Bucs plan to take their time to hire coach

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With so much being said about the Miami Dolphins’ head-coaching job and the Raiders reportedly planning to make a quick decision (given that the Packers have been bumped out of the playoffs the Raiders now can), the Tampa situation has gotten lost in the shuffle.

But the Bucs are in no hurry to fill their vacancy, as Peter King recently explained on NBC SportsTalk.  And that’s a good thing.

Although it would be ideal to have a coaching staff in place for next week’s Senior Bowl practices, it’s more important to have the right coach to lead a team that already skews way too young.  For the Bucs, the right coach will be a coach who can take control of the locker room, instilling discipline and focus for a squad that lost 10 games in a row to end the season.

And while various former NFL coaches have been linked to the job (including Mike Sherman, Marty Schottenheimer, and Brad Childress), the Bucs could opt for an up-and-coming coordinator.  Per multiple reports, Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer will interview with the team on Monday.  Another defensive coordinator — Perry Fewell of the Giants (pictured) — also could be on the Bucs’ radar, per Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.

Fewell would be an intriguing candidate, to say the least.  Overlooked in the current hiring cycle after getting several sniffs in the past, the one-time interim head coach of the Bills was believed to be in danger of being replaced in New York.  Now that the Giants are partying like it’s 2007, Fewell is benefiting from the Spagnuolo effect.

Which of course could explain why Spagnuolo is dragging his Bottecellis.  With teams like the Falcons reportedly interested and the Eagles possibly interested (if the figure out what to do with Juan Castillo), Spags could be waiting to see what happens with the team for which he worked through 2008.

Of course, if the Giants win the Super Bowl, a return to New York may not be all that attractive for Spagnuolo, especially since he said just a couple weeks ago that he’d like to help bring a title to a town that hasn’t enjoyed one recently.

But this blurb is about the Bucs.  And there could be several more items about their coaching search before it’s over.  With the front office in place, there’s no reason to make a rash decision.  Even if it takes a little while, it’s far more important to make the right decision.

17 responses to “Bucs plan to take their time to hire coach

  1. Good that Dominik and the FO is REALLY thinking this through. I want to see Josh Freeman hoist that Lombardi trophy over his head next year.

  2. We must get it right this time and for petes sake heavenly invest in FA this March.

  3. Sorry about the typo I meant heavily, not heavenly then again maybe heavenly might actually be a better word with the way we finished the season. Divine Intervention for my Bucs might be the way to go, Tebow pray for us lol.

  4. This young team needs a veteran offensive minded HC. They are close on offense, already have the QB. Sure they need a few changes, but it’s not a CLE situation- rebuild with no QB. Billick might be good for Freeman, and at least he knows what a DF should look like.

  5. It would be nice to have a coaching staff for the senior bowl,and the combine thou. My choice would be out of Zimmer,Fewell,orMoss from the packers.

  6. assuming he can meet the Bucs’ “disciplinarian” requirements, I’d be all for Fewell above anyone else out there…

    Been thinking about him ever since his Giants D gave up 0 points to Atlanta just a week after the Bucs gave up something like 10,000 in the first half…

  7. So it is ok with you MIke F, that 3 years ago the Bucs, were interviewing while there coach was still employed? Gruden-Morris…It is ok, that there Very questionable GM is in place? What has Dimink done at all for that team, but brought in Very questionalabe character players that other teams passed on ie: Laguerrte Blount.. Aquib Talib..?
    So Miami gets hammered for keeping its GM who by far has had better drafts then Dimink,but it is ok for the BUCS to keep theirs?
    Nothing at all about league wide concerns about the BUcs lack of spending that the leauqe created the Bucs rule to force them to spend to 99% of cap?

  8. Plus if the Bucs wait until all the other teams fill their positions, the last guys standing will probably lower their price.

  9. .

    The upside to the Tampa job is that their personnel is not terrible. They’ve got two decent fronts and a QB. The downside is playing in the NFC south. It will be difficult for the Bucs to leapfrog NO, Atlanta, and upstart Carolina.

    The hiring of a defensive coordinator to develop all the young, early round talent is likely to be as important as the hiring of a head coach. If those players don’t develop, then scrutiny would be squarely on Mark Dominick, the GM who drafted them.


  10. I don’t think Fewell would go to Tampa. Working for the Maras and then working for the Glazers is like working as a photographer for Victoria Secret and then working as a cleaner of toilets at a North Philly McDonalds. Horrible ownership. Tampa deserves better.

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