Giants deliver the dagger to the Packers

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Yes, stranger things have happened.  But few stranger than what would have to happen for the Packers to dig out of a 17-point hold with fewer than seven minutes remaining against the Giants.

New York leads 30-13, thanks to quarterback Eli Manning’s third touchdown pass of the day, a three-yarder to Mario Manningham.  The likely decisive score came after Giants safety Kenny Phillips stripped Green Bay tailback Ryan Grant.

In short, the Packers are playing when it counts most like they did in Kansas City last month, during their only loss of the season.  And the first home playoff game of the Aaron Rodgers era seems destined to end in disappointment.

Barring a dramatic, historic, and stunning comeback.

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    Even with all the help from the refs (not a fumble by Jennings, really?) these clowns couldnt pull it off. Pull the Green Boy Packer “shares” off the wall and use to it wipe the tears you whiny “shareholders”. I hope you exercise your votes during the shareholder meeting to help your D get a clue.

    Enjoy those Discount Double Check commercials as its the only way youll see your packers the rest of the offseason.

    Goodnight sweethearts!!!

  2. The problem with throwing the ball so much is hoping the timing of everything isn’t off, even if it’s just a little bit. Manning and Nicks were one heck of a combo today.

  3. I’m loving me some Gmen. Get ready for that front 4 next week whiners. It won’t be gift wrapped like yesterday.

  4. Packers look like a bad team! Rodgers looks like Christian ponder, and their run and dink and dunk offense looks terrible!

  5. WOW, that hit on Rodgers is a blow to the head, but the one from the Niners game, where you can hear the helmets hit, wasn’t.

    The NFL refs must be getting their training from the WWE, just like the NBA refs.

  6. THE FIX IS ON and the giants are still winning….

    blow to the head??? do u mean where rodgers hit his HEAD into TUCK on the way down?

  7. After Packer fans were the most obnoxious people alive on Vikings’ articles this season, all I have to say is good riddance! To the true, classy Packer fans, sorry it had to end this way, Rodgers is still an amazing QB and your team will still dominate the Vikings for years to come. But for now, go Giants!

  8. Yeah, we Niner fans are happy to host the championship game. Then we’ll smash the G men like we did earlier this season.

  9. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    Jan 15, 2012 4:16 PM
    And this would suggest that linebackers coach Mike Singletary is in line to become the defensive coordinator, unless the Vikings know Pagac won’t accept the demotion.


    HAHAHA. Please say it’s so!

    Also, Miss America last night, NFC championship game after today!

    Go Pack Go!

    Yeah, talk when you can BEAT the Giants.

  10. another horrid call with the blow to the head… only 3 bad calls at meaningful moments of the game. WORST REFEREE EVER!

  11. “Discount double check!!!!!”


    I’m not a Packer’s fan, but those commercials are pretty funny. Especially the Raji one.

  12. Um, don’t speak too soon. The refs are still on the field extending packers drives with phantom blow to the head calls. What an absolute sham the officiating has become. What happened? We need an external investigation of NFL officiating, I’m starting to think goodel is in on it


  14. the refs are clearly on the side of the packers. that was a terrible roughing the passer call. the packers are cheating!

    that fumble earlier that wasn’t a fumble.

    14 points off 2 obvious calls the refs put in favor of the giants.

    the packers are cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they are being exposed tonight as the beneficiaries of bad calls. the fix is in people.

  15. For all you niners fans that were hatin on me yesterday…

    Your boys are gonna take the GMen out….

    You heard it here first


    I love me some corned beef at Lefty O’Douls….

  16. FYI, “experts” Teams with Great defense and a great run game consistently make and win in the playoffs.

  17. Congrats Giants fans. Yours was the better team today. They even overcame the refs. I never would have dreamed they would be able to cover our WRs that well. Kudos.

  18. Next up Ravens>Patriots.

    Brady has the pocket presence of Blaine Gabbert and accuracy of Tim Tebow when he’s put on his a$$ and sacked a couple of times.

  19. brees goes down, and now rodgers. so much for everyone here posting about “these days you need an explosive offense to win championships” “you need a 5000 yrd passer” “old school football wont get in done these days” blah blah blah blah……

    offense entertains but, DEFENSE wins championships

  20. Packers were a no show today…funny how the Giants receivers can catch.

    Hats off to the G-men for coming in and backing all of it up today. For all of the Ted Thompson’s a genius talk, he better focus on some defensive talent, because this team was a joke on the other side of the ball. The loss of Collins proved to be bigger than anyone thought, and Woodson seems like he’s 45 years old out there.

    The officiating in this league is horrendous, and Leavy’s crew is actually one of the better ones over the course of this year, but the non-fumble call for Jennings and this bogus roughing call on Osi were outright ridiculous. Stay tuned for the fleecing of Packer coaches…..if I had to guess, Moss, Philbin, and Capers are all elsewhere by next weekend.

