Wade Phillips prepares for his Buccaneers interview


On Sunday, the Houston Texans will visit the Ravens in Baltimore, hoping to win a second playoff game.  Before then, Texans’ defensive coordinator Wade Phillips will visit with the Buccaneers in Houston, hoping to win a fourth head-coaching job.

But Phillips sounds conflicted regarding his future.

“Well again, you know, my first priority is to be here,” Phillips said of Houston, via comments distributed by the team.  “I like it here.  I love it here.  You know we’ve had such a magical year and we’re going to keep it going so that’s my first choice.  You know I may not be their choice either, but I am gonna interview and you know take it from there.  As far as distractions, they asked me two weeks ago, they asked permission to talk to me two weeks ago so we knew what was going on for two weeks, but we didn’t let it be a distraction the week before so it won’t be this week.”

(If the request actually came two weeks ago, it means the request came before former coach Raheem Morris was fired.)

Phillips has coached the Broncos, Bills, and Cowboys.  He has dramatically transformed the Texans’ defense in only one season.

That said, only the Buccaneers have expressed interest in making him a four-time NFL head coach.  Other candidates include four-time NFL head coach Marty Schottenheimer, former Vikings coach Brad Childress, and Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.

UPDATE 9:30 p.m. ET:  Phillips has withdrawn his name from consideration.  He’ll stay with the Texans.

21 responses to “Wade Phillips prepares for his Buccaneers interview

  1. Sure…Wade Phillips…appropiately named by the way. Wades in a pool of slop, eating from the trough of the NFL’s bottomfeeders.

    Why don’t you bring Norv next year and build a Super Power of Suck.

  2. Wade Phillips is a nice guy and a GREAT defensive mind, maybe the premier defensive mind in all of football. That being said, it would be a stretch to say he deserves another shot as a head coach. Judging from his comments, he seems to realize that.

  3. Interested to see whether or not he can change that defense into a 3-4. He worked a miracle with the Texans this is just about impossible.

  4. when is the NFL and wade phillips himself going to realize that he is a great defensive coordinator and not a very good head football coach? from his comments it seems like wade may be getting to that point a little himself.

  5. I think this could have been prevented by the Texans organization. Wade Phillips and other coaches should have a clause in their contracts that state they cannot interview for other jobs until the Texans season is over. Time to give Wade a slight pay raise and add the interview clause.
    Also, if your are talkikg about anything other than your opponent then it is a distraction. This is a distraction. Why do the media through players under the bus for being distractions when they speak out but a coach interviewing for another job during the season is not suppose to be a distraction? What a double standard?

  6. Come on, Wade. You’re old, it was time a while ago to accept that you’re just better as a coordinator. There’s no shame in that, and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side– ask Dick LeBeau. Be smart– turn down the interview, you’ve got a good thing goin’ where you’re at.

  7. Feel bad for Bucs fans; have to deal with annoying, idiotic, and arrogant Saints fans twice a year and their front office looks lost on their coach search.

    Last year seemed so promising, guess it was a mirage.

  8. Take a page out of Dick LeBeau’s book Wade. You are a great D coordinator, but not a head coach. You could help a team win a Super Bowl as their DC.

  9. dallasholeinroofcowboys says: Jan 12, 2012 7:47 PM

    Sure…Wade Phillips…appropiately named by the way. Wades in a pool of slop, eating from the trough of the NFL’s bottomfeeders.

    Why don’t you bring Norv next year and build a Super Power of Suck.


    Why don’t you remove the letters “dallinroofcowboys” from your name? It’d be a better self-description.

  10. Not a distraction. If anyone’s coordinator could take an interview & not be distracted then it would be Phillips. He deserves another head coach shot. Hire someone else to run the offence. Players like him as hes a “players coach”

  11. If Wade gets the Jags job, Aaron Kampman will be saying FML. He went to Jacksonville to get away from the 3-4.

    Also, where’s the questioning Wade’s credibility? All this “I’m interviewing to leave, but Houston means the world to me” rah rah BS that is disseminated through THE TEXANS and you’re not challenging the credibility even a fraction of the amount you questioned the Jets saying “we wuvs Schotty and want him back…the precious!” Yet both are about as true. Most likely, we’ll not get to know that about Wade, since he’ll not get hired and there’s no way to be sure if his “distraction” caused a loss if the Ravens beat Houston.

  12. Wade has withdrawn his name for consideration because he doesn’t want to be a distraction. True class act!

    Seems that there are alot of Wade hatin’ Cowpokes on here. By the way, what time is kickoff for the Cowpatties playoff game this weekend? Ooops!

  13. As a head coach, Wade is a brilliant defensive coordinator. And given his recent health issues, he’d be smart to, as someone else suggested, follow the lead of LeBeau and Capers and focus on building a championship defense. He’s 64. At this point, isn’t it better to be a top-flight coordinator than a mediocre head coach?

  14. dallasholeinroofcowboys

    Why don’t you and the rest of the crying girls in Dallas just can it. You’re out of the playoffs. You have NOMO ROMO behind center so what do you expect.

    GO TEXANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. How many teams does this guy have to run into the ground before idiot owners get the message: Wade is NOT HC material. Great coordinator, terrible HC. Just like Norvell out in San Diego.The only reason Jerry hired him in Dallas is b/c Jerry wanted to be in control again after Parcells told him to sit down and shut up while he re-built the Cowboys from the ashes of the early 2000’s. Wade sucks as a HC–sucked in Denver, sucked in Buffalo, sucked in Dallas

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