Jeff Fisher calls the Rams “the best fit for me”


After a week of weighing his options (and leveraging his offers against each other), Jeff Fisher says he chose St. Louis over Miami simply because he believes the Rams are a better fit for him than the Dolphins.

I’m really excited that the Rams are the best fit for me,” Fisher told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I hope I’m the best fit for the Rams, and am looking forward to finalizing the [contract] details and coming to work.”

So even though Fisher has already accepted the Rams and rejected the Dolphins, his contract still hasn’t been finalized with St. Louis. But Fisher said the financial issues haven’t been the primary holdup.

“The process has been lengthy, but for good reasons,” Fisher said. “I took a lot of time looking at and exploring in detail the non-economic issues of both clubs.”

What did make the Rams the best fit for Fisher was apparently a desire to shape the roster in his own image, which he wouldn’t have been able to do with G.M. Jeff Ireland in place in Miami.

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  1. How does Fisher rate having GM powers? The guy loses more than he wins when he’s been given good players?
    The Rams will doom their 1st pick Quarterback to the usual Hiesman curse.
    Here’s a clue, Rams. Make sure a guy can win football games before you give him your soul.

  2. The NFC West is the new black and blue division with four hard nosed defenses.
    Watch out rest of the NFL, its going to be a brawl when you face the west.

  3. i wanted the Bills to sign him a few years ago because he is a big name. Not to say that he wouldnt do better than Chan Gailley but its really not a big loss..
    As a Dolphins hater back in the days of Buffalo being relevant, i prayed that they get Fisher. I would have been ok with them making the playoffs 6 or 7 seasons out of the next 16 (or whatever his track record was in Tennessee)..
    I will say this to Dolphins fans, dont fret because there are much better candidates… i personally thought he was a bit over rated…..
    as for the Rams being the best fit? how about they paid the most money

  4. Hate the decisions my dolphins have made over the last 5-10 yrs. Starting with Parcells. I feel there’s a conspiracy to keep the dolphins below mediocore until the end of time. Because of league wide hate for the Fins. Jeff Ireland is just another pond in this conspiracy.

  5. The first step was already made when McDaniels left for New England…that was addition by subtraction. They have a fairly good defense with Chris Long, James Laurenitis and Robert Quinn..they just need more receivers and a better o-line. Will be interesting to see who he goes with as the OC.

  6. Why doesn’t Ross realize that Ireland is destroying Miami’s chances of attracting top talent? First Harbaugh and now Fisher. Who’s going to be the next coaching heavyweight who will spurn Miami?

  7. I’m sorry, but quality of life has to mean something for your family and the parts of Miami that the Dolphins HC can live in beat the hell out of St. Louis on the best day in its best part.

  8. So happy this drama is finally over; now maybe we could focus on teams in the playoffs!

    First Harbaugh, then Cower, Gruden and Fisher, apparently all the lure of S. Beach and all the winning Miami has done in the past 30 yrs wasn’t enough…oh wait they haven’t done anything since the 70’s

  9. Of course the Rams are a better fit, How good of a chance would he really have winning in the next 5 + years. Jets, Pats, and Bills or Cardinals, Seahawks, and 49’ers?

  10. Before all the negative comments on Fisher are posted…

    Fisher didn’t just have 6 winning seasons in Tennessee, He only had 5 losing seasons.

    Outside of McNair, Matthews, George, Wycheck, and Mason, The Titans had NOTHING on Offense beyond 2005 as none of them were on the team anymore. After this point, the next best player was Chris Johnson. Honestly, Fisher won 13 games in 2008 with Lendale White as his feature back and Kerry Collins under center.

    Haynesworth was a contract player who had 2 good seasons, Both under the franchise tag. Outside of that, Again, the only good player on defense after Kearse and Rolle left was Bulluck, Fisher won 142 games with less than stellar talent. Look at the Oilers/Titans drafts from 1997-2008. Horrible picks by Floyd Reese.

    Fisher did the most with the little bit he had.

    And finally, for the record, Fisher quit. He wasn’t fired. Bud Adams wouldn’t allow him to hire his son, strike one. He made him fire his friend Chuck Cecil, strike two, He wouldn’t retain Jim Washburn, strike three.

  11. Dark suit makes him look more like a Mafia don than a football coach. Didn’t anybody tell him that look went out with the 80s. He’s sporting a sort of semi-mullet.

