Fans in Miami, Harrisburg are missing playoff games this weekend

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As the NFL prepares to launch the second half of its most compelling weekend of the year, with four teams punching tickets for the conference title games, not everyone has access to the games.

And our readers in Miami and Harrisburg have let us know about it.

In South Florida, a dispute between WVSN and DirecTV has resulted in the absence of FOX programming for folks who use the satellite service in lieu of cable.  In Central Pennsylvania, WHP and Verizon FiOS are fighting — and the consumers are losing.

We’re all exposed from time to time to these kinds of squabbles, with both sides pointing fingers and the customers caught in the middle.  It’s unfortunate and unfair to the folks who pay hard-earned money for their TV services, and it’s unthinkable that folks weren’t able to see Saturday’s games, and that they’ll miss Sunday’s games.

We’ll do what we can to keep anyone without access to the TV coverage up to speed on the key developments of the games right here.  Until then, we recommend for our friends in Miami and Harrisburg rabbit ears, a coat hanger, a paper clip, or anything else that will boost the over-the-air network signal, including but not limited to the placement of your finger on the spot where the antenna connects to the TV.

29 responses to “Fans in Miami, Harrisburg are missing playoff games this weekend

  1. Actually, they can leave WHP 21 off. As bad as CBS’s announcers are I’d rather turn the radio on for those few games I wouldn’t get to watch the Eagles. The only down side would be all the whiney Steelers fans would get whiney-er!!

    If WHP wants to be on FIOS they should stop being greedy and take what Verizon is offering. All the other networks in the area have signed on for what Verizon offered.

  2. it’s just a shame that the people who are paying the money so these ridiculous contracts can happen are also the ones suffering.

  3. Rabbit ears TV is dead. You can thank the current US goverment for that genius move.

    You have to own a digital box now just to watch regular free TV.

    That’s change you can believe in.

  4. wtfru2 says:
    Bottom line isn’t the fan, its GREED!

    And WHINING!

    Yep, companies care more about profits than consumers. Is this your first day in America?

  5. Oh come on, quit crying about it already and man up. There’s plenty of alternative ways to watch if you really want, like on line over a number of different sites. Inconvenient maybe, but go to a friends house or local establishment if you really need to watch. Sheesh, moaners.

  6. mrplow3 says: Jan 15, 2012 1:03 PM

    Rabbit ears TV is dead. You can thank the current US goverment for that genius move.

    You have to own a digital box now just to watch regular free TV.

    That’s change you can believe in.
    Yeah, that law sucked from when it was passed in 2006 to when it finally took effect in 2009.

  7. yeah, only problem is:

    i work in a bar in miami that has directv

    we had no way of showing the niners/saints game as well as the giants/packers game today

    so, not only will i not see either game… but our customers turned around and went to another establishment that has cable. cable has mostly inferior programming compared to satellite, but in this case we got screwed. not looking forward to a quiet night at work.

  8. That’s ok with Ross as the owner and Ireland as the GM Miami won’t be seeing the playoffs for many more years to come.

  9. Most HDTVs allow you to search for channels over the air like you would with rabbit ears so you can still do that. The older TVs that needed rabbit ears or didn’t have the digital signal converter obviously needed a digital box to do so.

    Anyway, not many people in this area of PA have FiOS so not a whole lot of people are missing out. Plus, you can just go to a bar.

  10. Rabbit ears don’t work if you live very far from the main city, where the affiliate is located. Our affiliates are in Boston, but if you are in NH, let alone, northern NH, you won’t get anything but satellite.

    Thankfully, although I have lost two networks due to this p***ing contest, I did not lose the important networks.

  11. Hey – a couple of years ago cablevision and fox were having their lover’s spat – and the new york market could not watch the yankees play in the world series – ny is the biggest media market in the world – so nothing that happens could surprise me anymore

  12. Reminds of 2000 when my Redskins were playing Tampa in the NFC Divisional. I had Direct TV but because Direct TV did not yet offer my locals I had to keep basic cable as well for the networks. Back then if Direct TV did not offer your local networks you could receive out of market networks but only if you were outside of a particular viewing area designated by zip code based on whether you could receive your local network by way of aerial antenna. My zip code meant that I was not eligible for out of market networks from direct tv because I could pick them up with an antenna. Well I tried and the signal was unacceptable. So I had basic cable as well to give me my networks but because of a dispute between my Fox affiliate and my cable service, Fox pulled it programming from my cable company about a week before the playoff game in Tampa. What to do. What i did was find the address of a RV park in Maryland just outside of DC but within the Direct TV viewing area for DC network locals because Direct TV did offer locals there. I then called Direct TV from my cell phone because their caller ID let them know from where u were calling so calling from a home land line in south eastern VA would defeated my plan. I told Direct TV that I had moved to the RV park in Maryland and would remain there for the next few months and had brought my Direct TV receivers to use inside my RV and would there be any possibility of adding the DC locals to my Direct TV account since I was now a resident, temporarily of the DC area. They said yes, that I qualified for the DC locals and that they would add them to my service which they did for like $10 extra a month. So not only was I able to watch My Redskins lose a close heartbreaking game I also got all of the local Redskin programming that all of the DC area channels had in the days leading up to the game which was really cool. Somehow it worked and was really cool. I dropped cable and kept the DC locals as my networks until Direct TV eventually offered my locals a few years later

  13. “And WHINING!

    Yep, companies care more about profits than consumers. Is this your first day in America?”

    And we can’t whine about it?

    Don’t be an idiot.

  14. @mrplow3

    If your TV was manufactured in the past 8 years, it’s very unlikely that you would need a digital converter box because it is built into the TV. Rabbit ears work fine.

    If your TV is older than that, you’re dropping $100 per month for DirecTV or Verizon FIOS with a sh*tty picture quality.

  15. I still have a TV antenna on the roof. The signal is great off the air from it. But I am spoiled with my DVRs and don’t have to pay extra for my local channels with DirectTV. I tried a few rabbit ears that were specifically made for digital signals, but none of them was very good, but it has been a while.

    I have the TV antenna hooked up to the radio in the bathroom and it picks up all radio stations nice and clear. In a pinch I could easily hook this line up to my bedroom TV and pick up off the air if the networks and DirectTV want to argue over who is going to reap the millions of dollars from us fans the most…

  16. Well, it s…s. lucky for me, I got cable Internet, so I use a splitter to connect to cable on my tv. If you guys have the same option, you can also do so. 🙂

  17. In the (hopefully) unlikely event that the WSVN spat is still going on three weeks from now, you’ll REALLY hear about it. Because WSVN also owns WHDH, the Boston affiliate for NBC. And some football game you may have heard of will be due to air on WHDH three weeks from tonight. With about an even chance that the local team will be playing.

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