Belichick, Brady have a bad history with the Broncos

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Contrary to popular belief, Tim Tebow won’t be the only person associated with Saturday night’s playoff game between the Broncos and Patriots.

Then again, at least two members of the Patriots may appreciate the distraction.

Quarterback Tom Brady began his career with 10 straight playoff wins.  The streak ended with a 2005 division-round game in Denver.  Counting that loss, Brady has followed his 10-0 start with a 4-5 run in the postseason.

Most recently, Brady and the Pats have lost three straight in the playoffs, starting with Super Bowl XLII.  And in each of the last two seasons, the Patriots’ run ended with a one-and-done playoff loss at home.

Last year, the Pats had beaten the Jets, 45-3, in December but then lost to their division rivals at home, in the division round.  And that’s making New England fans a little extra nervous today, given that their team is hosting a Denver team that the Pats trounced in December, 41-23.

And here’s where it gets even more bizarre.  Despite a 167-63 record during his 12 seasons as coach of the team, Bill Belichick has an all-time record of 4-10 against the Broncos.  Though four of those losses came when Belichick was coaching the Browns (and when current Broncos V.P. of football operations John Elways served as the Denver quarterback), Belichick has mustered a measly 4-6 mark against the Broncos as the coach of the Patriots.

Taking it all one step farther, Tom Brady before this season had a career record of 1-6 against Denver.

Of course, recent history has far more relevance.  The Patriots and Belichick and Brady beat the Broncos and Tebow and John Fox and company by 18 points fewer than four weeks ago.  The broader trends of futility, both in the playoffs and against the Broncos, should serve only to ensure that the Pats won’t have another letdown.

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  1. Just heard Lonie Paxton is out of the game due to complications with his wife who is pregnant with twins.

    So sorry to hear about this & hoping for the best.

  2. And prior to all that, they could never beat Elway.

    Used to hate him and the Broncos.

    Tonight, I wish both teams could win.

    AFC Super Bowl rep comes out of this game.

  3. I always find it funny that the streak of playoff games lost coinsides with when the cheating scandal broke . I guess the genius isnt to much one when you cant tape your opponents signals on the sidelines . Yes i know im crazy right ? lol

  4. Is this an attempt to create drama for a game that’ll most likely be the most lopsided playoff this year ?? The Pats will probably have a 20 point lead at the half with a call line of… stay tuned for more second half action, LOL.

    This game was over before it began.

  5. I am pulling for the kid! Pats d doesn’t scare anyone. Wouldn’t be surprised if Denver pulls off an upset.

  6. I guess no NE fans remember how Denver was giving the Pats everything they could handle before turnovers drastically turned the momentum. Denver had 160+ rushing in the first quarter, do that again and don’t turn the ball over equals a much closer game than any NE believes…..take off the blinders.

  7. .

    Patriots seem to employ the “Murphy’s Law ” game plan vs. the Broncos. Something always goes horrifically wrong.


  8. yes the they ran all over them in the 1st half however the defense changed their formation and greatly slowed them down in the 1st half. you cant take turnovers out of the equation…you play 4 quarters, not 1…take the blinders off…haha

  9. The one win by the Pats was a Monday night game in 2003, a prototype Brady 4th quarter comeback in which they took an intentional safety with under 4 minutes left, stopped the Broncos on D, then drove for the winning score.

    Btw it’s nice that Denver has to actually come and play IN New England for a change. For some reason, the Pats seems to always have to travel there for their matchups.

  10. steeltownpride says:
    Jan 14, 2012 9:52 AM
    I always find it funny that the streak of playoff games lost coinsides with when the cheating scandal broke . I guess the genius isnt to much one when you cant tape your opponents signals on the sidelines . Yes i know im crazy right ? lol
    Crazy is one way to describe it. The other way would be factually wrong. They won 2 playoff games to get to SB 42 which was AFTER the Jets turned them in. It’s amazing how hatred+desire to explain it=misinformation and lack of desire to give facts.

    Pats fans have been painfully aware of losing to Den regardless of which is the better team record wise since forever. This is nothing new. It would be wonderful if they could snap their playoff losing streak against the team that handed the BB led Pats its first playoff defeat 6 years TO THE DAY from when it happened.

  11. The only thing that really matters is that New England is coming off a bye after falling asleep in the first half of their last two games. If they fall asleep early again, Denver has a chance. The Patriots will need to beat themselves for Denver to win – Denver can’t expect to keep up if New England executes its gameplan on offense. Tebow can’t score 44 points.

    And this is coming from a Miami fan who’d love to see the Patriots collapse.

