Miami mulls Mike McCoy


Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy has emerged as a candidate to become the next head coach of the Dolphins.

The Dolphins plan to interview McCoy early this week, the Miami Herald reports.

McCoy was previously a candidate for the Jaguars job, but Jacksonville was in such a hurry to get its new coach in place that it decided to hire former Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey last week, with Mularkey benefitting from his team losing its playoff game, and McCoy suffering from his team winning.

Now McCoy will get another shot at a head-coaching job with the Dolphins. The 39-year-old McCoy became a hot prospect this season when he was able to change the Broncos’ offensive approach on the fly to suit the skills of Tim Tebow when Tebow took over from Kyle Orton as the Broncos’ starting quarterback. McCoy spent nine seasons as an offensive assistant in Carolina before becoming the offensive coordinator of the Broncos in 2009. He was a college quarterback at Long Beach State and Utah and played professionally in the World League of American Football and the Canadian Football League.

Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, Bears special teams coach Dave Toub and Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin are also candidates for the Dolphins job.

28 responses to “Miami mulls Mike McCoy

  1. Will ” Mr. SPOCK” be on the staff, too!

    If they go with Joe Philbin, what role will REGIS play!

  2. Why are we not reading about Miami to interview Rob Chudzinski? Oh because we are owned by an idiot(Ross) who placed his trust in an even bigger idiot(Ireland).

  3. Great, they could hire a guy who ran a more boring offense than we did. Sounds like another Ireland/Peterson/Ross production.

  4. Why are we not talking about Chud or Moss and are interviewing all these wish the could be coaches? I’ll answer that. Ross is afraid to go after top name coaches other teams want to interview for cause we would really look bad if or second choice picked the raiders or bucs over Miami.

  5. they do realize the Broncos won several games in spite of Tebow correct?
    despite the fact that Miami was my most hated rival growing up, I would like to see them interview perhaps up to 10 people….
    Unlike Ralph WIlson who knows what he is doing, but is too damn cheap to make the best moves, Ross doesnt have a clue

    Hiring a guy who has a hot name isnt always the best way. Look at his body of work as well. Really, the Denver Offense is the best you can come up with… I watched that Offense get absolutely obliterated by the Bills defense (yeah you read that correct) and the Patriots whose defense was actually as bad or worse than the Bills.

    Like somebody said above, Chudzinski, or Zimmer, Fewell… there are many more deserving candidates, IMO

  6. Chudzinski was offered the OC job by Miami and he declined and went to Carolina.

    I hope that is not why he is isn’t getting a sniff this time around.

  7. There’s something to be said for a coach willing to make dramatic adjustments on the fly. Too often you see coaches married to a system that perhaps was once successful that simply doesn’t fit the players they currently have to work with. It’s funny how good Shanahan’s offense looked when he had Elway or how cutting edge Martz was when he had Warner. When they subsequently moved on to different quarterbacks and offensive personnel, they didn’t adjust accordingly. McCoy didn’t just tweak the offense when Tebow took over, he completely overhauled it. Kudos for that.

    Mike Zimmer is an interesting candidate for the same reasons. He was a long-time 4-3 guy who successfully switched to the 3-4 when Parcells took over in Big D.

    It doesn’t mean either of them have what it takes to lead a team, but that particular aspect works in their respective favors. The NFL changes fast, and those who don’t adjust year to year get left behind.

  8. as a Bronco fan I am begging someone to take this guy away from us. One of the worst playcallers in the league.

  9. Chudzinski has had what, one interview? There’s more to it than meets the eye. Seems like teams just don’t think he’s ready to be a head coach. Lot of coaching vacancies this go around and it’s not like teams are tripping over themselves to get to this guy.

    Maybe the law of averages will finally swing the Dolphins way.

    I kinda feel like Miami dodged a bullet with Fisher (despite themselves), maybe they’ll hire the right guy too (by accident). Instead of getting Culpepper and Parcells and Saban and Jimmy and every other guy that was supposed to be the answer (and the guy that everyone wanted), perhaps the Dolphins Drew Brees or Mike Smith or whomever will fall in to their lap. Never know…….

  10. I hope Mr Ross and that stoop Ireland are bringing this McCoy guy in for a vacation day… Come on man did anyone see the Broncos offense?? I give the Broncos alot of credit for what they did but I don’t want their OC.. I would like to see Miami interview Pete Carmichael of the Saints.. Now he did a tremendous job with the Saints offense!! If he got the job maybe he would bring Colston and Carl Nicks with him!!!

  11. The Dolphins had a boring offense this year? When Matt Moore took over we were going down field a lot. Having said that get Chudz in here now!!!!!!

  12. How do we know? Carl Peterson may have already interviewed Chud and just didn’t tell Mr. Ross! After all, wasn’t it Peterson who got the call from Fisher’s agent? I keep saying that this whole Ross, Peterson & Ireland triangle isn’t going to work! In this case, I hate to be right!

    How can we buy those tickets for next season? Why would we buy tickets to – what? Who will the assistant coaches be? Is Nolan staying? The crystal ball only reveals so much. It is not that long till April. We might have a draft before we have a coaching staff!

    What if Chud goes to Tampa this week? Who then? Mike McCoy? Regis Philbin? Mike Martz? Tom Flores? Fergie? (Did I spell that right?)

  13. Ireland will only approve of a guy he can throw under the bus after 3 straight losing seasons.

  14. Yeah cause the Jags were in such a hurry. How about we found our guy and made the move…

  15. For all that keep praying that Miami interviews Chudzinski……GET OVER IT. There is zero percent chance of this happening. He might be a great head coach but Miami will not call him.
    They already interviewed him last year for their offensive cordinator position. If they were not impressed enough by him to be offer that job then there is no way they will consider him for head coach.

    Get used to Zimmer or MCcoy because one of those gentlemen will be our next coach.

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