Coughlin still not happy about questionable calls


The NFL has tried to explain one of referee Bill Leavy’s questionable decisions in Sunday’s Packers-Giants game, but Tom Coughlin doesn’t sound satisfied.

The Giants coach said he “doubts” he’ll hear from the league about why Leavy didn’t overturn a call where Greg Jennings was ruled down by contact before an apparent fumble. Coughlin was asked if he saw anything on film that would make the call even clearer.

“There is, but I won’t get into it,” Coughlin said via Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.

Coughlin was also still upset about the roughing the passer penalty called against Osi Umenyiora, saying he had “no idea” why the penalty was called.

“Aggressive football play,” Coughlin called it. “The quarterback is following through as he releases the ball. The hit is from the side, there’s not helmet involved, it’s from shoulders to waist. We’ll coach that one forever.”

That blown call seemed to be even less debatable than the Jennings play. Perhaps that why we didn’t hear anything from the league about it.

52 responses to “Coughlin still not happy about questionable calls

  1. Both plays were not debatable. They were both wrong as was the horrible spot given on the 3rd down when Bradshaw rushed.

    The referees will just continue to get away with horrible calls and be able to keep their jobs with no consequences whatsoever.

    I really wish my job would work that way.

  2. The explanation is that the NFL has so convoluted the rules that no one knows when a fumble is a fumble or a catch is a catch or a sack is a sack or a legal hit is a legal hit anymore….least of all these old, tired officials.

  3. Don’t the refs see what the fans see on the replays? Are they kidding? There’s no squirming your way out of those terrible calls.

  4. The officiating was atrocious. The league can spin it however they like. Anyone with two eyes and a brain could see how one-sided and awful the calls were. You know it’s particularly egregious against the Giants when Aikman admits so.

  5. I didn’t like the way Aaron Rodgers was sliding, he kept his head up but didn’t do a safe slide. He was taking advantage of the safe slide rule to get a few extra yards, knowing the Giants would have gotten a 15 yeard penalty if someone took his head off. Which is what he deserved.

  6. Tom, let it go…you have bigger fish to fry.

    Although, that fish is going to swallow you whole this weekend if you don’t start concerning yourself with the Niners. Harbaugh has been game planning since the 3rd quarter of your game yesterday.

    Much respect for the Giants, gonna be a hell of a game. Niners 33 Giants 24.

  7. Remember when a fumble was a fumble and a great hit was cheered instead of flagged?

    Me neither.

  8. I’m a Packers fan and many of those calls were questionable, or downright wrong.

    Jennings fumble – wrong call.
    3rd down rush by bradshaw – horrible spot, sure looked to me like he had a first down.
    Roughing the passer – terrible call, he hit him in the body.

    It sure seemed like the officials were trying to keep the Packers in this game, and as much as I wanted the Packers to win, I don’t want them to win based off help from the refs.

  9. Packers scored two TD’s – both came after these two blown calls.

    Luckily the Giants won or Leavy would have had to enter the witness protection program.

  10. I seen a bunch of helmet to helmet hits all weekend, if you don’t call it in the playoff’s then don’t call it ever.

  11. It’s time the refs get consequences for terrible calls. If you don’t get it right ALL of the time on the field, that’s understandable, the game happens so quickly. But if you can’t get a right on replay, after slowing it down so much, and watching it multiple times, then actions need to be taken. The Jennings “non fumble” could not be any more clear.

  12. As a Giants fan, I’m happy neither call affected the outcome of the game.

    That said, I would’ve been screaming for Leavy and his crew to be suspended for the entire season due to apparent incompetence if they had lost. I would think that Seahawk fans would agree.

    Not that my opinion means anything, but still…

  13. waxthat says:
    Jan 16, 2012 5:01 PM
    Tom, let it go…you have bigger fish to fry.

    Although, that fish is going to swallow you whole this weekend if you don’t start concerning yourself with the Niners. Harbaugh has been game planning since the 3rd quarter of your game yesterday.

    Much respect for the Giants, gonna be a hell of a game. Niners 33 Giants 24

    The way the Giants defense is playing there is no chance in hell the 49er’s put up 33 on them

  14. Horrible officiating and obviously one-sided. There are way too many games when the officials seem to be favoring one team. The league needs to address this issue or risk a major credibility problem.

  15. Those were the two worst calls I have ever seen. The reason it matters is that ref should never set foot on an NFL field again.

    The roughing the passer call was called from a bad angle to see there was no helmet contact. Somone else should have overruled the call.

    The reversed fumble is beyond me. I just don’t get it.

  16. Billy Leavy is the same ref that officiated the Steelers-Hawks super bowl. Long history of B.S. calls. At least he lost his Vegas bets this time

  17. The Jennings fumble call was the worst replay call in the history of football. It was the most shocking non-reversal I have ever watched as a fan.

