Hail Mary to Nicks puts Packers in a hole

Getty Images

An incredible sequence before halftime has put the Packers in a significant hole at Lambeau Field.

The Giants lead 20-10 at intermission after Hakeem Nicks caught a 37-yard Hail Mary pass from Eli Manning on the last play from scrimmage of the half. The Packers didn’t seem to expect the play.

That toss to Nicks came one play after Ahmad Bradshaw made an incredible 23-yard run by where he changed directions and somehow got out of bounds to set up Manning’s toss.

The Giants were essentially content to go to halftime with a 13-10 lead, but Bradshaw’s run and Green Bay’s shoddy tackling allowed the Giants one more play.

It has been a sloppy game from the Packers overall. Their secondary has been inconsistent and their tackling poor. Aaron Rodgers is averaging under six yard-per-attempt because of a lot of drops from his receivers. Rodgers also missed a potential touchdown toss to Greg Jennings.

The Packers haven’t trailed at halftime of a home game all year at Lambeau. If the No. 1 seed can’t come from behind in the next 30 minutes, the 49ers are going to be playing at home next week.