James Harrison not fined for hits on Tebow, Decker


On most Fridays in the NFL, there are news items about players getting fined by the league office. With Steelers linebacker James Harrison, it may be bigger news when he’s not fined by the league office.

Harrison was called for a roughing the passer penalty on Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow on Sunday, and he also laid a big hit on the knee of Broncos receiver Eric Decker, knocking Decker out of the wild-card playoff game (and the Broncos’ divisional-round playoff game) and raising questions about whether all the fines Harrison has received for hits to the head have left Harrison’s opponents’ knees vulnerable now that Harrison is lowering his target.

However, the NFL did not fine Harrison, either for the roughing the passer penalty or for the hit on Decker. The hit on Decker was certainly legal, even though Decker is probably wishing he had taken a shot to the helmet. And the hit on Tebow seemed like a relatively minor shove that the officials should have let go. The league office apparently didn’t see any harm done.

The NFL has also confirmed to PFT that four other players who were flagged for personal fouls during the first round of the playoffs will not be fined: Cincinnati’s Reggie Nelson, Houston’s Antonio Smith, Detroit’s Amari Spievey and the New York Giants’ Jacquian Williams. They’ll get their full playoff checks with no deductions.

36 responses to “James Harrison not fined for hits on Tebow, Decker

  1. I think the notion of fining a football player for hitting another football player is stupid.

    If their concerned with lawsuits make players sign waivers. This a hurt business.

  2. What a Pile of Bull! I say that guy needs to be roughed up in a dark alley!! Dude is Dirty and I will laugh when he gets his.

  3. So to save time now we just list tackles Harrison makes that don’t get fined, and assume he writes a check for every other one?

  4. It would be stupid if he got fined for hitting someone in the knees.The NFL said no more helmet to helmet contact which will make more hits at the knees.

  5. I don’t think Harrison is dirty. I just think he’s certifiably dumb. Literally just a big ol’ dumb ox ping-ponging around the field in the general direction of the ball — just a freak athlete with no real fundamentals skills.

  6. Gotta love how this is an “issue” in the first place. He gets fined for going high so he goes low and gets criticized anyway. For Harrison at this point its very simple – he’s got a reputation, and just like any adult with half a brain can see, when you get a rep its 100 times harder to live it down than it was to get it. For Harrison he’s now screwed no matter what he does. This is just such a non-story by this point its getting old.

    Not a Steelers fan (Eagles) but the real issue with James Harrison is how he gets held on MOST plays and it just never gets called. This happens to all good pass rushers, not just Harrison, but it really changes the game. On Sunday when the Steelers playmakers on defense kept dropping Harrison needed to step up, but when I watched him every play I could see why – holding. A lot. Even if you call him dirty the bottom line is this guy just can’t catch a break – from fans, the league, or the refs (whether its his fault or not) and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. NON STORY for actual football fans.

  7. No fines for Harrison, in other news, James Harrison was just struck by lightning for the hit on Tebow!

  8. You’re opponent can’t hurt you if he’s on the sideline! That should be the Stooler motto.

  9. It is sad that it is news (is it?) that someone is NOT fined for making standard football plays. It is sad that watching the college national championship game, when the LSU quarterback had his helmet swiped (barely) by a DE on 3rd and a lot that I looked at my friend and said, “In the NFL, that would have been 15 yards and a first down.”

  10. He shouldn’t have been flagged, let alone fined, for either. But the next time Decker sees Goodell, I hope he punches him right in the mouth. Then just make sure the jury in his assault case is stacked with NFL fans. He’ll have no worries at all.

  11. Thank god, the fines and suspension are ridiculous, you’re on a FOOTBALL field, playing FOOTBALL, but don’t get too comfortable Harrison the feminization of the NFL will only get worse. Vince Lombardi would be embarrassed to call the game today football

  12. I don’t particularly care for Harrison, but how could he possibly have been fined for either of these?!?

    Along that same line of thought, how is this possibly a story?

  13. do people realize he didnt even hit tebow..he PUSHED HIM!!
    Where is it they want Harrison to hit ? Not high..not low.. guess hes suppose to just LET HIM GO FREE????Nothing like PUSSIFYING the game of FOOTBALL!

  14. titsburgfeelers says: Jan 13, 2012 4:06 PM

    What a Pile of Bull! I say that guy needs to be roughed up in a dark alley!! Dude is Dirty and I will laugh when he gets his.

    coming from someone who hides behind a keyboard..are you man enough to face someone like JH?if not dont make dumb comments like this.shows you are childish

  15. That’s not surprising. The hit on Tebow was akin to a love tap and Tebow probably didn’t even feel it.

    It shouldn’t have been called, but that was just one bad call of many.

    Fortunately, both teams were getting jobbed by the officiating.

  16. Harrison hit helmet to helmet peopel , Harrison hits to knees people complain, Harrison hits in mid section people complain, Nahta breaks Bens nose, people applaused?? These are uneducated fans who if Harrsion played on their team would LOVE HIM!

  17. His “fine” is to have to sit on the couch and watch the rest of the playoffs and Super Bowl from it.

    Believe me, that fine hurts him far, far more than any financial penalty would.


  18. That realy was a BS flag. If anyone deserved a fine how about the ref that threw the flag.

  19. He gets fined for going high so he goes low and gets criticized anyway

    He gets criticized because he’s hurting people.

    The camo ball cap wearing crew probably thinks that’s cool and macho, but it’s not.

  20. Here penalty in the QB roughing was well deserved and I agree no fine was warranted on either play. But, Harrison is dirty. I do believe he tries to injure players. When something keeps happening to the same guy over and over and over, it’s HIM!!! I hate Ray Lewis, but he has been a helluva LB for a long time and has been a ferocious hitter. Why doesnt these things happen to him? Or D Ware? Or any of the Giants pass rushers? It’s Harrison trying to injure to cause fear and get paid for being a hitter. He’s dirty!!

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