one’s fanship. An old woman I used to work with has a whole room in her house packed with Patriots gear she’s been collecting for 50 years, but she barely makes enough money to cover living expenses, most of her Patriots gear is gifts or bargain finds. She never has and never will be able to afford to see even a single game. Are you going to tell her she’s not a fan compared to the rich Boston businessmen who buy season tickets and give them all to their clients every year just to kiss some butt? That’s the mentality of someone who cares more about profits than people. Good luck with that strategy in that gleaming metropolis of wealth, Jacksonville.

  66. Bill Veeck, who owned and operated baseball teams back in the 1940’s and 1950’s, and was quite a showman, himself, used to differentiate between his teams’ customers and their fans.

    That’s a distinction that Mr. Khan would do well to understand.

    Veeck is remembered as the guy who planted the ivy on the outfield walls at Wrigley Field, and who signed and sent a midget to bat during a major league game when he operated the old St. Louis Browns (now Baltimore Orioles).

  67. The new crop of owners like Khan and Donald Ross certainly have the money to own a team, but have no idea how owning an NFL team is different than any other business.

    Somewhere, Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder and Mark Cuban are laughing at how these noobs are wrecking their new toys.

    The Jag fans miss Mr. Weaver and Tom Coughlin. They never had it so good.

    Who am I kidding, half the town roots for Denver now.

  68. @khuxford: Do the math.

    Let’s say 60,000 seats at $100 a pop. That’s 6 million (and it probably overestimates the average ticket price, particularly in a smaller market like Jacksonville). That’s $6 million a game, or $48 million a season. Now let’s grossly overestimate again, and DOUBLE that for parking and concessions. That’s $96 million. Hell, let’s round up, and call it $100 million.

    Average television revenue per team is $120 million.

    There’s no question that television revenue exceeds game-day revenue. It’s just a fact. And that television revenue wouldn’t change even if half of the ticket buyers stopped buying tickets.

    Every NFL team relies on television watchers for revenue. The sport wouldn’t be the same without the television contracts. To diss the television fans is dumb business. And I’m quite certain Goodell, or one of the other owners, has already explained that to Khan.

  69. If I was a “fan” of this team and read that, I would immediately stop watching them on t.v., never buy anything with their logo on it, and find another team to root for.

    Talk about lack of reality. How many people can afford to go to a game, let alone own season tickets? If that’s the only people he is interested in, why not see how much money he will actually get if everyone else except those season ticket holders stopped supporting the team?

    I can’t believe how many people support that ridiculous and pompous statement!

  70. One more thing. Where do you suppose new ticket buyers come from? Almost certainly, they start as television viewers. If you want to turn television viewers into ticket buyers, is it the best possible strategy to insult them and treat them as if they are not “real” fans? I don’t think so.

  71. …all those ethnic slurs and so-called jokes here are way worse…

    Agreed. These people are putting the “Slur” in Slurpee, now knock it off!

  72. Deb says:
    A few years ago, I exchanged letters with team owner Dan Rooney. He knew I wasn’t local or a season ticket holder. But he was as gracious to me as if I were a skybox owner. Maybe that’s one reason the Steelers sell out every year–even when they were losing in the 80s. Their owners appreciate ALL their fans.

    Saw a comment here a couple of weeks ago from a guy who was a season ticket holder and happened to run across Dan Rooney up in the luxery boxes; he said “hello” to Rooney and asked him for an autograph, only to be brushed off by him with an insulting comment.

    The guy said he could never be a Steelers fan again until Dan Rooney was gone, or words to that affect.

    One thing was clear; this guy felt Dan Rooney didn’t appreciate HIS fans.

  73. I was watching the press conference live online (guess what? I’m a big enough fan to watch online, and yet I’m not a season ticket holder) and I have to admit that it made me cringe when he said it.

    So far, he’s insulted the non-ticket holding fans, and hired a failed former head coach. Nice start.

    This is a fanbase in dire need of some fresh air and thus far we haven’t really gotten any from the new regime. So, regardless of how cool that stache is, I’m still a little concerned.

  74. “This is exactly why the Rams did not approve his bid to buy the team. A shifty businessman who has alienated the meager following of Jacksonville.”

    No, the Rams never got a chance to approve his bid, cuz Stan Kroenke obviously couldn’t stand the thought of somebody with a more outrageous ‘Stache buying the Rams out, and exercised his right to match Khan’s offer to buy complete control of the team.

  75. @quirt: Why does your math miss that I said 10 games? Season ticket holders are forced to buy the tickets to the preseason games as well as the regular season games. Games need to be sold out for them to air in the local market. Even if $96m was accurate (which it isn’t), the need to sell out the stadium factors into the marketability of the TV rights. Business done at the stadium factors into tax breaks and state assistance for new stadiums and upgrades. You’re ignoring the plethora of facts and information that cuts your argument off at the knees.

  76. You are focusing on the shrubs, and missing the forest. Let’s give you 10 games … Even though they don’t sell out, and even though people don’t show up for preseason games, and so the concession load per ticket is smaller. Let’s even pretend that game-day revenue is 60%, and television revenue is only 40%. It isn’t, but I’m willing to pretend it is, because your argument falls apart anyway. Does a rational owner tick off the people who generate 40% of his income, and his partners’ income? If you tell television viewers that you don’t care about them, are they more or less likely eventually to become season ticket purchasers?

    Even when every single assumption is tilted your way, it would still be utter foolishness for a rational NFL owner to treat television viewers as if they were not fans.

    You said, do the math. The math destroys your argument.

  77. @pftcensorssuck …

    Dan Rooney is in his 70s and the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland. I really doubt he said something nasty to a guy who asked for his autograph. Actor Paul Newman famously stopped giving autographs forever after being asked once while doing his business at a urinal. So I don’t know why Rooney turned down that guy–and neither do you. Given the straightup BS I’ve seen people post on the blogs–especially about the Steelers–I don’t know if that story is even true. I could produce the letter from Rooney to prove my story.

    Was talking to fans in Pittsburgh a couple of years ago who told me after Art Rooney died, Dan and the family stood in a receiving line for hours and hours, personally greeting every fan who came by to express condolences. That doesn’t sound like someone who blows people off. But he’s an old guy and may be curmudgeonly at times. The point is that the you’re not going to hear the Rooneys publicly stating that the only fans who count are season ticket holders. I’ve heard them too often talk about how much they value their worldwide fan base.

  78. I think Dan Rooney refused the autograph because someone was holding him up so he could pee in the urinal at the time. Nothing more than that.

  79. @godzilla1111111 …

    Not that it matters, but the Rooneys are longtime Republicans who supported Obama because, like a lot of people, they had concerns about the previous Administration. They’re not exactly left-wingers.

  80. His statement would surely alienate the Jags fans who follow the team but cannot afford his season tickets. Moving to LA does not make much sense, in terms of attendance, as there was also poor attendance in the past. Now, moving because of the TV market, sounds more compelling. Makes me glad the Packers are not owned by a billionaire owner.

  81. Oh thank goodness! I can stop worrying about buying season tickets to see what that sorry-ass offense will look like under those horrendous coaching hires…..

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