    Good luck, Giants.

  21. Packer fan here…. Congrats to the Giants on a great game. Pack played terrible today — sloppy and totally out of sync. Pack definitely deserved to lose and can only blame themselves. The way Rodgers played, they should’ve yanked him for Flynn.

  22. Congrats to the Giants! Defense DOES Win Championships”! We are going to have a great game at the Stick! Two top tier “d’s” playing lights out. We got the last one G-men are you ready?

    Who Dat – The Niners Baby!

    Discount double check – more like a Discount double digit beat down by the Gmen!

    Go Niners !

  23. This couldn’t be any better. First, Tebow gets tossed and takes with him all the bandwagon fans. Now, the Pack get tossed, and so too go their cheese-ball fans.

    One step closer to the all-Harbaugh Superbowl!!!

  24. If the NFL administrators don’t think there is a problem with officiating after this weekend, they need to be sent to the local home for the bewildered.

    After all this, the Packers can play the Saints at The Dome in the Mardi Gras Bowl. Makes as much sense as all the college bowl games.

  25. If Leavy’s and his crew only blew two calls in SB XL, the result was likely different.

    The two calls he’s blown tonight had no bearing in the end on the game, but he may be “asked to retire” by the NFL after this game, as he and the league will get ripped on by the NY and national press moreso then the little bit he did after XL.

  26. The vitrious Packer fans deserve this. Their conduct and display of sore winning all season in these forums is sweet for the rest of us sick of their smack. Too bad for Rodgers, as he’s the only person associated with this team with any class.

  27. So who gets the MVP now? The QB who broke a bunch of records and won one playoff game, the QB who only lost 1 game and won zero playoff games, or neither?

  28. I’m sorry, this game should be a blowout. Between the refs not getting the call right on the grant fumble in the 1st half and calling roughing the passer in the 2nd half (he wrapped him up and rodgers did his best impression of sanchez — acting like he’s dying), you’re looking at a score (at this point) 37, 40, or 44 points for the giants, and 6 points for the packers. You want to spot the packers 7 for the roughing the passer, okay. So, you’re looking at 37-13, minimum. Oh, just intercepted Aaron.

  29. In the end, the NFL is left with four usual suspects for a championship. The darling Harbaugh brothers, NY Giants and Brady. Got to wonder if football is just a fake WWF affair.

  30. The packers were never in rthym at all. It’s not Aaron’s fault. He did well. Not his standard of well. But he played well. His receivers dropped way too many balls and that packers defense that has been suspect all year didn’t do a thing today. They looked pedestrian and the giants defensive line won the battle in the trenches. And the packers fumbled the ball too many times. Too many costly turnovers. It doesn’t matter how good you are: Turnovers will kill you in this league.

  31. As a Packers fan, I have to admit, the refs couldn’t have done any more to help the Packers out. Finley continues to be a drive-killer, and the Packers were just off tonight. Hats off to the Giants, but I really don’t see them beating the 49ers. The Niners will be the sacrificial lamb for the Patriots in the Superbowl.

  32. The Giants are a good team.

    But I’d rather have them come here to SF than the Niners go up to Siberia.

    Seeya in a week, Eli.

  33. Not only did the Giants beat the Packers but they also had to overcome the bad officiating. You could tell that the refs were rooting for the Packers. Great job Giants you beat both the packers & the refs. Go Giants!!!

  34. In the NYG v. GBP game with about 12-ish minutes to go, Aaron Rodgers and Jermichael Finley failed to connect on a first down conversion. When Aikman assessed the comparative blameworthiness of Rodgers and Finley with this comment, “I blame that more on Aaron Rodgers …”

    To the unadvised ear, it sounded exactly like Aikman had said, “I blame that moron, Aaron Rodgers …”

    Not exactly hysterically funny, but amusing enough.

  35. Headline should read Giants stop Packers and the Referees. Thats the only reason they stayed in the game. all respect for the giants.

  36. This league has gone the way of big television contracts, flag football, and crooked zebras. Nothing left for the real fans of football. Very predictible Soap opera.

    Save your money fans. The prearranged games are about the same as a fantasy football league. Same teams play the goats. Same teams play Goliath…and the crooked zebras will crown the champ.

  37. YES! Pack losing means Niners are a LOCK to the big dance. Eli will self-destruct like he usually does against a GOOD defense. Giants at home are seriously the best gift the Niners could’ve gotten.

  38. The Giants ran the ball well and played to their strengths, which is a stout defense and big plays by their receivers and Eli. They are not built to run like in 07. I want to see the rematch of Giants and Pats, but that 49ners team looks terrific. And Brady looked great yesterday — he made the Broncos look like a junior varsity team.

