Texans, Ravens headed for a great finish


On Saturday, an old-school defense and a new-school offense put together a shootout for the ages.  On Sunday, a pair of dollar-steak-and-raw-potatoes teams are giving us a lower-scoring nail-biter that seems destined for a memorable conclusion.

The Texans admirably have made it a game, despite falling behind by 14 early.  Midway through the fourth quarter, the score remains 17-13.

The Ravens opted not to extend it to seven late in the third with a three-pointer, choosing instead a Ray Rice run on fourth and goal from inside the one.  The Houston defense held, and the two sides have continued to go back and forth.

Most recently, a deep pass from Texans quarterback T.J. Yates (pictured) was picked off by Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb, his second of the day.

Given the manner in which the Baltimore offense has struggled since getting to 17, it’s a fairly safe bet that the Texans will soon get another chance.

8 responses to “Texans, Ravens headed for a great finish

  1. If the Ravens win this game, their fans need to go ahead and start preparing themselves from the beatdown that they will be having to endure next week against the Pats.

    Brady>Ravens D
    Flacco<Pats D

  2. A successful season for sure. Schaub will be back, Foster will get paid, and Jagoofy will finally be shown the door. Looking back, I wanted to thank the expert commenters at PFT for the things I learned about the Texans this season, such as…
    A) The Texans suck and are “one and done”
    B) If Peyton Manning was healthy the Texans would have missed the playoffs. Btw, it’s nice to know these two teams face off 16 times a year
    C) Brian Cushing sucks and is on steroids
    D) Arian Foster is a one hit wonder
    E) The Texans should cut a star player to make room for Brett Favre, the same guy who presided over a Vikings meltdown last season and is the ultimate me first guy

  3. For Tebow fans T.J. Yates is what an inexperienced QB with NFL skills looks like.

    Arian Foster is a monster. You can’t franchise an RB who has been underpaid for 3 years and then demand loyalty. Their careers are just too short. He’s earned a long-term guaranteed contract.

  4. Texans didn’t have a CHANCE, huh…?

    Get ready for the next 5 years, haters…..!

    TEXANS are Texas’ team now, and we earned a small measure of respect today from the nation who never gave us a chance…..This defense is just starting to jell…….They got to the divisional round and had their way with the Ravens and did this with a 3rd string QB and a totally revamped roster due to season ending injuries?? You gotta be kidding me…

    They stuffed Ray Rice after all the bluster and Arian was the first back to crack 100 yards on this team EVER in the playoffs…Imagine if Houston’s starters were playing?

    You gained my respect this year Texans – should be interesting in 2012!…..

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