Report: Ireland’s role ultimately sent Fisher to St. Louis


Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland wasn’t a particularly popular figure in Miami heading into this offseason. The events of the last few weeks won’t change things.

The Dolphins went hard after Jeff Fisher, but they ultimately couldn’t close the deal because of Ireland’s presence.

Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports writes that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wouldn’t budge on Ireland’s control over the 53-man roster.

“This was Miami’s game to lose, and Ross decided he wanted his current G.M. to retain his current level of power. So the Rams got their man,” Silver said. “Fisher was willing to meet halfway on personnel control, but Ross wouldn’t budge. He’s an Ireland man.”

Perhaps this is Fisher’s view of things and the Dolphins would disagree. Right or wrong, the Dolphins are going to be Ireland men for a little while. It’s time for Ireland to deliver the next Don Shula to coach those Ireland men.

So who might that coach be?

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald writes that there is no favorite for the job now. The Dolphins are expected to expand their search after already interviewing interim head coach Todd Bowles, Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and Bears special teams coach Dave Toub.

64 responses to “Report: Ireland’s role ultimately sent Fisher to St. Louis

  1. Any GM’s role would have been an issue for the power hungry and over-rated Jeff Fisher.

    Mr Losing record since 2004 & losing record in the playoffs

  2. Good.

    That said, Ireland gets more blame than he should. This was the first year he was in charge, the previous years he was Parcell’s puppet.

  3. If the Dolphins wanted Fisher so badly why not give him the authority he wanted? That Stephen Ross sure is one indecisive owner.

  4. Remember: six playoff appearances in 16 years, that’s what you’re getting with Fisher. Having said that, nothing makes me happier than Miami careening off the rails.

  5. Isn’t power wonderful, Fisher wanted it and could not get it and Ireland has it but does he know what to do with it. This should be very interesting to watch this coming year and beyond.

  6. Good Lord, what a circus. It’ll take weeks just to clean all the crap off everyone involved in this debacle.

  7. Ireland got fired by the NFL. that’s why he’s in Miami in the first place. only team that would take him. fins have no chance with this guy in place.

  8. So you’re saying that the deciding factor for Fisher came down to his control over personnel? Fisher thinks he has a better chance of winning if he is able to control personnel. So Shefter was right the entire time and Fisher was just evaluating his chances of winning on not creating leverage for additional compensation? Thought so, and you wrote 4 useless stories about his “leverage game” that you made up while at the same time bashing Shefter. Then you went on to write another story saying the “Miami felt used” which was based entirely on one persons tweet who only had 13000 followers. Sounds like Fisher legitimately had interest in Miami and you wrote at least 4 B.S articles because you had some sort of beef with Shefter.

  9. After being in a situation where he wasn’t even allowed to choose his starting quarterback, I can see how Fisher wanted as much oversight of personnel as possible.

  10. This is exactly what Shahid Khan mentioned that he would refuse to deal with in selecting a coach for Jacksonville. He was so right to do that.

  11. jeff fisher’s record indicates he is NOT the 2nd coming of the greatest GM’s and Head Coaches the League has ever seen. He is a little over .500, not bad but certainly not great.

  12. Good for Ross. Ireland is Ross’ guy. Fisher isn’t Ross’ guy. Fisher is middle management. SCrew him. Easy to find a quality head coach.

    Not so easy to find an elite QB.

  13. In November I was laughing at the prospect of Brian Billick becoming Miami’s head coach. Now I think Miami would be fortunate to land him. This just underscores how much of a joke it is that Ireland is still there.

  14. I’ve been calling Ireland a roadblack since the Harbaugh debacle last year.

    No one wants to work for an owner’s mouthpiece.

  15. This is the main issue with Ireland. He comes off as a back-stabbing arrogant “suit” with little respect or tact and that makes it hard for a top-shelf coach to commit. His player acquisitions have not been as bad as many seem to think although the cowboys retreads have been quite puzzling and predictably ineffective.

    I still think Billick would be a good choice as long as he could coexist with Ireland since it seems Ross is adamant about keeping him. maybe Ross should set it up that Ireland and the coach share the responsibilities with Ross himself “breaking the tie” as necessary. Contrary to popular belief, the team has the talent to win a bunch of games next year. Find a good coach with a similar vision and get the hire done.

    Possible candidates: Billick, Bowles, Zimmerman, Chudzinski, Grimm, Cowher (everybody has a price), Marty Schottenheimer, Gruden. Here’s a thought…get some input from Shula. The key is to find the right guy for the team, not to “make a splash” and somehow seem more respectable. Fix the team, Mr. Ross and the respect (and fans) will come in due time.

