Ochocinco gets one snap in Patriots win


Chad Ochocinco may be the highest paid pass-catcher in New England, but he still hasn’t earned Bill Belichick and Tom Brady’s trust after a full regular season with the team.

Ocho got only one snap in New England’s 45-10 beatdown of the Broncos Saturday, according to ESPN.com’s Mike Reiss.

Reiss points out that the Patriots were in a no huddle attack for much of the night. That places a premium on receivers knowing the plays cold.

Still, guys like Julian Edelman (27 snaps) and Tiquan Underwood (nine snaps) had bigger roles.  It’s hard to imagine the Patriots will bother keeping Ochocinco after this season.

It’s also worth noting that running back Kevin Faulk didn’t get an offensive snap despite being active. This is probably the final year of his long Patriots career.

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  1. We dont get to watch the tape and know what Ocho has done right and wrong according to play-calls….but come on….Ocho still has SOME skills…get him the ball….give me a break Pats…

  2. I think Ochocinco will get a chance to prove himself in the offseason / training camp. He’s been a good citizen and while his $3 million base salary is large, it won’t be guaranteed until week one of the 2012 season. So there’s no reason to release him in March unless the team has no further desire to work with him.

    Side Note: Faulk didn’t play on offense, but he was in there on special teams – he was in on the punt return unit.

  3. Yet another decision that leads me to conclude that Belichick is overrated. How do you not play this guy???!!!

  4. I would love to see him come to Miami, but if he cant be productive catching passes from Brady then I dont see how he could be any better catching passes from Matt Moore or a Rookie!

  5. I think he was sitting with the fan that he flew out as a publicity stunt…. lol…..

    Ocho…. Either get up to par, or go back to a team that uses a college level playbook. I like you, but if you can’t catch passes then you’re wasting roster space!!!

  6. Poor Ocho-stinko. That’s what happens when you don’t / can’t learn the playbook and noone has time to hold your hand.

  7. Belichik likes Ocho personally so hes not releasing him. He knows he made a mistake and Ochos just not mentally capable enough to pick up this offense. Carson Palmer said he had to give Ocho his plays dumbed down to get him to run then as correctly as hes capable of in Cincy.

  8. For the morons saying the Patriots are stupid for not playing the guy, look at the scoreboard. Brady threw for 6 touchdowns! I think they know what they’re doing if they leave Ocho Cinco on the bench, and face it, he’s not very good anymore.

  9. Chad went from a “See Jack Run” offense here in Cincy to what I can only imagine is “Chinese Tolstoy” to him in New England. Bring in Brandon Lloyd to tutor him. : )

  10. Come on, Rosenthal, get your head in the game. Kevin Faulk did play in the game last night.

    Looks like you’re the one who no-showed.

  11. OC got his chance, he has nothing to complain about.

    If you’re gonna hot-dog like he did in Cincy that’s cool but sooner or later you have to back it up and when he got to the BIG leagues he couldn’t do it. I think the dude is still star-struck by the simple fact that he is where he is.

  12. I think Chad doesn’t care as much, he has a chance to win a championship without doing much.

    He gets a ring and then goes and gets on a team that lets him freelance, he speaks well of his time with the patriots and everyone is happy.

    What reason would Belicheck put him in last night, I mean, really, what would’ve been gained. It looked like they threw less than they wanted to because the Broncos were outmatched.

  13. This guy was quite an athlete when he was in his early years with the Bengals…..he made some terrific catches and could run. Unfortunate that his physical skills (speed) are diminished and he apparently hasn’t been able to pick up the Patriot offense.

    He was never a bad citizen….the Bengals management mistakenly allowed his “self promotion” to go on at the expense of team unity.

  14. Is respect the word you forgot? I think so. I forgot all about him. They do not use wr’s as much as te’s obvoiusly. Rough crowd boy. cbs needs to change their theme music. It stinks. Speaking of boring what station is the packers game on the radio so I do not have to listen to joe buck’s blah blah blah? mean but true.

  15. there’s a reason Ochocinco is keeping the bench from flying up.Belichick isn’t a fool he gets the most out of what he has and he feels he can’t get much out of Ocho.Its no surprise that once he and TO left Cinci they got better.Matter of fact add Carson Palmer to that list too .

