Finley on Green Bay’s timing: “It was the worst I’ve seen”

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Greg Jennings, Jermichael Finley, and Jordy Nelson were targeted 23 times during Sunday’s game against the Giants. They combined to gain 116 yards.

That’s an average of 5.04 yards-per-attempt on throws by Aaron Rodgers to his three best receivers.

To put that in perspective, Blaine Gabbert was dead last in the NFL by a wide margin with a 5.36 yards-per-attempt average this season.  So what happened?

Drops were huge. Tight end Jermichael Finley also said the timing of the offense was off.

“It was the worst I’ve seen,” Finley told Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Jason Pierre-Paul hit Finley coming off the line of scrimmage often. The Giants secondary did a good job bumping Green Bay’s other receivers. One of the remarkable aspects to the Giants victory is that New York’s pass rush wasn’t that effective for the first three quarters. New York beat Green Bay with consistent man coverage, despite all the injuries in their secondary.

“Tonight, our guys covered great,” linebacker Chase Blackburn told McGinn. “Usually, it’s the other way around. We didn’t try to take anyone away. We singled them up on the outside with the safeties playing over the top. The secondary gave the rush time to get there.”

You can blame the layoff for the Packers, but the other three teams coming off byes won. You can point to the emotional week in Green Bay following Michael Philbin’s death, but only those inside that building know what effect that had. You could even blame the cold weather for the drops.

Whatever the reason, the best players on the best passing attack in the league were extremely inefficient Sunday.

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  1. Best passing attack? I think the Saints & the Pat’s would have something to say about that!

    Then again the pat’s are the only one of the 3 that is left in the hunt!

  2. Coasting the last 2 weeks, resting starters on the last week. Talking about how great you are.
    Yea, that usually disrupts timing.

    That, and a very good defense…….which GB doent have.

  3. so much for the tony dungy theory of resting down the stretch. If McCarthy doesn’t change that then Rodgers will become just another Peyton Manning.. a good quarterback who’s talents are wasted in the post season. What a shame.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA another classless bum, this guy continues to run his mouth and showboat when he does nothing but choke in big moments….this guy is the Rex Ryan of players

  5. Meltdown of epic proportions.

    From undefeated season to early exit in three weeks –

    How can that be? Lack of mental toughness.

    Packer backers who hang their hat on a 15-1 season…. should keep that hat in their hand, as it was handed to you yesterday on your way OUT the door.

    All the analysts that say – the NFL has changed… not so much… Defense still wins Championships.

  6. The Giants have that pass-rush from the front four that let’s the scheme go all hack-a-shaq on those receivers. I admit that I’m pretty surprised they won, but they found a weakness they could exploit with their own strength, and executed it well.

  7. HAHAHA Melted Cheese!! This is gonna be a great offseason! Green Bay spent too much time and energy doing commercials, interviews, and other non-football activities. No focus and it showed! BAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOO!!

  8. “Jason Pierre-Paul hit Finley coming off the line of scrimmage often. The Giants secondary did a good job bumping Green Bay’s other receivers.”

    This is the blueprint to success against most teams in the NFL, But it is rarely done on a consistent basis. Tight ends should never get off the line of scrimmage clean, but it happens all the time.

  9. Give the Giants credit, they did what they had to do to win….

    I think the Packers were rusty and lost their edge. The Offense as constructed didn’t play in game conditions in 2 weeks and it showed.

    We were only down by seven and yet seemed to be rushing and scrambling. I think they Defense played really well in the third quarter, we had 3 straight three and outs, Rodgers was pressing, and McCarthy’s play calling and decisions seemed nervous.

    Wrong call on 4th down, down by one possesion you punt the ball.

    With that said, the defense needs upgraded, Woodson can’t play corner in base 3-4, they trew at him all day, If Collins can’t return maybe the answer is to move woodson to fulltime saftey.

    We have to have an impact ROLB, after watching the Texans, it sure would have been nice to have Brooks Reed coming off that corner opposite Matthews.

    So in order, ROLB, CORNER, DE that can push the pocket

    No sour grapes, just reality

    Good luck to the Giants, you deserved to move on

  10. i dont blame the bye week, i blame the week before when rodgers didnt take one snap against the lions. they were so out of sync. and the drops were killer but we had some calls go our way as well. pack lost, simple as that. and j finley is not worthy of a franchise tag. we need a pass rusher other than clay and another solid corner. jarret bush sucks. in my eyes driver and bishop were the only packers to show up yesterday. cya next season.