  16. LOL @ wikipedia:

    Jeff Ireland (born in Abilene, Texas) is the Chief Screwing Things Up Officer ( CSTUO) and Head of Signing Dallas Cowboys rejects for the Miami Dolphins

  17. I don’t have a problem with this. Fisher is nothing more than a historical 500 coach and because he was the “name” that was available we went for it, didn’t get it, big deal. I agree that getting a hungry young Shula is the way to go, now lets see if the faith put in Ireland pays off. Someone mentioned the the Oregon coach, he’s worth the cost of a phone call. Should be interesting what follows.

  18. Let’s not forget this is Parcells mess and then he bailed. The Big Tuna , LOL!!! More like the Big Blowfish !!! He sits there on TV like the big genius.. My favorite flower , the blooming idiot !!!No one in the media has the courage to press him on this issue, what gives ? Ireland has done a fair job after The Blowfish ran!!!!!

  19. I’ll ask again: What is everyones deal with Ireland? I’ve yet to hear any reasonable reasons for all the dislike the gets (despite asking this same question a few times here).

    I’ll throw a few random facts out here:
    1. This was Ireland’s first year truly in control. In fact, I believe that the NFL should have been looking into his hiring as GM. He was GM of the Cowboys and was allowed to switch laterally in 2008 because he would have “final say”. This is false as Parcells was running the show and everyone who has paid attention knows this.
    2. The team started out 0-7. Sparano changes everything about preparation at this point, the team finishes 6-10. I view this as proof of the team underperforming due to coaching. In other words talent is there (Ireland).

    I think that the owner is smart enough to see that Ireland is not at fault for the last 2 seasons. Let’s see if he’s smart enough to get a young OC that’s ready for the next level.

  20. Chris Kouffman

    Hearing the mystery interview on Saturday is Dave Toub for a second interview, which IMO makes him the front runner for the Miami HC job.

  21. Thoughts about Ross and Ireland:

    There’s no question about Ross. He’s one of those “image is everything” guys and thinks the celebrities he brings to the stadium every week will put people in the seats. He’s wrong, of course, but you can’t tell him that. He’s probably still telling people Gator Day was a success but if you were there {as I was — season tickets} you know they were cheering for Tebow as he was beating the home team in overtime. Even the Dolphins players hated it.

    Ireland is a different story. I thought all along he had to go but when I look at his 2011 draft, the first one he did without Parcells, six of the seven players drafted finished the year on the team. And the 7th player was signed off the practice squad by Carolina and he played most of the 2nd half of the season. The 2012 draft will really let us know what kind of GM Ireland is, especially if he manages to uncover a QB.

    I have no problem with Ross choosing Ireland over Fisher. There are other coaches out there. I don’t think a coach will increase attendance but Rob Chudzinski and Winston Moss both played for the University of Miami and that can’t hurt. I just wish Ross would keep his mouth shut and let the football people do the football stuff.

    And no more disasters like Gator Day. Another one like that and I’m kissing my season tickets goodbye.

  22. Hue Jackson is coming to Miami???? I hope so. Maybe he can turn Bush’s second half production to a Full Season 100yrd/game 2500yrd total yds season…. and train Rookie Thomas into a Beast…. Now that Moore has proven that he can throw the ball and Reggie has proven he is for real since leaving USC….

  23. Ross has to make up his mind. Now that he has backed Ireland he should let Ireland select the next coach. The management team can then sink or swim together and stop the finger pointing and ridiculous blame game that seems to surround this franchise.

  24. As a Dolphin fan, I’m glad Ross took this stance. This was Ireland’s first year calling the shots and he had a pretty good draft in 2011. Besides, I rather go the coordinator route than hiring Fisher.

  25. Ross never should have let Ireland speak to Fisher alone…

    Why does this guy (Ireland) ask everyone if their mom is a prostitute?

  26. Well Miami, at least you`ve got those perfect champagne-swilling Dolphins of yesteryear !

  27. Just a thought……

    Although I can’t stand the fact that Ross would pass up any experienced coach merely based on wanting Ireland to maintain full personnel powers…..

    Ireland basically had 2011 as his first ‘non-Parcells’ draft. I would say that both Edmond Gates (speed), and Charles Clay are both promising picks, not to mention Mike Pouncy at centre (although seemingly an obvious 1st round pick).

    And what about the season (at least 2nd half) that Reggie Bush had? Sure there are plenty of haters and Bush needs to be good all year long in 2012, but he did set some personal bests and was a huge part of Miami going 6-3 in their last 9 games. Ireland made that deal to bring Bush to Miami and I wouldn’t say that was a mistake at all.

    Matt Moore is another Ireland decision…again I would say that Moore has a whole lot more to prove and may not last as a starting QB…unless he continues to play like he did through the 2nd half. Moore has built a good tandem with Brandon Marshall.

    Now I’m not big on Ireland and he’s got a lot to prove yet, but let’s keep in mind that he’s only had 2011 to have full personnel decision powers and he has made some positive additions, so let’s see what else he can stir up before putting so much heat on him. It seems to me the bulk of our issues in Miami start with Ross. Less hollywood, less free helicopter tours…. more football and a winning mind set.