  12. @steeltownpride, might want to look at the Pats record
    since supposed spygate, I believe it’s the best in the league and as you know from 2 straight playoff defeats that anything can happen. Enjoy the game it would have been more fun to beat Pitt again in a big game but you didn’t show up!

  13. hitch is that the history problem belichick has is with elway the qb and shanahan the coach.

    i picked the skins to cover vs NE a few weeks ago and they did. for all his faults as a coach/gm, shanahan gets his teams ready to play belichick’s teams.

    i will likely take the points anyway.

  14. Brady is in that classic tunnel vision mode of his, and that’s dangerous. Unlike that last Superbowl against the Giants, where he said something like, “What? You don’t think I’m gonna throw a bunch of touchdowns?” This time he’s saying all the right things and channeling his anger with being disrespected (“the other quarterback’).

    I’m a Bronco fan and I’m afraid. I’m very afraid.

  15. Old Man LeBeau has a pretty bad history with Tebow. But why am I posting about the Steelers? #5 seeds who get knocked out in the first round aren’t too relevant.

  16. This all comes down to Denver’s defense. New England’s is bad so Denver will score. The question is Brady, and how many points he can hang on Denver. As much as I like Tebow New England still seems to be the logical choice.

  17. I don’t understand why everyone thinks that the Patriots are going to crush the Broncos. I’m not saying that Broncos are going to win, it’s asinine to assume that the Patriots are going to be in the AFC Championship game already, especially given their two most recent home-playoff game debacles.

    Denver’s offense last week looked pretty good to me against what was statistically the best defense in football this season, and New England’s defense is pathetic. If the Broncos 1) do not turn the ball over and 2) play good defense by pressuring Brady, then this will be a very close game.

  18. There’s one simple reason why they’ve lost in the post season lately. Defense. The Pats have enjoyed both a high powered offense coupled with a good (not great) quality defense for most of the time Brady has been tossing the pigskin. That’s changed over the past couple of years and it’s cost NE dearly in Jan.

    Oh, and Mr Wizard… I have to disagree with you there. Both the Texans and the Ravens have a Defense that can utterly shut down Tebow, and keep Brady honest, plus a strong running game that can play keep-away from Brady. Just wish the Texans still had Shaub, we’d be AFC favorites if we did. Yates is doing good considering the position he’s in, but he can’t keep a D from stacking the run all afternoon.

  19. funny comments…..

    the Pats are the number 1 adjustment team in the league…. and that’s why after giving up 160 yards rushing in the 1st Q the Broncos got completely embarrassed for the rest of the game…

    if you are calling Broncos, you are saying that BB won’t be able to adjust to Tebow, and you are also saying that Tebow will outshoot Brady… at home… in a Divisional Playoff…

    think about that for a few… no way.

  20. While I’d love to see the broncos humiliate the arrogant Pats fans, I just can’t take any more Tebow bs media coverage.

  21. As a person that loves to root for the underdog, a person that wishes more athletes live their loves as role models and for someone who is a fellow Christian- I am going to root for Tim Tebow. He’s my favorite NFL player.

    But if they beat the Patriots, I’m going to start a preparatory fast, because I will take this as another sign of the End of Days.

  22. And I love how New England’s defense is “pathetic”, yet Denver is giving up 3 more PPG and gave up 41 the first time they played.

    But, but, the Patriots are giving up more yards, and we all know yards are the most important defensive stat. Morons.

  23. This should be known as the solid defense against solid offense game…but no…it had to be Tebow against Brady.

    I hope NE wins today so the NFL universe can right itself! Even if Denver wins, it’s fine with me because they will have to draft low…but really, I’d rather see Denver lose with Tebow cursing at “god” at end captured on camera for all to see!

  24. The Pats are better in every phase of the game including Defense. Denvers Defense is overrated and the offense is a joke. Denvers luck ends tonight.

  25. chacochicken says:
    Jan 14, 2012 9:52 AM
    Goliath usually beats David but that never makes the headline.

    David beating Goliath with an 80 yard bomb sure made headlines last week. Hope the kid does it again just for the around the world headlines.

  26. The Patriots run a gimmicky run-and-shoot offense that can’t win in the playoffs. When are people going to realize this? They are just like the old Houston Oilers…and their defense even looks a little oily! I think the Broncos have a good chance at winning today, if not the Ravens will get the job done next week!

  27. Omg I am rotflmao reading the some of the stupid comments after Saturday night’s game. How much evidence do you need to prove that most of of you Pats Haters don’t know squat!

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