Frank Gore talks about beating Saints, facing Giants

The 49ers knocked off the Saints in a memorable playoff game on Saturday. On Monday night, running back Frank Gore joined NBC SportsTalk to discuss the win over the Saints and the upcoming NFC title game against the Giants.

Doing the questioning was former Eagles and 49ers running back Brian Westbrook, host Russ Thaler, and yours truly.

It’s an interview even Sam Francisco in San Francisco would enjoy.

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17 responses to “Frank Gore talks about beating Saints, facing Giants

  1. This is going to be a great game, both teams have a ton of momentum but I think we’ll win due to our ability to stop the run, force turnovers, and the emergence of Alex Smith. I believe we’re the most well rounded team left in the playoffs. GO NINERS!!!!!

  2. I’m a Giant fan since forever. But…

    I think Gore might be the most underated player of this generation. I also think whoever raised Alex Smith should be proud. People talk about getting knocked down and getting back up. He’s walked that mile and then some.

    I’m happy to see the ‘resting’ Packers gone as well as the stat happy Saints. What is left is two deserving underdogs. May the best team win.

  3. I might have to watch every second of PFT Live this week just to find out who this Sam Francisco guy is. He must be mentioned on PFT as much as Brady, Brees, Eli, and Rodgers combined!

  4. @ttommytom perfectly said until you got to the stat happy Saints comment. I’m sure you wouldn’t care for them as most of those stats came against the Giants the last 4 times they’ve played each other. Just saying my man…the Saints have blown the Giants out lately. Stay classy.

    Nevertheless, 49ers were better than us, the Giants have a great team. Should be a great game to watch.

  5. The 49ers beat the Saints? Seriously? The Saints beat the Saints, despite all those turnovers and utterly sloppy uninspired play they were still in the game. After long winning streaks some teams run out of gas, as the Saints and Packers did. both teams lost but it would be a joke to think the Giants and 49ers are superior teams, they aren’t even close. The Packers and Saints beat themselves. Take note of this as it does matter. 49ers beat the Saints? That’s enough absinthe for you Frankie.

  6. Gore is classy and one of the top tier backs in the game. He has earned his shot at the Title and Superbowl.

    I actually missed the game. Was on a date with my sexretary. How many passes did Braylon Edwards catch? Was he a significant factor in the game?

  7. Looking forward to a great game! A few stats of perspective on why I like the niners…
    Last time they played Vern amd crabs COMBINED for 4 catches for 50 yds. Frank the tank had ZERO yards rushing and the savage seven had only one sack. Based on the niners body of work that may have been one of their worst games of the year and they Still won. Gonna be a barn burner but if Alex stays mistake free I love San frans chances! LGN!!!

  8. “I’m sure you wouldn’t care for them as most of those stats came against the Giants the last 4 times they’ve played each other”

    Ahhh, the Philadelphia Eagle syndrome, where regular season wins mean everything. Yes, you beat a horribly injured defense that was missing almost half of it’s starters in your home stadium where, mysteriously, your O line never draws a holding flag while pulling off the defenders jerseys. And that got you what this year? One and done. Pat yourself on the back. You and the Packer fans can fight it out to see who gets the NFC bronze medal this year. Congrats. If I was there, I would buy you a beignet.

  9. @halcyon: another classless loser from the bayou! Learn the game before you talk the game clown. The saints are a better team (indoors) but in no way are they a better TEAM then the two left standing in the NFC and if you think Whitner knocking Thomas out was the “saints beating themselves” you clearly know nothing about football.

  10. @east96st says: Jan 17, 2012 9:01 AM


    We got beat by a better team! As much disdain that I feel for the 49ers for all of the years of bludgeoning we took at the hands of Joe Montana, and the gang; We lost to a better team! The Saints brought a good team to the field and the 49ers brought a better one. A more physical one that set the tone early with a spectacular hit on Pierre Thomas. A more opportunistic defense that took advantage of every chance they had to make a play, and one that not only too advantage of their chance, but also manufactured their own fortune by creating turnovers. The Saints didn’t give away alls of those turnovers, they were taken away by a team that outplayed us and 100% deserved to win! There’s no shame in the way the Saints played. They showed a lot of heart by not giving up and folding, but were simply outplayed the entire game from start (hard hitting first drive) to finish (A.Smith to V.Davis-TD).

    If you saw the game and our season, True Saints Fan, you know that we need to get tougher on defense. Plain and simple. Drew Brees and Payton are NOT stat happy as a lot of people may think. Most of the yards gained on offense were because we could not depend on our defense to force a turnover all season long!!! We couldn’t stop anyone (except the Falcons on 4th and1) all season long. Greg Williams could have played a different defense to close the game out, but hindsight is always 20/20. Hell, without GW we wouldn’t have experienced the little success that we have these last few years. Patrick Robinson, is a liability. Malcom Jenkins is still not a good enough safety. There are more deficiencies but those are the most glaring that come to mind.

    I’m damn proud of the Saints and everything that they did this year, but we came up short. The scoreboard told the whole story (36-32). We were not the best and are not the best this year. Hard pill to swallow, but its the truth. Let’s give credit where its due.

    We root for the Saints when they’re playing well and you know just as well as I do we can talk trash with the best of them. Well, when we get soundly beat like we did on Saturday, congratulate on a great game and quit with the “we were better because… we would have won if…” Sorry for the long post but, WE GOT OUR ASSES HANDED TO US!

    I love football just as much as you do and am looking forward to next season. The NFC playoffs were not going to be easy anyway you look at it. We have a lot of work to do this offseason to get ready, so with that I’m looking forward to seeing the 49ers and Giants play in the NFC Championship Game and show the passion and fight that we saw last weekend.


    A Real New Orleans Saints Fan

    Just so you know I’m the real deal.

    WHO DAT!
    Morrison & Crowder
    Goretti Park
    Gentilly Terrace
    Livingston Middle
    St. Aug ’89

  11. Mr. Polk: I lost some respect for the Saints on that record setting day. Brees and Payton could have sent a message to every kid playing team sports. They chose stats. And yes, the Saints are the team I feared.

    I lost the NCAA ERA title on the last day of the season filling in when I was sore and needed a day off before the Regionals. Many years later my former teammates have not forgotten.

  12. To correct myself : NOT respect for the Saints but Brees and Payton. I know the good that Brees does. I still think he is a great person. I just feel he missed a shining moment to stamp that greatness into eternity by taking a knee.

    I also think Roman’s comment on Williams and blitzing was a cheap shot. I don’t understand why that comment needed to be said this week.

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