Wade Phillips withdraws name from consideration in Tampa


We told you just a few hours ago that Wade Phillips sounded like he had mixed feelings about interviewing for the head coaching job with the Buccaneers.

Those mixed feelings have turned more certain. Phillips informed the Bucs he won’t meet about the position, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

There are a lot of reasons Phillips may have withdrawn his name to remain the defensive coordinator in Houston. SI’s Peter King points out the most likely reason: Phillips already knows he’s out of the running.  (That may explain why he had mixed feelings after sounding gung ho about getting a head coaching job earlier in the offseason.)

No matter the reason, it’s great news for the Texans and their fans that Phillips will stay put.

The Bucs have met with Marty Schottenheimer, Brad Childress, and Mike Sherman thus far. Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer is also believed to be in the mix.

38 responses to “Wade Phillips withdraws name from consideration in Tampa

  1. Did he also go Wee-Wee-Wee all the way home?

    …Guy is an oinker, glad Jerry had presence of mind to drop him like a bad habit.

  2. Everything I heard was that Phillips’ interview was more of a fact-finding mission by the Bucs, probably gauging his opinion on the Bucs’ defensive personnel being able to switch to a 3-4.

  3. The Bucs need a hardass and that’s not Wade Phillips. He is a very good DC but his demeanor is not good for a HC job. He is a laid back guy with not a lot of fuss. That is an opportunity for guys like Garrett to undermine his authority while they scam the owner into replacing Wade.
    He has done a remarkable job with the Texans defense. Without Wade as DC, they would have not been able to coast into the playoffs when Schaub and then Leinert went down

  4. There are a lot of reasons Phillips may have withdrawn his name to remain the defensive coordinator in Houston. SI’s Peter King points out the most likely reason: It’s Tampa.

    There, fixed.

  5. The Bucs should hire Marty. He can make a bad team good — even very good. Not sure he can deliver a SB, but that shouldn’t be the priority of the Bucs right now. Just try and be a good team.

    If Marty gets hired, though, I hope he doesn’t bring his boy along with him.

  6. @dallasholeintheroofcowboys….

    Your comment about Wade is hilarious! While I’m thinking about it…..who do the Cowboys play this weekend???? Oh, that’s right.

  7. dallasholeinroofcowboys says:

    Did he go wee wee wee all the way home?

    …Guy is an oinker, Glad Jerry had the presence to drop this guy like a Bad Habit

    So you you liking the Cow they Call Rob Ryan, I guarantee he will be fired after this coming season. Jerrah is a total douche nozzle, looks like him and Mark are trying both to step into Al Davis’s role as the biggest nut job and football.

  8. Bring in Marty Schottenheimer!
    “There’s a gleam, men! There’s a gleam!”
    “If this doesn’t light your fire the pilot light is out!”
    The Bucs will return to winning and integrity under Marty!!!
    Marty, this is where your Super Bowl is going to come! Your ship comes in right here in Tampa!
    The Glazers need to call you asap!!!

  9. Wade Phillips, great defensive coordinator…………………head coach 6-10………………………Marty great regular season coach 11-5, playoffs 0-1……………………..Brad Childress ‘good” not great offensive coordinator……….head coach 6-10, 8-8, 10-6, 12-4, gone………….Sherman=9-7, 9-7, 9-7, 9-7……………………………Mike Zimmer…….????

  10. i didn’t think anybody outside of the bills could put together a list of candidates that underwhelming.

  11. regardless of his reasoning he is a class act.

    dall ashole inroofcowboys you are a different kind of act, similar to an a**clown! how are the playoffs going in jerry’s world this season?

  12. Everybody who says that Wade is a bad coach is probably just repating what mindless Cowboy fans say. Wade was a good head coach. Not great, just good. He’s 23 games above .500, which is better than 90% of the coaches in the NFL. He couldn’t handle the circus that is the Dallas Cowboys, but what coach after Jimmy Johnson has? Even Parcells couldn’t win a playoff game there. Wade is an elite Coordinator, and was a good head coach. To say he was “bad” is to hugely overstating and oversimplifying his headcoaching jobs. Guys like Rich Kotite, Steve Spurrior, and Josh McDaniels were bad NFL head coaches. Wade Phillips is one of only a handful of coaches to take 3 different organizations to the playoffs. He may not have that “it” that some coaches have, but he is good enough for a team to consider as a candidate for a head coaching vacancy.

  13. Dallasholeinthehead….good thing you replaced him with that fine coaching specimen you have now. He’s not fat but he sure is dumb.

  14. Just appoint Shottenheimer already. That is if he would take it. An article in the Tampa Times today sounded a little luke warm. We’ll see

  15. Dallasholeinroofcowboys, youre absolutely right, now that wade is gone you guys can really have a shot at winning in the playoffs! And man that d is a hell of a lot better now that wade is gone! You sir are a prime example of a cowboy fan.

  16. @borisbulldog

    At least Schottenhemier gets his teams to the playoffs, which is the most Tampa can hope for at this point. 18 career playoff games is impressive regardless of what the results were.

    How many times did Raheem Morris get Tampa to the playoffs? Oh okay.

  17. Good for Wade. Good for Texans. It was the Texans biggest worry going forward to next year. Thanks for firing him Jerrah.

  18. dallasholeinroofcowboys says:Jan 12, 2012 9:27 PM

    Did he also go Wee-Wee-Wee all the way home?

    …Guy is an oinker, glad Jerry had presence of mind to drop him like a bad habit.


    Ignorant Dallas Cowboys fan – oh wait, that’s redundant…

  19. Marty went to the playoffs with Steve DeBerg, Dave Krieg, Steve Bono, and a hybrid of Elvis Grbac and Rich Gannon playing QB.

    Pretty sure Josh Freeman has shown that he can be better than those guys.

  20. tampa will never win with the lousy owners they have. more worried about their soccer team. last place forever buc’s fans!

  21. Yeah, great news for the Texan fans…he’ll jump ship as soon as he thinks he finds something better. Not seeing a whole lot of loyalty out of Phillips. I’d be pissed if I was a Texan fan.

  22. Not sure why the Texans wouldn’t pay him a small fortune to stay in Houston based on the turn-around of this year. Just keeping the team focused with all of the injuries has been remarkable (credit being given to the entire coaching staff). Wade Phillips can be regarded as one of the greatest defensive minds in the game instead of going to a chronically underachieving team. Seems like a win-win. I understand the desire to be at the “pinnacle” of your profession, but TB is not that place (currently).

  23. Or maybe the real reason Wade is staying is that the Texans gave him a raise. Smart move if they did.

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