49ers players glad the Giants beat the Packers

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NFL players typically refrain from saying anything about which team they want to play in the next round of the playoffs, instead repeating the same refrain about how they just take the games as they come. But the 49ers aren’t making any secret of the fact that they’re glad to be playing the Giants instead of the Packers in the NFC Championship Game.

San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis said on FOX on Sunday that he was pulling for the Giants to beat the Packers, and 49ers safety Donte Whitner offered similar comments today on NFL Network, saying that he wanted to see the Giants eliminate the Packers from the playoffs.

“I was actually rooting for the New York Giants to win,” Whitner said. “We played them already, we were familiar with them, and we didn’t really want to go up to Green Bay — it’s really cold. It’s better to have a home game. New York won, we have a home game this week and we’re really looking forward to playing them.”

That could be interpreted as bulletin-board material for the Giants, but the reality is anyone would rather have a home game than a road game. And although the 49ers did beat the Giants in the regular season, everyone in San Francisco is saying they’re expecting a tougher game the second time around. San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh said at his press conference today that he believes the Giants are a better team — and a healthier team — than they were for their regular season meeting, and Whitner echoed those thoughts.

“The Giants are a different team right now,” Whitner said. “They’re playing really good on defense, Eli Manning is playing his best football right now, and it’s going to be tough.”

Just not as tough as the 49ers think it would have been to go to Green Bay.

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  1. Of course they’re glad the Giants won. What idiot would want to play the championship game on the road rather than home? Non-story.

  2. Unlike the GB fans that got their panties in a bunch over the Giants comments – which were all true btw – I have no problem with these comments at all. They want home field advantage. Perfectly understandable. No disrespect intended whatsoever.

  3. Another classic in the making…
    I don’t see a clear favorite.
    Giants are now running the ball with that power back combo that they lacked in the 1st meeting.
    Eli is on point right now.



    GO FRISCO!!!

  4. So Whitner said he is glad to have a home game and complimented the way the Giants have been playing. Look out! The G-Men are going to be pissed!

  5. Non-story. The 49ers were pulling for home-field advantage rather than traveling to Green Bay.

    The match-up against the Giants will be a lot tougher. I was pulling for the Packers as I thought it would be an easier game. Giants exposed them before we could though, nice job guys.

    Looking forward to this one. Hopefully another epic game. Go Niners!

  6. You guys are going to get served by the Giants then your coach will have plenty of time in the off season to take those anger management classes he so desperately needs

  7. This is just you trying to make a story out of nothing. It goes both ways. Don’t you think the Giants players were rooting for SF so they didn’t have to go to New Orleans?

  8. That 49ers game this weekend was OFF THE CHAIN !
    It was like the last guy with a tooth in his mouth wins the fight. Nobody has anything to be ashamed of in that contest because that was the most insane game I have seen since that Oklahoma / Boise State bowl game a few years ago. Those are games I live for. At the end of the day I don’t care who wins, it was just a pleasure to watch.

  9. The 9ers don’t disrespect opposing players or teams in the press. This is as much talk, if you can call it that, as you will get all week out of this team except to compliment the other team.

    I wonder if we will get more guarantee’s this week out of NY or “game manager” talk. Please do throw some fuel on the 9ers fire!

    Looking forward to a great, hard fought, tough game. When these 2 teams get together in the playoffs, instant classics follow.

    Go 9ers!

  10. oh.. I forgot.. Jim Harbaugh is your coach of the year. He is to the 49ers what Angelo Dundee was to Muhammad Ali. Mike Singltary wanted the 49ers to be tough. Harbaugh DEMANDED they be tuff and now you have a bunch of headbanging thrill killers out there smacking people down. They play fearless.
    This PROVES how important leadership at the top is because those Stanford teams Jim coached would slap the taste out of your mouth too.

  11. megatronownsyou says:
    Jan 16, 2012 4:24 PM
    You guys are going to get served by the Giants then your coach will have plenty of time in the off season to take those anger management classes he so desperately needs

    Wow are you a loser. I have read your comments before. You talked smack about your Lions. Now that your team is out you are rehashing that silly ‘controversy’ over a handshake. BTW it was Schwartz who became unglued and threw a hissy fit over a handshake. Teams take on the personality of their coach. Unfortunately for the Lions thats meant the team plays cowardly and takes a lot of cheap shots after the whistle.

  12. Typical loser mentality. They’re scared to play a particular team, whereas the Giants are ready to face all comers, even on the road. They’re scared and their fans are also, with all the tripe they are spewing already.

    Green Bay was the better matchup for SF but they are so hung up on that Week 10 game that has no bearing on this Sunday that they think they will beat us again. Losers always show their true colors when the stakes are high.

  13. megatronownsyou says: Jan 16, 2012 4:24 PM

    You guys are going to get served by the Giants then your coach will have plenty of time in the off season to take those anger management classes he so desperately needs

    This coming from a Loins fans with their little cross-eyed troll of a coach. LOL.

  14. Did everybody in GB drop off the face of the earf? I miss them already. Not a single one has even gave the G men credit or anything. At least Philly fans kno when we’re beat. Throw a shout out. #GrilledCheese

  15. Nice comments by Vernon. Back to the 9ers of the 80’s and 90’s. No trash talk, just focus on the task at hand. That being said, come Sunday it’ll be time to nut up or shut up. Should be a great game though. Looking forward to a hard fought 9ers win!

