Redskins won’t raise general admission prices, for seventh straight year

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Given the supply-and-demand dynamics of NFL ticket sales, the Redskins realize that it wouldn’t be prudent, based on the performance of the team, to increase ticket prices.

And so, for the seventh straight season, the Redskins will apply the same price to general-admission seats.  In fact, the Redskins have raised those ticket prices only three times since 1999.

“We are sensitive to our loyal fans during these difficult economic times,” G.M. Bruce Allen said in a statement. “We look forward to a historic season and continuing to further enhance the fan experience at FedExField.”

That sounds good, but the reality is that if the Redskins were a perennial playoff team the prices would go up, because fans would be willing to pay more.  Absent on-field success, the Redskins have to hold the line on ticket costs.  Otherwise, owner Dan Snyder will be buying unsold general-admission tickets at 34 cents on the dollar in order to lift the local TV blackouts.

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  1. The obvious comment is – if pricing were tied to product performance, he should be lowering the prices. If not giving the tickets away.

    PFT should do an expose of the mythical Redskin ticket “waiting list.”

  2. As a Redskins season ticket holder, I’m questioning whether I want to renew even at current prices, given the team’s extended run of ineptitude and the fact that you can get tickets for most games at a fraction of face value on ticket reseller websites. Raising ticket prices would make my decision easy.

  3. Other than the New Jersey teams I thought the Redskin ticket prices were already one the most expensive in the league.

  4. Too bad the Dolphins dont do that… Instead we get Kangaroo TV, to go along with the Donkey main owner and monkey GM…. Its a Damn Miami Zoo here….

  5. l0yalr0yal says: Jan 13, 2012 4:54 PM

    Also just in:

    The Redskins don’t plan to change their win total, either.

    were you born stupid or did you have to gradually work at it?

  6. And they keep taking out general admission seats so they can keep the “sell outs” going. They keep citing the waiting list, but after giving up my tickets they contact me multiple times per year. And they contact everyone I know on the list at least once per year. Yeh, there is still a list, but no one on the list wants tickets. Such a joke. StubHub is the worst thing to ever happen to Skins season ticket selling ability. Why pay for all the games(including pre-season danny boy makes one pay for) when i can go on stubhub and go to only the games I want.

  7. edubs23 says:Jan 13, 2012 4:54 PM

    Don’t the Redskins have one of the longest season ticket waiting lists in the league?

    Yes and no. They have a list, but it’s now fluff where as it used to be real. They’ve been through the list over and over again, but have few takers. It used to be 10-20 years to get the chance to buy tickets, now one gets the chance about every year. Why do you think they took out all those seats on both ends of the stadium to put in “party decks”? It’s becoming a joke. I personally will not get season tickets again until snyder sells the team. It’s the snyder curse!!!

  8. Par for the course in that city…since when does spending lots of money in Washington equal results?

  9. 1) No,the Redskins waiting list is a sham. If I am number 10,000 on the list (for example),that doesnt mean there are 9,999 people waiting in front of me… means that is how many people have been on the list in history…..if the list is at say 9,500….it means 500 people are ahead of me…not 9,999. Typical scam.
    2) Nobody in DC WANTS tickets…they should LOWER tickets and give out refunds for the past 2 decades of futility
    3) Many in DC are now Ravens fans…the only realNFL team around.

  10. Instead watch for the prices of merchandise/food/drinks at the stadium to rise. It’s a common thing under Dan Synder to soak money from the fans that still see this team play regardless how bad he’s destroyed a once valuable franchise.

  11. Its true that the Redskins tickets are high,Its true that parking is expensive and atrocious.Its also true that this team has been terrible all but 2 years out of 20 years.However,this team is headed in the right direction and possibly just a QB away from making some noise!

  12. What Dan Snyder doesn’t realize is that all the “little people” who work for him, can’t stand him. They tell friends and co-workers about his ridiculous antics and others vicariously start to dislike him as well. It doesn’t hurt that he starts suing season ticket holders and journalists that print negative articles about him either. Next thing you know, the team sucks and doesn’t give you a reason to overlook the fact that Dan is just a terrible person. You go to a Skins game and can feel his contempt by having a ridiculous parking situation, bad food and overpriced beer. You remember the way his employees told you he treated him and you think, screw this. Doesn’t matter that you have been a fan since childhood. This isn’t your team anymore.

    Then you go to the Raven’s stadium (Sorry M&T Bank Stadium), see a quality game and feel that the team actually appreciates you coming out. Next thing you know you have a Raven’s sweatshirt on and you are celebrating Purple Friday.

    Those tickets could be free and there’d be no takers— well, except for Steelers’ fans coming to watch their team. More Steeler nation than Redskins fan. Dan humiliated on national tv. That was awesome.

  13. If the law of supply and demand were applied, it would make more sense to LOWER prices until there is a product worth purchasing…

    7 years ago the ‘Skins were coached to a 7-9 record by the legendary Joe Gibbs to be followed by a 10-6 team a year later…things might have been “looking up” then, but after the debacle which has been played out since Gibbs 2.0 retired, not discounting the strong-arm tactics of the team toward season ticket holders, a purchase of ‘Skins season tickets makes as much sense as buying a $500, 000 one-bedroom shotgun house in downtown Detroit.

  14. As a season ticket holder I can tell you that most of the stuff here is true. Cash lots is 35 to park. Parking pass with season tickets start at 40. Beers are 9 bucks. I tried selling tickets this season and got no takers. This used to be the hottest ticket in down. Someone would dome u for your tickets. Not anymore. It seems perhaps one of the best fan adds in sports has finally given up. All the idiots that say we are leaving for the ravens are full of…. It. But we are’t comj g out to the games anymore, and for good reason. I feel sorry for Bruce Allen having to work for this man. Especially so ce burgundy and gold is in his blood. Dan Snyder is most likely not a terrible person. But he is a ruthless business man who doesn’t appreciate his. Customers or employees

  15. Even at current prices season ticket holders can’t sell their unwanted tickets to opposing fans and break even. Another long year with the Rat and Fink in charge…

  16. It’s funny how the forgets to mention that Snyder wanted to add tarps to reduce capacity at FedEx Field a few years ago. They stadium is too big unless the Skins are winning consistently.

  17. Im not a Redskins fan, but those of you that are should be happy. The regular fan was priced out of going to the games in the three major sports leagues a long time ago. $35 to park and $9 a beer are normal unfortunately. As long as the games continue to sell out, they’ll keep charging crazy prices for concessions

  18. Redskins fans shouldn’t complain beers are $11 at bills games…and yeah they haven’t made the playoffs since 99….don’t talk…thanks god I’m a cowboys fan

  19. The Skins are going to be fine! We’ve been through this before. No true Redskin fan will EVER be a rotten Ravens fan. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. After the way the Steeler and Jets season ended mabye they stay home. I would hate to be a Steeler fan, you are going to watch Tebow highlights the rest of your life!

  21. With the billions the NFL is dragging in on TV rights, the owners should be paying fans to come to the games… as well as sell $2 beers and $1 dogs.

  22. So much hate!

    Get a legit QB in here and have another solid draft and this comment thread looks a lot different. And yes I get that’s a big “if”…but Redskins lovers and haters alike can all agree that winning cures most ailments in the NFL.

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