  11. “You could even blame the cold weather for the drops.”

    As far as I’m concerned, that isn’t an excuse. They play in Green Bay. They should be used to the conditions. It’s not like this was Miami or San Diego who may have been surprised at the effect of the conditions on their play. The weather didn’t seem to have an effect on Nicks’ hands.

    I don’t know what the problem was, but these things happen. It’s why they play the game. Any given Sunday. There’s no reason for the Packers to hang their heads. They lost to a very talented team and have possibly the best young corps of players in the league. Bounce back next year.

  12. Whatever the reason, the best players on the best passing attack in the league were extremely inefficient Sunday.


    Really, I thought the Giants receivers played pretty well!

  13. ” You could even blame the cold weather for the drops.’

    Strange, it was awfully cold in New England on Saturday night and there weren’t a whole lot of drops there.

  14. Reading too many of your press clipping and fan blogs will throw off your timing……and your humility. An arrogant bunch that got theirs! Life is sweet today (and with just a hint of sharp cheedar).

  15. Some teams rest their starters at the end of the season and lose their first playoff game. Other teams rest their starters and win the Super Bowl. The difference between these two types of teams is some are losers and some are winners.

  16. I have never seen a #1 seed look SO out of sync. It seems to have been from a combination of things. The lay-off (Jennings for five weeks and Rodgers for three clearly was impactfull), the funeral on Friday for JP’s son, and the fact that offensive game planning was divided up among coaches for the first time (due to Philbin’s absence).

    Routine. Routine. Routine. It matters.

    Plus, as Yogi said, “(Football) is 90% mental. The other half is physical.”

    The team was out of sorts.

  17. They are built as a dome team – a clone of the Saints and the Colts. In bad weather, the offense doesn’t work nearly as well.

  18. Sad that my Bears cant do the same thing the Giants did to the Pack. Giants exposed that if you bump them off the line instead giving them typical cover 2 cushion it would throw their timing off. Whoever we get as GM better get more physical corners and a better receivers!!!

  19. No excuses with the bye or the time off, as mentioned above the other three teams won. And too young to handle success?!? That’s an interesting one for the defending super bowl champs with supposed veteran leaders on both sides of the ball like woodson, rodgers, driver. Is it criminal to admit that this was a flawed team. Packers fans know, all season they couldn’t get to the qb, and nothing changed. Where was clay matthews? Eli had all day to pick apart that secondary which was bad all year as well. They didn’t get the turnovers and were exposed. They were like the gorgeous ex girlfriend who turned out to have a fatal flaw. Can’t we just accept that and quit with the excuses?

  20. Let me remind all of you that the Packers were last year’s most injured team – result? Champs.

    This year’s most injured team? Well.
    That would be the New York Football Giants.

  21. The two most tiresome stories of the NFL finally came to an end this weekend. Tebowmania and the Crowning of the GB Packers. Now we can get to some real football.

  22. The only thing the Packers did Sunday that was not present all season long was the turnovers. Their defense has sucked all season and the drops have plagued them all season.

  23. Why coaches completely disrupt a winning routine to rest down the stretch and then come out after the bye with a month of going through the motions is beyond me. Last year GB had to fight to get in the playoffs and then carried that momentum all the way to a championship. Just ask P Manning about shutting it down with the best record only to blow a title.

  24. .
    Giants beat the Packers
    Giants beat the Refs

    and STILL all the stories etc are about the Packers
    Discount Double Fail

    Boley with 2 Sacks!!

  25. Anti-Packer fans must be having a field day today. Check our Jermichael’s twitter page. Its hilarious… I think the fans have turned on him and aren’t looking back…me included.

  26. Watching the game from my end zone seats, I don’t think the layoff had as much effect on the Packer passing game as the secondary coverage by the Giants. Sure the Packer receivers dropped passes, but more often than not they were not open.

  27. Rodgers was off on his throws most of the time and when he was on the receivers couldn’t hold on to them. Plus the packer defense needs to be revamped maybe new coordinator .

  28. Yes, there were some drops. You have to give the Giants defense some credit there though. Hurrying Rodgers, knocking guys off roots, laying big hits on guys, all these things contributed to those drops.

    The Giants beat the Packers soundly and deserve credit for doing so. I think theres a bit too much focus on the Packers errors.

