Brian Schottenheimer could join the Rams


Jeff Fisher recently gave the Dolphins and their fans the proverbial finger.  Nick Saban once gave the Dolphins and their fans the proverbial finger.  Now, the two men could be engaging in a tug of war for the coach who recently was let go by a man who in 2010 actually gave Dolphins fans the finger.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Fisher is interested in hiring former Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.  On Friday, Schottenheimer interviewed with Saban for the offensive coordinator position in Alabama.

Fisher’s contract still hasn’t been finalized.  With an agreement in principle already in place, Fisher has received authorization to begin putting together his staff.

In St. Louis, Schottenheimer would be responsible for getting quarterback Sam Bradford to play more like he did as a rookie under Pat Shurmur than Bradford played in his second season, under Josh McDaniels.

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  1. Another cheap shot at McDaniel. Wow, you guys like a couple of catty women. See what being around all the fem males at NBC has done to you. Remember the Steelers lost.

  2. How can you even compare Fisher to Saban, let alone insinuate Fisher gave Dolphins’ fans the proverbial finger?

    Fisher was a free agent, with no attachments to the Dolphins whatsoever – aside from what the media speculated. He chose a different partner, while under his own independence.

    Saban was a Dolphin, repeatedly told the media and fans that he would not go back to the college ranks, then proceeded to leave the Dolphins to go back to the college ranks.

    This is a sensational stretch to compare the two, even for this site.

  3. Given enough chances, he might someday evolve into a decent coach.

    It may take a few decades…

  4. Schotty ran Martyball for the Jets REALLY well, then all the Jets fans and media cried for him to open it up and let Mark throw it around.

    So they signed class guys like Braylon Edwards, and all his skills.

    And another classy guy in Plaxico, To team up with Mr.Classy himself and team favorite Holmes.

    And told Schottenheimer to make it all work with Mark Sanchez.

    Brian was doing GREAT in New York until REX and TANNENBAUM wanted him to change from what was working.

    This is a good hire for the Rams. Jackson is going to get a ton of carries and THAT”S the best way of developing Bradford.

    Thumbs down my EXACT reality of what happened to Schottenheimer.

  5. The Jets offense, and particularly the play of a young quarterback, seemed to be one of the areas of constant criticism during his tenure in NY.

    Not certain why hiring BS would be a positive move for the Rams and Bradford.

    I’m calling for the return of “The Martz”!

  6. PLEASE don’t do the disservice to Sam. He already had a horrible year with Josh McDaniels. Why have Schottzie come in and turn him into a bigger disaster like he did Sanchez?

  7. How does this chump continue to get job opportunities? Oh yeah, his last name is Schottenheimer.

    He couldn’t get results out of Favre, Pennington, Brees, or Sanchez, he calls his plays as if he thinks he’s being sneaky or something, as if a draw to Tomlinson on 3rd and long is going to work. He tries to surprise other defenses by doing exactly the opposite of what they expect, which is to say he would rather force a player to do something he is terrible at simply because it’s incredibly unusual, instead of utilizing a players strengths to the teams advantage, e.g forcing Mark Sanchez to throw 64 short passes in the Giants game whilst the running game was averaging 5 yards per carry. He is probably the only OC that will gameplan against his players strengths in the NFL.

    Rams fans, get on your knees and pray to Tebow that you guys don’t hire this inept buffoon. Also, if I see any posts trying to say Schotty was a scapegoat for Sanchez’s failures, i’m gonna freak out.

  8. The difference is macjon that Bradford proved he’s good where Sanchez never did. Schotty didn’t asked for Sanchez, he was given to him. Even in college Sanchez was over rated

  9. No one wants to be involved in the jets mess.. It’s falling points for saying u r the greatest..ha.

  10. at least he wont have to SIMPLIFY the offense for bradford. an anonymous source just said that haha

  11. Good for him. He’d get to play for a legit head coach and be able to tutor a talented QB who isn’t lazy and hated by his teammates.

  12. Nick Saban: congrats on the job you have done in college, however as a dolphins fan I have to give you the finger! Jeff fisher: congrats on somehow landing a pretty large contract even though you clearly used the dolphins for leverage. All I can do know is be glad that the dolphins didn’t land you as a coach and also hope that Stephen Ross comes to his senses and fires all of his upper management in effort to hire a more knowledgeable, and offensive minded coach that is capable of making all executive decisions.

  13. Fisher said he would choose whichever team had a better opportunity to win. He chose the Rams, and now considering Schotty is like setting yourself up for failure. Develop Bradford? HAHA good luck with that.

  14. Kind of funny to think Schottenheimer could “ruin” Bradford’s career.

    Where do you guys think Bradford’s career is?

    8-18 W-L record
    24 TD passes in two seasons

    That’s where.

  15. @ramcountry

    No, no, no, you misunderstand. Schottenheimer could “ruin” the entire offense, despite any personnel changes you may make. I cannot stress enough that Brett Favre had the most freedom of any of the QB’s in a BS offense and he couldn’t get to 3,500 yards.

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