Raiders will interview both Broncos coordinators

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The Oakland Raiders want to talk to both of the coordinators on the team that won their division.

The Raiders have received permission to interview Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen and offensive coordinator Mike McCoy for their head coaching vacancy, ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting.

It’s an interesting strategy from Raiders owner Mark Davis and G.M. Reggie McKenzie. It makes sense from a competitive standpoint to consider bringing in coaches from the team ahead of them in the standings, but it may also be a tactic designed at gathering intelligence on a division rival.

If that’s what it is, it sounds like a strategy that Al Davis would love.

That’s not to say Allen and McCoy aren’t both worthy candidates for head-coaching opportunities. Allen coordinated a stellar defense that didn’t get enough credit during the regular season, while Tim Tebow was getting praised for winning games by scores including 18-15, 17-10, 17-13, 16-13 and 13-10. And McCoy is one of the hottest candidates in the league, having also drawn interest from the Jaguars and Dolphins. Both Allen and McCoy are 39-year-olds with bright futures in the coaching business.

McKenzie said shortly after he fired former coach Hue Jackson that he wants to bring in his own guy, and that has led to speculation that it would be someone from the Packers, likely defensive coordinator Dom Capers or assistant head coach/inside linebackers coach Winston Moss. But the Raiders are casting a wider net, also interviewing Todd Bowles, who finished the season as the Dolphins’ interim head coach, and now considering two Broncos coordinators as well.

35 responses to “Raiders will interview both Broncos coordinators

  1. Well, why not? Can’t argue with the Bronco “D”.

    We got re-tread Breshnehan this year. What could be worse? I just wish we kept Marshall from the year before. Much better results.

  2. McKenzie has his man he’s just picking the brains of these guys.Im convinced Winston Moss will be their coach.

  3. Fire the Head Coach/OC who lost his RB and possible MVP of the league, QB and two best receivers and still finished with an offense ranked #9 in the NFL and replace him with an OC who had the #23 ranked offense in the NFL. Makes sense

  4. They were 3rd place, so ACTUALLY they would want to interview someone from the Chargers, the same team that knocked them around in Oakland .

    Get ready for the cellar Raiders.

    You’ll be looking up at it again next season.

  5. So Raiders plan on using Pryor like Tebow, if they hire denver OC
    well, Palmer is still the QB there for the present, i dont see Pryor playing for at least another year.

    i think, they are doing their homework and interviewing canadiates, but i think in the end, it will be a former packer assistant that gets the job.

  6. It’s going to be weird to see a Raiders coaching search end in hiring someone who might be capable of doing the job.

    They should make one more whacked hire in memory of Al. I hear Jim Fassel is available.

  7. austrianpanther says: Jan 16, 2012 12:51 PM

    dd2189 says:
    Jan 16, 2012 12:33 PM
    nice but all jokes aside..
    when is the steelers jets game next week..?

    Saturday morning, right after the last cartoon show!

    Nah! They ARE the last cartoon.

  8. Solid interviews.. defense is wat kept the broncos in it.. The OC is wat kept Tebow in it.. There the Play callers not the 1s who perform.. I like it.. Winston moss still the Man

  9. If after firing jackson, they hire a defensive coach from green bay I,ll be convinced reggie was a bad move.

  10. Would hate to lose either but they should try and keep McCoy if possible. He and Tebow seem to have a special relationship similar to the Elway-Shanahan relationship. McCoy finish what you started!!

  11. At least we are going through this now! How many years did we have to wait until training camp to get a head coach or defensive coordinator? Waiting until the coaching frenzy was over really did not work out for the Raiders.

  12. I was wondering what would come first – the Tebow to Raiders talk or the Tebow2 (Pryor) talk…..

    It makes all the sense in the world – these guys have been getting good press and its logical for McKenzie to be diligent in his decision making process.

    Worst thing that can happen is McKenzie has a good discussion into their mindset. Sounds like a win/win.

    For all you haters, keep using the same old rhetoric. But if McKenzie is all that’s been said and expected, he’s following a solid approach and this team will be relevant again. The roster isn’t void of talent today and you see what happened when there was a semblance of coaching on the O side of the ball, so if they compile schemes that doesn’t require McClain to cover the Megatron’s 50 yards down field…..

    I for one am finally optimistic and glad McKenzie has a plan and is following a process.

    Also ‘rexismybff’ -your 8-8 statement carries no relevance whatsoever, but your handle may be the funniest I’ve seen on here yet. Kudos!

  13. McCoy? Eh. Allen? Maybe. Raiders’ D was/is the problem. The offense, not so much.

    Can’t wait for McKenzie to speak.

  14. Carson Palmer trade wasn’t that bad of one if u look at 1st rd pick qbs taken in last 2 years not named cam newton. Someone name me one thats better or who you’d rather have. Not potential, but right now better…………….

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