  29. Maybe they should try blaming the Giants Defense, how smug are these clowns in Green Bay.

    Wake up, I took the Giants on the money line in Vegas, it was no surprise to me. And guess what Green Bay?, it was no surprise to the Giants.

    Looks like the Al Davis style of D still works wonders when you have the players that can play it. Lets start talking about the Giants now please, Green Bay is at home with Tebow and watching with the rest of the 8-8 teams.

  30. the giants are just a better team right now….and they were better coming into the game; the packers lost because they had no way of defending against eli manning. the giants embarrassed the packers….despite the officials doing everything possible to help GB out.

  31. Of course it was the timing Jermichael. It didn’t have anything to do with your inability to catch a cold, much less a pass!

    What I absolutely loved was when Nelson dropped an easy one and started looking at his gloves as if it was THEIR fault. Now THAT was hilarious!

  32. I would rank Finley’s hands slightly above Green Bay’s timing as far as worst things *I’ve* ever seen. But that’s just me.

  33. Resting them certainly didn’t help. Rodgers looked as bad as I’ve EVER seen him look.

    What did them in were the uncharacteristic turnovers, no pass rush to speak of, and dropped passes again. Gotta take your hat off to the Giants…they clearly were a better team from the get go.

    Think what you want about this team and the almighty genius in Ted Thompson, but there are a TON of issues for this Packer team going into the off-season now.

    This defense was pathetic all year, and when you have absolutely no pass rush, it will get you carved up in this league. Why they went away from a blitz package they had going early on is mind-boggling. When they had pressure on him and hit him, he made mistakes and got flustered. Tavaris Jackson could have carved the Packers D up last night…it was embarrassing.

    Grant and Finley are likely gone. Driver probably hangs it up and Woodson may have seen his last day…at least as a CB. The lack of a running game really showed its ugly self all year too.

    Coaching staff will likely get pillaged soon in Green Bay by other teams. This team isn’t all that far away from falling into second place or worse in the NFC North, and to think otherwise is foolish.

    As far as this goes:

    thatobnoxiousguy says:Jan 16, 2012 11:14 AM

    … Talking about how great you are.

    Don’t know where you’re getting that. Packers did no talking all week…their fans did. That I’ll admit…I was a big part.

  34. I have known the sweetness of a Super Bowl Win. if you havent,just SHUT YouR NONBELieVING MOUTH. WE ARE THE GREATEST FRANCHISE IN HISTORY

  35. A team still needs some defense to survive the playoffs. The hail Mary pass before half made the Packer defense look like a junior high team. We need to find some playmakers on that side of the ball. If we do, the Pack will be back.

  36. Packers just didn’t show up. Giants came to play playoff football and my team didn’t.

    I don’t know if it was the layoff, the Philbin death or whatever but those aren’t excuses for playing that poorly. That was the worst game I’ve seen out of this team in 2 years.

    Oh well…guess I gotta wait until the draft for any news out of Green Bay. They won’t do anything in free agency as usual.

  37. packerjb says: Jan 16, 2012 11:57 AM
    Watching the game from my end zone seats, I don’t think the layoff had as much effect on the Packer passing game as the secondary coverage by the Giants. Sure the Packer receivers dropped passes, but more often than not they were not open.

    Now you know what Favre had to deal with every game from 1998 through 2006. That started to change in 2007 when Jennings arrived, and since then the offense has been wide open due to the speed at the WR position. Yesterday, it was the layoff both with AR and with Jennings that hurt the timing of getting open.

  38. Yet another team rests starters, and falters in the playoffs. It happens *all the time*. I said, right here in these pages, that Green Bay should not be resting starters for entire games. It’s been nearly a month now, and you can’t stay focused and stay in rhythm when you do that.

    How many times have we seen teams do the “rest-the-starters” routine, then come out of the bye flat, and get steamrolled in a one-n-done?

    I’ve been watching this scenario play out for 30 years. You think coaches would learn.

  39. Hey Packer fans, suck on this fact:

    Daunte Culpepper still has more Lambeau Field playoff victories than Aaron Rodgers.

    Check the record books.

  40. I loved this weekend because now it will shut up all the “experts” who time and again forget that defense wins championships. “Well it doesn’t matter if the defense gives up 35 if the offense can score 38.” Sorry, it does matter in crunch time. The Packers were whipped by a superior D. Their only two touchdowns were aided by Bill “clueless” Leavy. And their lack of D showed up on that inexcusible TD to end the first half. Worse than the hail mary was the “job” on Jacobs run. Thank you 49ers. Thank you Giants. Go Ravens!!!!!! From a fan of true football.