  16. He’s only on that team to get a ring…to bad he wont get it, because Brady and the Pats are scared and intimidated by Baltimore.

  17. It would be something if #85 becomes a super bowl champion being on this patriots squad. I mean, I guess he could wear the ring, but I’m not sure he would want to . #shockey2007

  18. Perhaps Chad has a learning disability? BB should bring in a tudor. Or send him to Sylvan learning center

  19. If BB could actually draft and develop some wide receiver talent they wouldn’t have to reach for a veteran clown like Ocho.

  20. factoryofsadness says:Jan 15, 2012 10:01 AM

    Yet another decision that leads me to conclude that Belichick is overrated. How do you not play this guy???!!!

    Clearly, by your handle, you are not from our market, so you might not get to see the Pats play every week, but if you had, you might be singing a different tune.

    First, I commend Ocho for being a model citizen in his time with the Pats so far. He has clearly been a good teammate, but that is not the issue. The issue has been his play on the field.

    Considering his limited playing time, and limited targets, he has dropped the ball a lot. Some of them, he was wide open, and they were in his arms.

    In addition, often, he simply has not been where he was supposed to be, didn’t come back when he should, or has broken the wrong way.

    All of these things clearly led to Brady not trusting him in key situations, and who do you think Brady will throw to in those key situations? The guys he trusts, or the guy he doesn’t?

    Sorry, but 85 must go even though he seems like a pretty decent guy.

  21. Ocho is BB’s buddy. Faulk is a longtime Pats’ hero. They are both beneficiaries in the BB Welfare Program. In the latter case I think it’s deserved.

    Ocho made $400k a catch this year. If they paid Welker that much a catch, he would have made nearly $50 million for the season.

    Signing Ocho was almost as dumb as trading for Welker was brilliant.

  22. Chad Johnson is having a career year. His team is in the championship game and all he has to do is sit on the sidelines and run his mouth

  23. steelerhypocrite says:
    Jan 15, 2012 10:24 AM
    He’s only on that team to get a ring…to bad he wont get it, because Brady and the Pats are scared and intimidated by Baltimore.


    The same Baltimore team that “Brady and the Pats are
    6-1 vs? The same Baltimore team they beat last season?

  24. If they make it to the Superbowl they should cut him a week before the game. He doesn’t deserve a ring. It seems like he spends more time Twittering than studying or working on his routes.

  25. It’s too bad that in all likely hood that Noshowcinco is going to get a super bowl ring just for being on the roster and a guy like Moss who had a historic season in 07 and caught what should’ve been the game winning catch in the super bowl will not have a ring. Just proves that sometimes life isn’t fair.

  26. Poor Chad. He went from “take eights steps and make a button hook at the Buick”, to advanced Calculus in Bradyland. Look at least your not the father on nine kids with nine different women like T.O. Call it what you wish. Chad has a legitimate shot at a SB ring…..and the worlds cleanest uniform for activated player.

  27. 3G, whose nude photos do you possess? You have got to have some type of black mail on someone to have your job. You’re writing/spelling/grammatical skills are atrocious. Also, you told us pft was going to fix the iPhone app so we could vote thumbsup/down in the comments. You said that would happen in December. Wtf? Evidently your time estimates come from the same portion (or lack thereof) of your brain as your editorial skills. Pathetic

  28. All of those people who say “cut him a week before the superbowl so he wont get a ring”, it wouldn’t matter anyway he would still get one from the patriots (if they won).

  29. Who are you going to take snaps away from in order to get him more reps? Welker? Hernandez/Gronkowski? Branch?

    There’s only so much room on the field for them and Ochocinco falls to the bottom of the list at this point.

    But BB changes it up every week – wouldnt be surprised to see 85 get some snaps next weekend. Just when an opposing coach doesnt gameplan for someone in particular – thats when that player will get 8 receptions.

  30. Even with one snap I’d still prefer him over Santonio Holmes.

    Chad’s been well behaved… even flew in a long time twitter follower as his guest for the game.

  31. If this is all because “he hasn’t learned the playbook yet” crap, C’MON CHAD!! We are two weeks into the postseason, how much longer do you need?? Having said that, I am a huge fan of 85 and would like to see him more.