  18. There was a call in another game where the punt landed inside the 5, the gunner was standing on the goal line when he knocked the ball back into the field of play. and there were two, count em two, refs within a yard or two of the play straddling the goal line hands on knees focused on the play and neither sees a foot solidly planted on the line. What the heck are they looking for? A challenge overturned the bad call but wasted a challenge for later. There should be more challenges issued if the coaches are successful in throwing the red flag.

  19. Good news made no difference even with the Packers having at 12th man the Ref.

    But as well all know it was wrong lets change the record book to show the true score 37 -6

    The Packers were beaten on every side of the ball
    The visitors locker room at GB should be painted Blue as it belongs to Eli

  20. While not a Giants fan I can see some gray area in the fumble call

    It was ruled on the field he was down and the replay must clearly show he wasn’t.

    BUT the flag on OSI was ridiculous. Even at full speed before the replay I said that is not a penalty. That was a bad joke and coach C has every right to be peed

    I hope this crew does not work this weekend or god forbid the following

  21. No one seems to be mentioning the numerous times Sheli got hit after his follow through was complete. Most notably the hand to the face then Matthews clobbering him. Not one called. As a football fan this game disgusted me and dwelled deep into my conspiracist sub-conscious. There is a bureaucracy at work here and it made a mockery of this game last night. A wizard behind the curtain but this time the Giants were just too damn good.

  22. Bad officiating all around last weekend.

    How did the the Ravens play an entire game without being flagged for 1 penalty?

    The terrible calls in the Packers game were ridiculous.

    The NFL wants the bankable games. The Texans playing the Patriots aren’t as big a draw as the Ravens. Apprently, the NFL wanted the Packers in the Superbowl too.

    When did David Stern start running the NFL?

  23. it was a bad call as a packers fan i thought it was a fumble. and giants fans win with dignity, your starting to sound like a bunch of whiners. weren’t they talking about firing their coach a few weeks ago?

  24. or the packers really were bad? 9 drops and 3 should have been 4 turnovers? how about the holding on cm3? look as a packers fan the calls were bad, but get over it already. the giants played a great game and took advantage of all the packers mistakes. good luck to them but get over the officiating already. there are bad calls for all teams this year.

  25. As much as I despise the Giants, Tom Coughlin is in the right and should not be happy about the calls. They were ridiculous calls and the NFL gets away with these all the time and then punish coaches for speaking out.

  26. I LOVE IT. Refs tried as hard as they could to help the Packers out, but the Giants still won. Too bad for the NFL. There goes their dream of a Packers/Patriots Super Bowl.

  27. .
    DJ Ware Clearly had the first down also…
    he fell with the ball on the 2nd hashmark yet the refs pulled it back and put it on the 1st one and claimed 4th down….

    The NFLs highlight film shows the replay since the announcers were too busy watching disney and sanders points it out also…

  28. As an Eagles fan, I am rooting for the Giants. They just never go away. Every 3 or 4 years, when you think they’re finally dead, here they come again. They just know how to crank up the intensity when it matters most. Eli has been beyond belief with his bigtime, clutch, accurate throws. I hope the Eagles learn a thing or two from them, but I doubt it. Nobody knows more about winning than the Eagles front office. Just ask them.

  29. It was Ware with the 3rd down run, and I replayed that 4 times. They take back at least 2-3 yards on that play when they spot the ball. That’s a 3rd down play on the 50 yard line!!!!! And of course Coughlin cannot afford to throw the red flag on that play since the refs blew the call on his first challenge, and he would have no more challenges left in the game.

    And if you remember, the officiating was HORRIBLE the first time the Pack met the Giants, and that actually cost the Giants the game (Jennings bobbled TD, Ballard TD catch that was ruled out of bounds). But after all of that, we still beat the Pack in their own house. NICE!!!!!!!!!

  30. Someone blamed NFL rules for the blown calls. That person is out of their mind. All the call sin question were obvious to EVERYONE. The ref, in th back pocket of Green Bay, simply made incorrect or phantom calls. Simple as that.

  31. I am not a fan of either team. With that being said, the roughing the passer call was one of the worse I have seen all year. The commissioner better fix this problem now. It will eventually cost someone a game. I only hope it is not the Super Bowl.

  32. There were at least four plays that the refs totally screwed up on.
    1. The obvious fumble that was originally ruled correctly as a fumble but for some reason got reversed and then disappeared on the refs replay.
    2. When on third down and two the Giants predictably run and the refs spot is at least a half yard short of a bad spot for where the runner was tackled.
    3. In the second half, Eli is hit on several occasions well after he releases the ball. Specifically the time in the fourth quarter when Clay Mathews had a huge hit from behind, clearly after Eli followed through with the throw.
    4. This one was not even defendable. Even from the egotistical, dishonest, and at the very best dumb league office (I’m trying to be diplomatic) there was no explanation able to be concocted to summarize how this hit was a penalty.
    I conclude with a short and simple message to Roger Goodel: Fix this idiocy before it blows up in your face!