  41. Great game plan by the Giants. They deserve all the credit. Rambeau!!

    9ers/Giants is going to be another great game. Don’t miss it!

    Giants did save me some serious cheese as well, seeing as I would have needed airfare, tickets, lodging, winter gear, etc. for GB. Now I’m up the 101 and hopefully I can wear shorts. Thanks Giants, now don’t show up this week…keep the celebration rolling.

    Go 9ers!

  42. The Giants had to play hard the last three weeks to survive. They did that and played with confidence and are on a roll. They earned the win Sunday. On the other side we took the “Tony Dungy” vacation the last month and doing that caused us to lose our momentum and confidence. We played passive and could no longer “hide” our poor defense.

  43. Carl:
    I also know what a SB win feels like, what makes you so special?

    Welcome back to earth

  44. tremoluxman says:
    Jan 16, 2012 12:28 PM
    Hey Packer fans, suck on this fact:

    Daunte Culpepper still has more Lambeau Field playoff victories than Aaron Rodgers.

    Check the record books

    That’s actually a good one. Of course, I’m pretty sure Aaron Rodgers has more Super Bowl rings – not to mention Super Bowl MVP awards – than Daunte Culpepper.

  45. the first problem was not playing Driver, second drops, did Raji even play…oh wait, he missed the tackle on Bradshaw when he ran 111 yds to get out of bounds and allow time for the hail mary where the db’s jogged to the end zone and stood around while Nicks beastmoded them for 6.

  46. Where was the almighty Clay Matthews in this one??? Overrated as they get. No Defense + No running Game = Playoff lose. It finally caught up with them and until they do something about it the run is over.

    Can’t play in Lambeau in January without a running game or a defense. When Rogers is off it is game over.



  48. Aaron Rodgers is not the best qb in football.

    Very good, but did nothing to separate himself from Brees or Brady the last month and a half when it really counted.

    Maybe cause he was too busy selling out to Corporate America.

  49. I’m all for applauding a great effort by your team even if they do not win the game. That being said, this was the most pathetic excuse of a championship team I have ever seen. I believe that every member of the Packers (with the possible exception of Driver) owes their fans an apology today for playing like they couldn’t care less if they won or lost. It almost seemed like the thought process was, “It would be nice to win, but we already have our rings, so it’s no big deal if we lose.” No passion, no fire, no sense of urgency = no superbowl.

  50. “You can blame the layoff for the Packers, but the other three teams coming off byes won. ”

    Except all their QB’s only had 1 week off. Rodgers hadn’t played since Christmas.

  51. I bet if a statistician looked at his numbers, they would find that Finley dropped more than 50% of the catch able passes this year.
    I had a gut feeling at the beginning of the season that he would not be the player he was before the big time injury. Seen it before, a receiver gets his bell rung good and starts hearing footsteps.

    McCarthy mentioned how good he is in practice, catches everything. Ya he knows he is not going to be hit in practice.

    Finley will never be the same. Hopefully the Pack understand this and get rid of him. He costs at least three drives to stall yesterday. Who knows how the game may have turned on those drops?

  52. As a life long Packer fan that game was just horrible to watch. The Giants showed up to play and Green Bay didn’t. congrats to the Giants and a very well played game.

    This Packer team needs some serious work on the defensive side of the ball thereind him is no doubt about that. How about another pass rusher to compliment Mathews, how about some DB’s that can actually cover and tackle, the loss of Nick Collins was huge but I think they could have went to just about any of the top high schools in the state and found someone better than Peprah, he is terrible. I also believe most high school players would have known that on a hail mary to the end zone you have to have at the very least one defender in front of the reciever not all of them behind him.

    We hear all the time how the league has changed and it is a pass happy offensive league now. I find this to be true but you also have to have a defense to go with that offense. It might not have to be the number one defense but one that can make a stop when needed.

    Finley, just catch the damn ball, if they waste the franchise tag on this guy Ted T. should be fined or fired.

    Last but not least. Donald Driver looked to me to be the only offensive guy on the Packer side that had and drive or heart into that game, he truly is a professional in every aspect.

  53. Read some stats on the internet:

    Aaron 3-18 when losing going into 4th quaarter
    McCarthy 5-3 in playoffs (4 wins last year to SB)…5 years as coach
    Aaron is 4-2 in playoffs (4 wins last year to SB)…4 years as starter.