  32. @jhawkss…Believe me, I think Ocho is personable and even though his contributions have been very limited this season, I (like most Pats fans) like the guy. However…If he can’t learn the offense, what makes you think he can learn defensive schemes and play CB? Mistakes at CB are often far more glaring than simply running the wrong route which leads to an incomplete pass. Just ask Devin McCourty.

  33. First of all, the article said Faulk did not play any OFFENSIVE snaps. Read the article people before making snotty cooments. Second, it does not matter about Ochocinco, he will be cut when Brandon Loyd follows McDaniels to Foxboro and the Pats begin thier title defense.

  34. Adios, 8-5. You are a total distraction and appear too stupid to learn their play book. Dump him as its doubtful you could get anyone worth a damn for this over-rated bag of wind.

  35. I love all you Bengal haters. Can’t even complete a sentence w/o referring to Chad or the Bengals. Old news now! Bring on A Jayyyyyy!

  36. Yeah, I suspect at some point over the next two games, he’s going to make THE play or plays that are going to make the casual fans remember who he is, and many who don’t watch football until it becomes “cool” each year, to scratch their heads, thinking he was still on Cincinatti.

    I suspect he’ll start with a big TD in the AFC Championship game, and then the press will be all over him during Superbowl week, poking him with a stick to get something out of him. He’ll say something, and the quote starved media will run with it incessantly for the remaining days, trying to break it down 43 different ways.

  37. I just love this soooo much. I mean, he is pulling antics with the Hall of Fame jacket a few years ago on a team full of turds that can’t win a game, and he signs with the patriots and is exposed. Just unbelievable that he is so talented that he gets ONE snap in the game Brady SETS THE RECORD for TD’s in the playoffs. He looked like a whiny baby on the sidelines.

  38. steelerhypocrite says:
    Jan 15, 2012 10:24 AM
    He’s only on that team to get a ring…to bad he wont get it, because Brady and the Pats are scared and intimidated by Baltimore.

    Remind us …… who did the Steelers beat this week????

  39. gamermwm says: If you’re a receiver and you want to be well utilized and have big numbers here’s a word of advice: Don’t go to Denver or New England

    riiiight… tell that to Wes Welker or Randy Moss or Gronkowski or even freekin Reche Caldwell. Heck little Troy Brown was catching over 100 passes a season.

    You think playing opposite Brady makes guys worse????

    If players can perform he makes them look phenomenal.

  40. factoryofsadness says: Jan 15, 2012 10:01 AM

    Yet another decision that leads me to conclude that Belichick is overrated. How do you not play this guy???!!!
    Yeah…. The Patriots offense is terrible without him.

  41. gamermwm says: If you’re a receiver and you want to be well utilized and have big numbers here’s a word of advice: Don’t go to Denver or New England
    Wow. Do they let you go out in public? The Patriots hold the NFL records for touchdown passes (Brady), touchdown receptions by a receiver (Moss) and touchdown receptions by a tight end (Gronkowski).

    Please let us all know how YOU define “big numbers.”

  42. I dont think he cares. He has had his days of being the #1 option. At this point in his career he is probably just happy that he has a real good chance of being in a Super Bowl. Yeah no doubt he will be cut in the offseason, but that doesnt change the fact that he is on a contender and thats got to be a good feeling.

    Give the guy a break. Yeah hes probably washed up. But hes kept his mouth shut and if he wasnt putting any effort in they would have booted him during the season.

  43. steelerhypocrite says: Jan 15, 2012 10:24 AM

    He’s only on that team to get a ring…to bad he wont get it, because Brady and the Pats are scared and intimidated by Baltimore.
    It’s good that Deb comments here; otherwise I’d wonder whether it was possible for Steeler fans to say something intelligent.

    The Pats are 6-1 Vs the Ravens. The one game Baltimore won was against the worst Pats team since 2002, when Brady was recovering from knee surgery and Welker was lost for the year with a knee injury.

    The Ravens have an excellent team, and IF they get to play next week they’d have a pretty good chance, but please… The Patriots are scared?

    Funny how that terrible New England defense played so much better than the fearsome number one defense in the NFL when it mattered.

    Enjoy the rest of the playoffs.

  44. Belichick overrated? Some people should think before they speak Belichick does what matters most is win & utilizes his weapons if chad can’t get it together he will be replaced like anyone else best coaching system in the league PERIOD!! Tom Brady will be getting his fourth ring this year & that’s swag

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