  12. Fish chose the midwest over the decrepit coastal ‘burg(s).

    He’s a duck hunter, after all; a man of the heartlands. There’s nothing like living life in what’s still the best of America. One can’t beat Nashville, St. Louis, and some of the other places that, if you’ve lived here, you know are still worth living in.

  13. I have it on good authority that Fisher was offended by Ireland asking if his mother was a crack-addled prostitute.

  14. Good luck with Fisher having total control, as he whined about having to draft Vince Young, but guess who this dweeb wanted to draft in his place (Matt Lienart). WOW, hasn’t he been special. Then he takes a rb in the 2007 draft that has never run for over 600 yards in his college career (Chris Henry-ari) in the second rd based on his 40 time at the combine (this guy never ran for over 600 yards for a reason…he couldn’t spot a open hole if you took him to it).

    And lets not talk about the development of WR’s. He and his staff were absolutely horrible at drafting or developing his wr’s.

    Another thing, he absolutely ruined Steve McNair, we are talking about one of the most prolific passers college fb has ever seen (albeit against 1aa talent) and he made the man into robot as a passer, with his conservative, three yards and a cloud of dust offensive mentality. In the proper hands (andy reid, holmgren, etc) McNair could have so much better as an NFL qb.

    All I can say, if you enjoy 7-9 , and 8-8 seasons, he is definitely your coach.

  15. Good riddance. You weren’t my top choice for the Phins anyway. I’m confident Ireland and Ross will find a youngry coach.

  16. It says alot about the current ownership/structure of the team that they cannot attract any quality coaching candidates for the circus called the Miami Dolphins!

    Could Steven Ross be the worst owner in the NFL?

  17. Nobody outside ESPN really cares. Stop the eastcoast bias. You are reporting about a team that sucks. When the 49ers were crap, nobody was writing Alex Smith articles. Spare us. Let us know when the Jest win anything.

  18. Yesterday, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek entry and no one liked it – sorry! It was my way of getting over a bad situation. The Dolphins have been unsuccessful in their quest for a new coach the last two years. Now, I am not saying that Jeff Fisher is the best coach that every coached in the NFL. He was the best available proven head coach, at this time.

    If you check back over my entries, you will see that I predicted this. Mr. Ross is the problem. Our owner must abandon his loyalty to his “friends” and do what all CEO’s do. Find fresh talent with new ideas and empower them to create a winning organization. The proven coach well is dry – now move on. The Guru well is dry too; again move on.

    On Joe Rose’s morning program, Friday 1/13/2011, Charley Casserly (retired Washington Redskins GM) said that he might hire the Packers Coach, Philbin, and also hire their free agent QB Flynn. Casserly explained that the coach knew the QB well enough to build the offense around the new QB. That makes sense to me.

    We already have a defense that just needs a couple of Corner Backs to be really good. With the Jets melting down and an easy schedule, we can easily go 10-6 next year, with the right coach/QB combination. The problem is that the current GM and Guru “Friend” get in the way of rebuilding. MR. Ross! Pull the pin on these guys and lets get back on track.

  19. The possible GM question is important.

    Fisher worked well with McNair – a running QB – in Tennessee.

    Is it possible that he would want to work with RGIII rather than Sam Bradford?

    Bradford signed a monstrous contract under the old CBA. RGIII could wind up as 30-40% savings in a salary cap league.

    Stay tuned……

  20. You are right headon…from a fantasy football perspective…you definitely want the Rams Kicker…….because that his Fishers MO…play it close to the vest and try to win with fg’s at the end.

    And then he runs the hell out of the rb. 2012 will be the last we see of Steven Jackson after a 400 plus carry season.

    For a guy who was on the competition committee, and who knew 1st hand the league was moving towards passing and scoring, his teams always did the opposite.

  21. I think it came down to:

    High draft pick
    Salary cap room
    NFC West

    Miami probably couldn’t compete with any of that. Maybe being in the NFC West isn’t as bad as it has been recently.

  22. Look let’s be honest here it was about control and the division . Big name coaches are going to go places where they can make sure they look good and the thought of having to beat the pats and jets made it a no brainer. Even though Ross is an idiot and needs to can Ireland he was right in saying he want the next Shula however you have to hire someone who is young and hungry and stick with them .

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