    So what does that tell ya? Maybe we should get rid of McCarthy (was it a fluke last year) as he can’t win in the post season in his 5 years as head coach or trade Aaron as he chokes in post season.

    2012 against Giants Aaron 26/46 264 1 INT 1 Fumble Lost by 17

    2008 NFC Giants Brett 19/35 236 2 INT and lost in OT

    Brett thrown under the bus..all say his fault and Aaron given free ride blame on dropped passes.
    Go figure….

  54. Personally, I’m glad the Packers lost, makes it that much easier for my beloved Pats to win the Lombardi, but even I think y’all are going to be eating your words next year. The Packers have a very dangerous offense (drops nothwithstanding) and they will once again be a force to reckon with after they shore up their defense a bit.

  55. Driver was the one receiver that was up to his game. Finleys play this year has not been as big as his mouth.

    Have to question McCarthys first on-side kick call, the timing on his second on-side kick call, and his time outjust before the end of the first half.

  56. People make way too much of resting the players when you get the chance. Teams lose because in the NFL you can lose any given Sunday.
    Resting players means they heal up and they wont get injured.
    You can either sit them and gauruntee no one gets hurt, or you can play them and hope they “stay on track”. Its an absurd argument.

  57. It was not just the bye that lent to being rusty this game…it was the fact that they let Rogers sit the last game. That is a long time to sit from a timing perspective. They looked like pre-season Packers rather than post-season. I guess the huge success of the regular season eventually bit them in the rear because it allowed them to cruise into the playoffs rather than fighting and staying sharp.

    But give NY credit, they are scary good in post-season play and are hot right now. This will be a tough game between NY and Niners. And the weather is not supposed to be as nice as it was with NO. Cold, rain and wind are coming to town.

  58. in keeping in tune with the State Farm Commercials, yesterday the Packers executed a perfect “Discount Double CHOKE!”

  59. How does Green Bay blame anything but bad play. They had a bye week, played at home, and were as healthy as healthy can be.

  60. After watching both Brees,Rodgers and Brady play this passed weekend it’s a no brainer that Brees is the MVP this season. The guy doesn’t let anything phase him even after he throws an INT. The Saints lost not because of him but because their defense could make one stop late against an average QB and offense. The Saints organization needs to invest heavily next season on improving their defense.

  61. Carl Gerbschmidt says: Jan 16, 2012 12:22 PM

    I have known the sweetness of a Super Bowl Win. if you havent,just SHUT YouR NONBELieVING MOUTH. WE ARE THE GREATEST FRANCHISE IN HISTORY
    Carl really does NOT know the sweetness of a Super Bowl. He is a Viking fan, and has made up this “Carl” character out of envy.

    Today, he is in heaven. But, his Vikes are still 3-13 (and 0-4 in the Super Bowl – remember the 70s?).

  62. The Packers played Horrible football. It started with Finley and his key drops. That affects a team when players start to waver. it snowballed from there. Green bays Defense is number 32 in the league for a reason. I tried to find ways to justify their performances this season compared to last. My final conclusion is that they arent fooling anyone this year. They are a very vanilla 3-4 D and didnt change anything to adjust to other teams figuring them out. Cant blame the DBs for the scheme, it is all on Capers. GB should pay Oakland to take Capers, then switch back to the 4-3 D that they had always played. The Packers were never as bad on D as they were this year – Ever. Now comes the Offense. Played great all season, but a couple players need to go. Finley should have been given his severence check today. Grant can go too. GB needs a decent edge rusher and a decent RB. Then, they will be back in form for another championship run.

  63. The refs could get them a top seed but did ya really think they would carry them all the way?

  64. I think the Packers weren’t all there this weekend. It was a huge blow when the son of Philbin died last week, and he was out all week. I know a lot of other coaches filled in. That’s a tough thing to go through for the coaches and the rest of the locker room.

  65. Have to question McCarthys first on-side kick call, the timing on his second on-side kick call, and his
    time outjust before the end of the first half.

    Of course you do. With the benefit of hindsight why wouldn’t one? In a mans world of the NFL they don’t have Monday morning to question things that don’t work the previous day. Now the last two times Gb has attempted the surprise onside it has worked. Did you question it then? Down two scores with 4:45 left is onside kick time. If you disagree with that you do not know math. The time out at the end of the half? Really? We’re you upset when they used a timeout in week one before the Saints final play? Probably don’t even remember because they stopped them. Hindsight is a tool for the ignorant.

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