  33. Sorry, but I’m getting just a bit tired of Packers fans telling Giants fans to “get over it”. First off, if the tables were turned, you would be complaining till the cows come home (rightfully so).

    Second, and more importantly, MAYBE the fan outcry (which has been fairly universal) will cause the League Office to REALLY crack down on the officials. Does ANY fan of ANY team want to see this type of horrible officiating eventually bite his team in the rear end? I think not.

    Remember the old adage…”He who forgets the past is condemned to repeat it.”

  34. Packers caught some pretty huge breaks from the officials. The blown fumble call led to a TD. The Bradshaw spot forced a Giants punt from near mid field. The roughing call led to a TD (I think that one was one 3rd or 4th and long).

    Giants still won by 3 scores but that game did not have to be even that close. As it stands, this was still one of the biggest chokes in NFL history. A 15 win team has never went one n dun in the playoffs, and they did so against a 9 win team by 3 scores despite some real gift calls. This could signal the beginning of the end for a Packers team that seemingly has no hope for the future on defense and an offense that will eventually have some salary cap casualties at WR.

    But in the packers defense the Giants are playing some damn good football right now. A lot of teams would get blown out at home by them right now.

  35. Hey glazerh8er

    I guess you have not been watching to many Lions games this year. They have been hosed by the refs as bad or worse than the Giants were against the Packers.

    They had almost the same calls against the same team (Green Bay) that the Giants had. They also used up their challenges and couldn’t challenge a Clear TD that was called incomplete.

    I gotta tell ya, as much as I wanted the Giants to win that game, as a Lions fan. It was nice to see someone other than the Lions getting screwed by the refs. For a while I thought it was just us.

  36. Face it, the NFL doesn’t care about player safety with the hitting rules, what it really cares about is keeping offensive players, specifically QB’s and WR’s, healthy and untouched so that big-time offenses can easily flourish and make for more highlights and sold tickets. The legal target zone on a QB is so ridiculously small I’m amazed they don’t call roughing the passer every time the QB is touched. And for defenders to not be able to hit a “defenselsss” receiver makes breaking up passes virtually impossible unless you are watching the ball 100% of the way and not making any physical contact at all with the receiver. If I were a defensvie coordinator right now, I would very seriously consider creating a defense that only rushes 2 down lineman, uses 1 or 2 inebackers and then the remaining 7 or 8 guys would be cornerbacks because it’s virtually impossible to get pressure on a QB without comitting a 15-yard, automatic first down, roughing penalty. I’m not saying we should go back to football from the ’80’s but we shouldn’t be going to flag football, either.

  37. What don’t you guys understand. The league isn’t making any apologies because the league makes the refs make the calls the way they want them.
    The Tuck Rule game is a prime example. Watch Danny White in the NFC championship in the Montana to Clark game. His fumble to end the game was a tuck rule, but clearly a fumble. Polamalu had a clear interception on Manning in the 2005 divisionals,overturned by Walt Coleman who conveniently also did the tuck game. Leavy also did the Seahawks SB.
    The undisputable facts are that the Patriots Packers makes the most money, so the league has to at least try. Us peons complaining about what’s fair is just the pathetic masses not understanding what is actually important about these games.
    When I quit my day job operating on people, I hope to use my research experience to evaluate my 37 years of watching funny calls go the Steelers, Cowboys, Niners, and Packers way. But you Giants fans should chill because the Patriots had 3 holding calls in 1145 plays in 2007, and had 5 in 63 plays in the SB, so call ref BS when it happens for you too, not just against you.

  38. The blown review was a huge disgrace to the game. How in the world could a referee possibly blow a review so bad when the evidence was so obvious that it was a fumble… The NFL is wither fixed or else there is something else seriously wrong.


  40. Hasn’t Bill Leavy blown enough calls to remove him from the league? All of this bad call history and he’s still getting tapped for playoff games? There were four games this weekend, and he ref’d one of them. Is the NFL saying that they consider him to be one of the top four refs in the league?

  41. @Goblue

    NFL referees should treat the NFL Playoffs the same way NHL officials do the NHL playoffs. Let them play. Most of the time, in the NHL playoffs, only the most blatent fouls are called, hence the need for embellishment ( I’m looking at you Vancouver). If the guy isn’t hurt, let the play go. Also, this BS of officials 50 yards away overturning calls is Ridicilous! If thats the case, we should only need one Referee because apparently these guys can see everything.

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