  28. Since Parcells left the organization Ireland has produced; Reggie Bush a 1000 yd. rusher, Matt Moore the #12 rated passer in the NFL were both free agents. The draft brought in a starting center Pouncey and others who produced as rookies. With Parcells’ heavy handed influence there were many failures; Chad Henne is not a franchise QB, Pat White will never be a QB in the NFL and others. Parcells is the executive that did not perform in his role as head of talent acquisition.

  29. Let’s see…the crude question to a draft prospect about his mother being a hooker… and now this.
    The fish haven’t won anything in like forever.
    How does this guy keep his job?

  30. The fact that Fisher knew he had to face Belichick and Ryan twice a year scared the heck out of this dweeb. We all know that Miami has more talent than the Rams, but are in a weaker division. He feels with several years of mediocracy (7-9 or 8-8) , can buy him another 17 years in the league with the Rams.

    If he had went to Miami, they are expected to win now, but not the lowly Rams, they are at least a 3-4 year project.

    This is what I expected from this dweeb.

  31. Lest we forget, you now have Carl “let’s blow up another franchise” Peterson in the mix. That ship of fools down south is taking on water quick.

  32. I’ll be the first to admit that my hatred for Ireland is irrational, BUT, he’s getting too much credit for Moore and Bush.

    Moore was brought in and never given a chance to compete with Henne. They had to run that experiment in to the ground and Moore only played because Henne got hurt. Moore playing well was an accident. Moore begins the season as the starter and who knows where Miami ends up.

    Same with Bush. No problem giving up a low pick to acquire Bush, BUT, 1). why not just sign Sproles as FA or 2), if Ireland knew Bush was the every down back, he would not have traded up to get Thomas in the second round. Bush proved his value out of necessity because Thomas was always hurt (and sucks) and an awful second round pick by Ireland.

    Moore and Bush did well, but it was a fluke.

  33. Ireland must have photos or something of Ross with a shaved gerbil…..

    There is really no other explanation of how he can keep his job while others around him get the ax.

    He’s been the GM of a consistently erratic and underachieving team and has to shoulder part of the blame.

    The only answer to the mediocrity that has been the Dolphins is to start over from scratch and can anyone who has any connection to the incompetent staff that was there……from the GM down.

  34. I’m sorry… but exactly what are Jeff Fisher’s qualifications for asking full personnel authority of any team?

    I know the perception of Ireland in Miami isn’t good… but the facts state otherwise.

    There are TWENTY guys from the last four Ireland run/participation drafts, that are still on the team and contributing:

    Jake Long
    Phillip Merling
    Chad Henne
    Kendall Langford
    Lex Hilliard

    Vontae Davis
    Sean Smith
    Brian Hartline
    Chris Clemons

    Jared Odrick
    Koa Misi
    John Jerry
    Nolan Carroll
    Reshad Jones
    Austin Spitler

    Mike Pouncey
    Daniel Thomas
    Edmond Gates
    Charles Clay
    Jimmy Wilson

    Beyond that there are 7 more guys Ireland drafted, who while no longer with the team – are playing elsewhere in the league (and by playing I mean playing in actual games):

    Frank Kearse – Panthers
    A.J. Edds – Colts
    Patrick Turner – Jets
    Andrew Gardner – Texans
    Jalen Parmele – Ravens
    Donald Thomas – Patriots
    Lionel Dotson – Bills

    To me… that’s amazing… 27 draft picks still in the league, and contributing over a four year period. There’s literally nothing in Dolphins history which compares, unless it would be a period of 67 through 71… when the draft was 17 rounds long BTW.

    He’s executed two major trades in those four years…

    Brandon Marshall
    Reggie Bush

    both of which were 1000 yard + contributors this year.

    The free agency acquisitions haven’t been as good (with alot of misses)… but there have been success’s there as well:

    Randy Starks
    Cameron Wake
    Matt Moore
    Dan Carpenter
    Kevin Burnett
    Jason Trusnik
    Davone Bess

    Within his four years, Ireland has transformed the Dolphins into a young team with a lot of talent.

    His biggest failure of course is the failure to add a franchise QB. That failure got Tony Sparano fired, and has helped Ireland earn an unfavorable perception among Dolphins fans.

    But IMHO, KUDOS to Ross for not allowing the ego of a 17 year career .500 coach – to rob him of a guy whose been an amazingly effective GM.

    Hire a football coach Steve, and tell Ireland to keep doing what he’s been doing – except he HAS to find a QB.

  35. Out of that list I’d go with Zimmer. Yeah he’s been stuck with the Bungles for a while but he’s a damn good coach.

  36. Miami fans: You might be the most dysfunctional on the East Coast – but we Bolts doubters have it nailed out here on the West Coast.

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