Jack Harbaugh’s Green Bay film study ended up being moot


The 49ers understandably hoped that the Giants would beat the Packers on Sunday, so that the 49ers could host the NFC title game.

But 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh apparently was planning for the Packers to prevail.  His father, Jack, told 790 The Zone in Atlanta that Jim had a project last week for the elder Harbaugh, a former college football coach.

“He sent me some Green Bay Packer tape and I spent a couple hours looking at that,” Jack Harbaugh said.  “Those notes are moot.  We just don’t have anything to do with them.  I haven’t gotten my assignment for this week so we’ll see what happens.”

Jack won’t be attending either of the conference title games this weekend, even though a son will be coaching in each of them.  Jim’s 49ers will fact the Giants, and John’s Ravens play the Patriots.

“We’re able to stay here and watch and we’ve got understanding neighbors when they hear the pounding and the shouting they understand that it’s just part of the weekend routine for us,” Jack Harbaugh said.  “We’re very comfortable and very happy where we are and enjoying from long range.”

Though Jack Harbaugh said he hasn’t thought about the possibility of his two sons facing off in Super Bowl XLVI, he apparently has confidence that they’ll both be up to the challenge of getting their teams there.

“They have no weaknesses,” Jack Harbaugh said.  “They’re just like their mother.  They’re stealth.”

Neither Harbaugh’s team will be sneaking up on their opponents this weekend.  But it would surprise no one if each of them wins.

61 responses to “Jack Harbaugh’s Green Bay film study ended up being moot

  1. One of them has to lose. I won’t be able to stand the 2 week media frenzy of the brother bowl.

  2. Will the 9ers play in a game after they fact the giants? Along with the turd watch, you need a proof read meter

  3. i picked the harbaughs to be playing against each other in the supperbowl. back when they played each other in baltamore. TV raitings will be off the hook

  4. John harbaughs a badass. He deserves to make it to the super bowl but he’s rocking the wrong purple. I always liked Jim as a player but he is too arrogant as a coach. However, it would be a great super bowl to watch.

  5. Then maybe the Pats should bring in Jack Harbaugh as well (before the new rule is implemented) to be an assistant to the assistant OC (McDaniels)

    And then the Giants should bring in the Harbaugh family dog in a lovely G-men doggy sweater vest to ward off any Tiki Barber sightings

    And then no matter what you would have a Harbaugh in the Super Bowl !

    A few possible Superbowl scenarios:
    Jim vs John
    Jack vs John
    Jack vs Jim
    Dog vs Jim
    Tiki vs Dog
    Dog vs humping Tiki’s gf’s leg

    Sorry I got bored 🙂

  6. Ive said it ever since the 9ers beat the Saints, its going to be the Harbaugh Bowl. I think the older brother wins this one though, many players on the Ravens deserve a ring!

  7. What a storyline it would be if the Harbaugh boys are coaching against each other in the Superbowl. I have a feeling Jim has a better chance to make it to the big game. Hey at least if one brother is eliminated, he can help his brother with the gameplan for the superbowl.

  8. Yeah, Packer film is moot. By the time they are a factor in the NFL again, the whole roster will have changed in any case.

  9. If this was the Patriots, and it was someone related to Bill Belichick, there would be a huge uproar about nhow the Patriots were cheating and this should be agaunst the rules.

    That being said I have no isses with this.

  10. Actually I take it back… think of the Drama that would ensue if “Da Raidaz!” hired Papa Harbaugh.

  11. It would certainly surprise Tom Brady and the New York/NFL press. There is clearly a large faction pulling for an Eli Manning/Tom Brady “offense fest” Superbowl. Imagine the over-under (100?).

  12. “…speaking of Super Bowl XLVI– it’s about time the NFL did away with the Roman numerals”

    Not easy being a Steelers fan, is it? First you had to know yer letters to pass the eye test for your car license, and now this!

  13. If the Superbowl is 49ers vs Ravens then the Raiders and Dolphins may want to take a long look at Jack Harbaugh as head coach. If the Giants go, it makes Jack Harbaugh look young as a head coaching candidate.

  14. I wonder what the stock exchange would’ve looked like Tuesday after this Green Bay loss if they were on the stock exchange? So many people buying stock would be selling after that pathetic loss.

  15. gixrider says:
    Jan 16, 2012 9:46 PM
    Jack Harbaugh & Archie Manning: currently the greatest sports dads of all time…..lol!


    Maybe in the NFL, but I think in the sports world, the Sutter Family of the NHL owns them all…


    Gen 1: Brent, Brian, Daryl, Duane, Rich, Ron (all brothers)
    Gen 2: Shawn, Mettick, Brett, Brandon, Brody, Luke (and more on the way)

  16. Both brothers send tapes to their father every week and, based on their records as head coaches, seems to be working.

    Maybe if the Ryan boys didn’t TALK and ACT like they know everything, they would’ve had more success this season.

  17. The first one was terrible and way overhyped. Who would want to see that snooze fest again? It would be similar to bama/lsu or drinking nyquil…

  18. I really don’t get why anybody outside of 49er and ravens fans would want another Har-bowl. 2 defensive minded teams with mediocre qb’s yeah that’s what i wanna watch. I’d rather see Eli prove to everybody he’s an elite qb by getting more rings then his almighty brother. Now that would be good.

  19. Two coaching brothers who just can’t keep their mouths shu….oh. Wrong brother coaches…..

    YOU SEE, RYANS?! When you SHUT YOUR MOUTH and just PERFORM, you end up in successful situations..instead of opening your mouths and painting a big fat target on your back because of some nonsense you were spewing about whoever is next on the schedule or making wild speculations.

  20. Please tell me we will not have to endure two weeks of articles about this stupid topic, and then have to sit and watch THE SUPER BORE. It could be the first 0-0 tie in Super Bowl history, because they just can’t play forever.

  21. God, please spare me from the media hype that would be the ‘Harbaugh Bowl’! Let either (or both of them) go down in flames this weekend just so we don’t have to be constantly bombarded with that crap for two full weeks.

  22. Still trying to figure out why people think the 49ers are going to beat this juggernaut on Sunday, though. Their defense is overrated (32 and 27 in their past two games, including the 27 to a PUTRID Rams team in a game that still had playoff implications for the 49ers) and that offense stands no chance against the pass rush. No one runs the ball on us, either.

    The Ravens are another story. I actually think they will beat New England, although the refs will cheat for the Patsies like always — which will make the Packers/Giants game the other day seem like textbook officiating teaching video.

  23. “Jim’s 49ers will fact the Giants, and John’s Ravens play the Patriots.”

    Geeze Mike you need a copy editor. I know what its like when you write 1000 little articles and emails a day, its easy to make a typo or mistake.

    But “49ers will fact the Giants” ?

    C’mon man, use some of that NBC money to hire someone to review these things before they are posted.

  24. Mr. Wright 212 says:

    Still trying to figure out why people think the 49ers are going to beat this juggernaut on Sunday, though. Their defense is overrated…


    Wow. That statement makes me think that you’re still trying to figure out how to boil water too.

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