  39. I have heard all these analysts saying “Who’s gonna go into Lambeau and win in January?” All I kept thinking was “not the Packers!” They built a dome team to play in Wisconsin in January.

    Awesome performance by NYG. They had to utterly dominate to make this happen as the officials did everything they could to give the game to GB! Wow, what a performance!

  40. Not saying the Giants wouldn’t have won without that Week 15 upset by the Chiefs, but I’m sure it helped. Romeo Crennel showed how to stop them.

  41. Thumbs Up: Brady vs. Eli Part II: Rumble in the House that Peyton Built.

    Thumbs Down: Super Harbowl!

  42. No Giant fan, but that hit on Eli in the first half was more of a penalty than the Rodgers hit…I coulda reffed that game better from my couch.

  43. Not that I’m a Giants fan, but if that was Harrison from Pitt, a hefty fine would be coming along with that bogus helmet to helmet call. It’s like the refs were doing everything in their power to make it a “Close” game. Congrats to the G-Men on a great win, hopefully they can overcome a very stout and nasty SF D.

  44. I didn’t like the way Rodgers was sliding. He was just asking for the Giants to take his head off knowing that if they did they would certainly get a 15 penalty.

  45. Everyone forgets how hot Green Bay’s defense was during their run last year. Not so much this year.

    The Giants are the most balanced team left.

  46. Discount Double-Choke!!

    I thought this was the deepest, best team of all time. Nothing and I mean nothing makes me happier than knowing that all of those arrogant cheesheads have to cry in their beer all off-season.

    The Giants should have dropped 40+ on them easily. That was beyond a doubt the shakiest 15-1 team of all time. No defense. If you aren’t getting a pick six you are being driven on like I-94!!

  47. It’s tough to know who’s most disappointed by this loss, the GB fans or the refs who tried and failed as much as they could to give them the game.

  48. Giants had to play the Refs and the Packers, and WON!!! JPP told ya all. You didn’t want to listen, but he told ya!!!

  49. pack just found out 15-1 is worthless unless u can back it up when it counts, heard a lot of booing at Lambeau….refs must have missed some other calls for the Pack that cost them the game. Tebow mania over, Saints “who dat” run is over, and packer stock can be used for tp.

  50. Look on the bright side — Rodgers will have plenty of time now to do yet more commercials. Same for Kevin-Greene-wannabe Clay Matthews Jr. Better yet, they can both do wrestling now full time.

    Favorite moment: Giants mock that obnoxious unoriginal wrestling belt shtick.

  51. No historic stunning comeback today. The Giants have shut down the MVP. Discount Double Check has been brought back down to earth in a smoldering pile.

  52. just want to take this chance to rub it in on a fanbase that sorely deserves it– nice CHOKE JOB Packers!

  53. Anyone who wants to chant ‘defense wins championships’ needs to cool their jets. If we get the likely Tom Brady vs Eli Manning super bowl, there will be 10,168 passing yards combined. Not exactly two replicas of the 85 Bears.

  54. Gotta give giants credit, they played good and the refs stink. I remembered that Ted from previous games too. Having said that, the nfl likes a feel good story so ravens vs niners looks very real.

  55. Two bad calls…packers still couldn’t win.
    Rodgers fumble and INT….packers lose.
    Packer defense there usual self….packers lose
    Rodgers misses receivers with poor passes…packers lose
    Receivers can’t make catches….good play by secondary,poor throws by Rodgers and a couple just plain dropped….packers lose.

    Guess Rodgers isn’t the only one who can’t beat Giants at home on playoffs. Let’s see fumble/INT….will he be blamed for loss as Brett was (defense couldn’t stop my mother) or give him a free ride. Rodgers had an okay game but two costly turnover. They’ll be back next year with a revamped defense as.

  56. This is the second game in a row that you completely favored the Packers and we are watching you now. This officiating crew needs to be investigated! IT WAS DISGUSTING!

  57. I’m hearing State Farm wants their money back Rogers, Raji, Matthews. By the way, how soft was that offensive line Raji?

  58. Im a Niner fan but damn Giants had to beat the Packers and the Zebras..Officiating seems to get worse every year..Hate to see someones season end caise of the lousy bums the league calls officials..

  59. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    Jan 15, 2012 4:16 PM

    …Miss America last night, NFC championship game after today!


    You are correct there will indeed be an NFC Championship after today. However, the closest your Packers are going to get is if they’re vacationing near San Francisco.

  60. dawkattack says: “@ likes’emlonger my name ain’t d@%& so keep it outcha mouth”

    That’s about the twentieth time you have you used the same childish line. The shame of it is that you used to make an occasional, interesting, and well-thought out post and now you just post ignorant troll material. I guess the pressures of Middle S,chool are really taking a toll on you.

  61. So the Packers are cheating? Not the refs who are actually making the calls? The Packers??

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