  16. A bad call and a terrible non-call late in the game deep in 49ers territory – both were the difference in San Fran winning that earlier meeting. The Giants though are a lot healthier going tnto this game coming up.

  17. As a Giants fan, I was rooting for the 49ers for the exact reason that a previous poster stated. There was no way I wanted us to play the Saints in their dome.

    I have no issue with the 49ers wanting us to win so we can play them at home. Just like all the talk during the week, this stuff does not affect the outcome of games.

    It should be a really great game.

  18. That’s fair. As a Giants fan, I can tell you I’m glad that NYG doesn’t have to go and play NO in the Super Dome this weekend.

  19. Both teams have overcome a lot to be here and equally have earned their right to contend for a super bowl birth.

    Needless to say, the niners have exceeded this faithful’s expectations when they won more than 8 games after 8 seasons of subpar football.

    The head to head match-up in the regular season will serve as good footage for upcoming strategy; however as most are saying that the Giant’s are a better team now, the same should be said of the 49ers.

    While the Giant’s have regained their health, the new wrinkles in the 49er offense look promising, and Gore should be much better this time around.

    I can’t predict this game because they appear to match up relatively well against one another. Should be a great game indeed.

    IMO, the NFC contains the two best teams in contention for the Lomabardi.

  20. Should be another great game for the ‘Niners. I have been waiting about ten years for my team to get its act together. Congratulations Harbaugh and players for a great season. Hopefully, we have two more wins in us.

    The ‘Niners will win (again) if we can run the ball, a lot! We will also be victorious if we win the turnover battle and don’t settle for field goals. Yes, I am a prophet. I also predict I will be sitting in front of my TV eating chicken wings.

    I am excited about the playoffs. It is déjà vu all over again. ‘Niners vs Giants. Hold onto the ball ‘Niners. The 1990 Roger Craig fumble during the playoffs still haunts me.

  21. Funny how big blue always are talking about 2007 but they leave out 2008 when they were the number 1 seed and got beat down by Philly at home. Dont forget that beat down in the Super Bowl by the Ravens too. That never happened right??

  22. Does anyone think the outcome of the pats/ravens game could have an impact on giants/niners game.

    Think about if Baltimore wins wouldn’t the NFL want to see San Fan in the Super Bowl. Storyline would be brothers battle for ring.

    If New England wins the NFL would probably want to see Brady vs Eli in the stadium Peyton built.

    Just a thought.

  23. @jarrman46

    That Sb loss your so happy to bring up was in 2000 under a different coach, with a different Qb. Nobody from that team is still playing for the Giants. So wtf is your point in bringing that up? If you have nothing intelligent to add just go take your meds and lie down for a while, k?

  24. This is a non-story. Any team would want the play-off game in their house. Many players would want the added boost of confidence that comes from playing a team they’ve already beaten.
    If the Giants need to use these innocent comments as added motivation, they’re in big trouble.

    I think the NFC Championship game is going to be awesome. On one hand, I ‘d really like to see the 49er’s win. QB Alex Smith has been a class act…putting up with a lot of crap his entire career. He could have bolted to another team, yet chose to remain in San Fransisco. The 1 year turnaround of this team is amazing (especially with a rookie head coach who’s never coached in the NFL).

    On the other hand, I think the Giants match up better against the Patriots and Bill Bele-cheat.

    Either way, it should be a great game.

  25. Giants talk too much. Manningham said sproles is no bradshaw or jacobs what is he smoking on?? Sproles is one of the hardest dudes to tackle in the nfl. Brooks willis bowmen haralson going to have a field day on giants run game. Thank god there is no Jimmy Graham on the Gmen. . Everybody talks about giants are healthy now. Newsflash they had osi and boley and a full defense last time alex dropped 27 on them. Check the injury report every team the 49ers play someone gets hurt. The most physical team in the nfl. Giants aren’t getting any hailmarys in san fran on Sunday.

  26. I’ll take that saints offense over the giants anyday. 49ers 34-24. Just like nick saban did with alabama.. harbaugh played conversative all year with alex and built the teams identity with defense, special teams, and power running game. Now he is unleashing the passing game and its a scary thing if alex can throw 3 tds in his first playoff game. Giants lbs and secondary are overrated. Been torched all year.

  27. SF is just like GB was in 2007. Smoke and mirrors all year, you’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop all season, then all playoffs, and then it happens when their players and fans actually begin to believe all the hype and press clippings. That’s why their letdowns are so severe. Haven’t heard a peep from Green Bay fans except excuses, and that’s from the few who make themselves known.

    49er players and fans (including Roger Craig) are going to be heartbroken when that team only manages a couple of FGs and a late TD just to make it semi-cosmetic. I have no idea what makes anyone think — besides something fluky, which is obviously always possible — that SF is going to move the ball on THIS Giants defense. Week 10 means nothing, nor do the other 8 games before it or 4 immediately after that game.

    It is when Boley and Umenyiora returned and Tuck got semi-healthy, along with Williams playing and not over-thinking on the field that this defense turned around. And it’s actually been BETTER than the touted SF defense over the past 6 games.

    … when it COUNTS.

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