Falcons hire Dirk Koetter as offensive coordinator


The Jaguars and Falcons are essentially trading offensive coaches.

Mike Mularkey has taken over the Jaguars coaching staff, and now former Jaguars offensive coordinator has landed on his feet in Atlanta.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Dirk Koetter will take over as Falcons offensive coordinator.  Koetter and Falcons coach Mike Smith worked together in Jacksonville in 2007.

It was believed that Brian Schottenheimer was also a candidate in Atlanta. Brian Billick was also rumored to be a consideration.

Koetter’s offenses in Jacksonville weren’t exactly explosive or creative, although Koetter didn’t have a ton of talent to work with. We suspect he’ll be a little more aggressive through the air than Mularkey was with the Falcons.

46 responses to “Falcons hire Dirk Koetter as offensive coordinator

  1. Falcons should have made their defensive coordinator take over that position.

    …he was the only one that put points on the board against the Giants.

  2. Times like this make me wish I was one of those lousy “bandwagon fans” because this ride is starting to look scary!

  3. good luck pal. better draft a Q. captain checkdown is tough to watch! go birds! with all the weapons this popgun Q has this team deserves better.

  4. As a Jags fan who has watched Koetter his entire stay in J-Ville – he is HORRIBLE.

    No Excuses. He was NEVER able to rise above the players he had to design anything even remotely creative or innovative.

    A truly good co-ordinater can STILL have an impact – even with “average” talent – and this guy never could. I am not even talking about this year with Gabbert the Rookie – I am talking about the entire time in Jax.

    Falcond fans – my condolances. He is boring and predictable. Absolutely not worthy of another coord job. Bad move by Koetter’s former coaching staff member Mike Smith – real bad move.

  5. Really? they could not have done just a little better than this?

    A good coordinator finds ways to get a little more out of the talent he has if it’s not top shelf, I did not see that in Jax, oh and Michael Turner is not MJD so 300+ runs between the tackles a season won’t cut it.

    9-7 and a wildacrd at best for the 2012 Falcons.

  6. look at 2 years ago when he was with the Browns, then look at last year at Miami.. this guy sucks!

    great hire

  7. @jagsfan1-

    Great post. I completely agree.

    In general, it drives me up the wall when people defend a coach’s horrible performance by pointing out that he “didn’t have a ton of talent to work with”.

    If you can only be successful when your team is loaded with talent, who needs you? Great coaches make it work.

    It’s the same stupid argument everyone is using to defend Jeff Fisher’s putrid record, and it drives me crazy.

  8. spellingcops says: Jan 15, 2012 10:59 AM

    That can’t make Falcons fans happy.


    It doesn’t. Not this one anyway.

  9. This guy couldn’t keep his job at Arizona State U but I guess thats a good enough resume for the Falcons.

  10. People in Jax were hyping Koetter as the next HC. It wasn’t until this year’s injured OL, lame WR corps, rookie QB debacle that everyone started taking a crap on Koetter. Albeit, he didn’t do any favors for our 32nd ranked offense. I hope he has a better time in ATL.

  11. You have to look no farther than Dirk’s refusal to call for any passes whatsoever to Jones-Drew (one of the best pass catching RB’s in football) to know he might not be very good

  12. Well, he had NOTHING for skill position players and an overhyped draft pick at QB.

    Maybe with these offensive players his Arizona State offenses can come back on turf.

  13. Well, he had NOTHING for skill position players and an overhyped draft pick at QB.

    Maybe with these offensive players his Arizona State offenses can come back on turf.

  14. Koetter’s game plan every single game:
    1st down: Run up the middle
    2nd down: Run up the middle or halfback toss to left/right
    3rd down: Bubble screen for a gain of zero or one yard or quick slant with a catch short of the first down.
    4th down: Punt.

    Every single Jag fan know Koetters game plan every game and every drive. It’s pretty pathetic.

  15. Mike Smith is on the hot seat. This is not an inspiring hire, but shockingly enough, I’ll have to see the team play some games before I know if it is a good or a bad one.

  16. i thought blank promised us a few days ago some new faces with championship pedigree. maybe that is wishful remembering. not liking this at all.

  17. @ kinguga

    Mike Smith is not in the hot seat. He’s probably best coach you’ve ever had. That includes Reeves. Jacksonville went into decline only when mike Smith left.

    Let’s not forget your team traded brett favre for two full backs.

  18. Karma in the flesh.

    Koetter makes Mularkey look like OC of the year – and no, you guys can’t have Mike back. Signed, a Jaguars fan.

  19. As a Jags fan, I think that Koetter’s awful play calling lost JAX atleast 2-3 games in 2011. Falcon fans, you have my deepest sympathies.

  20. i hated watchin my Jags offense look like crap, but to be honest.. Koetter didnt have much to work with. People can say if he was a great OC he could make “average” players perform BUT if the WR cant create any seperation, no matter how “creative” of a play was drawn up it wouldnt matter. Its not like Koetter can draw up some special/trick play every time. Go back and watch some Jags games, our receivers could barely beat a DB off the line – I remember seeing slant routes get blanketed with defenders play off the WR. Thats just terrible!!

    I think Koetter will be able to open up his playbook with the Falcons and people will be suprised. Atleast I hope so for the Falcons sake.. i have no qualms with that organization.

  21. I think Dirk spent too much time on the phones looking for his next opportunity when he should have been giving maximum effort towards improving the Jaguars offense. Hopefully he is more focused in ATL for the fans sake….

  22. I used to be a fan of this guy and I really wouldn’t be surprised if he went on to have some success but he needed to go. All the bubble screens and short stuff were getting old. Gabbert has a strong arm and didn’t really get to showcase it too much. He easily cost us a few games with his “conservative” approach.

  23. I think it’s a good hire by ATL as long as he isn’t held back by his defensive minded, ball control head coach like he was here in Jax. I always wished he would have been Del Rio’s replacement, at least for the interim just to see how he would run things. I’m also excited to see what Mularkey brings to Jax for the very same reasons (not being held back by a defensive minded coach)

  24. On a previous post about the Jags hire:

    As a Falcons fan and living in the ATL… i think i can speak for a large majority of Falcon fans and say thank you very much Jacksonville for being dumb as dirt and hiring that clown. You just helped us tremendously! (although, i think he was gone if he didn’t get another job) And this is not based on 1 game, but a collection of no results and the most predictable play calling of all time.
    -good riddance MM.

    Hahahahahah, now YOU have Koetter, not only predictable but unimaginative too.

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