Giants defense continues to make stops


We keep waiting for the Packers offense to explode Sunday night, but the Giants aren’t letting it happen.

New York leads 20-13 with over 12 minutes remaining after they sacked Aaron Rodgers on a fourth down play. Osi Umenyiora also had a sack fumble earlier in the second half.

Both teams have lost players during the game. Giants safety Deion Grant went to the locker room to get checked for a concussion.  Fullback John Kuhn went to the locker room with some sort of lower leg injury.

We expected this to be a tight game and it has not disappointed.  This should be a quarter we talk about all offseason.

9 responses to “Giants defense continues to make stops

  1. Turn out the lights, the party’s over. The Giants have once again gone on a post season role. From Hot Seat to Kings Throne…Coughlin does it again.

    Any comments Tiki? From Twitter of course as you are at home.

    I am a Cowboy’s FAN, but no denying, Eli is MONEY.

  2. rogers had a melt down today wow! leavy and co. trying help the packers come back with more horrible officiating. officials are on an all time suckfest for blown calls.

  3. CORRECTION, Packers continue to fail. Props to the Giants for not dropping passes or putting the ball on the ground, but we beat ourselves today. Historic loss.

    Wait a minute…. you beat yourself today???? Are you serious??? This was a blowout, and should’ve been more of a blow out without the f’n refs giving every freakin call to the Packers (fumble call, Ware had the first down horrible spot, and the roughing the passer penalty)….the Packers didn’t stand a chance in this game, and the GMEN obviously outplayed them.

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